Ranking The Kingdom

Each episode sees a new animal reviewed by our host in the hopes of finally determining which species is truly Top Dog. And it probably isn't dogs. Will your favorite animal rise to the challenge? Listen in every other Monday to find out!

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Are you ready to critique mother nature with the same passion you feel for movies, music, books, television, and video games? Haven't animals had it a little too easy for a little too long? Ranking the Kingdom is an attempt to review animals and finally decide once and for all who deserves to be on top. And while the host will give a score at the end of each episode, it's up to all of us to truly decide what the most badass, high-class, top brass, karate-kickin', take-no-names', no-nonsense, no-prisoners, nonstick, easy-glide animal out there is! Are you ready to decide?
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With horns made of hair and a hide as thick as a whale's (hypothetically), it can only be time for another episode of Ranking The Kingdom! After a short break to catch its breath the podcast is back and feeling better than ever, and what better way to ...

Electric Eel

Our 20th episode has landed, and it's a doozy. Are you ready to rock on to electric avenue with Ranking the Kingdom's latest review? We finally tackle an animal with a legitimate super power, the Electric Eel, and boy is it frustrating for our host. Be...


Are you ready to hear the word "Beaver" used over and over again in a non-sexual way? Then you're ready for Ranking The Kingdom's latest review! These aqua-rodents aren't the most impressive creature we've tackled, but they may just surprise you anyway...


Flying high and taking chances, this week we're back to insects with a biting review of the Wasp. Or should I say stinging? Ranking the Kingdom is all parasite this time around. Well, mostly parasite. In this week's episode you'll discover the differen...


This episode comes in a little late and with a host that's a little under the weather, so get ready for an odd duck in this review of the Ostrich! These birds are tall, dark, and probably handsome to somebody. The Ostrich is an enigma, dumb as a doorkn...

Komodo Dragon

Another fortnight means it's time for another new review, it's time to chase the dragon on this episode of Ranking the Kingdom. A terrifying lizard that is as much myth as it is a legend. Once believed to be enormous, 20 foot monstrosities by 1920's Du...


Fifteen reviews in and nature's Little Armored One is finally stepping into the limelight! That's right, this week we're reviewing the small and anything-but-defenseless Armadillo! We all know that Armadillos are resilient, but do they have what it tak...

Head-to-Head 03: Crocodiles vs. Killer Whales

It's episode three in our series of Head-to-Heads, and this week sees an ancient dinosaur go toe-to-toe with one of the smartest creatures nature has to offer. Crocodiles are big, tough, mean, and sneakier than they look. Killer Whales are intelligent,...


A New Year can only mean more animals, and Ranking the Kingdom is back from the break with a pipin' hot helping of Walrus to get you through these cold winter months. A monstrous potato sack come to life, Walruses are the largest and possibly most rude...

Your Review and You

"There comes a period in every young boy or girl's life when their body and mind will begin to experience certain changes, a time where we all develop a desire to assess and rate animals on a scale of 4 to 100. Allow Your Review and You to answer the t...

Head-to-Head 02: Moose vs. Rattlesnakes

Our second Head-to-Head is even more dramatic than the first. It's a battle between size and venom. Are you ready? It may be Christmastime out there in the real world, but here on Ranking the Kingdom it is time for War. The Moose and Rattlesnake both s...


In our latest episode of Ranking the Kingdom we learn just how unlucky the number 13 really is. This latest episode was delayed due to computer errors, but Ranking the Kingdom is back in full force this week with our 13th animal review: The Crow. This ...

Head-to-Head 01: Crabs vs. Wolves

If you like epic battles and speculative fiction then this episode may be exactly what you're looking for. For the first time ever we're putting the Ranking system to the test as Dylan debates who would win in an all out war, the Crab or the Wolf. Wolv...


Twelve episodes in and we're buggin' out with the Tick. No, this isn't an episode devoted to your favorite weirdo super hero, this time we're covering an arachnid that's caused nothing but trouble the whole world over. Lyme disease in humans, paralyzin...


Ranking the Kingdom has made it past the ten episode hump, and it's time to celebrate! What better way to celebrate too than having a completely normal episode of the show? It's crocodiles and alligators this week, crocodilians if you will, and we're g...


We've finally reached the deca-sode, and oh how great it is. This week it's a heavy-hitter as we tackle the Wolf, one of the more badass animals out there. I mean if Liam Neeson fights it in a movie then you know you're dealing with something serious. ...


The ninth episode comes in just over the wire. It's time to review the crab with an accidentally super-sized episode. We have a weird, fact-filled episode of Ranking the Kingdom on hand and ready. One for the ages! Here's a handy timeline too, just in ...


PANIC ROOM EDITION Things go down the eighth time 'round on Ranking The Kingdom. Not only is it time to review the Bat, the third or fourth scariest of all the animals (they're behind spiders and snakes for sure), but it's also Halloween! Will somethin...

Killer Whale

Episode seven is finally here, so put on your winter jacket, boots, some socks under those boots, probably also some sort of shirt under that jacket, a pair of pants, maybe a pair of glasses or sunglasses too if you're blind or if that's just your thin...

Fire Ant

Episode Six Time! In honor or making it three episodes past the third episode Dylan has decided to review an insect! Does that even count as an animal?? You'll discover why Fire Ants are such a pest, how much they (might) weigh if you got all of them t...


This is episode number five. The word "Moose" has five letters in it. Coincidence, or is this whole episode part of an Illuminati plot to take over the world? I swear it's not you guys. In this episode we find out that I'm now on Twitter (@rankthekingd...


The wait for our fourth foray into the animal kingdom was worth it most likely. This week there's some changes in the podcast as Dylan tries adding a bit of ambiance to the proceedings, along with a few new tricks to help keep his facts straight. Then ...

Barn Owl

An episode not to be missed! The attraction of the century! It's eyes will stare into your very heart and twist you to its own evil's bidding as you slowly lose what humanity you have left, staring into the soul-less abyss of this creature's widening g...

Oceanic Whitetip Shark

It's that time of year! Time for episode two! In this episode it's decided whether land and sea animals will fall into two different categories, there's some questioning of the Intelligence/ Instinct category, and then we learn about the vicious and am...


In the first episode of Ranking the Kingdom we outline the premise (reviewing animals), go over the rating system, and then put it to the test on the Platypus. Will the Platypus score a perfect 100 point score!? Could this be the most perfect creature ...