RadioGarden is a podcast about stories at the intersection of people and plants, hosted by writer, designer, and gardener Andrew Keys. RadioGarden is a production of Horticulture Radio, from Horticulture Magazine.

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RadioGarden :: Episode 6 : Friend or Foe

Plants are the source, at least in part, of most of our most basic needs--food, clothing, and shelter--and as gardeners, we know they give us beauty, wonder, livelihood. As gardeners, we also know plants aren't all good, and in fact some are downright ...
Andrew Keys author

RadioGarden :: Episode 5 : Edible Rebels

What evil strikes fear in the heart of the common gardener? Lock up your daughters, listeners! This month on RadioGarden, it's Edible Rebels: stories from two well known food gardeners, one who thinks we should all be afraid, and one whose methods prov...
Andrew Keys author

RadioGarden :: Episode 4 : Checking Out

Ever wish you could check out of the rat race and live in your garden instead? This month on RadioGarden, a podcast of stories at the intersection of people and plants, I'll talk to Margaret Roach, whose new book And I Shall Have Some Peace There is ab...
Andrew Keys author

RadioGarden :: Episode 3: A Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This month on RadioGarden, a podcast of stories at the intersection of people and plants, I talk to three artists who speak for plants through pictures on Botanical Interests seed packets, among other place...
Andrew Keys author

RadioGarden :: Episode 2: Obsession

Is it possible to become plant-obsessed? This month on RadioGarden, a podcast of stories at the intersection of people and plants, I meet three gardeners who've given it some thought. Read ArticleThe post RadioGarden :: Episode 2: Obsession appeared f...
Andrew Keys author

RadioGarden :: Episode 1: Moving

Human beings never seem to sit still. It's the year 2010, and as usual, people everywhere are uprooting their whole lives--some by choice, and some not. But how many are moving away from gardens? In the debut of RadioGarden, a podcast of stories at the...
Andrew Keys author