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Sparta Chicks Radio shares inspiring stories coupled with practical, tried-and-tested-in-the-real-world advice from successful women in all walks of life about the realities of fear, self-doubt, courage, bravery, success and living life on your terms. From world class athletes, brilliant business minds to everyday women undertaking epic adventures, Sparta Chicks Radio will help you tap into your inner strength, courage, bravery and determination so you can chase your dreams and live a more fulfilling life on your terms. Find out more at

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Jen Brown - Running and Triathlon Coach, Author and Mindset Coach for Women SpartaChicks Radio brings inspiring stories coupled with practical, tried-and-tested-in-the-real-world advice from successful women in sport, business and life. Jen Brown from Sparta Chicks Radio is a Running and Triathlon Coach and Writer. The goal of Sparta Chicks Radio is to share inspiring stories coupled with practical, tried-and-tested-in-the-real-world advice from successful women in all walks of life about the realities of fear, self-doubt, courage, bravery, success and living life on your terms. From world class athletes, brilliant business minds to everyday women undertaking epic adventures, Sparta Chicks Radio will help you tap into your inner strength, courage, bravery and determination so you can chase your dreams and live a more fulfilling life on your terms. Find out more at
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#127: Stacey De Bono on Finding Solutions, Not Excuses

Stacey De Bono grew up in country Victoria and, by her own admission, hated riding bikes as a kid and used to wag the school cross country carnival. Fast forward a few years and she discovered triathlon quite by accident. A friend convinced her to sign...

#126: Lou Clifton on Letting Attitude (Not Age) Define You

Lou discovered trail running at 43 and went onto win both her 1st 100km race and her 1st 100mi/160km race. Then earlier this year, Lou finished 2nd at the prestigious Ultra Trail Mt Fuji; the largest 100mi/160km race in the world! In this conversation,...

#125: Mel Nicholls on Strokes, Sport & Handcycling Britain

Mel Nicholls was a healthy, fit and active 22 year old when, in 2001, she was struck down by a stroke. 7 years later, her 3rd stroke left her with permanent paralysis and limited function primarily in her left side. 4 years later - and just 15 months a...

#124: Sarah Davis: the 1st Woman to Lead an Expedition Along the Nile

Sarah Davis joined me on the podcast almost two years ago to share her plans to become the first woman to paddle the length of the Nile river. A journey of 6,853km / 4,200mi from the source of the Nile in Rwanda, all the way to Alexandria on the Medite...

#123 Madhu Tamilarasan on Confidence, Courage & “Having a Crack”

Madhu Tamilarasan is a GP (general practitioner doctor) now living in a regional country town in New South Wales who discovered triathlons in her mid-30s and has since fallen in love with cross (or off-road) triathlons and mountain biking. She’s compet...

#122: The InternationElles’ Debrief after Riding the Tour de France Route

How do you achieve the seemingly ‘impossible’? That’s the core of my conversation with return guests Sarah Anne Evans and Pippa Lyon from the InternationElles this week on Sparta Chicks Radio. On a mission to raise the profile of women in cycling and t...

#121: Michael Scragg on Crewing & Life as a ‘Supportive Dude’

Michael Scragg is an experienced endurance athlete in his own right. After breaking his neck in a downhill mountain biking accident in the early 2000s, Michael made the switch to road cycling and ultimately into triathlons. Since finishing ‘dead last’ ...

#120: Ashley Wiles: From 'Self Destruct' to Finding Her Happy Pace

A 2x Ironman finisher, Ashley Wiles’ struggles with mental health and body image over the years inspired her to launch Sole Girls, an innovative empowerment program that shares, with girls aged 5 to 12, the tools they need for a confident, happy and he...

#119: Nicole Bradley on Bravery, Powerlifting & the Invictus Games

Nicole Bradley joined the Australian Army at 20 and served for 22 years. And admits she ‘lost’ herself in the process. However after leaving the Army, and at the age of 42, Nicole discovered the sport of powerlifting - and life hasn’t been the same sin...

#118: Meredith Quinlan & Jess Baker on Running the Length of Iceland

Meredith Quinlan and Jess Baker are two of Australia’s best ultramarathon runners with a string of victories and records to their name. In recent years, they have begun exploring what lies beyond organised races. In 2018, their love of travel and runni...

#117: Dr Hannah MacDougall on Burnout, Self-Doubt and Mindfulness

An elite athlete in two sports and with a PhD in athlete wellbeing, Dr Hannah MacDougall has a unique perspective on emotional, mental and physical performance and wellbeing - so I knew she’d be the perfect guest for Sparta Chicks Radio. Hannah was 9 w...

#116: Paul Watkins on Failing, Winning & Being a Work in Progress

“93% Harry Potter and 7% Bear Grylls”. That’s how Paul Watkins’ website describes him. There are lots of other labels that could be applied too; Pharmacist, mountaineer, full-time dad, ultramarathon runner, motivational speaker and property developer. ...

#115: Matilda Raynolds on Body Image, Saying ‘Yes’ and Everesting on Everest

Tils’ (as she is generally known) grew up in country New South Wales chasing 3 older brothers around the paddock. So it’s hardly surprising her first foray into sport was on the rugby league field. Sadly, she had to give up the sport in her early teens...

#114: Shelly Horton on Confidence, Courage and Criticism

Shelly Horton’s High School career guidance counsellor told her she was too opinionated and warned her to tone it down. Instead, she ignored him and turned it into a career! Shelly is a journalist, TV presenter and producer and her opinions can be hear...

Bonnie Tu: On Proving Yourself, Changing Gears & Liv Cycling

In 2007, Bonnie Tu was the CFO of Giant Bicycles and decided to join the former Chairman who was riding the Tour of Taiwan, a 900km ride that circumnavigates Taiwan. At the time Bonnie was in her late 50s and had not ridden a bicycle since High School ...

#112: Taryn Brumfitt on Learning to Love and Embrace Your Body

The Body Image Movement can only be described as a revolution. And it began in 2013 when Taryn Brumfitt posted a ‘non-traditional’ Before + After photo one night on Facebook. On the left, the ‘before’ photo showed ‘ripped’ Taryn on stage at a bodybuild...

#111: Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu on Self-Doubt, Feminism & Muay Thai

Muay Thai may, on the surface, appear to have nothing in common with endurance sports, but you might be surprised… I was certainly was when I spoke with Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu for this week’s episode of Sparta Chicks Radio. Sylvie is an American born ...

#110: Karen Barrett from 2-pack-a-day Smoker to Record-Setting Trail Runner

Karen Barrett has a remarkable story which reinforces for me of the power of choice and the power of self-belief. A talented runner as a child, Karen had an offer to train at the Australian Institute of Sport. But was forced to turn it down due to her ...

#109: Tiffany Winchester on Donuts, the Imposter & Ultra Endurance Cycling

Settle in and buckle up; this is a fun, deep, long and laughter filled episode of Sparta Chicks Radio. Tiffany Winchester is an ultra-endurance cyclist, with a love of doughnuts, who is currently preparing to ride the Paris-Brest-Paris; an iconic 1,200...

#108: Samantha Gash on Inspiration, Impact and ‘Run India’

I could fill a page just listing Samantha Gash’s achievements. In 2010, and in her first ultramarathon, Sam became the first female and youngest person to complete the Racing the Planet 4 Deserts Grand Slam, running 4 ultra marathons across the driest,...

#107: The InternationElles on Cycling (the Tour de France route) for Equality

Sarah Anne Evans and Pippa Lyon who are both members of the Veloroos; an Australian non-professional women’s cycling team. This is Sarah Anne’s second time on the podcast. She joined me with her Veloroos teammate Julie Ann Hazlett in July 2017 to talk ...

#106: Quona Ross Atkinson on Ageing Disgracefully

How does ocean surf ski paddling figure into one woman’s version of a mid-life crisis? We ask Quona Ross Atkinson on Sparta Chicks Radio this week! Quona grew up on a cattle station in North Queensland and started competing in rodeos, camp drafting and...

#105: Kelli Jackson on Unicycles, Identity & Starting on the Inside

Kelli Jackson was in her 40s and an “unassuming middle-aged overweight accountant who smoked” when, at a retreat in Bali, she blurted out that she wanted to ride a unicycle around the world. That was in 2010, but it wasn’t until she “survived” 2015 tha...

#104: Annie Crawford on Running, Mental Health & the Imposter Complex

With a background in social work and after losing her beloved Dad tragically to bowel cancer, it’s hardly surprising Annie Crawford decided she wanted to “make a difference” rather than returning to the paid workforce when she returned to Australia aft...

#103: Emily Duggan on Confidence, Role Models & Racing Fast

Emily Duggan’s story is a perfect example of why it’s important to share the stories of women in sport. When Emily was a little girl, she was watching TV one weekend and came across the Supercar motor racing series here in Australia and was instantly h...

#102: Renee Kiley on the Inspiration, Goal Setting & the Fear of Failure

In November 2013, Renee Kiley joined friends to watch the Noosa Triathlon. And life hasn’t been the same since. At the time Renee was an overweight, unhealthy, pack-a-day smoker. Yet the race reignited Renee’s childhood love of competitive sport. And d...

#101: Kristen Ulmer on Embracing Your Fear (& Why You'll Never Conquer It)

If there is one woman who has had an up-close-and-personal relationship with fear, it’s Kristen Ulmer. At 20, Kristen was skiing for the love of it and in jeans. By 23, she was on the US moguls ski team, starred in the first of 20 extreme skiing movies...

#100: Michelle Lee on Overcoming Obstacles & Oceans

I first spoke with Michelle Lee back in July, 2017 when she shared her goal to complete the world’s toughest nautical challenge; the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. A 5,300km / 2900 nautical mile solo, unassisted and self-supported ocean rowing eve...

#099: Dr Stacy Sims on How to Work With Your Body, Not Fight Against It

Dr Stacy Sims is an environmental exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at the University of Waikato in NZ. She’s an incredible athlete in her own right too, having competed at the Hawaii Ironman in Kona as well as the Xterra (Off-Road Triathlo...

#098: Jess Fox on Resilience, Goal Setting & Proving Yourself

3 months after finishing High School at the age of 18, Jess Fox qualified for the 2012 London Olympics. She left those Games with a Silver medal and, in hindsight, admits she felt the need to prove herself and to show that her result in London wasn’t a...

#097: Lucy Gossage on the Finishing Last & Achieving the ‘Impossible’

Lucy Gossage finished last in a cross country race when she was 13 or 14. And while she didn’t realise it at the time, she now recognises that a fear of failure held her back from participating in any competitive sport until she was talked into doing h...

#096: Melissa Urie on Mental Strength, Confidence & Ultraman

Mel joined me on the podcast way back in episode 14 to share her experience of becoming only the 2nd woman ever to complete the Epic 5 - a race consisting of 5 Ironman-distance triathlons on 5 Hawaiian islands over 5 days (you can find that conversatio...

#095: Katee Pedicini on Recovery, Rejuvenation & Happy Hormones

Katee Pedicini’s work around hormones and their impact on our health, happiness and performance has been pivotal for many women, myself included. Katee is the founder of Holistic Endurance and is based in Melbourne. She’s a triathlon coach and self-con...

#094: Lucy Barnard on Year 2 of Walking the Length of the World

This week, Sparta Chicks Radio celebrates its 2nd birthday (or anniversary). And there is no-one I’d rather share that celebration with than this week’s return guest, Lucy Barnard! Lucy is attempting to become the 1st woman to walk the length of the wo...
094 author

#093: Julie Howle on Sport, Surgery & the Imposter Complex

Julie Howle is a talented triathlete and surgical oncologist. She's currently the Head of the Melanoma and Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Groups at Westmead Hospital here in Sydney and a Clinical Senior Lecturer at The University of Sydney. Julie is also an...

#092: Steph Lowe on Hormones, Pills & PCOS

Steph Lowe is a triathlete, Sports Nutritionist and the Founder of the Natural Nutritionist. Steph was first on the podcast in August, 2018 (episode #69) where we had a wide-ranging discussion about nutrition - specifically the benefits of adopting an ...

#091: Alyssa Godesky on Self-Doubt, Comparison & the Vermont Long Trail

Alyssa Godesky is most well-known these days for being a professional triathlete and the co-host of the popular Ironwomen podcast. What isn’t well known is that she was an ultra marathon runner and trail runner, long before she moved into the world of ...

#090: Jana Pittman on Breaking Down, Bouncing Back & Women’s Health

At 20, Jana Pittman became the Commonwealth Games Champion in the gruelling 400m Hurdles event and, at 21, the World Champion. By the end of her athletics career, she’d competed at 2 Olympic Games, won 2 x World Championships and 4 x Commonwealth Games...

#089: Kate Penglase on the Challenge of Proving People Wrong

An active, sporty child, it wasn’t until Kate was in her late 20s that she discovered mountain biking and quickly fell in love with both the physical demands of the sport, but also the strong technical and strategic elements of it. In 2010, Kate lined ...

#088: Kemi Nekvapil on Trail Running, Comparison & the Power of Choice

Perhaps the most powerful question you can ask yourself is - what do I need? There is no-one better equipped to help us answer that question than Kemi Nekvapil. Kemi is, quite simply, a force of nature. A pioneer in the raw food movement in Australia, ...

2018: #1 Most Popular Episode of 2018 - Rebecca Stone

The #1 most popular episode of Sparta Chicks Radio in 2018 was Rebecca Stone on chronic pain, mountain biking and motherhood. Rebecca is a busy woman. She’s a midwife, a mum, and someone who loves racing her mountain bike for 24 hours - all while livin...

2018: 2nd Most Popular Episode of 2018 - Katee Pedicini

The 2nd most popular episode of Sparta Chicks Radio in 2018 was Katee Pedicini on structuring your training for hormonal health. Kate Pedicini has a degree in Exercise Science who specialises in managing fatigue, stress and hormones in endurance athlet...

2018: 3rd Most Popular Episode of 2018 - Nicole Bunyon

The 3rd most popular episode of Sparta Chicks Radio in 2018 was my conversation with Nicole Bunyon on fear, self-talk and Running Mum’s Australia (RMA). Nicole founded RMA in 2013. It’s an Australian wide network and community for mums who love to, or ...

2018: 4th Most Popular Episode of 2018 - Leah Gilbert

These days, a Fitness and Sports Counsellor, and Body Positivity Advocate, Leah’s relationship with food and her body wasn't always so, well, positive. A child who loved sport but who, because she was bigger than the other kids, was very self-conscious...

2018: 5th Most Popular Episode of 2018 - Steph Lowe

The 5th most popular episode of Sparta Chicks Radio in 2018 was Steph Lowe, the Natural Nutritionist, on nutrition, performance and happy hormones. Steph is a triathlete, Sports Nutritionist and the Founder of the Natural Nutritionist, a business based...

#087: Caroline Buchanan on Fear, Crashing & Mindfulness in Practice

Caroline Buchanan's cycling bio is quite extraordinary. Not just because she's an 8x World Champion, but also because she has achieved those titles across 2 multiple disciplines within the sport of cycling (3x in BMX and 5x in mountain biking). She is ...

#086: Lucy Bartholomew on ‘Showing Up, Blowing Up, Growing Up’ at WSER100

Lucy was my guest on the podcast back in January, 2018 (episode 45). In that episode, Lucy shared her background; how she first started running as a way to spend time with her Dad, her first 100km race at 16 through to her victory in 2017 at the 100km ...

#085: Mel Thomas on Self-Worth, Strength & Giving Girls a Voice

Mel was born into an extremely violent home. Her father was physically abusive towards not only her mother but also to Mel and her sister as well. Despite her mum eventually leaving her father when she was around 12, Mel was firmly trapped in a cycle o...

#084: Tania Cahill on Losing Doubt, Feeling Proud & Setting FKTs

In 2011, a doctor told Tania - then aged 42 - that she wouldn’t live to see grandchildren if she didn’t stop smoking and drinking. That distressing doctor’s visit 7 years ago started a chain reaction of events that has led Tania to become the first wom...

#083: Tanya Geisler on Unshakeable Confidence

Tanya Geisler is a Leadership Coach from Canada who specialises in working with women regarding their experience with the Imposter Complex. Tanya was one of my first guests on the podcast; episode #007 back in April 2017. That conversation was not only...