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The monthly astronomy podcast from the makers of BBC Sky at Night Magazine

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The monthly astronomy podcast from the makers of BBC Sky at Night Magazine
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Touring the Solar System

The team from BBC Sky at Night Magazine take a look at marsquakes, asteroid impacts and the secrets of the Solar System in this month’s episode. Featuring an interview with asteroid expert Sarah Crowther.

Black holes, asteroid bombs and the solar cycle

This episode the BBC Sky at Night Magazine team discuss the recent image of a supermassive black hole at the heart of a galaxy, and the Japanese Hayabusa2 asteroid sample mission. Plus, we speak to The Sky at Night’s Prof Lucie Green about the science ...

Kielder Observatory Special

The BBC Sky at Night Magazine team visit Kielder Observatory in Northumberland to experience truly dark skies and find out how observatory staff are spreading the stargazing bug.

Light pollution, Mars rovers and Jupiter's storms

In the April edition of Radio Astronomy, the crew from BBC Sky at Night Magazine look at the effects light pollution, talk about the trials and tribulations of the Mars rovers and delve deep into Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Planet 9 in doubt, a beautiful Beehive and an aurora adventure

BBC Sky at Night Magazine’s creators discuss the latest theories about Planet 9 with physicist Antranik Sefilian, plus there’s chat about aurora hunting and the achievements of Apollo 9.

New Horizons and event horizons

The team at BBC Sky at Night Magazine take a look at the recent Chinese lunar mission Chang’e 4, discuss the New Horizons flyby of Ultima Thule and wonder why a black hole isn’t as strong as a fridge magnet. Later they interview Martin Harwit, astrophy...

Lunar eclipses, 2019’s space missions and green stars

The team of BBC Sky at Night Magazine look at the new raft of space missions coming in 2019, including an interview with Kerri Donaldson Hanna about the OSIRIS-Rex mission to the asteroid Bennu.

Review of 2018 and making your observations of Mars science-worthy

The team each pick one event that stands out most for them from 2018, including Kepler, UK rocket launches and the blood moon. Plus we hear from the British Astronomical Association’s Mars section director, Richard McKim, about how to make your observa...

Ice on the Moon, Apollo 7 and advice for new astronomers

The team discuss the discovery of water at the lunar poles and what it could mean for the future of spaceflight. Plus, we take a look back at the Apollo 7 mission and Guy Consolmagno, writer of Turn Left at Orion and director of the Vatican observatory...

Dawn, Holst’s Planets and water on Mars

We look back on 100 years of Holst’s musical work The Planets and its influence on sci-fi soundtracks. Plus, the team discuss the success of NASA’s Dawn mission at Ceres and Vesta and speak to Roberto Orosei, an astronomer who led a recent study that f...

Bluedot Festival 2018 special

In this special edition of Radio Astronomy, we’re live at the world famous Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire for the Bluedot science and music festival 2018.

Meteor showers and space rocks that fall to Earth

Peter Jenniskens, meteorite hunter, talks to us about his recent find of a meteorite in the Botswanan bush, and we reveal our stargazing tips for making the best of one of this year’s top meteor showers, the Perseids.

The Sun, a danger to life on Earth?

Chris Scott, Professor of Space and Atmospheric Physics at the University of Reading, speaks to us about just how dangerous solar activity is to life on Earth and what’s going on at the surface of the Sun. Plus we reveal about our fave bits of Sky at N...

The mission to map the Milky Way

This episode we speak to Prof Gerry Gilmore, principal investigator for the UK participation in a mission to map 1.7 billion stars in our Galaxy. The team also discuss strange stars, the Stellarium online planetarium and noctilucent clouds.

Sifting through Mars's sediment with a planetary geologist

In this episode of Radio Astronomy we speak to sedimentary geologist and Curiosity mission co-investigator Prof Sanjeev Gupta of Imperial College London, and we look at our favourite bits of BBC Sky at Night Magazine's May '18 issue. Clear skies!
Immediate Media author

Christmas Special: Tales from 2017

In this first episode of an all-new, sparkly format for Radio Astronomy we look at our favourite bits of BBC Sky at Night Magazine’s April 18 issue and speak to Dr Alan Penny, vice-president of METI International. Clear skies!
Immediate Media author

Christmas Special: Tales from 2017

What does David Bowie’s Space Oddity have to do with SpaceX, should we go back to the Moon or straight to Mars, and what is multi-messenger astrophysics anyway? All these questions and more are answered in our 2017 retrospective, in which we also talk ...
Immediate Media author

International Astronomy Show 2017 Special

We report from the International Astronomy Show 2017 in Warwickshire, UK, and get the chance to talk to some of the speakers at the event.
Immediate Media author

Radio Astronomy Shorts - Episode 1: Dava Sobel

Iain Todd speaks to US science author Dava Sobel, host of Stargazing, a new astronomy show on the BBC World Service. She discusses the story behind the show, the legacy of Copernicus and this month’s total solar eclipse over the US.
Immediate Media author

Radio Astronomy: Bluedot Festival Special

Recorded live at Jodrell Bank Observatory, we bring you interviews with six of the speakers at 2017’s Bluedot Festival. In this episode: Antarctic meteorite hunting, a new CERN particle, Voyager’s legacy, the latest on ESA’s BepiColombo mission to Merc...
Immediate Media author

Episode 6: The 2016 retrospective

This month: Fresh insights from the Beagle 2 Mars lander, a special end-of-year News Bingo, and how you can get to know the constellation of Orion a bit better.
Immediate Media author

Episode 5: So long, Schiaparelli

This month: The unlucky end for ExoMars lander Schiaparelli, Chinese space station ambitions, and why this month’s full Moon is a special one.
Immediate Media author

Episode 4: Farewell Rosetta

This month: Rosetta’s mission end and newly-discovered exoplanet Proxima Centauri b. The Sky at Night’s Pete Lawrence looks at lunar occultations and Ezzy hears from Cardiff University’s Dr Annabel Cartwright about whether life may have begun on Venus.
Immediate Media author

Radio Astronomy, Episode 3: Juno at Jupiter

This month: The latest on the new mission to Jupiter, tips for observing the famous Perseid meteor shower, and how research in Antarctica could take us to Mars
Immediate Media author

Episode 2: Einstein’s Vindication

This month: The magic of the Moon illusion, how astronomy has changed the world we live in, and the second detection of gravitational waves
Immediate Media author

Episode 1: Astronaut Driving lessons

This month: Tim Peake tries his hand at driving a rover from the ISS, comedian Ben Miller on aliens and an unfortunate weasel at CERN
Immediate Media author