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Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering talk about life and comedy - but mainly running. Whilst running.

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Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering talk about life and comedy - but mainly running. Whilst running.
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It's Always A Good Time

A shorter episode this week, because... well, you'll have to have a listen. Featuring dogs, Australians, parkrun report and your latest PBs. AaaaarrrrRRROOOOger!!!

Men, Marshes and Merch

The beginning of February’s unseasonably glorious weather sees Paul and Rob on a lovely loop around North East London’s big green spaces. Featuring park run report, further discussion of drop-offs, dogs, and where the two meet, Marie Kondo and the Spar...

More Miles

The second half of the long run that started with Tom Price takes Rob and Paul through Islington, along the canal to Haggerston, and back up to Clissold Park through Newington Green. Featuring shame in the Dads Race, lonely Lego Movie watching, Baftas,...

With Tom Price. Deliberately.

As Spring pops in Stoke Newington, Highbury and Finsbury Park, Tom Price joins Paul and Rob for a muddy loop past the pretty bits. Featuring radio talk, parenting and the passage of time, pretending to be policemen, Michael Buble and Ronan Keating, spo...

All Sorts in Islington

An action-packed run round Angel finds Rob skiing, Paul retiring, the towpath full of all kinds of people, the roads full of angry cyclists, Radio DJs out walking their dogs and sunshine, lots of sunshine. Plus jazz, movies, teenagers and topiary.

Twenty Happy Years, Ten Frosty Miles

A long one here as Paul and Rob take on a bitterly cold and totally beautiful ten-miler around all the nice bits between their houses. Featuring run report, film review, anniversary celebration, children’s achievements, getting the giggles about a terr...

Highgate On Life

Back to the woods in the beautiful Winter sunshine, as Paul and Rob head up the Parkland Walk to Highgate Woods for the first time this year. Featuring pals, parenting, pies, magpies, homeworkers, tearjerkers - all of these, AND your PBs.

Mancunian Miles, Media City Memories

Paul and Rob are in Manchester, where they trot up the towpath to Salford and back. Featuring the phantom canal pusher, Mancunian memories, the incredible achievement of wossername, finish-line spitters, a demo on the down-low, a pretend parkrun, Rob’s...

Local Loops with Laura Lexx

Laura Lexx - late of Live at the Apollo, and a smash at last year's Edinburgh Festival - joins the boys for a chilly triple turn round Clissold Park, where they chat about all the Big Things - taking control of your life, running and mental health, cli...

Happy New Year Marshal

Paul and Rob see in 2019 with the parkrun at Hackney Marshes; if you think they normally huff and puff, just wait til they start racing… Featuring resolutions, being recognised, not being recognised, drinking, not drinking, drinking but feeling like yo...

Santa, Canter, Banter

Before all the New Year's resolutions kick in, one more brand new interview run. This time it's back to Lapland for the return of the man himself - Father 'Santa Claus' Christmas. Featuring the entire festive round-up; presents, mince pies, booze, elve...

Round Victoria Park with Miranda Markham

Paul and Rob are joined by Miranda Markham, who writes the Award-Winning Thoughts and Pavement blog, for a breezy blow round Victoria Park. Featuring obscure sports, Marathon highs and lows, emergency cookies, running in extreme cold, triathlons, foot ...

Susie Chan's Biggest Fans

Susie Chan returns to run round Regents Park and report - with customary modesty - on her year of adventures, coming back from illness to run a hundred miles here, a hundred miles there... Featuring Goldilocks, baby food, Primrose Hill, wolves and wart...

Seasonal Singing in the Stokey Sunshine

Gorgeous winter sunshine in Clissold Park as Paul and Rob talk festive shows, shouting out of cars, winter birds, river parkruns, Elvis, dogs... and Rob tries to stop Paul singing THAT song. Plus all your festive PBs!

Carry On Running

Soft surfaces under grey skies as Paul and Rob loop none-more-December Hackney Marshes. Featuring back pain, backstop plans, Christmas songs, Christmas shows, abandoned shoes, abandoned poems, surprise potatoes, Ireland, plans for 2019, some audacious ...

Going Downhill

A short shuffle up and around Alexandra Palace Park. Featuring bad backs, bad moods, bad bread-based behaviour, when children become grown-ups, seasonal reality TV report, old people - seeing them and being them - shouty weirdos and other sundry crazin...

Men Without Hats

As November bites, Rob and Paul run easy through the woods. Featuring flatulence without frontiers, the Shamen for some reason, maintenance running, the return of the policemen, why maths matters, and your marvellous PBs - vs their marvellous noises.

Commemorations, Comparisons, Comedians and Christmas (nearly)

A short Sunday run in the Autumn sun, featuring memories, performing for the queen (and the headmaster), abstemiousness - or lack of - entrepreneurial and confrontational children, comedy and comedians.

A Long One for those Long Autumn Nights

Paul and Rob wander East at the end of October, as All Hallow's Eve looms and the Autumn leaves slowly lose their battle with Winter. Featuring birds - majestic, in flight, and leaving their lucky, er, gifts - parenting, gap years, motivation and the l...

The York Report

At last, on a Sunny morning in Highgate, the full report from Rob’s Yorkshire Marathon. Featuring Tony Audenshaw, Wayne the pacer, James Brolin and Telly Savalas, would-be high-fivers, and rain - ‘is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.’ Also in this ep...

Sunshine, Shoes, Shenanigans and Seann

The boys sneak in another pre-Yorkshire run on a stunning day. Featuring new shoes, old mantras, physio, finances, film references aplenty, reality TV and, of course, virtual klaxons.

A turn round the forest with Running with Robins author Gemma Bell

Rob and Paul's guest is Gemma Bell, author of Running with Robins. Her story digs right into the highs and lows of running - running to deal with bereavement, then not being able to stop. Meanwhile, the woodlands of Berkshire are suffused with Autumn p...

He Stoops to Conker

Rob and Paul's traditional pre-marathon short one round Clissold Park, enhanced by a day as autumnal as a Keats sonnet. Featuring ping pressure, parkruns, mantras, musicals, ravens, ravers, conkers, corporates, and a canine existential crisis.

Pinch, Punch, Parkland Walk, Parkrun, PB

On a beautiful day - the first of October - Rob and Paul run through the woods and catch up. Featuring treadmills and tracks, mantras and moomins, burses and ganglions, parkruns, Postman Pat, and the inaugural Running Commentary PB Awards.

Rob's Long One Part Two

We rejoin Paul and Rob in Highgate Woods, five miles or so into Rob's pre-Yorkshire Marathon twenty miler. Featuring dogs, the booze gang, a pre-school attempt on Everest, the quest for an unfriendly parkrun, wrestling with your central governor and fi...

Rob’s Long One Part One

Another two-parter begins, as Rob sets off on his pre-Yorkshire Marathon 20 miler and Paul tags along. Featuring robot cows, partial nudity, corner cutters, Mick Artistic, Serena Williams, stand-up reports and some traffic trouble in the woods.

Hackney Dog Run Part Two

The adventure out East continues, as Paul and Rob follow the canal out past the Olympic Park to Hackney Marshes, and Downs, and home. After Rob's brush with insect evil in Part One, Paul reveals an incredible family story of wasps and baked goods. Plus...

Hackney Dog Run Part One

Quickly abandoning their plans, Paul and Rob head East and hope for the best in a long run round Hackney way. Featuring training reports, speed, distance, Daley Thompson, Paul Hardcastle, Mick Artistic, stags and a wasp.

Drinks and Hi-jinks for Tonks

Once again Paul and Rob are reconvening after a period of travel and adventure - particularly for the former; featuring booze, canoes, teenagers, hernias, stand-up sitting down, missing the city, missing the parkrun, cats, dogs, traumatic movies and se...

The Camden Catchup - Part Two

Sunshine and joy as Paul and Rob reconvene after several weeks of holiday running and adventures for a 'Dog Run' through Regents Park to Camden and beyond. In Part Two the boys wrestle with snobbery in comedy, training without injury in middle age, not...

The Camden Catch-up - Part One

Sunshine and joy as Paul and Rob reconvene after several weeks of holiday running and adventures for a 'Dog Run' through Regents Park to camden and beyond. Part One features airport parking, inexplicable jumping, parenting with your mouth full, Tracy C...

Holidays Here We Come!

Before Rob and Paul head off on their family holidays they take a little home run, where they review the excitements and setbacks of July's out-of-town adventures, and anticipate the joys and logistics of going away. Also featuring an encounter with a ...

With Tony Audenshaw - and without Paul.

Paul drove all the way up the M1 to run with Emmerdale star, running legend and lovely bloke Tony Audenshaw... and then his recorder didn't work. Luckily, Tony's did, and Rob's, so here's the Audenshaw lowdown on a really gorgeous run round New Mills i...

A Run in the Country with Rachel Ann Cullen

Rachel Ann Cullen, author of Running for my Life, joins Paul and Rob for a beautiful loop in the Peak District. Featuring high-level trails and in-depth chat - listen for Rob trying to make a complicated point on a serious climb, and Paul just getting ...

Long Run in the Hot Sun (Part One)

Under the beating sun, Rob and Paul set off for a fifteen-ish miler through Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Featuring wardrobe malfunctions, drinking and the spilling of drinks, keys and the loss of keys, the World Cup and all its wonders, Trumpcopter...

A Run With Impact Marathons' Nick Kershaw (Not The Pop Star)

Rob and Paul juxtapose the local with the global on a run with Nick Kershaw, whose Impact Marathons are designed to change lives in places like Nepal and Uganda. A couple of lives get changed in Finsbury Park along the way... For more info: www.impactm...

Breaking the Wall - a Race to the Stones Special

With the Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones - a 100k ultra along the beautiful Ridgeway - coming up, they asked Paul and Rob on their thoughts about getting through 'the wall'. Here's the expert and not-so-expert advice the boys came up with, recorded ...

Park Run (not a parkrun)

Rob and Paul resort to their Summer safety run - a few short loops of Clissold Park - and talk medieval diseases, medals, media associates and major achievements

What's on with Watson

The marvellous Mark Watson returns to share his training for the Berlin Marathon with Paul and Rob - in a very real sense, as they join him for a long run in the sun round Alexandra Palace and Highgate Wood. Featuring pre-internet stand-up memories, Ma...

Hit and Run and Run Back

Beautiful scenery - and lovely dogs - as Paul and Rob tour their North London estates. Featuring Parkrun tourism, low-level criminality on Fathers’ Day, nostalgia in the West Country, a warm welcome in the Midlands, how to succeed in showbusiness, dist...

Pair of Wallys Up Ally Pally

Quite a lot of adventures for the boys this week, as they tour the Crouch End estate; bobbins, bewhiskered old rock stars, backaches, planes (private), giving up the gardening, rope swings, barefoot runs, microwaves, planes (model), puns, protests, par...

Up and Down, Back to Front

Paul and Rob run North and East - and ultimately West - through Hackney, and discuss Paul's bad back, Michael Mac's attack, bowls, hills, Halfs, Alistair Campbell, climbing rocks, floating stones, Love Island, Britain's Got Talent, poppies, guppies, da...

Back In The Hoods, In The Woods

After their countryside adventure, Rob and Paul head back up their Parkland Walk to Queens Wood - but there's nature there too, as Summer continues apace. Featuring Rob's lovely legs, how (on Earth) you run an Ultra, a radio review and some preposterou...

Sunshine on the Ridgeway

A foray into the Wiltshire countryside, as Paul and Rob run the ancient Ridgeway from Avebury to Barbury Castle - on a perfect May day. Featuring Paul's report from the front line of marshalling, Rob's new mantra, a round-up of everyone else's running ...

Drink, Run, Cough, Plank

Sunshine over North London, as Paul and Rob take the tour; Finsbury Park, Woodberry Down, Clissold Park, Highbury Field, Emirates Stadium, Gillespie Road Garden... and Finsbury Park. Beautiful, but challenging, with a lot of pollen in the air, and alco...

Frances Quinn, Billy Ocean and Dave

Rob and Paul run in and around Market Harborough with Frances Quinn on a jewel of a day. Featuring bespoke Bake-Off-champion-baked cakes, some very impressive marathon results, a beastly blister, people who hurt their backs but run anyway, running with...

Pain, Plans, Pigeons and Pals

Inclement weather can't hide the verdant beauty as Rob and Paul take a gentle, back-friendly turn through Queen's and Highgate Woods. Featuring osteopaths, friends who enable, marathon cheats and their nemesis, the yin and yang of yoga and booze, how R...

Back Out After The Marathon

A very easy jaunt - from the living room to the kitchen - as Rob reports from the London Marathon, and Paul explains that his return to fighting physical fitness has been extremely short-lived so far. Featuring Sophie Raworth's might - and socks - Fran...

How To Run Or Not Run A Marathon

Paul and Rob's final thoughts and tips ahead of the London Marathon... but only after they've discussed every other key issue of the day; road safety, Rob's holidays, beautiful blossom, Brighton, Boston and the Marathon de Sables, the incredible genero...

Angela Barnes Strikes Back

Spring and Angela Barnes are both in evidence in Regent's Park. Paul and Rob interview friend-of-the-show and ever-more-into-running Barnes on a two-mile trot past daffodils, birds and blossom. Featuring non-topical comedy, running vs Edinburgh, buying...