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Documentary filmmaker Rain Bennett is most known for his capturing of the rapidly growing world of freestyle calisthenics. Raise Up with Rain is a long form podcast where Rain reaches outside of the boundaries of calisthenics (and even fitness) to speak with people across the world that are building and strengthening their communities as well as generally contributing to the betterment of society.

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blue collar heart with a white collar mind.
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7.03.2017 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 029 – CR Capers

“When you’re in those trenches, those low points, remember you have a mission… what your life mission is… you made that pact to yourself beyond anything else.” CR Capers is a writer, producer, radio personality, director and distributor of independent ...
Rain Bennett author
15.11.2016 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 028 – Melanie Driessen

“Jessica is not my rival, she’s like my best friend. We keep motivating each other. If one of us learns a new trick, we show each other.” Melanie Driessen is a member of the world famous Barstarzz, but her name would be recognizable even without that b...
Rain Bennett author
1.11.2016 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 027 – Martin Dubovic

“My favorite movie has always been Scarface, and I think that might have been replaced this weekend.” Martin Dubovic is a calisthenics athlete, creator of Street Workout Magazine, co-founder of Barstruck Calisthenics, author of Coast Guard Boot Camp Su...
Rain Bennett author
20.09.2016 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 026 – Dr. G

“There have always been black leaders in the sports arena. But with my children, I tell them that the real superheroes are people like Charles Drew, John Henrik Clarke, Imhotep.” Dr. G is one of my closest friends and a co-producer on Raise Up.  He and...
Rain Bennett author
6.09.2016 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 025 – Marc Missioreck

“I couldn’t even do one pull-up in the Presidential Fitness Test. So I go home to my mom crying and what does she do? She gives me a chocolate cheesecake. I decided that day I would never let that happen again.” Marc Missioreck is the VP of Sales and S...
Rain Bennett author
23.08.2016 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 024 – Zef Zakaveli and DOC

“We form these bonds that transcend so much. When my mom passed away, it proved that Zef was always my friend, because everything got pushed aside, whatever our differences were.” Before the Bar Brawl on August 14th (hosted by Team Wingate) I spoke to ...
Rain Bennett author
9.08.2016 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 023 – Health and Hip Hop Panel Discussion

“It’s not a black or white thing; it’s not a Russian or American thing. It’s a people thing. When we can elevate above the burden of ego, miracles can happen.” On August 6th at the Hip Hop Film Festival, Dr. G and I moderated a “Health and Hip Hop” pan...
Rain Bennett author
12.07.2016 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 022 – Johnny Garcia

“Calisthenics is the key to longevity and enlightenment. When you’re able to strengthen to your body, by taking the time to feel your body, and you’re connected to what you’re thinking, that’s when you take things to a new level.” Johnny Garcia is the ...
Rain Bennett author
28.06.2016 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 021 – Milton Nkunku

“I was watching calisthenics grow and thinking, “I could be a part of this. THIS is what I need to do.” Milton Nkunku was told to never play sports due to his epilepsy, but he still found a way to wrestle on a collegiate level, was the first in his hig...
Rain Bennett author
31.05.2016 http://www.rainbennett.com/wp-content/uploads/powerpress/RaiseUpWithRain_Logo_(black)-min.jpg

Episode 20 – Ahmed Kerigo

“No matter how bad things were, I always had a smile on my face.” Ahmed Kerigo is the founder of Norway’s Team Physix, a calisthenics/street workout collective that competes in international competitions, hosts free Sunday workouts in Oslo, and was fea...
Rain Bennett author