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Radio Skydive UK is a skydiving podcast for the UK and European scene.

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Radio Skydive UK is a skydiving podcast for the UK and European scene.
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John LeBlanc from Performance Designs

• John LeBlanc, VP of Performance Designs headline interview • Dave Curtin School of Hard Knocks • Ask The Expert How Best to Store a Rig with Tom Parker SunPath Chief Engineer and Mark Procos UPT General Manager • Front Cover by Mike Taivalmaa of Jeff...

Ep56 BPA Skydive The Expo aftershow

Brian and Craig experiment with a portable recorder and set up studio in the foyer of the Expo hotel with... errr.... results. Brian leaves Craig hanging Craig has highlights from the Expo Craig is a grumpy old man and has lowlights Brian has highligh...

Ep 55 Dean Fisher XL Interview

Dean Fisher XL Interview Likely to be the only person in the world to have been an instructor for 50 consecutive years.  Why does he still jump? How does he land his Fury 220 in the circle on every jump even in high winds? Listener questions Thanks to...

Annette O'Neil and Joel Strickland are Down for 50

Annette O’Neil and Joel Strickland Headline Interview Steve Lefkowitz Ask The Expert: 4way coaching online. The Rhythm 401 app. Front cover by John Gillet of Ollie Ellis and Matt Leonard doing some XRW. Back cover of the hirsute Martin S...

Ep53 The Last One from the Other North London Studio

• Last recording from the other North London studio. • Front Cover by Ewan Cowie of the 200way headdown large formation attempt • Back Cover by Roy Wimmer-Jaglom of an angle jump over Skydive Voss.  • Craig met the Bejay. Also known as Bejay has now su...

Ep52 - Arthur Amarra AON2 smart altimeter inventor

Arthur Amarra headline interview - AON2 smart altimeter inventor Ewan Cowie School of Hard Knocks Even Rokne Ask the Expert about Innhopps Paul Rimmington Front Cover of an impromptu 14way over Cark Michael Bellotti Back Cover of some dude not wearing...

Ep51 - Ewan Cowie VFS Cameraflyer & Jetman Photographer

Rai starts before everyone (well, actually, just Brian) is ready. Ewan Cowie Headline Interview Front Cover by Mads Norrelund Olsen Back Cover by Charlie Wakeham of Simon Soper simulating a very very very low pull scenario. Book Club by Dean Fisher Fr...

Ep50 - Dean Fisher 50 years as an instructor

Dean Fisher Headline interview. 53 years of jumping. 50 years of instructing. Wow. Paul Mayer discusses the impending sale of Bedford Bodyflight Dan BC School of Hard Knocks and, wow, it's a good one. Front Cover by Harry Shanker at the Zion Freefly N...

Rickster Powell PD Canopy Test Pilot

Rickster Powell Headline Interview, PD Canopy Test Pilot Front Cover by Denis Zhuravkov of Chris Bohn sitting on Phil Sparrow’s canopy over Florida Skydiving Centre Back Cover by Chris Cook of Alan Foulkes-Williams not giving up on his rears despite o...

Goals for 2018, Rai Ahmed SoHK,

Your Goals and out goals for 2018 Rai Ahmed School of Hard Knocks Front Cover by Claudio Cagnasso of Roy Wimmer-Jaglom holding a freefall tube and Carlos Pedro Briceño headdown in his Squirrel wingsuit. Back Cover self portrait by Sam Bemment “Cogito ...

Ep 47 - Tristan Hampson headline interview

Radio-ho-ho Skydive UK Christmas Cracker bumper edition for when you get bored of turkey and TV. Tristan Hampson exclusive headline interview about the demise of Airborne San Diego Fred and Vince fly back into a a Porter (sometimes) More junk day she...

Ep 46 - Dilys Price OBE

Dilys Price - Pride of Britain - headline interview Rob Lloyd 'Ask the Expert' who critiques the GoPro 6 but recommends the Aukey 4K Action Camera John Le Blanc 'Book Club' who recommends The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer  Front Cover by Steve ...

Ep 45 - Norman Kent XL Interview

  Norman Kent feature length XL interview, recorded October 2015 at Skydive Perris Norman takes us on a journey. Why he’s bored of being asked about Point Break. Oops. And Point Break 2. Why he moved to Florida. Why you shouldn’t be a hero. His favour...

Ep 44 - Bill Booth from UPTVector

Bill Booth, UPTVector demi-god, headline interview Rob Lloyd Ask The Expert about your first camera helmet and stills camera Bill Legard Book Club recommendation is “Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War” Front Cover by Chris Cook of Tom ...

Ep 43 - the one with Rocky Evans and the dodgy sound quality

Rocky Evans Headline Interview SoHK with Marko M. Very dark. AtE with... oh... we forgot to play it. Oopsie! Front Cover by John Carter of Sophie, Ming and Adam over Skydive Langar Back Cover by Carlos Crow of the plane at Headcorn circling a CF forma...

Ep 42 - Jarno Cordia Headline Interview

Jarno Cordia Wingsuiter Headline Interview Alex Grisman Ask The Expert about Jet Engines and Turbine Engines We record over Skype - apologies for sound quality Front cover by Chris Stone over Skydive Algarve of the BCPA hybrid bigway record. Back cove...

Ep 41 - Dave Schwartz from Skydive Radio

Dave Schwartz Headline Interview Dave Schwartz School of Hard Knocks Dave Schwartz Ask the Expert about opening plane doors during flight Dave Schwartz Book Club Looby Lou Smith-Wildey Front Cover photo of Wez Westley swooping his Peregrine framed per...

Ep 40 - TK Hayes, DZO of Z-Hills Headline Interview

TK Hayes, DZO of Zephyr Hills interviewed by Gil Sharon. Front Cover by Tom Shorten taken over Skydive Langar Martin Soulsby (birthday boy) School of Hard Knocks Back Cover by James Lee taken over Skydive Langar Happy birthday to Martin Soulsby, Dave ...

Ep 39 - Klaus Renz Jumping in North Korea

Klaus Renz headline interview. Jumping in North Korea. Front Cover by Eve Mason. Taken over Skydive Langar. Pretty sunset. Jumping through clouds, legally. Special feature from Garnett. We love him. Back Cover by Aled Bonsall of Regan just after landi...

Ep 38 - Richard Webb of TopGun BASE

Richard Webb, TopGun BASE, Headline Interview Front Cover by Ming Chu of a 25way Canopy Formation jump descending into the clouds over Nationaal Paracentrum Teuge Back Cover photos by Freefly teams Omni taking the piss out of Xerxes Answers from Drunk...

Ep 37 - Luke Aikins skydives without a parachute II - THE JUMP

Luke Aikins Headline Interview continued. The jump.  Front Cover by Mark Davis, Getty Images for Stride Gum Why he did a dummy pull in freefall. How he felt when he landed. What he'd do if he was King of Skydiving We introduce Vertical Suits as our la...

Ep 36 - Luke Aikins skydives without a parachute

Luke Aikins Headline Interview. The man without a parachute. Luke Aikins Part 2 on Ep37. Brian Vacher Ask the Expert. Two Stage Flare. Front Cover by Jakob Aungiers of a 360 deg 40way Headdown formation over Skydive Hibaldstow. 15 seconds later he cho...

Ep 35 - Brian Vacher from PDFT and Flight-1

Brian Vacher, Canopy Pilot, PD Factory Team Member and Flight-1 coach Headline Interview James La Barrie Thought for the Podcast John Le Blanc Ask The Expert - how long should control lines be. Answers from Drunk Skydivers - Would You Rather… Janina’s...

Ep 34 - James La Barrie from

James La Barrie headline interview. The expert discusses how DZs can be the best they can be. John Le Blanc’s Ask The Expert covers how to recover from stalled canopies, intentionally and unintentionally. We ran out of people with t...

Ep 33 - Norman Kent - the world’s most famous skydiving cameraflyer

Norman Kent Headline Interview - the world’s most famous skydiving cameraflyer talks to us about his life and career.  Mike Carpenter School of Hard Knocks (aircraft emergencies) Answers from Drunk Skydivers reveals that they don’t know about jerking ...

Ep 32 - John Kallend dispels the “45 degree myth” and talks about exit order

John Kallend headline interview, skydiver and Physics professor dispels the “45 degree myth” and talks about exit order Mikey Carpenter Thought for the Podcast. He’s inimitable Norman Kent School of Hard Knocks Front Cover by Chris Cook taken by the i...

Ep 31 - Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld talks pure gold

• Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld headline interview and pure gold comes from his mouth. His book Above All Else is available from all good book shops (and some shitty ones too). • Matt Zwicker's School of Hard Knocks • Front cover by Linzi Johnston of an FF jump...

Ep 30 - Patrick Passe feature length episode

Patrick Passe Feature Length Interview Recorded via Skype between France and California, USA. Brian and Patrick geek out on bigway Patrick reveals his successes Patrick reveals even more he meant to

Ep 29 - Mikey Carpenter headline interview

Mikey Carpenter Headline interview School of Hard Knocks with Jan whatsisface  Regan Tetlows Motivational Social Media Meme on Audio makes a stunning debut Melanie Curtis supplies a Thought for the Podcast Front cover by Laszlo Andacs of the Night Lar...

Ep 28 - Patrick Passe discusses bigway FS and the 202-way Sequential world record

Patrick Passe discusses bigway FS and the 202way Sequential world record Janette Lefkowitz School of Hard Knocks Front Cover by Bruno Brokken of the Jetmen over Skydive Dubai flying alongside an A380. Back Cover by Willy Boeykens of the 202way sequent...

Ep 27 - Rob Lloyd and his five top tips for taking better photos

Rob Lloyd interview where he tells us five top tips for taking better photos. SoHK with Steve Lefkowitz from RhythmXP Front cover by Stefan Pacel of Oliver Ellis over Skydive Algarve Back cover by Rob Lloyd of Jeannie Bartholomew swooping the pond at ...

Ep 26 - Mikey Lovemore / Jason Bird talk about Speed Skydiving

Mikey Lovemore / Jason Bird feature interview about Speed Skydiving Early Christmas present British wingsuit record British Headdown record FS Nationals and 8-way upset World cup news Voicemail from Chief Minja - Lorene Latour Brian got an easy ride b...

Ep 25 - Dave Butterell and Paul Cooper talk bigway formations in WS and HD

Dave Butterell and Paul Cooper talk bigway formations in wingsuiting and head down respectively. Alex 'Buzz' Busby-Hicks School of Hard Knocks Front Cover by Dan Guest of the World Record VFS Large Formation 170way first attempt over Skydive Chicago. ...

Ep 24 - Gary Connery talks about landing a wingsuit without a parachute

Gary Connery discusses setting aviation history by becoming the first person to intentionally leave an aircraft and land successfully without using a parachute. The Man Who Flew to Earth Front Cover of Gary Connery on final approac...

Ep 23 - John LeBlanc Ask The Expert and Steve Lefkowitz School of Hard Knocks

John Le Blanc Ask the Expert segment about stabilisers. The FIRST Wingsuit World Cup - who bought beer? And did they buy enough? Tash investigates. "You'll never believe the answers she got". Martin Soulsby discusses the new BPA Governance plans Front...

Ep 22 - Phil Wayper and his home made canopies

Phil Wayper interview. He made his own canopy. Melanie Curtis Thought for the Podcast Marcus Laser School of Hard Knocks Brian and Craig run the London marathon. You can still sponsor Brian at Eloy no pul...

Ep 21 - Paul Mayer debriefs the 10th World Challenge at Bodyflight

Paul Mayer debriefs the 10th World Challenge Markus Wolf, friend of the show, is a special guest. Could he be a bigger stats geek than Craig? Markus is embarrassed by his 8-way team Paul and Craig declare themselves World Champions The third in the tr...

Ep 20 - Paul Mayer discusses the 10th World Challenge at Bodyflight Bedfor

Paul Mayer discusses the 10th World Challenge at Bodyflight Bedford. Tristan Hampson discusses side slide and turn techniques. RSUK celebrates our first birthday but we all forget to buy cake. Sad face. John LeBlanc segment postponed to episode 21. Fr...

Ep 19 - The one without a headline interview

Joel’s questions on the AFFBI course are answered Tash’s questions on the last School of Hard Knocks are answered Joel & Tash are not the same person after all :-( Craig sings (despite our attempt to silence him) and then throws a tantrum about no...

Ep 18 - Drunken London Skydivers discuss "Would You Rather....?"

"Would You Rather" with a cast from LSD and others. Please help us to tag everyone. Results from the BPA popularity contest Expo experiences - Kiss helmets, seminars, bands and drunkeness School of Hard Knocks: Alastair Macartney discovers what you ...

Ep 17 - Regan Tetlow headline interview.

- Regan Tetlow headline interview. - SoHK with Dave Howerski - Thought for the Podcast with - Adrian Bond talks about BPA Skydive the Expo - Tristan Hampson discusses fast and slow fall technique in detail. With and without b...

Ep 16 - Tony Domenico from Square1 headline interview

Tony Domenico, Square1 head honcho and KISS helmet inventor, headline interview. Melanie Curtis School of Hard Knocks Russian wind tunnel bargains to be had. Congrats to TeamXX on their Bronze at the DIPC Festive Front Cover is Melanie C...

Ep 15 - Melanie Curtis headline interview

Melanie Curtis headline interview, the annoyingly happy skydiver extraordinaire and life coach  Guest presenter Tristan Hampson discusses teaching the neutral position/beginners in the tunnel and his exciting future plans School of Hard Knocks with Ja...

Ep 14 - Tristan Hampson headline interview

Tristan Hampson headline interview, chief instructor at Bedford Bodyflight and from Another School of Hard Knocks with Martin 'DangerPants' Reynolds Cover photo of Josh Carratt over Skydive Langar submitted by Tom Shorten Back cov...

Ep 13 - Michael Cooper, inventor of the FlySight GPS, interview

Michael Cooper interview, inventor of FlySight, the wingsuiter's GPS STC Incident reports schadenfreude BPA council nominations open. Craig says he's a rubbish BPA councillor and wishes someone better would stand.  Brian thinks the Canopy Handling man...

Ep 12 - Albet Bechtold from PD and USPA Interview

Albert Bechtold from Performance Designs discusses all sorts of things in our headline interview.  School of Hard Knocks with Paul Moore Front Cover  Draw to win a RSUK tshirt. Brian sniffs incessantly. Sorry about that. Craig returns. And he talks. C...

Ep 11 - Maxine Tate from Flight-1

Interview with Maxine Tate from Canopy Piloting School School of Hard Knocks with Nina Engel We really do play Jason Farrant’s interview about the swoop pond at Dunks this episode. Thought for the Day with Martin Soulsby Craig declar...

Ep 10 - Tony Uragallo from TonySuits - Part 3

Headline interview with Tony Uragallo from School of Hard Knocks with Dr Rainer “Exi” Hoenle. We forget to the play the interview with Jason Farrant from Dunkeswell but it’ll be on Ep11. Thought for the Day with Jamie Flynn (www.epictv.c...

Ep 9 - Tony Uragallo from TonySuits - Part 2

Tony Uragallo talks wingsuits, wingsuit competitions, wingsuit manufacturing, wingsuit BASE and if you’re 5’9” and have an aerodynamic beer belly he’s probably got a suit that’ll fit you for a good price. Gary - Your ‘dad’ says that you have to inte...

Ep 8 - Tony Uragallo from Tony Suits - Part 1

Tony Uragallo from Tony Suits interview. Craig shuts down Brian’s thread on for no good reason. We record using new equipment and just like skydivers you despair at, we record without having tested the equipment thoroughly. What’s the worst ...