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Overlanding is: Vehicle dependent travel. It's a movement. It isn’t elitist, and it doesn’t matter what you drive. It’s for everyone who feels the call of the wild, and anyone willing to go find it.

In this podcast series you will get personal with Overland Bound, hear basic to advanced how-to topics, and meet guest that range from weekend warriors to people living in their overland vehicle, all with the goal of getting you out there to seek your own adventure!

Overland Bound's mission is to connect as many people as possible with the great outdoors. Our worldwide community shares the resources and information to prepare you for adventure.

We are explorers and adventurers. Exploration is the key to not just being alive, but truly living.

Outfit and explore.


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Outfit and Explore
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Podcast Episode 18 : Be Kind to Survive

We are kind because its the right thing to do. We are also kind because our life might depend on it.
Overland Bound author

Podcast Episode 17 : Rooftop Tent or Ground Tent?

Rooftop vs Ground Tents! What is the option best for you? I have opinions!
Overland Bound author

Episode 16 – Why an Adventure Community Builds Software

Why are we building the first overland community platform? Tune in to hear more about our efforts and join the Alpha Test Group to be the first to try it! Register for the Alpha Program! /*
Overland Bound author

Episode 15 – When a Trip Does Not Go as Planned

You might think I have this whole packing and overlanding thing figured out - well, sometimes things do not go as planned. It happens to all of us! See you on the trail! Michael /*
Overland Bound author

Episode 14 – My Rig Upgrades and What They Cost

What upgrades are required, and what are nice to have for your overland vehicle? What is the required cost versus the "deluxe" cost with optional upgrades? What about repairs? If you add it all up, what has my rig cost over the years on a yearly basis?...
Overland Bound author

Change Your Life – Overland Challenge

We all need downtime. Adventure is necessary and sometimes we need a reminder! Just three days can make a huge difference.
Overland Bound author

Podcast 012 – Answers to Member Questions

Overland Bound author

Podcast 011 – Keep Our Trails Out of Jail

Overland Bound author

Podcast S2 EP04 – Meet Our Overland Bound Ambassadors

Meet Our Ambassadors! Our regional ambassadors provide local support and information for Overland Bound members. They are awesome. Four of our Regional Ambassadors: Steve, Ryan, Chris and Danan sat down to discuss Why Overlanding, Why Overland Bound, ...
Overland Bound author

Podcast S2 EP03 – Ronny Dahl Beginner Tips and Top 5 Do Nots

Ronny Dahl: Beginner Tips and Top 5 Do Nots We sat down with Ronny Dahl to get his advice for beginners, top five do-nots, and discuss critters to avoid! Ronny provides tips and inspiration for folks of all levels of experience interested in off-road a...
Overland Bound author

Podcast S2 EP02 – Overland Styles, Rigs, Basic Kit with Guest Chris Jones

Overland Styles, Rigs, and Basic Gear In this episode we have the Overland Bound East Region Ambassador, Chris Jones joining us to discuss a variety of topics. How do you define "overlanding" for yourself? What are rig requirements? Top questions from ...
Overland Bound author

Podcast S2 EP01 – I’ve Never Seen That Before

I've Never Seen That Before So uh, ya. One time we were driving through the Mojave Desert and our radiator completely blew up. It was a thing. Here's what happened, what we did, and and what happened after that. We include audio of the explosive event.
Overland Bound author

Podcast S1 EP06 – Trip Planning

Trip Planning Over the years without really thinking about it, we've come up with a method of trip planning we pretty much follow every time. There's a series of questions to ask to help prepare. We created the Trip Planner which is a free download on ...
Overland Bound author

Overland Bound Podcast S1 EP05 – A Hard Landing

A Hard Landing A "hard landing" is when you come in hot, sun down, in the dark, maybe its raining, snowing, cold, and you have to set up camp. In this episode, Corrie and I share the details of one night in Moab, and a mighty hard landing. Cold, Ice, S...
Overland Bound author

Overland Bound Podcast S1 EP04 – The Beginning

From the Beginning I've given accounts of how Overland Bound started in snippets on social media and in person, but never in such detail. I get asked all the time how it began and there isn't one good answer. Overland Bound was officially started in 20...
Overland Bound author

Overland Bound Podcast S1 Ep.03 – Yeti and Yolo

We had the awesome opportunity to sit down with @thewildyolo "Yolo" and @thejeepcalledyeti "Yeti" and talk about how they met, what got them into overlanding, and what's next! Their philosophy about life, the lessons learned and how they have created t...
Overland Bound author

Overland Bound Podcast S1 Ep.02 – Founding Principles

Season 1 Episode 2 In this episode I discuss Overland Bound's founding principles. When new members join Overland Bound, I ask then to review our founding principles to see if they agree with what we stand for. These principles are posted in the forum...
Overland Bound author

Overland Bound Podcast S1 Ep.01 – Series Introduction

Introducing the Overland Bound Podcast What will we be discussing each week? The Overland Bound Podcast will have three main categories covering a broad range of topics! Overland Bound community topics such as gear and equipment discussions, news an...
Overland Bound author