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Welcome to the PSI-FI RADIO NETWORK! PSI-FI RADIO: Sundays at 8pm Pacific/10pm Central/11pm Eastern with Donna Stewart, Kris Preston and Sharon Kincaid.
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PSI-FI Radio LIVE from Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas

Join hosts Donna Stewart, Sharon Kincaid, Michael Varhola and Laura Schier as they broadcast LIVE from the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas!  Call in with questions or listen to the questions from the LIVE audience!
PSI FI Radio author

The Michael Varhola Show

Author and Paranormal Researcher Michael Varhola is back with all new adventures and paranormal talk!
PSI FI Radio author

The Michael Varhola Show

Paranormal Researcher, Author, Lecturer Michael Varhola is back to share MORE adventures!
PSI FI Radio author

The Michael Varhola Show

After three months on the road, author and paranormal researcher Michael Varhola will be returning to PSI-FI PARA-RADIO on Sunday, July 14! Join us to hear about his recent adventures, including activities at sea, Stonehenge, the Tower of London, the C...
PSI FI Radio author

The Michael Varhola Show

Michael Varhola returns for his month visit with Donna Stewart and Kris Preston.  What a way to spend an Easter Sunday evening!  The Easter Bunny may be fiction, but Michael Varhola can tell you about The Bunnyman Bridge!  Catch up with all that Mike ...
PSI FI Radio author

Mary Mary Quite Contrary Author Wayne Mallows

124 years have passed since the murders of the infamous "Jack the Ripper".    Forced to work for his dad's construction company in order to earn his tuition, nathan Mallory stumbles upon a treasure of sorts; a box of letters appearing to be penned by J...
PSI FI Radio author

Spirit Realm Investigative Project

Spirit Realm Investigative Project is an all girl team that specializes in the mining towns of Colorado. They practice scientific and metaphysical beliefs during investigations. They also use a non provoking respectful approach with communication, and ...
PSI FI Radio author

The Michael Varhola Show

Author, Lecturer,Paranormal Researcher and Editor of the America's Haunted Roadtrip series, Michael Varhola returns for his monthly visit to PSI-FI Radio to discuss his books, Compicpalooza in Houston and his many paranormal and world adventures.
PSI FI Radio author

Psychic Medium David Baker

Psychic/Medium and Author of The Spirit Garden: A Mediums Journey, David Baker returns for his monthly visit to PSI-FI Radio to discuss spirituality,the psychic realm and offer free, one-question mini-readings to PSI-FI Radio listeners.
PSI FI Radio author

Preparedness Radio with Mike Chavez

Mike Chavez is Operations Manager/Web Developer for K-DOCK 92.9 FM. He is the host of the Afternoon Work Party from 3 - 6 pm Mon-Fri. Mike is President of the Southwestern Oregon Public Safety Association, an organization dedicated to citizens prepared...
PSI FI Radio author

The Michael Varhola Show

Author, America's Haunted Roadtrip series Editor, Paranormal Researcher and Lecturer Michael Varhola returns for a fun-filled 2 hours!  And one lucky listener in chat will win a signed copy of one of Mike's books!
PSI FI Radio author

Psychic Medium David Baker

Psychic/Medium David baker returns for his monthly visit to PSI-FI Radio, and offers free one-question readings to listeners!
PSI FI Radio author

Celebrating Purpose w Guests Don Milton and Russ Wells

Tonight we have an incredible show with two guests. In our first hour we will be hosting Don Milton who is well known for his Cycle of Creation Process along with many other talents. Our second hour our guest will be Artist Russ Wells who will share h...
PSI FI Radio author

Dawning of a New Year!!

Join us on this show for the dawning of a new year as we discuss the upcoming greatness of 2013 for us all. After the struggles of transition and transformation of 2012 this show will give you fresh outlooks, ideas and goals that WILL be happening for ...
PSI FI Radio author

Psychic Medium David Baker

With the Holiday's fast approaching, we know that many people wish they could connect to loved ones who have passed away.  David Baker has astounded PSI-FI Radio listeners with the amazing accuracy of his on-air readings for over a year now.  And tonig...
PSI FI Radio author

It Is Time To Celebrate!!

As we move towards the end of this cycle of transformation of 2012 each of us have incredible stories of accomplishment that have occurred. Tonight we invite and honor our listeners as we request they call in to share those stories of positive change i...
PSI FI Radio author

The Michael Varhola Show

Author, Lecturer, Paranormal Researcher Michael Varhola returns for his monthly show to update PSI-FI Radio listeners on his latest adventures, including updates on THe Swords of Kos and Skirmisher Publishing which covers Role Playing Games, Trading Ca...
PSI FI Radio author

An Inspired Gift For The Holidays

On this show we will be talking about an inspirational gift. That gift is knowledge on how best to re-connect with your power, courage, joy and happiness as we begin to close out 2012. The path to letting go of the old things that no longer has any use...
PSI FI Radio author

Beyond the Cosmic Veil by Thomas Fusco

Thomas P. Fusco is an independent researcher who has devoted nearly three decades investigating the relationship between mind, physics, spirituality, parapsychology, scientific anomalies and paranormal phenomena with the goal of uncovering the unifying...
PSI FI Radio author

Connecting With Spirit Night - Ask Rhonda and SJ

With the holidays coming up most people start thinking about family members who are  no longer with them. Tonight SJ and Rhonda will due their best to connect with family members on the other side. Free one question mini psychic readings will be held f...
PSI FI Radio author

Psychic Medium David Baker

Psychic/Medium and Author of The Spirit Garden: A Medium's Journey, David Baker returns for his monthly visit to PSI-FI Radio to update listeners on events, his upcoming book, metaphysical topics, and to offer free mini-reading to callers!
PSI FI Radio author

The Michael Varhola Show

Michael Varhola - author, paranormal researcher, lecturer - return to share some big news with PSI-FI Radio listeners!
PSI FI Radio author

Creating Effective Change - Ask Rhonda and SJ

Join us Tuesday Oct 30 for this on how to create and effective change in your life. We have spoke on this subject in passing on many of our shows to date but this one address a closer look at it for our listeners.
PSI FI Radio author

Join us For "Estate of Horror" By Anita Jo Intenzo

I am a mother, daughter, artist, an entrepreneur and most recently, an author.  I love history and art and that's a very important part of my work.  I am an honors graduate of Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia and a former art teacher. I...
PSI FI Radio author

Orson Wells War of the Worlds

74 years ago tonight, Orson Wells air his classic rasio version of War of the Worlds.  In keeping with our Halloween Tradition, PSI-FI Radio will air War of the Worlds in its entirety tonight, taking our listeners back to a time when radio was the kind...
PSI FI Radio author

Old Time Horror Movie Blast with Thag!!

If there was anything you ever wanted to know about old horror movies then you need to come listen to our show Thursday. We will be discussing movies that some of you may remember, the old time favorites and some new ones as wells......It is going to b...
PSI FI Radio author

Halloweens Original Michael Myers - Actor Tony Moran

Actor Tony Moran, busy on the Halloween convention trail, takes time to make his traditional spooky holiday visot to PSI-FI Radio.  Tony is best known for his role as Michael Myers in John Carpenter's original Halloween!
PSI FI Radio author

Is Your Life Working The Way You Want It To?

We will continue with our discussion of Recommitment To The Essentials…and be speaking about Attitude! 2012 may have brought even greater uncertainty and more unsettling economic news than recent years, but these circumstances should compel us to take...
PSI FI Radio author

The Power of Courage - Ask Rhonda and SJ

This show will be on the  power within us to have the courage to change our lives to a more postive and complete person. Change in our lives is one of the most difficult acheivments that we can do to make our journey more at peace and happy. Join Rhond...
PSI FI Radio author

Night of the Living Dead star Judith ODea

Judith O'Dea returns for her Halloween visit with PSI-FI Radio!   Judy O'Dea is an acting veteran of over 40 years on stage, screen, radio, and TV.  Horror film aficionados remember her as Barbara in George A. Romero's 1968 horror classic, Night of the...
PSI FI Radio author

7 Tips to Happiness - Ask Rhonda and SJ

Join us for this awesome show of the greatest ways to bring happiness into your life. Our show is always interactive so we ask that you please feel free to call in for advice, questions or comments. Or if you would rather contact Rhonda or SJ after th...
PSI FI Radio author

Get Thagged on Halloween Films

Our resident movie critic Thag talks about Halloween Horror Films!
PSI FI Radio author

The Michael Varhola Show

Paranormal Adventurer, Author, Lecturer, Michael Varhola returns for his monthly visit to PSI-FI Radio to update listeners on his most recent events, investigations and adventures!
PSI FI Radio author

The Psi Fi Radio Crew Rocks The House!!

Join us for this great show full of fun and where you just never know what this group of great broadcasters will get into. This is one show you won't want to miss with Donna Stewart, Sharon Kincaid, Kristal Preston, Russ & Sandy Wells and Rhonda Fa...
PSI FI Radio author

Spiritual Insight - Ask Rhonda& SJ

Tonight we are going to talk about where we come from and what the process is of getting here. In other words we are going to talk about the other side beyond the veil of our reality as physical beings. How we can access the knowledge from source to gu...
PSI FI Radio author

Psychic Medium David Baker

The amazingly accurate psychic/medium David Baker returns to PSI-FI Radio for his monthly visit.  We will catch up with David and what he has been doing and discuss different topics that surround the world of the psychic/medium. David will also offer ...
PSI FI Radio author

Tina Fiorda - Book of Insight

A Book of Insight was co-authored by sisters, Tina Fiorda and Tilde Cameron.  They have shared in many common interests throughout their lives, but the one fascination they’ve both held from an early age is with the world of the unseen and the unknown....
PSI FI Radio author

Attitude of Gratitude - Ask Rhonda and SJ

On this show we will explore the topic of allowing yourself to have an attitude of gratitude for everything in your life. Whether it be for the simplest things in your life or major blessings it can change your outlook causing your vibrational energy t...
PSI FI Radio author

Whitechapel Road Author Wayne Mallows

Whitechapel Road – a vampyre tale was born from a very personal viewpoint. Wayne starting telling the tale of Aremis Eilbeck, (the main character), sometime in the early 90’s when he needed to create a believable character for a home grown business cal...
PSI FI Radio author

Let's Talk Forgiveness - Ask Rhonda and SJ

Last week on the show we talked about defining who we are as a physical and spiritual being. That topic is far reaching in our process of recreating ourselves. Forgiveness is part of the process. We all have had times in our lives where we have faced f...
PSI FI Radio author

Mick Doyle - East Coast Paranormal Investigations of Ireland

My name is Mick Doyle and with Berni Macari we founded East Coast Paranormal Investigatons just over 3 months ago. My intrest in the paranornal stems back to my childhood. I have studied the Paranormal all my adult life and last year October 2009 I wen...
PSI FI Radio author

What Defines Who You Are? - Ask Rhonda& SJ

We apologize for having to cancel last Tuesdays the spiritual realm things must happen when the time is right so we will definitely be on air live on Tuesday!! This show "What Defines Who You Are?" is basically for all of us. We all perciev...
PSI FI Radio author

The Booth Brothers - Paranormal Filmmakers

Born in England and moving to the United States, Philip Adrian and Christopher Saint Booth started their work in feature films in the art department. They gradually worked their way up, learning the editing and production aspects of film making. While ...
PSI FI Radio author

Michael Varhola - Author - Adventurer

Michael is making another appearance on Psi Fi Radio to share new adventures, books and current events at Skirmisher Publishing. Michael O. Varhola is a writer, editor, publisher, and journalist who lives in the Hill Country north of San Antonio, Texas...
PSI FI Radio author

EVP Expert - Michael Esposito

Michael Esposito is one of the world’s foremost authorities on EVP. A descendant of Alfred Vail, who invented the Morse Code, with his partner Samuel Morse and Jonathan Harned Vail, office manager and assistant to Thomas Edison. An experimental artist ...
PSI FI Radio author

Leila Davis - Visionary Artist - Hypnotherapy - Counslor

Join us on Paranormal N More Radio for our incredible guest Leila Davis. Leila’s work is devoted to the individual bringing deeper awareness by cutting through common perceptions and as well their misconceptions. She allows her clients to step out and ...
PSI FI Radio author

Bill Bean - Author of Dark Force

Bill Bean is the most famously haunted man in America. He’s a nationally known author, lecturer and media personality. He has given hundreds interviews and is always in demand for interviews, lectures, conventions, and special appearances. Bill's stron...
PSI FI Radio author

Elaine Lockard - Intuitive - Healer - Spiritual Coach

Join us on Paranormal N More Radio for our special guest Elaine Lockard.    Elaine is an Executive, Business and Spiritual mentor, consultant and coach, as well as, a Professional Intuitive, Healer and Author. She knows, through her personal life and...
PSI FI Radio author

Jeremy Hinton - Southwest Paranormal Society of Kentucky

Jeremy founded his team in 2009 , called THE SOUTHWEST PARANORMAL SOCIETY of. KENTUCKY , He has  been interested in the paranormal since having his own Experiance seeing his grandfather in the doorway in 2002 and his whole family is sensitive which inc...
PSI FI Radio author

Spirit Medium David Baker

David M. Baker is a Medium who has the ability to communicate with the spirits of deceased loved ones and pets in the spirit world.  When spirit comes through during a reading and he connects, he starts communication and passes messages of love, gu...
PSI FI Radio author