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The Precision Teaching Podcast covers the science of behavioral measurement. Also, we discuss how Precision Teaching improves the lives of others or yourself.

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The Precision Teaching Podcast covers the science of behavioral measurement. Also, we discuss how Precision Teaching improves the lives of others or yourself.
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034 2014 PT Podcast (Engelmann interview)

034 Show (2014)Email question: What is the research on Precision Teaching and people with autism? How many studies have been done with Precision Teaching and Verbal Behavior or ABA?Mary, Chicago, ILEducation News: Sponsor of Kansas spanking bill says i...
Rick Kubina author

033 2013 PT Podcast (Hughes interview)

033 2013 ShowHappenings and happened: 1. IPTC 2013; 2. IPTC 2014Email question: Hi Rick and podcast crew. I am a homeschooler and would like to know how can I use PT with my children? Are there materials available? Who published curricula? Thanks for t...
Rick Kubina author

032 2013 PT Podcast (Tufo interview)

032 2013 ShowHappenings and happened: 1. Manuscripts acceptedEmail question: I am a doctoral student and taking a class on single case design. Can you tell me how I would use Precision Teaching with single case design? Also, would you be able to use it...
Rick Kubina author

031 2013 Frieswyk interview

031 2013 ShowHappenings and happened: 1. Another new PTer in the world - Congrats Co-host Kerri; 2. 2013 IPTC Registration and ProgramEmail question: Can you use PT for high-level skills like Art and Poetry? Carol, Davenport, IAEducation News: Calcula...
Rick Kubina author

030 2013 McGreevy interview

 030 2013 ShowHappenings and happened: 1. Online chart shares (; 2. Correction “Applied behavior analysis international” wrong - “Association for Behavior Analysis International” right. 3. Zach Layng - thanks for help....
Rick Kubina author

029 2013 PT Podcast (Amy Sutherland interview)

Happenings and happened: July 2013 NEFPT conference highlightsEmail question: I recently asked our special education director about implementing Precision Teaching. She said precision teaching was an “unconventional approach to helping kids read and do...
Rick Kubina author

028 2013 PT Podcast (TV Joe Layng interview)

Announcements: IPTC submissions ending soon; July 2013 NEFPT conference; The Precision Teaching podcast, not the PT podcast.Email question: How can schools effectively use PT/ the chart as a means of accountability for teachers/ student learning rather...
Rick Kubina author

027 2013 May PT Podcast (Norris Haring interview)

Introduction: ABAI 2013 recap (PT contributions)Email question: I work in an elementary school and my principal is interested in Precision Teaching. Aside from the podcast and webpage where do people find more information? Also, how do people receive t...
Rick Kubina author

026 2013 Apr PT Podcast (Julie Vargas interview)

Introduction: Welcome back and 2012 recapEmail question: How does Precision Teaching fit into the new age of people self-tracking weight, fitness, and other self improvement goals? Ron in ToledoEducation News: Grand jury indicts 35 in Georgia school ch...
Rick Kubina author

025 2012 Jun PT Podcast (Kendra Brooks Rickard interview)

IntroductionEducation News: Second Year Science Graduation Requirement Elimination: Governor Stands FirmScience News: Stanley R. Riggs: Senate’s bill would not receive a passing mark in science classArticle Review: Cleland, C. E. (2001). Historical sci...
Rick Kubina author

024 2012 May PT Podcast (Jack Auman interview)

Intro: Recap events from 2011Education News: Jackson, Miss., Schools Barred From Handcuffing StudentsArticle Review: Some comparisons between see/write and see/type arithmetic timingsInterview with Jack AumanAnnouncements: IPTC conference in December 6...
Rick Kubina author

023 2010 Oct PT Podcast (Skip Berquam interview)

Email questions: Hi Rick. Love the show and especially the interviews. I am learning a lot about Precision teaching from you and Doug. My question is, has precision teaching ever been used with a normal graph? Barb, Santa ClaraOne minute Rant: Graphs i...
Rick Kubina author

022 2010 PT Podcast (Karen Pryor interview)

Science News: Behavior analyst certification board fourth edition task listArticle Review: A DAY OF GREAT ILLUMINATION: B. F. SKINNER’S DISCOVERY OF SHAPING- Download hereInterview with Karen PryorClosing Comments
Rick Kubina author

021 2010 June PT Podcast (Shawn Datchuk Research Update)

Email Questions: Dear Rick, I have some comments and a question. First some comments. I like the interview portion of your show very much. I also like the article review. Have you considered interviewing people outside of Precision Teaching? And would ...
Rick Kubina author

020 2010 May PT Podcast (Susan Malmquist interview)

Announcements: ABAIEmail Question -Dear Rick, Who are your favorite transformers? From F.B. HinnerScience News: Behavior Therapy and Tourette disorderArticle Review: Empirical Analysis of Drill Ratio Research: Refining the Instructional Level for Drill...
Rick Kubina author

019 2010 Apr PT Podcast (Michael Maloney interview)

PT News: School blends students with, without autismEmail Question -I am a new listener and came to your show from a recommendation from a friend. I am a mother of a child with autism and wondered how precision teaching can be used with my son. I am al...
Rick Kubina author

018 2010 Mar PT Podcast (Kent Johnson interview)

Email question - Is Precision Teaching the same thing as behaviorism? One of my colleagues referred to Precision Teaching as Behavioristic so it got me thinking. Thanks for your answer and keep up the great work with the podcast. love it!  Sarah, Toron...
Rick Kubina author

017 2010 Feb PT Podcast (Baker Mitchell interview)

Email question - What do you think about discovery learning? Jared from WisconsinArticle Review - Reading with Precision - Download hereInterview with Baker MitchellClosing Comments
Rick Kubina author

016 2010 Jan PT Podcast (Podcast Chat - no interview)

Announcements: New yearEmail question: Can you do Precision Teaching with anything? Like whole language or facilitated communication?Science News: Teacher anxieties may subtract from girls’ math scoresArticle Review: Why we used the SCC: A case study ...
Rick Kubina author

015 2009 Dec PT Podcast (Kimberly Berens interview)

Announcements: Happy holidaysYear in reviewScience News: Learning Styles ChallengedArticle Review: Our Aims, Discoveries, Failures, and Problem - Download article hereInterview: Kimberly BerensClosing Comments
Rick Kubina author

014 2009 Nov PT Podcast (Allyson Pate and Monica Kissel interview)

Announcements: Missed Oct podcast - apologies! -IPTC came and wentInterview: Allyson Pate and Monica KisselClosing Comments
Rick Kubina author

013 2009 Sep PT Podcast (Steve Graf interview)

Announcements -IPTC month awayScience News: Peer Review Performance and PracticeEmail Question: Can you tell me where I can study PT in Psychology?  Scott G.Article Review: Developing fluency and endurance in a child diagnosed with attention deficit hy...
Rick Kubina author

012 2009 Aug PT Podcast (Podcast Chat - no interview)

Announcements -Speakers for IPTCScience News : Surviving a Zombie AttackEmail Question: I am a new listener. I have been enjoying your interviews until you went off on learning styles. Do you really know the literature or do you just not like learning ...
Rick Kubina author

011 2009 Jul PT Podcast (Milyko interview)

Announcements: Half way mark for podcastScience News: Foundations for a New Science of LearningEmail Question: What is the difference between learning channels and learning styles?Article Review: Considering Standards - Download articleInterview: Kerri...
Rick Kubina author

010 2009 June PT Podcast (Fabrizio interview)

Announcements -Deadline for presentations at IPTC 09Science News - The dark side of animationEmail Question -How well did you know Dr. Lindsley and what did he think about add/subtract charts?Article Review -The effect of number of math drills per day ...
Rick Kubina author

009 2009 May PT Podcast (Nancy Hughes Lindsley interview)

Announcements -Experimenting with new podcast  components/refinements -ABA chart share and presentationsEmail QuestionArticle Review - Is Fluency Free-Operant Response-Response Chaining? -Download article here Interview -Nancy Hughes LindsleyClosing Co...
Rick Kubina author

008 2009 Apr PT Podcast (Abigail Calkin interview)

Announcements -Change to Podcast Manna at iTunes soon. New name:  Precision Teaching podcast -Chart share documentary in the worksArticle Review: One Minute Timing Improves Inners - Download article hereInterview -Abigail CalkinClosing Comments
Rick Kubina author

007 2009 Mar PT Podcast (Alison Moors Interview)

Announcements -Podcast Manna now on iTunes -Chart share at ABA -Two chapters submitted from KubinaArticle Review -Frequency and the Standard Celeration Chart: Necessary components of Precision Teaching (Download here)Interview -Alison MoorsClosing Comm...
Rick Kubina author

006 2009 Feb PT Podcast (Richard McManus Interview)

Announcements -IPTC conference dates room rate online -Get a graduate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, while using ABA to help re-shape urban educationArticle Review -Variability: An Aid in the Assessment of the Effectiveness of Training Procedures...
Rick Kubina author

005 2009 Jan PT Podcast (Hank Pennypacker Interview)

Announcements -New co-host Doug Kostewicz -IPTC Review -JPTCArticle Review -Learning Channels Article - Download Here Interview -Hank PennpackerClosing Comments
Rick Kubina author