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The Electronic Engineering Research Podcast
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2015-05-18 09:00
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017 PD Podcast – Turning a passion into a business: Bike Bros

Turning a passion into a business: Bike Bros The life of a PhD student is not all work, work, work. A lot of people join student societies and sports clubs. In […]
Dr Radu Sporea author

016 PD Special – SATRO Summer Research Placements 2014

SATRO Summer Research Placement Awards 2014 Each year, SATRO sponsors a select group of sixth form students, pairing them with scientists and engineers for four to six weeks. The students […]
Dr Radu Sporea author

015 PD Special – Surrey Impact Acceleration Account Showcase 2014

IMPACT ACCELERATION ACCOUNT The EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) follows on from the University of Surrey’s successful Knowledge Transfer Account (KTA) and is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences […]
Dr Radu Sporea author

014 PD Special – Postgraduate Research Conference 2014

The fourth postgraduate research conference at the University of Surrey was held at the beginning of February. I spoke to some of the young researchers, the organisers and members of […]
Dr Radu Sporea author

013 PD S02E08 – Simon King – Electrospinning – Engineering Doctorate

Today’s guest uses this machine for aligning carbon nanotubes by electrospinning. Simon King is an engineering doctoral student at Surrey’s MinMat Industrial Doctoral Centre supported by the EPSRC and industrial […]
Dr Radu Sporea author

012 PD S02E07 – Thomas Pozegic – Carbon nanocomposites

Despite its astounding mechanical properties, carbon fibre has poor electrical characteristics. My guest today seeks to enhance them and by so doing, make the material safer to use in aircraft. […]
Dr Radu Sporea author

011 PD S02E06 – Ross Maspero – Lasers – Material Modelling – Work Placement

In this podcast, we visit the Theory and Computation group at the ATI. I’m speaking to Ross Maspero, a PhD researchers who studies lasers and ways of making them more […]
Dr Radu Sporea author

010 PD S02E05 – Nicola Rolfe – Silicon photonics – Public engagement

So far, series has been featuring PhD students. Today I’m speaking to a postdoctoral researcher who changed her field after she became a Doctor. Her passion for the subject, she […]
Dr Radu Sporea author

009 PD S02E04 – Nathanael Roome – Molecular interactions

Today’s guest showed up in a T-shirt reading “This is what a feminist looks like” and has given up jiu-jitsu for roller derby, only to find this sport equally intense. […]
Dr Radu Sporea author

008 PD S02E03 – Liam McCafferty – Magnetic carbon composites, industrial R&D

Today I’m talking to another of our chemists. He reveals some less well known properties of nanostructured materials based on carbon and argues that you don’t have to work around […]
Dr Radu Sporea author