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Gear Geeks Live 115–Further Down the Rabbit Hole

In this episode we go deep on the world of Spyderco Sprints with @thomasomoore.  If you thought EDC was a niche, wait until you hear about the crazy world of Sprints–from the ones we all know about to Bento Box Shop to some random lock and key company ...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 114: Broken Battle Hearts and Cooked Gear Books

VPD: Tony: Gen 2 Chapter Knife, Titan Plus, Rotring 600 Nick: Aerospace Breitling, Pena Trapper Front Flipper Incoming: Nick: M4 Shaman Kizer Beigleiter CRKT Crossbones in Italy M390 Spyderco Waterway Tony: Forsaken Steel Heart Reate T2500 Notes end he...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 113: Gear Therapy Live

Tonight’s topic deals with all of the ways that we Gear Geeks are crazy.  From “church knives” to “high end beaters,” Nick and I bear our souls in a hour plus of gear therapy.  Have strength brothers and sisters, for you are not alone. VPD: Nick: Omega...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 112: 2018 Gear of the Year

Tonight Nick and I take a trip around the Gear World for the Best Of, circa 2018. VPD: Nick: Omega Aqua Terra Quartz, Techno 2, Machine Era Classic Pen Tony: CRKT Pilar, Surefire Titan Plus, Rotring 600 Ballpoint, Monta Ocean King New Stuff: Nick: Tech...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 111: Growing Old with Gear

Today Nick and I tackle an interesting topic–what gear will suit you for the long run?  After thinking about it we come to surprisingly similar conclusions. VPD: Tony: Nick: New Stuff: Boos Blades Hound Buck 110 SK Bladeworks Half Track Tanto Tri-Way p...
Gear Geeks Live author

Episode 110.1: Tech v. Technique

Two files with the same name were loaded.  This is the actual episode 110. Tonight Nick and I talk about two approaches to knives–one that emphasizes skill and the other that emphasizes materials.  For more on this, here is my post on the topic. VPD: N...
Gear Geeks Live author

Episode 110: Tech v. Technique

Tonight Nick and I talk about two approaches to knives–one that emphasizes skill and the other that emphasizes materials.  For more on this, here is my post on the topic. VPD: Nick: Hinderer XM-18 Gen. 6, Breitling Aerospace, Machine Era Classic Pen Ni...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live 109: Gear Journeys

Tonight Nick and I talk about our wanderings through the gear world, from cheapo productions through customs and back into the production world. We also got the aid of Nathan on editing.  Thanks Nathan. VPD: Tony: Parker 51, Spyderco Brouwer, FourSeven...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live 108: Weird and Wonderful

Tonight Nick and I work our way through some weird gear to figure out what’s good, what’s bad, and why we need weird right now. VPD: Me: Reate Baby Machine, Reylight Lan Ti Nick: WE Knives Practic, Tudor Pelagos WE Knives Vapor Reate Baby Machine Shiro...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 107: Enablers Support Group

On this episode we had Nick and Aaron on to discuss the topic of gear microbrands.  Coming over from watches is a pretty easy thing to do, as microbrands are running rampant. VPD: Aaron: Guthrie Scout, Longines Big Eye,  Muyshondt Maus Nick: Aerospace,...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 106: The Ethics of Gear

In this episode we have an interesting gear-related topic–ethical considerations in owning and collecting gear.  With us is a real-life ethicist and philosopher, Mike Maddeson.  You might know Mike as the guy behind Inkdependence (website and YouTube)....
Gear Geeks Live author

Episode 105: Crazy

Nick and I are back to explore just how crazy gear geeks can be.  It all got started with my first post over at ToolGuyd where I took a look at the surprisingly controversial Combar. VPD: Tony: Spyderco Dragonfly II, Surefire Titan Plus, MaxMadCo Bolt ...
Gear Geeks Live author

Episode 104: Orthopedic Shoes

This episode took a long time to make.  It took months to coordinate schedules, two different recording sessions, and about 8 hours to splice everything together because of a tech glitch.  That is, of course, the theme of the podcast.  That said, this ...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 102: Tinker Bell

Note: Still workin’ on the audio.  I think this is a better synch with better quality.  Let me know what you think. As always, the podcast is brought to you by Blade HQ.  If you need gear, go there. VPD: Tony: Muyshondt Beagle, Smock SK23 Nick: Byrd Me...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live 101.1 Make Gear Great Again, Again

Now with fixed audio. Nick and I discuss…well…things that make gear great.  We also discuss the mysterious Bloop and the unmysterious and boring act of hypothecating. VPD: Tony: Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent, TWSBI Eco, Olight S1R Nick: Stealth Review o...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 101–Make Gear Great Again

Nick and I discuss…well…things that make gear great.  We also discuss the mysterious Bloop and the unmysterious and boring act of hypothecating. VPD: Tony: Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent, TWSBI Eco, Olight S1R Nick: Stealth Review of Item X, Longines VHP...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 100–Watch You Talkin’ ‘Bout

VPD: Spyderco Knife Draft: Round 1 Nick: FRN Chap Tony: DF2 Round 2 Nick: Roadie Tony: Native Round 3 Nick: Delica Tony: Alcyon Round 4 Nick: Shaman Tony: Para2 Round 5 Nick: SpydieChef Tony: Sprig Adventure Sworn Classic Citizen Signature Diver Mens C...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 99–Knife Market Mayhem

In this episode Nick, new permanent cohost, and I discuss what could happen in the future as the knife market experiences some changes and speculate what could happen if a big company decided to get involved–$40 Amazon knife anyone? VPD: Nick: Benchmad...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 98–2017 GOTYs and SHOT 2018

This episode has two topics–our favorite gear of 2017 and SHOT 2018 previews.  Nick is again on the show. VPD: Nick: Olamic Swish, Vision Metal Pen, Omega watch Tony: Benchmade Proper, Surefire Titan Plus, TWSBI Eco GOTYs: Nick: Knife: Busker Pen: TiSc...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Episode 97: Jolly Old Saint Nick

VPD: Me: HDS Rotary 250, Emerson CQC10, TWSBI Eco Nick: Hinderer MP-1, Omega Aqua Terra Quartz, Vision Metal LP-S Grand Seiko 9F Case Back Vision Metal Design LP-5 Cold Steel Paradox My Give a Kit: CRKT Homefront CRKT Mossback Hunter Mystery Ranch Urba...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live 95–Why Not Cypop?

My guest for this episode was a long time goal interview–Lucas Burnley (site found here found here and IG found here). VPD: Me: Jarosz M75 and Torch Lab BOSS 35 Lucas: Burnley Peregrine Fixed Blade Annual Toys for Tots Cypop Current shows: TKI, Blade S...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 94: Where there is a Will…

Today’s guest is the great Will Hodges, the man behind some of the coolest EDC pens on the planet.  He is about to release the Gen 2 Movers and Shakers on Kickstarter and he came by to chat about obsessing over pen design. VPD: Will: Grimsmo Rask, JBB ...
Gear Geeks Live author

Gear Geeks Live Episode 93: A Visit from the MSM

Don’t hate me for chatting with the MSM.  As it turns out, they are pretty knowledgeable and fair in this case.  Actually, Doug Mahoney, while working for the New York Times-owned Wirecutter, is actually as non-MSM as it comes–working as a freelancer a...
Gear Geeks Live author