Fish On The Brain: a Fly Fishing Podcast

Fly fishing in great destinations with great guides, friends, and anglers. Then we bring the stories and adventures back here to the Fish On The Brain Podcast. We fish Saltwater and Fresh for everything from trout and carp to tarpon and redfish.

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A Fly Fishing podcast dedicated to traveling to fly fishing destinations and joining guides and anglers on saltwater or fresh to share stories and adventures with the fly fishing world. Enjoy
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73 - Back in Action with Some Christmas Cheer

Hey Guys, How about another FOTB episode!?  Done.  Its a hot mess but enjoy. Thanks, Tim
Tim Evans author

72 - Signing Off

Well Friends, its been fun.  This will be my last Fish on the Brain Podcast. Thanks for tuning in, I appreciate you all immensely.   The podcast may live on without me if someone decides to take up the torch.  However, for now this is adios friends. Ti...
Tim Evans author

71 - Illinois Smallmouth and Such

Hey guys, New episode talking about smallmouth fishing in Illinois as well as some new gear and future trips.   Go check out some Scientific Anglers as well.  Great stuff on the website.  Adios, Tim
Tim Evans author

70 - Wandering Blue Lines with Tyler Ray Hackett

Oh, so you like fish art.  Have you seen Tyler Ray Hackett?  Hes the man behind Wandering Blue Lines.  GO CHECK HIM OUT.  @wanderingbluelines on instagram.   Go find you some indicating line from Adios, Tim
Tim Evans author

69 - Western Wyo with Chris

Hey guys, New episode with my good friend Chris after a great day on the water. Don't forget to go check out Scientific Anglers lines.  Hit me up for any pointers. Adios, Tim 
Tim Evans author

68 - Nicks Iceland Trip

Nick Went to Iceland!!!! I got to sit down with him and chat about it.  We had a great time discussing his amazing trip to Iceland. Go check out Scientific Anglers and put your eyes on their Amplitude Fly Lines.  Muy Bueno. Adios, Tim
Tim Evans author

67 - Iceland Maybe

Bear yourself for some news friends.  Interesting chat about Iceland on this podcast.   Thanks Scientific Anglers for sponsoring this podcast.  Find them at Adios, Tim
Tim Evans author

66 - Tarpon with Greg Dini in the Panhandle of Florida

Tarpon Fishing is BACK!   I got to go join Greg Dini for a long weekend on the water.  Of course you guys get to join in with the podcast!  Thanks for tuning in.   Find Greg at Also check out Vedavoo Rod Quiver at https://v...
Tim Evans author

65 - Carp Fishing and Whatnot with Franklin

Just good ole clean fun this week with Franklin after some Carp Fishing.  First, go check out Vedavoo. Link below. Adios, Tim
Tim Evans author

64 - SW Wyoming with Gary Collins

I had the pleasure this week to sit down with Gary Collins and talk fishing for a bit.  Gary helps out with a few cool fund raising tournaments.  One is which benefits families with cancer and the second is wh...
Tim Evans author

63 - Spinner Bait Bill

Having a good ole chat with Spinner Bait Bill!  Check it out! Adios, Tim
Tim Evans author

62 - Dun Mag with Jen Ripple

Hey team, Who likes cool girls who fly fish?  I do and this episode has one.  Jen Ripple joined me for a great conversation.  Jen is the Editor in Chief of The Dun Magazine.  The Dun is a fly magazine created by women.  It creates a great unique perspe...
Tim Evans author

61 - Tom Morgan Rodsmiths with Joel Doub

Hey team, I got to sit with Joel Doub who is co-owner of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths.  I found the Tom Morgan process of building rods to be fascinating.  Give this one a listen.  Any fans of Tom Morgan Rodsmiths with appreciate it and if anyone hasn't, I bet...
Tim Evans author

60 - Panamania! A Great Trip to Panama Fishing

Hey Team, we just got back from a awesome trip to Boca Chica Panama.  We chased several species.  Some successful some not.  Also, some with traditional tackle and some with the fly rods.  A great adventure either way.  Check it out.   Thanks to Scient...
Tim Evans author

59 - Vedavoo with Scott Hunter

You guys want to bring jobs back to America?  Lets do it one great fly fishing bag at a time!  This podcast is with Scott Hunter who is making america great again one Fly Fishing bag at a time.  Go check him out at  I love what these g...
Tim Evans author

58 - Dave Mckenna and Douglas Outdoors

Hey guys, New episode featuring Dave Mckenna from Douglas outdoors.  We discuss everything from Honduras Permit to fly rod and reel design.  Enjoy. Check out Douglas outdoors at Adios, Tim
Tim Evans author

57 - GOT Fishing?? With Guests Brian Oakland and Patrick Kissel

Howdy, I got to sit down with a few guys from GOT Fishing in Utah a while back.  Brian Oakland, who runs the operation, and Patrick Kissel who you may know from a previous episode.  We had a great chat about everything from Chili Brown Trout to Alaska ...
Tim Evans author

56 - DrakeCast on the Brain - Collaboration with Elliott Adler

I joined Elliott Adler with the Drake Magazine's DrakeCast for a fun podcast discussing our individual journeys in fly fishing and podcasting.  Enjoy and check out the DrakeCast, link below.
Tim Evans and Elliot Adler author

55 - Honduras and Guanaja with Steve Brown and Kendell Witt

Episode 55 is up!  This great episode is with Steve and Kendall from Fly Fish Guanaja.  This is a island in Honduras and has some fantastic stories in it!!  Check it out and check these guys out. or .org Adi...
Tim Evans author

54 - Jeff Currier - Global Fly Fisher

Hey Guys, I got a chance to sit down with Jeff Currier, Global Fly Fisher.  Jeff is maybe the most interesting fly fisherman I've had on the show.  He has more than 385 fish that he has caught on a fly rod.  Mighty Impressive.  Great guy, we had a blas...

53 - Steelhead and Brookdoggers in Buffalo

Hey Guys, I got the chance to do some steelhead fishing around Buffalo New York last week, and had a happy run in with the boys from Brookdog Fishing Company while I was there.  They  joined me for a great podcast.  Please enjoy and check out Brookdog....
Tim Evans author

52 - Artist and Guide Ty Hallock

I got a chance to sit down with local Wyoming guide Ty Hallock about his time on the river and also his fly fishing themed artwork.  We had a great conversation and he's a great artist.  Check him out at the below locations. https://...
Tim Evans author

51 - BANFF Alberta

Hey Friends, Thanks for tuning in to another episode.  This is another solo episode because my fishing partner and I could not get on the same page.  Enjoy guys.  Thanks as always for tuning in.   Also go check out Jim Mclennon's book Trout Streams of ...
Tim Evans author

50 - Twin Float Trip

Another installment of the Fish on the Brain Podcast! I got a chance to take my brother out on my drift boat the other day and so we hit the ole record button and recorded a hour or so of our float.  Good times with my twin Bro! Adios, Tim
Tim Evans author

49 - Hangin out in DJ

Hey guys, New podcast uploaded.  This one is a bit of a different format.  I recorded this one solo about my meditations on fly fishing.  Enjoy.   Look the podcast up on instagram, facebook, and twitter.  Share us with your friends. Adios, Tim

48 - Mako Madness with Dave Trimble and On the Fly Charters

Mako Sharks on the Fly!!!! Oh yes, such a fun trip and podcast.  I ended up down in San Diego Fly Fishing for Mako Sharks in San Diego.  Enjoys this one guys, I did.   Check out Dave Trimble at Adios, Tim
Tim Evans author

47 - Florida Keys Shop Talk with Nathaniel Linville of The Angling Company

This episode was recorded while I and cousin Garth were down in the Florida Keys.  We stopped by to meet local shop owner Nathaniel Linville who owns and operates The Angling Company.  Great Conversation and Great Dude.  Enjoy! A...

46 - Devin Olsen - Team USA Fly Fishing

Devin Olsen from Team USA Fly Fishing joined me for this episode. He has earned his way onto the team USA roster for an amazing 11 years running.  Great guys and amazing angler.  Check out his blog and website below. R...

45 - Florid Keys Tarpon with Garth Ginder and a Host of Guides

Howdy Team, Hope all is well.  This podcast is straight out of the Florida Keys and recorded with my cousin Garth Ginder.  We had a great three days fishing own there with a few different guides.  Thoroughly enjoyed our time and recording this podcast....

44 - The Green River - Spinner Fall Guides Colby Crossland and Jeremy Rogers

Oh Boy, what an episode to bring you guys from Dutch John, UT with Colby Crossland and Jeremy Rogers, also from Provo River Guide Service.  A couple great guys that were happy to join me for some cocktails and a podcast.  I had a great time with these ...

43 - Tarpon Preparation Podcast

Hey salty crew, Here is an interesting episode for you guys.  This one is just me rolling solo.  I am preparing for a tarpon trip coming up and thought you all might enjoy joining me for the ride.  There is a journal entry on the website that matches p...

42 - Yellowdog with Bessie and Jess

Whats up guys?! Fun new episode with Bessie Bucholz and Jess McGlothlin.  They both work for Yellowdog up in Bozeman. Fantastic chat with them.  Please enjoy. Check out ...

41 - Abaco Lodge, Bahamas with Travis!

Hey guys, Great new show recorded from Abaco Lodge, Bahamas.  One of the guides down there Travis, joined me for a podcast after our day on the water.  We played the Bones and these guys were terrific!   Check out the website for new T-Shirts.  Also, g...

40 - Fly Line Talk with john Van Vleet from Scientific Anglers

New Podcast Time!  This is a show with John Van Vleet from Scientific Anglers.  Great guy that I got to know a lot better after a weekend in Bozeman Montana.  I also got a chance to ask John about all the questions I have had about fly lines!  Good Stu...

39 - Orem, UT and Eddie Robinson's Fly Shop

Hey guys, I got the chance to sit down with Eddie Robinson to discuss his fly shop, destination fly fishing and why we do it!  We also got to have a young lady, Lindi, who works at the shop, join us for the podcast. NEW SHIRTS f...

38 - Iceland Brown Trout Talk with Gunnar

Who wants to go to Iceland?  After this podcast probably everyone!  I got to sit down with Gunnar Petersen who is the director for Fish Partner in Iceland.  They run several varieties of guided trips all over Iceland.  Enjoy the show and go check out F...

37 - Bahamas and Abaco Island with Freddy

Podcast from Freddy's boat near Abaco Island in the Bahamas.  Had a great time at the lodge with these guys.  Go check them out.  It was the best bonefishing that I have ever done.   This podcast is brought to you by PostFly Box.  Check these guys out....

36 - Troutfitters Syracuse NY

Fun Podcast with Rick from Troutfitters Fly Shop in Syracuse, NY.  These guys are some awesome dudes rocking and rollin in ole Syracuse.  Check them out at This podcast is brought to you by our friends at Check...

35 - Baja Roosterfish with Mike Reiser, Frank Haines and TJ

Check out the new episode all about Roosterfish in Baja! Friend of mine Frank joined Mike Reiser with his friend TJ to chase some rooster and a handful of other species own in the Sea of Cortez.  Tons of great info.  Enjoy! Find Mike at www.bajaflyfish...

34 - Slovakian Fly Fisherman Peter Berik and the World Fly Fishing Competition

I met Peter Berik at the World Fly Fishing competition in Vail, Colorado.  He is a competitor, representing Slovakia.  We had a great time getting to know each other and recording this podcast.  Enjoy! Check us out at and all social ...

33 - Kenai River with Matt Lewellan and the Kenai River Cowboys

Hey all, This is a fun episode with a fellow Wyoming Guy, Matt Lewellan.  He now guides up on the Kenai Peninsula with the Kenai River Cowboys.  We had a great time on the river and a great conversation afterward.  Thanks Matt of all the fish and fun. ...

32 - Jarkko Captain of the Finnish World Fly Fishing Team

Hey guys, This is great episode that I recorded with Jarkko Suominen, captain of the Finnish Fly Fishing Team. He was a great guy to sit down and chat with.  A wealth of knowledge and a world class fisherman.  Enjoy the show.  You can check Jarkko on i...

31 - Mexico Talk with Melissa and Micky

Hey Guys, Great new podcast here with my sister Melissa and my brother Micky.  They headed off to Mexico and Ascension Bay to get a little rest, relaxation, and smashing bonefish.  Enjoy the show guys and please go rate and review us on iTunes! Adios, ...

30 - Derek Deyoung the Fish Artist!

Hey Guys, I had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know Derek Deyoung.  Derek is an amazing artist who has a passion for painting fish from a very unique perspective.  We discuss this perspective in depth on this latest podcast.  Enjoy it guys...

29 - South Africans Might Be My Favorite

Wow, This may have been the most fun podcast I have recorded.  I nailed down two of the South African Fly Fishing Team at the World Championship of Fly Fishing when I was in Vail, CO a month ago.  Nick Van Rensburg and Christiaan Pretorius joined me fo...

28 - Alaska Troutfitters with Billy Coulliette and Patrick Kissel

Hey Guys and Gals, You may remember a few weeks ago I released a podcast that I did with Patrick Kissel with Alaska Troutfitters.  Patrick Joined me again to sit down with Bill Coulliette, who runs the Troutfitters with his partner in crime Dusty Byrd....

27 - World Championship of Fly Fishing - Ben Metcalf

Friends, I just returned from the 36th World Championship of Fly Fishing in Vail Colorado.  Not only were 25 countries represented, but the best anglers from the fly fishing world were present.  Additionally, these were some of the most awesome people ...

26 - Alaska #1, with Patrick Kissel of AK Troutfitters on the Kenai

Whats up guys, Recording from AK Troutfitters in Cooper's Landing, ALASKA.  We had the pleasure of fishing with Patrick Kissel on both the Russian River and the Kenai river.  Awesome time and great way to start our Alaska fishing adventure.   We got in...

25 - Mousin, Because Why Not!

Yes, why would you try to fish for trout with mouse patterns!  Fun episode with some good friends.  Enjoy! Don't forget to check out for some stickers and bandanas.  Adios, Tim

24 - Pennsylvania Wild Browns and Sweet Buttery Riffles

Hey Guys, Thanks for joining for another great adventure.  I found myself in central Pennsylvania and met a new friend Nick Meloy.  He took me out and showed me the ropes around good ole PA.  Thanks much to Nick for taking me out and joining the podcas...