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Adventure banter, training tips and tales of physical trials and endless trails with endurance athletes, adventurers and elite fitness coaches. The hosts are Kris King and Will Roberts. Kris is Race Director for the Beyond the Ultimate ultra race series and Will is a proudly bald blogger, photographer and ultra-runner.

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Adventure banter and tales of trails and trails with endurance athletes, adventurers and elite fitness coaches about... well... everything endurance. Kris is Race Director for the Beyond the Ultimate ultra race series and Will is a proudly bald blogger, videographer and ultra-runner.
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15.09.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E22. Running for Rangers - with Save the Rhino CEO Cathy Dean

Cathy Dean has been Save the Rhino International's CEO since October 2001. She is in charge of the charity, and also a member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission (IUCN SSC) African Rhino Specialist Grou...
Beyond the Ultimate author
1.09.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E21. Competing vs Completing - Ice Ultra/Cold Race Edition

So, you've signed up for an ultra-marathon/multi-stage race somewhere seriously cold. You fancy your chances at tickling that top ten. But what should you expect out there? How do you prepare to take on the top-runners out in the ice and snow? Will Bal...
Beyond the Ultimate author
18.08.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E20. 1,742,927 Steps, Breaking the JOGLE World Record with Sharon Gayter

Back in 1994, Sharon Gayter won gold in the National Championships for 100km and 24hr racing and her achievements have gotten steadily more epic from there.  This athlete's career has included world records for the furthest distance run on a treadmill ...
Beyond the Ultimate author
11.08.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E19. Great British adventures, beating an FKT and Ren and Stimpy with Adam Kimble

Adam Kimble makes his second appearance on Everything Endurance shortly after joining the Beyond the Ultimate team as a Race Director! Kris and Will chat to Adam about his Great British Adventure in which he and Kris ran John O'Groats to Lands End with...
Beyond the Ultimate author
5.08.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png


A raw recording of a Q&A about the For Rangers Ultra in London, 3rd August.
4.08.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E18. Running for Rangers - The For Rangers Ultra Pt.1

This time last year, our team were in Kenya for the first, epic For Rangers Ultra.  This 220km, 5-stage race, crosses open wildlife reserves in the home of long-distance running. The race was put together by ourselves, Save the Rhino and For Rangers, a...
28.07.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E17. Running the wainwrights with Paul Tierney

On June 20th, Inov8 Athlete, Paul Tierney completed an astonishing feat in 6 days, 6 hours and 5 minutes. Paul took the record for the fastest time to complete all 214 of Alfred Wairight's Lake District Peaks in one go. Paul, a former police office...
Beyond the Ultimate author
21.07.2019 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E16. Running Self-Sufficient Ultras - Jungle Edition

Whether you've already signed up for a self-sufficient ultra race or you're just curious about what it takes to drag yourself through one, we have the podcast for you. What do you pack?  What will you eat?  How do you prepare your feet for five days of...
28.03.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

Ep 15. Snakes, Spiders and a World Record Climb of Kili with Kristina Madsen

Kristina Schou Madsen hasn't been ultra-running for very long but has progressed at amazing speed (no pun intended).  Alongside representing Denmark as a Trail Runner, Kristina was first female at the Beyond the Ultimate Jungle Ultra in 2016.  On the 2...
5.01.2018 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E14. What makes an elite athlete? Mo Farah, Jess Ennis-Hill and Derbyshire Tea with Dr Al Ruddock

Dr Al Ruddock is a physiologist at Sheffield Hallam University with a wealth of experience in sport science. He has worked with a range of individual athletes and teams from FIFA World Cup referee Howard Webb to the Commonwealth games medal winning Eng...
Beyond the Ultimate author
29.09.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E13. The Spine, the UTMB and Kris' new toys - Season 2 launch with Damian Hall

Season Two begins with a great guest (not that they aren't all great)!Damian Hall has been a sports journalist with a passion for the outdoors for over 15 years.  Back in 2011, he ran his first half-marathon and something clicked.  Skip on to 2017 and ...
14.07.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E12. Firsts, Furthests, Fastests and Beard Envy with World's Longest Triathlon record holder Sean Conway

Sean Conway is an endurance adventurer, author and motivational speaker.  He is also the owner of arguably the greatest beard in Britain. He was the first person to cycle, swim, and run the length of Great Britain, from Land's End to John o'Groats.  In...
26.06.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E11. Climbing to the top of the world and leaving it a better place with Jeff Smith of bigmoose.co

Jeff Smith is an adventurer, former professional Ice Hockey player and all round lovely bloke.  He is also the founder of bigmoose.co.  Oh, and he recently climbed Everest. The idea for bigmoose was born out of a very sad event in Jeff's life, the deat...
2.06.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E10. 60 days alone in the wilderness and 60 days across America with Adam Kimble

Adam Kimble ran his first 5km race in 2009 which resulted in a second place in his age group, some painful cramps and the beginning of a life of running based adventure! Since then he has progressed quickly.  Among others his race CV includes coming th...
24.05.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E9. Running the length of Europe Barefoot; Facing Fear and doing the Stupid with Aleks Kashefi

After running LEJOG, barefoot and unsupported, Aleks made a choice.  To pick a life with a backpack and some sandals and a spirit of adventure over a secure life with a good income.  With that in mind he left the UK in August 2016 to run from the north...
19.05.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E8. Surviving Races in Extreme Places with Brett Rocos of Exile Medics

Brett kickstarted Exile Medics back in 2009 as a way to travel the world as a doctor. Starting in Brazil as a race doctor in the Amazon rain forest, his experience now covers every type of environment and terrain all over the world. Exile Medics takes ...
10.05.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E7. 7 Years and 40k miles later... cycling the Earth with Leigh Timmis

On the 14th of June 2010 Leigh Timmis left Derby, UK.  This was the beginning of a circumnavigation of the world he thought would take around 3 years.  In late April 2017, after 7 years in which he covered more than 40000 miles, he came home. Will chat...
25.04.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E6. Reluctant jogger to ultra-runner with @Baldlygo

At the beginning of 2016 you could accurately have described Will as an overweight punk rock guitarist, a real ale enthusiast, and a kebab aficionado.  Very occasionally you could have thrown in 'reluctant jogger'.   Over the following year he dropped ...
14.04.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E5. Over-training, Recovery and Torture with Physiologist Al Ruddock

Al Ruddock is a physiologist at Sheffield Hallam University with a wealth of experience in sport science. He has has worked with a range of individual athletes and teams from FIFA World Cup referee Howard Webb to the Commonwealth games medal winning En...
7.04.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

Bonus Episode - A Day in the Life - The British Ultrafest 24hr Running Championship

On the first weekend in April there was a very special event in Crawley. On the 400m athletics track at the K2 Leisure Centre, the Freedom Leisure British Ultrafest 24hr Running Championships took place.  A field of 30 runners competed in an event wher...
27.03.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E4. A lap of mainland Britain on foot and a lot of cake with Elise Downing!

In this episode Kris and Will get to chat to somebody totally inspirational.  Elise Downing wasn't an elite athlete or even a regular runner when she decided to set off alone and run all the way around England, Wales and Scotland! Along the way she met...
22.03.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

Bonus Episode - Baldlygo's Top Ten Tips for surviving the Ice Ultra

Beyond the Ultimate's resident media guy and Everything Endurance co-host, Will (aka @baldlygo), recently completed the Ice Ultra in Swedish Lapland. After making his way through 230km of Europe's last remaining wilderness we thought it might be a good...
17.03.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E3. The Marvelous Multiple World and Course Record breaker, Mimi Anderson

In this episode Kris and Will get to chat to one of Will's heros.  The absolutely marvelous Mimi Anderson! Mimi is a multiple Guinness World Record holder, multiple course record holder and has appeared at Beyond the Ultimate events all over the world....
3.03.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E2. The art of running, efficiency and tensegrity with Shane Benzie of Running Reborn

Shane Benzie of Running Reborn is a Running technique coach and movement specialist.  Think of him as the Indiana Jones of the coaching world, scouring the Earth looking for treasures of lost athletic lore.  He has scientifically studied the art of run...
2.02.2017 http://static.libsyn.com/p/assets/d/2/b/7/d2b72af094961a5d/Podcast_Square.png

E1. Training Tips and 24hr Running with ultra-runner and elite coach, Robbie Britton

In his first few years of running, Robbie went from his first marathon to competing for Great Britain in the 24hr Running Championships and finishing 3rd in the World. He is currently living and training in Chamonix, France where he also hosts running ...