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Equestrian Legends is an online radio show (podcast) that celebrates the lives of men and women from different disciplines who have shaped the horse world in their chosen fields and, by popular acclaim, have become a legend in their own lifetime.

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Celebrating the lives of Equestrian Legends in their own voice.
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Equestrian Legends Episode 30 – Coachman David Saunders

David Saunders, held the title of head coachman to The Duke of Edinburgh, Royal Mews, Windsor Castle, England and was with Prince Philip from the inception of combined driving. As a member of the Royal Mews he spent 20 years working for the royal famil...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 29 – Driver Gloria Austin

In the world of carriage driving and carriage collecting and in the world of horses, Gloria Austin is considered one of its "Grande Dames". She rose to that distinction by hard work, dedication and a vision of that has helped better the world's underst...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 28 by Pessoa – Polo Legend Sunny Hale

Sunny Hale is a true pioneer in the world of women's polo, following in her mothers footsteps and taking the sport to places her mother could only dream of. Sunny Hale has truly transformed polo on and off the field. Sunny was the first woman in U.S. H...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 27 by Pessoa – Barrel Racing Pioneer Mildred Farris

Mildred Farris is a pioneer and legend throughout the sport of rodeo. As a competitor, Farris was Texas Barrel Racing Association’s champion barrel racer from 1955-1957, she earned a qualification twelve times to the National Finals Rodeo and in 1968 s...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 26 by Pessoa Saddles – Morgan Legend Clare Simpson

Clare Simpson has become a legend in the Morgan world in a relatively short period of time. We take a look at Clare's fascinating life from growing up on a farm in rural Kansas during WWII to 40 years in the TV and entertainment business to National, ...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 25 by Pessoa Saddles – Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts, known as the “Man Who Listens to Horses” has led an extraordinary life. An award-winning trainer of championship horses, best-selling author, Hollywood stunt man, foster dad to 47 children (in addition to three of his own) and creator of...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 24 by Pessoa Saddles – Driver Mickie Bowen

Mickey Bowen has lived her life in the saddle and on the box driving and breeding Welsh ponies single, pair, tandem and four-in-hand. Mickie was a founding member of the American Driving Society and and served on its board of directors for its first t...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 23 by Pessoa Saddles – Show Jumper Hans Guenter Winkler

German show jumper Hans Guenter Winkler was one of the most successful riders in Olympic history with five gold, one silver and one bronze medal. In addition to five European Championship medals he was German National Champion for five years in a caree...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 22 by Pessoa Saddles – Ellie Wood Keith Baxter

Ellie Wood Page Keith Baxter is a classic Virginia horsewoman who became a prolific show hunter rider partnering numerous champions across the northwest. In 1936 she won the coveted ASPCA MacLay Trophy and on four occasions captured the Piedmont Hunt I...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 21 by Pessoa Saddles – New Zealander Jennifer Millar

New Zealander Jennifer Millar has devoted her life to officiating in equestrian sport from Team Trainer to Chef de Equipe, course designer, steward and technical delegate for numerous events around the world. Jennifer served as President, Vice Presiden...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 20 by Pessoa Saddles – Show Jumper David Broome

Britain's David Broome was a show jumping icon and prolific winner on many different horses from the '60's through the '90's. He rode in four Olympic Games, was twice European champion in 1967 and '69 and won four World Championship medals. Listen in.....
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 19 by Pessoa Saddles – Show Jumper Nelson Pessoa

Brazilian Nelson Pessoa is one of the most revered and respected show jumpers in any era. He rode in five Olympic Games and nine World Championships. His first Olympic start was in Stockholm 1956, when he was just 21 years old. Other career highlights...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 18 – Art Uytendaal

Art Uytendaal is a Dutch born Australian Show Jumper from a large family of horsemen and women - his mother gave birth to 21 children. Art became a pioneer for bringing European training methods to Australian riders. He produced countless horses for ju...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 17 – Eventer Richard Meade

Richard Meade OBE was a British event rider who won individual and team gold medals in the1972 Munich Olympic Games on Laurieston and team gold medal in the 1968 Mexico Olympics on Cornishman V. He also finished 4th on Jacob Jones in the 1976 Montreal ...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 16 – Betty Ann Lester

Betty Ann Gilbert Lester is an all-round horsewoman who has succeeded in several equestrian disciplines and regarded with reverence by the equestrian community where she has spent her life in Pennsylvania. Growing up against the background of WWII she ...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 15 – Dawn Palethorpe-Wofford

Dawn Palethorpe-Wofford is a British show jumper, Pony Club executive and author. She represented Great Britain on several winning Nations Cup teams, was selected for the 1956 Stockholm Olympics where she met here husband Warren Wofford and the 1960 Ro...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 14 – Max Ammann

Max was the co-founder and first President of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists in 1974. He has also served as President of the Swiss press Association and was awarded a Gold Medal for World Cup Jumping, Equestrian personality of th...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 13 – Endurance Rider Julie Suhr

Californian Julie Suhr has broken records in Endurance competitions and milestones in horseback adventures around the globe. With a recorded 30,282 miles in competition which represents 63 one hundred mile rides and almost 500 fifty mile rides, Julie l...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 12 – Olympic Eventer Mike Page

Michael Owen Page is an Olympic event rider who won multiple medals for the USA during the '60's. His international career included three Olympic Games (Rome, Tokyo and Mexico) and three Pan American Games (Chicago, Sao Paolo and Winnipeg). At the 19...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 11 – Show Jumper Harry de Leyer

Harry de Leyer is best known for his international show jumping career with Snowman, the former plough horse saved from slaughter who became The Cinderella Horse. His career as a show jumper and training is also associated with a string of successful h...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 10 – Show Jumper Colonel John Russell

Colonel John Russell is a decorated army officer who served on the U.S. show jumping team as an officer and a civilian winning numerous international accolades and Nations Cup titles in addition to Olympic honors. His contribution to the development of...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 9 – Horsewoman Edith Conyers

Edith Conyers has spent her life devoted to the prosperity and future of horses and the countryside of Kentucky. She has followed hounds with more than 60 packs across America and overseas, some of which as Joint Master of the Iroquois Hounds in Kentuc...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 8 – Eventer & Show Jumper Anneli Drummond Hay

Anneli Drummond Hay was born of Scottish aristocracy and devoted her childhood to ponies before finding her way into eventing and show jumping. She has become recognized as one of the greatest horsewomen in the world. Her legendary partnership with Mer...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 7 – Raimondo D’Inzeo

Italian show jumping icon Major Raimondo D'Inzeo is the younger brother of Piero D'Inzeo and son of renown horseman Constanzo D'Inzeo who taught his sons to ride in the style devised by Captain Federio Caprilli. Raimondo's illustrious career spanned f...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 6 – Sheila Willcox

Britain's Sheila Willcox was a pioneer in the sport of eventing in the 1950's as the first woman to achieve international success making way for women to be included in the Olympic Games. She holds the record at Badminton Horse Trials for three consecu...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 5 – Jumper Piero D’Inzeo

Colonel Piero D’Inzeo is the oldest of two brothers who became national heroes in the sport of show jumping spannning four decades that bridged World War II. His classical style of forward riding and technical horsemanship was admired around the world ...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 4 – Show Jumper and Jockey Kathy Kusner

Kathy Kusner was a regular member of the United States Show Jumping Team and a successful racing jockey in the 50's, 60's and 70's. She became an all-round aviator, a globetrotting scuba-diver and consistently successful marathon runner into her '70's....
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 3 – Dressage Legend Kay Meredith

Kay Meredith is considered a doyen of American dressage, a founding member of the U.S. Dressage Federation she is a past President and Vice President. Recognized with Lifetime Achievement and Horsewoman of the Year Awards, Kay has been national champio...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 2 – Eventer Major General Jack Burton

Maj. Gen. Jonathan R. (Jack) Burton has graced equestrian sport all his life from boyhood and throughout a distinguished military career to the present day in many roles: as an Olympian, Coach, Chef d’Mission; Dressage, Jumper, and Combined Training Ju...
Horse Radio Network author

Equestrian Legends Episode 1 – Show Jumper William Steinkraus

Equestrian Legends opens with an icon of show jumping, Bill Steinkraus, whose sporting career is matched by his influence as a coach and horseman, and further still there is another dimension to this distinguished life that extends his influence and in...
Horse Radio Network author