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The Driving Radio Show is an online radio show (podcast) dedicated to the thrill of carriage driving. Wendy and Glenn take an entertaining look at it all from competitive driving to the pastime of recreational driving. Join us every week as we harness up to have fun and learn a little something along the way.

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The premier radio show dedicated to carriage driving.
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What to Wear, Latest from ADS, Foal Diarrhea and Driving Cones for June 6, 2019

Driving Episode:  We chat with American Driving Society President and Dartmoor pony driver Dan Rosenthal, on Carriages 101, Kathleen Haak helps us get ready for the pleasure show season, our TCVM topic is about foal diarrhea and Keady Cadwell helps us ...
Horse Radio Network author

Wheelchair Accessible Carts, Carriage Wheels, Laminitis and Pleasure Classes for May 2, 2019

Simon Mulholland from Ponyaxes tells us all about his all terrain wheelchair accessible carriages, Kathleen Haak covers wheels on Carriages 101, Keady Cadwell helps us get ready for a pleasure driving show and on the TCVM segment, TCVM Elaine Lockhead ...
Horse Radio Network author

CBD Oil for Horses, Picking a Carriage, Fitting a Harness, Greyhound Adoptions and the New Owner of Black Prong for April 4, 2019

We chat with Scott Compton with Gold Coast Greyhound adoptions, Reid Nagel, the proud new owner of Black Prong Equestrian Center, Keady Cadwell shares her Tremont Training Tip and on the TCVM segment, Rodger McFarland from Green Flower Botanicals answe...
Horse Radio Network author

Irish Jaunting Car, Chester Weber, Bram Chardon, Arthritis and Auctioning Black Prong for Mar. 7, 2019

Its Live Oak Time! Chester Weber joins us to preview the excitement this weekend.  Plus, we chat with World Cup Champion Bram Chardon, Alan Aulson showcases the Black Prong Equestrian Center Auction and Kathleen Haak covers Irish Carts on Carriages 101...
Horse Radio Network author

Physics of Modern Carriage Driving, Driving Bits 101, Horse Behavior and Sleigh Jousting for Feb. 7, 2019

Kent Brownridge explains the physics of modern carriage driving, Keady Cadwell shares her knowledge of driving bits, and Dr Wendy talks about Horse Behavior. Plus, On Carriages 101, Kathleen Haak covers Bob Sleighs & Ring Jousting and Barry Dickins...
Horse Radio Network author

All About Trends, Trends in Driving, Training, Fashion and Podcasts and the Goulash Cannon for Jan. 3, 2019

In our first Driving Episode of 2019 we are talking about trends...trends in driving, training, fashion and podcasts. Katie Whaley of "Hats by Katie" talks about hats and fashion, Keady Cadwell fills us in on the new 2019 combined driving rules, Kathee...
Horse Radio Network author

Sleighs 101, a Champion Named Scooter, Evolution of the Horse and the Carriage Murders for Dec. 6, 2018

We chat with author, Nancy Gaultier about her latest murder mystery novel set in the carriage driving community, Dwayne Pash tells us about his big win at the American Driving Society's Intermediate Championship with his horse Scooter, and we preview t...
Horse Radio Network author

Special Preview of 4th Annual Holiday Radiothon by Weatherbeeta

A special preview of the 4th Annual 12 Hour Live Holiday Radiothon by Weatherbeeta on Nov. 26th with over 20 hosts, 20 guests and over $4,000 in prizes. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

Driving Goats, Skijoring with Dogs, Cooking for Dogs and Turmeric for 11-01-2018

Dr. Wendy is teaching this week so we picked out a few segments from the past that we think you will enjoy and most of you have not heard. We are going to start out with a couple of unusual interviews for you - the first is from Team Snazzy Goat who jo...
Horse Radio Network author

Martin’s Auction, WEG, Driving Tandem in England, Dog Carts and EIA and Dr. Coggins for 10-04-2018

British Pony Tandem driver Jeffery Ormond, Karen Martin previews the Martins Fall Carriage Auction, Keady Cadwell shares her Tremont Training Tip, Kathleen Haak explains the dog cart and on the TCVM segment, Dr. Oscar Fletcher covers everything you nee...
Horse Radio Network author

WEG Special 09-22-18 – Driving Marathon

Enjoy this 2018 Show episode where Glenn and Wendy cover the exciting Driving Marathon and Wendy recounts how she ended up on NBC TV!  Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

WEG Special – Driving Dressage Plus Para, Vaulting and USA Gold in Jumping

Enjoy this 2018 Show episode where Chester Weber, Misdee Wrigley Miller and, Jimmy Fairclough all offer their thoughts on today's Dressage phase and the upcoming Marathon.  Ann Glavan and Erin Gilmore stop by to help us with the recap USA's Team Jumpin...
Horse Radio Network author

Driving: Ellanor and Kabam, Buggies 101, Tendon Issues, Driving with Help and a Look at WEG for 09-06-2018

Driving episode with a driving pony turned dressage champ, CAA Carriage 101 looks at buggies, Tremont Training Tip is on the importance of help in the carriage, the TCVM segment looks at tendon injuries, Sonja Scharf of Hoefnet highlights the European ...
Horse Radio Network author

Cones Exercises, TCVM Dr. Cheryl Schwartz, Villa Louis Carriage Classic and Team USA Para Driver Tracy Bowman

Driving Episode:  Keady's training tip on driving rounder circles and straighter lines with the help of cones exercises and the TCVM segment brings us Dr. Cheryl Schwartz , the author of 4 Paws, 5 Directions, the text book of 5 element theory for anima...
Horse Radio Network author

Driving in a Group, Safety Vests, Carriage Classic, Non-Sweating and Meadowbrooks 101

Driving Episode:  This month's training tip is learning to drive in a group, the ADS segment is on driving vests and the results of Brandywine Valley Driving Camp and Katie Whaley tells us all about the Lexington Carriage Classic and driving tandem.  P...
Horse Radio Network author

Food Therapy, Goals, Standing Still, Florida Whips and Navigator Training for 06-07-2018

The first Driving Episode of HITM with Dr. Wendy and Glenn.  The training tip with Keady Cadwell of Tremont Farm covers setting goals and standing still, we learn about the Florida Whips, learning to navigate and Abbey from the American Driving Society...
Horse Radio Network author

#318 – Driving Radio Show is Moving

A big announcement today...the Driving Radio Show is moving!   Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

#317 – Tryon Test Event and New Therapies for Chronic Disease

Misdee Wrigley Miller tells us all about the WEG Test Event at Tryon Equestrian Center and Prisca Boris tells us about Bemer therapy, which stimulates the micro-circulation to relieve pain. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

#316 by Purina Animal Health – Live Oak Singles Champ Jacob Arnold, Trauma Void EQ3 Helmet

Jacob Arnold joins us after his win of the FEI Single Horse Division at Live Oak International and we take a look at the brand new helmet technology in the Trauma Void EQ3 Helmet.  Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

Special: Lyme in People and Horses, the Latest – #315 by Purina Animal Health

Special Lyme Disease Episode.  Lyme affects horse people more than most groups, people and horses.  Wendy and Glenn speak with Dorothy Leland of LymeDisease.org about what the status of the disease is today and have we seen any improvements in diagnosi...
Horse Radio Network author

#314 by Purina Mills – Southern Pines CDE and Singles Driver Leslie Berndl

Ann Pringle joins us to give us a preview of the Southern Pines CDE and USEF National Singles Championship and Leslie Berndl tells us about her horse Parker and his trip around Live Oak this weekend. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

#313 by Purina Mills – Chester Weber Previews Live Oak International and Saving the Starving Pony

Chester Weber joins us to give us a preview of Live Oak International and Dr. Wendy shares how to feed the starving pony back to health. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

#312 by Purina Mills – Katie Whaley’s Super Pony Tommy and Extreme Dog Sledding

We congratulate Katie Whaley, world-class haberdasher and pony driver, on her USEF Horse of the Year awards in pleasure and combined driving. Igor Tracz shares his extreme dog sledding adventures on both snow and dry land. Plus, Glenn tells us all abou...
Horse Radio Network author

#311 by Purina Mills – Bram Chardon Wins World Cup, Pegasus Award Winner Gareth Selwood, Dental Care with Dr. Wendy

Bram Chardon fills us in on his World Cup Victory. Gareth Selwood receives the USEF Bill Robinson Pegasus Medal of Honor. Plus, Dr. Wendy talks about Dental Care. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

#310 – Adorable Driving Animals, Goats and Fjords, Nature Coast CDE – by Purina Mills

Mika Ingerman from Team Snazzy Goat joins us to give us an update about her Cashmere pair Harry and David, Fiona Delfino recaps Nature Coast CDE at Black Prong. Plus, Dr. Wendy talks about Food Therapy for Cold. This episode brought you by Purina Mills...
Horse Radio Network author

#309 – 2017 Annual All Hosts Holiday Roundup

The 2017 Annual All Hosts Holiday Roundup with hosts from the Horse Radio Network discussing favorite horse breeds, dog breeds, interviews, TV Shows, movies and more.  Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

#308 – The Horse Driver Blog and Tack Talk

Janie Amdal from HorseDriver.com talks tack fit and answer listener questions on tack and harness. Plus, Wendy and Glenn give a year-end update on the Driving Radio Show. Listen in… Driving Radio Show Episode 308 – Show Notes and Links:  Link for the v...
Horse Radio Network author

#307 – Ann Pringle’s 2017 Review, Barry’s Bells and Nutrition

We get a year-end wrap up from Ann Pringle from the Driving Digest, we revisit Barry Dickinson's popular appearance on sleigh bells and Wendy talks Nutrition.  Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

#306 – USEF National Championships Update and Robert Longstaff’s Xmas Memories

Danielle Aamodt, director of driving at the USEF, fills us in on the national championships and Horse of the Year awards from prelim through Advanced. Plus, Robert Longstaff, former coachman for the late, great Frolic Weymouth shares his Christmas memo...
Horse Radio Network author

#305 – Trailing of the Sheep, New North American Championships, Thrush Treatment

Laura Drake from Trailing of the Sheep Festival joins us to tell us about all of the fun.  Plus Marc Johnson from the ADS Combined Driving Committee will tell us about the new Preliminary and Intermediate North Americah Championships and we discuss thr...
Horse Radio Network author

Special Preview of 3rd Annual Holiday Radiothon by Weatherbeeta

Wendy and Glenn give you a preview of the 3rd Annual Holiday Radiothon by Weatherbeeta on Nov. 27th with over 20 hosts, 30 guests and $4,000 in prizes.  Listen in…
Horse Radio Network author

#304 – Mary Ruth Marks and Dr. Andrews, DVM – COPD Study

Mary Ruth Marks, breeder, trainer and driver of Welsh/Arabs sporthorses shares her horses' journey from foals to an FEI 4 in hand team. Plus, research Veterinarian, Dr. Frank Andrews talks about his current study about heaves and how you and your horse...
Horse Radio Network author

#303 – Nifty Hamilton USEF Single Horse Champion and Wiebe Dragstra’s Arabo Fresians

Nifty Hamilton, the new USEF Single Horse Combined Driving Champion joins us to share the excitement of her win with Makari Design. Plus, Wiebe Dragstra fills us in on his FEI debute with the Arabo Friesians. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

Special Episode – International Podcast Day September 30, 2017

  International Podcast Day Promo with Jemmy and Glenn.  We need your help to get the word out about your favorite shows on International Podcast Day on September 28th, 2017.   Help spread the word about the programming you love!  Listen in… Stable Sco...
Horse Radio Network author

Gloria Austin on Selling Collection, Borax 20 Mule Hitch and Heather Walker on Changes – #302

Gloria Austin explains why she is selling her carriage collection, Dave Engel on making the replica wagons for the Borax 20 Mule Hitch and Heather Walker on the changes with the ADS and US Equestrian. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

301 – WEG Driving Preview with Ellen Ettenger and Toe Grips

Ellen Ettenger, Combined Driving Discipline Manager for the World Equestrian Games, fills us in on all the preparations being made at Tryon for 2018.   Plus, Dr. Buzby from the Buzby Dog Podcast talks Toe Grips for your sliding pups. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

300 – Villa Louis Carriage Classic and Trainer Barry Hook

Michael Rider from the Villa Louis Carriage Classic gives us a preview of the 2017 show and Trainer Barry Hook fills us in on his breaking and training adventures. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

299 – Pony World Championships, the US Equestrian USEF Director of Driving and Summer Sores

Miranda Cadwell joins us to talk about her trip to the Pony World Championships and we meet the new USEF Director of Driving, Danielle Aamodt.  Plus, Dr. Wendy discusses Summer Sores and their treatment.  Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

298 – Prince Philip and Old Dog Eye Problems

Misdee Miller fills us in on the excitement of the Royal Windsor Horse Show and her interview with HRH Prince Philip,veterinary opthalmologist Carmen Colitz helps Glenn's dog Glory with her eye disease.  Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

297 – Coaching at Devon, Summer Sores and Sweet Itch

Desiree Herman of Prospect Farm in Sarasota recaps her first Devon Coaching weekend, we rally behind Aussie carriage drivers from Melbourne Horse Drawn Carriages who is fighting the antis and Dr. Wendy has another creepy parasite story for us. Listen i...
Horse Radio Network author

296 – The Early Life and Times of Dr. Wendy

Glenn goes one on one with Dr. Wendy Ying. Learn about the early days of Dr. Wendy and it includes Chinese Princesses, escapes from communism, a genius dad, lots of horses and one sexy mermaid. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

295 – Martin’s Auction Review, Koos De Ronde from Windsor and Turmeric Life

Charlie Poppe joins us for the Martin's Auction Report, 4 in hand driver Koos De Ronde tells us about his training facility near Amsterdam and has a report from the royal Windsor horse show and Dr. Wendy & Dr. Doug English from Turmeric Life discus...
Horse Radio Network author

294 – GMHA and the Amazing Dr. Coggins

Karey Waters and Walter Bradeen from GMHA join us to tell us about their fantastic horse park in VT, and Wendy's Dean Fletcher from NCSU reminisces about Dr. Coggins and updates us on Equine Infectious Anemia. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

293 – Southern Drive, Beginner Clinics and Vaccine Induced Lyme Disease

Francine Arrington gives us a preview of the Southern Drive at Grand Oaks, Green Mountain Draft Horse Association beginner driving clinics and Aeron Mack explains Vaccine Induced Lyme Disease in Horses. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

292- Tristan Aldredge Creative Hitches, Jolt of Fire Finds His Way Home, Tendons and Stifles

This week Coach Jenn joins Wendy for a chat with Ronda Galco about her horse Jolt Of Fire finding his way back home, coachman Tristan Aldredge shares how he puts together some creative hitches and other adventures at The Grand Oaks. The Chinese Update...
Horse Radio Network author

291 – Homemade Cinderella, Anvil Academy and Paul Maye Does Live Oak

Robin Donahe fills us in on the Carriage Operators of North America Annual Meeting, Rob Lewis is helping kids with the Anvil Academy and Paul Maye tell us about his Live Oak Experience. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

290 – Alberta Wagon Train Adventures and Equo

Join the Alberta Wagon Train Adventures and drive your own covered wagon in Canada, get your horse a ride with the Equo and Dr. Wendy tells us all about the benefits of Forsythia. Listen in..
Horse Radio Network author

289 – Southern Oregon Horse and Carriage Club and Relieving Show Stress

Michael Wakefield speaks about driving with the Southern Oregon Horse and Carriage Club, CAA Evaluations and the stagecoach for the Wells Fargo Bank. Plus, Dr. Wendy speaks about what you can do to have calmer horses at shows. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

288- Chuckwagons, NW Carriage Museum and EPM After the Drugs

An update on the NW Carriage Museum and we learn all about Chuck Wagons with the American Chuckwagon Association. Plus, the Chinese Medicine Update on EPM after the drugs. Listen in...
Horse Radio Network author

287 – USEF Award Winners Stefanie Putnam, Kelly Valdez and WEG Selection

We welcome back Stefanie Putnam to congratulate her on winning the Becky Hart Trophy and Kelly Valdez for winning the Pagasus Medal of Honor. Plus, Heather Walker of the USEF Driving Sport Committee discusses the status of competitive driving in the U...
Horse Radio Network author