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iCubeSat 2012 A.1.P Technology – System Issues for Interplanetary CubeSat Missions – Q&A – Panel

iCubeSat 2012 A.1.P – Technology – System Issues for Interplanetary CubeSat Missions – Q&A – Panel iCubeSat.org.2012.a.1.P.Audio.128kbps.Panel
iCubeSat.org author

iCubeSat 2012 A.1.5 Understanding Technology S-Curve’s in The Exploration of The Solar System – Sean Murphy

Great Things Come in Small Packages. By changing the paradigm with the emphasis on alternate mission concepts for existing capabilities and on innovative mission concepts for new capabilities that are enabled by small spacecraft, hosted payloads, and/o...
iCubeSat.org author

iCubeSat 2012.A.1.4 A Cost Estimating Methodology for Very Small Satellites – Mary Boghosian

This presentation summarizes an internal research and development effort at The Aerospace Corporation (Aerospace) to create a methodology for estimating the cost of very small satellites, including picosats and CubeSats. Costing methodologies for picos...
iCubeSat.org author

iCubeSat 2012 A.1.3 Interplanetary CubeSat System Design Challenges and Architectures – Austin Williams

The desire to utilize low cost, quick turn around CubeSats for interplanetary missions is an exciting challenge. There are three fundamental constraints to the system design that a long duration, interplanetary mission imposes: Power Generation, Volume...
iCubeSat.org author

iCubeSat 2012 A.1.2 Identification and Evaluation of iCubeSat Mission Architectures – Mathew Zwack

Since the genesis of the CubeSat standard, the usage of CubeSats has become increasingly popular in commercial, military, and academic applications alike. CubeSats typically serve as cost effective test-beds and demonstrators for various in-space techn...
iCubeSat.org author

iCubeSat 2012.A.1.1 Interplanetary CubeSats: Some Missions Feasible Sooner than Expected – Robert Staehle

NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program selected Interplanetary CubeSats for further investigation, some results of which are reported. Interplanetary CubeSats enable small, low-cost missions beyond LEO. This class is defined by mass <~ 1...
iCubeSat.org author

iCubeSat 2012 K.1.1 Space Technology At NASA: Breadth, Depth, and a Small-Satellite Strategy – Mason Peck

NASA’s new Space Technology Program has funded more than 1,000 projects since its inception in 2011. These projects span the entire spectrum of technology readiness – from early-stage concepts to flight-demonstration hardware that will enable our futur...
iCubeSat.org author