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Episode #81 Brad Stallsmith – BladeSports

Episode #81 Brad Stallsmith – BladeSports BladeSports is almost here! It’s an annual cutting certification and competition where you can compete for the ultimate title. Learn all about it here. Brought to you by Peters Heat Treating. For more info visi...

Episode #80 Bob H Lee

Episode #80 Bob H Lee Retired Florida game warden and author Bob H. Lee is back with Dan and LT this week on BHK Outdoor Radio! Bob shared some incredoble stories about his time in a patrol boat drifting down the Ocklawaha River. Brought to you by Blin...

Episode #79 Pat Stinson

Episode #79 Pat Stinson Pat Stinson, not Dr. Oz, joins the studio for coffee and chaga this morning. Pat is the owner At Montana Test, the products are tested and reviewed by Pat and his crew. Brought to you by Self Reliance Illustra...

Episode #78 Outdoor Adventure Team

Episode #78 Outdoor Adventure Team This week it’s all about adventure racing! Who doesn’t like mud, electric shocks and marathon running? These guys do! Brought to you by Blind Horse Knives. For more info visit

Episode #77 The Design Show

Episode #77 The Design Show This week the guys talk about how they design knives! LT and Dan discuss their design process from brainstorming to building. How do we come up with our next cool knife? Find out now! Brought to you by Self Reliance Illustra...

Episode #76 The Gun Show

Episode #76 The Gun Show Let’s talk about guns! Dan and LT discuss their preferences when if comes to shotguns, weapon theory, calibers and lots more. Be good, be safe, and be careful! Brought to you by Blind Horse Knives. For more info visit blindhors...

Episode #75 Rob Simpson

Episode #75 Rob Simpson Rob Simpon chats it up with LT and Dan in this edition of BHK Outdoors Radio. Rob is the owner and poison plant aficionado. Brought to you by Blind Horse Knives. For more info visit

Episode #74 FAQs

Episode #74 FAQs Everything you wanted to know about Blind Horse Knives but were afraid to ask. Today we answer to you! We opened up the mailbag to answer some of the questions you asked most. Brought to you by Blind Horse Knives. For more info visit b...

Episode #73 Larysa Unleashed

Episode #73 Larysa Unleashed Larysa from Larysa Unleashed joins the gang to talk about her new show, getting into the outdoors life and what it takes to make it to the top of your game. Brought to you by Blind Horse Knives. For more info visit blindhor...

Episode #72 Michael Henninger

Episode #72 Michael Henninger This week, Dan and LT talk to Mike Henninger about EDC hot-weather clothing. The guys share their thoughts on cotton and materials they prefer in the summertime. Brought to you by Blind Horse Knives. For more info visit bl...