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This show will give you inspiration and focus to ensure you find Passion in your life. I'll be interviewing people in the world of action where they will disclose how Passion resonates in their lives.

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This show will give you inspiration and focus to ensure you find Passion in your life. I'll be interviewing people in the world of action where they will disclose how Passion resonates in their lives.
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Riding Black Rock, Or & Whistler on a Budget

Hear about the hidden gem that is Black Rock, OR & how to travel, stay and ride in Whistler for a month. Check out the details on the website at

Helmet Review Ep - 2

I give you my two cents on a few more all-mtn Helmets for 2017 -  Smith Rover, Giro Hex and Troy Lee A2 

All-Mtn Mountain Bike Helmet Review

A full review of a few top helmets in the 2017 all-mtn line up.  Be sure to check out the website for more details. 

Mental Health Concerns on Wilderness Expeditions

May is Mental Health month - this episode will bring more awareness and how to deal with these issues while traveling in the mountains. Mental health issues ranging from heightened stress to episodes of anxiety, depression, mania, psychosis, or drug re...

Wet Snow In Motion

It's springtime and that means the corn cycle is here and wet snow in motion becomes a higher concern.  In this episode I talk in detail about wet snow avalanches, scale, size, and impact forces. This is the time of year where you really need to keep y...

WFR - Signs, Symptoms and treatment for types of shock, head injury and cold injury/illness (hypothermia)

 I discuss the types of shock (hypovolemic, cardiogenic, vasogenic). Signs and symptoms and treatments. Go over head injury (mild, serious and skull fracture) Signs, symptoms and treatment principles for all. I touch on cold injury/illness (mild modera...

The processes that drive snowpack metamorphism

A review of snow grain decomposition and fragmentation. I'll cover how heat exchange drives metamorphic processes and the importance of the relationship between temperature and water vapor. The concepts of temperature gradients and regimes, conditions ...

Hanging out with a Heli Guide in AK

I'm currently in Alaska attempting to successfully become a HeliSki GUide with H2O Heliskiing - Dean Cummings.  Peter is starting his first year Lead Guide roll.  He has traveling all over the world skiing and climbing.  His insight to life, having com...

Intro into Wilderness First Responder

NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) Wilderness Medicine.  I just finished up a 9 day WFR course so figured I'd provide you an Intro into a few course details. If you spend any amount of time in the mountains I highly recommend taking this course....

Decision making in Avalanche Terrain

A little insight for traveling through the mountains on a snowmobile, or skis, and making decisions in avalanche terrain. I'll provide you with detail about AIARE (American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education) Risk management, preparing, pla...

Help Support Andrew Cho

On Jan 6 our dear friend, Andrew Cho, suffered a serious spinal cord injury which resulted in paralysis.  I interviewed Cho a few months back and I must say it's still one of my favorite interviews to date.  He has such great insight into the industry ...

World Traveler and Prolific Paraglider NIck Greece

Hear the stories behind the passion of a man that rode a 1950's motorcycle across Tibet & Nepal, crushed world paragliding records and believes that passion is a suspension of reality, that meditative practice is what draws us deeper and deeper int...

Finding Passion in a Garage with Lauren Gregg

Lauren is a professional mtn biker and van-lifer that traveled over 17,000 miles this past summer racing her bike. She started riding bikes at the ripe age of 17 yrs old and has her own business Turnloose.  We talk about what scares her and what inspir...

Pro BMX Racer Tyler Brown

Tyler grew up in Colorado but now resides in Chula Vista, CA where he manages the local BMX track. He's so thankful that he found the bike at a young age because his life would've been drastically different and probably not for the good. WE talk about ...

Wyn Masters

In this episode Wyn tells a few great stories about living and riding in New Zealand and how much mtn biking has grown in the past 4-5 years.  We discuss social media and how being engaging with your fans is important. He talks about concussion awarene...

Logan Binggeli

Hear the story behind the passion of former Red Bull Rampage podium rider and GRT champ. Hear how he stays focused on both freeride and racing, plus racing a few EWS in 2017. We discuss Rampage this year and how the vibe of athletes are all on differen...

Eric Porter

We discuss his career from street to slope to now all the adventure riding. Eric talks about self doubt and having perseverance to keep going. When you get comfortable in life is when you need to start working harder. We discuss his worst injury that s...

Nico Vink

Nico is one of the nicest humans on the planet. He owns a trail building company with a good friend so his passion for creating truly influences his riding style. He grew up surrounded by bikes and his parents fully supported his passion. This year he ...

Aaron Rice

He broke the record set by Greg Hill for the most self propelled vertical feet in a year on October 23, 2016.  He's now on track to reach 2.5 million by December 30, 2016. He explains a few systems that he has in place to keep him on track and healthy....

Andrew Cho

learn about how Andrew evolved from being a professional athlete at GT Bicycles to over seeing the digital media/content development at GT Bicycles. He explains how balance is really how you find happiness. We discuss how ebikes are becoming a hot topi...

Eliot Jackson

Eliot is a World Cup racer. He talks about how staying positive and having confidence is important in life. His edits of riding Whistler are always on Pinkbike. We discuss how social media can be misrepresented as actual reality and it's just not true ...

Carson Storch

Carson is a Red Bull Athlete that is fully passionate about riding his bikes. I know he loves riding all types of bikes but after gaining a podium spot (3rd place) and best trick at Red Bull Rampage 2016, I bet his freeride bike is top of that list.  H...

Nicola Pescetto

I'm so stoked to have this passionate shredder on the show.  This guy surfs, skis, and bikes with some of the best.  He lives a life that most dream of, traveling the world while pursuing his passions in life.  Stay tuned to hear about a few upcoming p...

Matt MacDuff

Find out what the next big thing in freestyle mtnbiking will be in this inetrview with Matt MacDuff. He is over taking the action sport world like a storm - building some of the most progressive lines in the industry.  Stay tuned to hear more about wha...

Paul Bass

I sit down with Paul B dwon in Reno, NV and find out what he's been up to over the past few years. He talks about the time he won the first Crankworx in 2004 with a tail-whip, and how much the athletes have progressed since. He also tells a story about...

Antoine Bizet

I catch-up with Bizet while he's hanging out in Virgin, Ut training for the upcoming season!  What a place to call home for a month to prep yourself for the heavy season to come.  We'll discuss a few projects that he's working on for the summer, I'll a...

Brian lopes

So stoked to have this legend on the show. We talk about a few projects he's working on (Builder Movie).  He'll tell us a little about what he's been focused on outside of bikng.  He talks about a time around 9/11 when he won a race and how hard it was...

Kirt Voreis

EP #6 I'm so stoked to have this guy on the show - this dude can tell a dought! He talks a little about his upcoming documentary "Saturday for Life", he also dives into the realness of growing up in SoCal and trying to make his dream of bec...

Darren Berrecloth

EP #5  I catch up with The Claw while he's visiting Sombrio HQ to find out what's new in his world.  He talks about a few new edits dropping ( Full Circle), talk about his new endeavors with opening a new restaurant ( Trail Ends) and the new lodge he a...

Geoff Gulevich

I catch up with Gully while he's taking a little break from building his line for the upcoming builder movie. He gives us the inside scoop on some upcoming projects/trips he's involved in and tells a story about going to #poundtown.    http://www.behin...

Cam Zink Ep 2

2nd episode with Zink - I dive more into a few big projects he has coming up - the big one being the ZINK MOVIE dropping this spring. We will also dicuss what Cam thinks about the progression of the sport, the athletes and bikes. Cam will also tell us ...

Cam Zink

I sit down and chat with Cam Zink at the new YT Industries HQ in Reno, NV.  I'll dive into a few things about Cam and what he has going on these days, discuss current sponsors, stories of success and failure and then he'll tell us a story about one of ...

Ryan McPartland - Heavenly Ski Patroller

Ryan is a 15 yr ski patroller at Heavenly Ski Resort Lake Tahoe, CA.  We sit down and talk about day to day work and how saving lives on the hill keeps things exciting at heavenly.  We'll also dive into how Passion resonates through Ryans lifestyle and...