Becoming Ultra

Becoming Ultra is following the journey's of two runners who are being coached by two of the best ultra runners in the world to finish a 50k in Aspen Colorado. The catch is that neither runner has ever run more than a half marathon. Along the way will be coaching tips, race directors perspective, and the stories of elite and everyday runners on their first Ultra run!

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The Becoming Ultra is all about that first Ultra. We follow other runners training for their first Ultra, interview race directors of Ultra's, talk training tips, and just about anything for that next, very long, step.
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Be Ultra: 32 Take It All In

Today's focus is to sit back, relax and enjoy the life around you!!   Check out my women's outdoor courses on Follow me on Facebook at Be Ultra Living or Instagram

BU Weekly: Shout outs on the solstice.

Scott and Steph go through a bunch of the newest stuff from Becoming Ultra and give some shout outs to runners and new Team BU members!  Enjoy the show!

Season 7:18 50 miles through the night and blister prevention techniques.

Liza and Heather are on the show to talk about Heather's all night 50 miler a week ago and some smart ways to prevent blisters as well as upcoming training goals. Enjoy the show.

Be Ultra: 31 Burned Out by YES

Are you a YES person?  Listen in to get strategies on how to set limits and boundaries so that your YES mentality doesn't burn you out!!   Follow me on: Instagram Like my page on Facebook at Be Ultra Living to keep up with the women's ...

The pre Dirty 30 interviews.

A couple nights before the Dirty 30 50k in Colorado Scott hosted a little pre race dinner for some friends and Team BU teammates.  They had to go answer a handful of questions while dinner was served in the Becoming Ultra studio!!  Listen to those answ...

BAC: Trevor ran his first 50k and his next three weeks don't get easier!

Trevor ran his first ultra in Montana recently and shares the experience. We also delve into what his schedule the next few weeks will look like with legitimate efforts on each weekend.  Enjoy the show!

Be Ultra: 30 Food Prepping Principles

Basic principles for food prepping include: 1- Focus on keeping our meals balanced 2- Research recipes and plan meals for the week, then go to the grocery store to get all ingredients 3- Cook and pack your meals 4- Label and freeze 5- Defrost your meal...

Season 7: Deal with the oppressive heat or the guy in the gym?

Chelsea has been in Arizona for a little over a week now and the heat is definitely going to be an ongoing issue to figure out how to deal with in the training. Especially when she couldn't get an uninterrupted treadmill workout done.  We have a little...

Be Ultra: 29 Increase Your Endurance for Life

Think about those times when you thought you couldn't take one more step forward because you were so exhausted...but then you did...Or that time when you were convinced that you were going to implode and pull your hair out...but then you figured out ho...

A first marathon on the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way to a first ultra this summer!

Rich is the husband of our very own Steph Dannenberg and he was able to come on the show and talk about his training for and experience at his first ever marathon, the Blue Ridge Marathon. What did he learn from his training?  What worked? Didn't work?...

Steph at Scott Bootcamp

Steph's first time working out and running in Colorado. Cue in Scott to take the reigns from early wake up calls, to training clients, and gaining a lot of experience, to seeing over mountain tops. How much can you slam into 5 days in Colorado?? Enjoy ...

BAC: Kathryn is training for a BQ and a 100k so we sort her summer out a bit.

Kathryn has big goals in the next 5 months and we try to maximize her efforts by focusing on time management and basic training principles.  She has a niggle we have to address and a hot northeastern summer coming in fast too!  Enjoy the show!

Be Ultra: 28 The Id and the Super Ego!!

The show Departures by Scott Wilson, Justin Lukach and Andre Dupuis is the inspiration for todays talk.  I discuss Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10 and the extreme living that these guys show us.  Yes, there is a little discussion of how Scott and Justin rep...

Season 7:16 The Mission? OSS CIA night run 50 miler.

Heather has a 50 miler this weekend that is a night race and Liza preps her for the effort.  Learn all about the OSSCIA race and how she has been training for it!

Be Ultra: 27 Personal Development

Tips for personal development: 1- Keep moving forward 2- View challenges as opportunities to grow 3-Make sure you are choosing goals that YOU want for YOU 4-Get rid of bad habits 5- Replace bad habits with good habits that will support your goals 6- BE...

BAC: Moriah before her 50k and the case for more quality over quantity.

Moriah is gearing up for a 50k and shares some of what is working with the training and why she likes how her body is feeling at this point compared to how she has trained in the past.  She also shares the cause she is running for at the 50k. Enjoy the...

Be Ultra: 26 Big Announcement and Intrinsic Motivaton

Be Ultra Living will be offering a Women's Beginner Trail Running course in Central Oklahoma in July!!!!! Check out for all the details as well as the link to sign up!   Today's podcast was inspired by the article, Extrinsic vs. I...

BAC: Trevor's first 50k pre-race call.

Trevor is a 20 year old runner in Montana prepping for his first 50k on this call.  He has a heck of a month coming up with anther 50k and marathon built in so we frame his training as a part of the bigger picture, training for the Cloudsplitter 100 mi...

Season 7:15 Moving across country during training, changing thoughts on dogs on trails.

Chelsea and Ellie are on the show today to talk about the challenges of getting Chelsea's runs in consistently while moving her life to another state.  We also go into Chelsea's new perspective on dogs on trails now that she runs with hers consistently...

Be Ultra: 25 Stop the Trash

Short and sweet!!!  Stop the trash...encourage your community to pick up trash and create a better and cleaner environment.    Spread the word

BU Weekly: Memorial Day edition.

Scott and Steph sit down to talk about all the goings on fo the last couple weeks and give some shout outs to runners with big races coming up!

BAC: Ileana's quads.

Ileana is getting ready for some exciting running in Romania with climbs around 7,500' in just 18 miles.  So, we have to get those legs ready for the effort. This is a short call about what that looks like in her training!

Season 7: 14 Mt. Lions and runners.

Liza and Scott go over an article Liza recently published about all of the details of running and mountain lions!

Be Ultra: 24 Environmental Care

The Be Ultra mindset is a whole life mindset that incorporates strategies on how to be our best, how to create the best families, how to improve our communities and how to be the best for our environment.  Listen to the following podcasts for great inf...

Be Ultra to : 23 Ambassador of Your Strength

What is your strength? Are you using it to improve yourself and those around you? Live as an ambassador of your strength and extend your passion to others around you.    Resources: Follow me on Instagram

Be Ultra: 22 Grace

Today I want you to reflect on all the hard work you have been putting into your life.  Don't forget to stop and breath when you need to...give yourself grace when you become overwhelmed.  You can keep moving forward and smashing your goals but when yo...

BU Weekly - Rebecca, Ticks, and Poison Ivy

Hey guys, this week on BU Weekly we will discuss a hot topic right now: ticks. What to do, what to look for, how to prevent and remove, all the gross things. This leads us to poison ivy, oak, sumac as well. Great discussion with special guest Rebecca f...

Season 7:13 Stitches and changes in food cravings, or lack thereof.

Chelsea, Scott, and Ellie talk about some common issues runners face and we think it's gonna be a great one for beginners and experienced runners alike!

Season 7:12 The 15% disaster.

Heather thought she was moving much faster than she was and the incline was much tougher than she thought.  Real life training issues!

BAC: Payton is training for her first hundred with a wild schedule of late.

Payton is taking her running to the next distance and trying to be as efficient as possible.  Listen to some of her challenges on today's show!

Be Ultra: 21 Interview with Lauren Jones about Life's 2 Short Fitness and more

Lauren Jones is the founder of Life's 2 Short Fitness, a coach, a blogger, a wife, a mother and a leader for all women in her community.  She has a fearless approach to life that is very inspiring.  She has a ton of outdoor activities, events and adven...

BU Weekly - Steph and Shanna and Heat Adaptation

Shanna is our guest on the BU Weekly podcast this week while Scott takes a vacation over the mother's day weekend. We asked and this week we discuss the listener question on heat adaptation and Steph's struggle with saying the word on the pod. Enjoy th...

Be Ultra: 20 The Warrior Kid Mentality

Today's podcast comes straight from the book 'Way of the Warrior Kid: From Wimpy to Warrior the Navy Seal Way', by Jocko Willink.  Simple guidelines that make a huge difference!   Resources and Links: Jocko Willink- @jockowillink on Instagram Jocko Wil...

Be Ultra: 19 Interview with Krista Vega about Cystic Fybrosis

Krista Vega is a Veterinarian at Brookwood Animal Clinic and Warwick Animal Hospital in Oklahoma.  She is a wife, mother of three children and an advocate for Cystic Fibrosis.  Krista embodies the Be Ultra attitude as she balances a high level career w...

BU Weekly: Hiking poles, trail markers, female hygiene.

Scott and Steph talk about trail markers and best practices, the hiking poles course and some random stuff regarding Steph visiting Colorado and female hygiene on the trails.

Season 7:11 Chelsea looks for hills in Texas.

Chelsea and Ellie brainstorm some ways to get some good hill work in Texas.  Chelsea also tries to turn the tables on the coaches and starts asking them questions about how "cool" they are!  Enjoy the show!

Be Ultra: 18 The Hard Talk

Let's get real about the difficulties of training and reaching for the stars...sometimes you have to have those hard talks with your loved ones to work out the kinks.    Resources and Links: Follow me on Instagram    

BAC: Trevor is ramping up and prioritizing events for biggest goals.

Trevor is ramping up his efforts in Montana.  While he has many big goals we are making sure to prioritize his efforts for his A goals this year.  It's a typical balancing act for many athletes!  Enjoy the show!

The Women of Team BU on Women in Ultras

On this episode, we aren't calling it a "special", but it is different from our usual podcast, Rebecca and Payton join in on a call to discuss the Trail Sister's criteria for races to be featured as Trail Sisters approved races on their site. Join us f...

Be Ultra: 17 Be Sincere

Short and sweet message today:  Be sincere and genuine in your interactions with others and that positivity will come back to you ten fold.    Resources and Links: Devon Yanko- follow her @fastfoodie on Instagram for inspiration. Listen to Real Talk Ra...

BU Weekly: Hiking poles, hunting events, and more!

Scott and Steph talk about all that is in the world of ultra running, training, and more. Enjoy the show!

BAC: Ileana and running straight up mountains in Romania!

She came to her coach with some amazing opportunities to run a couple races in Romania.  Much of the discussion was about why she should, and then eventually must, run these mountain events!  Enjoy the call.

Season 7:10 Liza hallucinates, Heather to Tahoe!

We were able to catch up with Heather and her coach Liza Howard!   Liza was in Zion to help pace a 100 miler and Heather is recovering from illness.  Enjoy the show.

Be Ultra: 16 Checks and Balances

How are you all doing on your goals?  Today I want to check in for accountability.  We all need to help each other stay accountable so that we can stay on track.   I will be releasing some amazing interviews soon!   Resources and Links: Follow me @be.u...

Be Ultra: 15 God Given Talent

Are you using the talents, skills and abilities that you were born with to make your life, your families life and your community a better place?    Resources and Links: Follow on Instagram

BU Weekly: A double marathon in Virginia and a proposal in the desert!

Scott and Steph talk about the weekend of running and life across the country.  From a proposal in the desert to a double marathon in the Blue Ridge Mountains, it was a great week indeed! Enjoy!  

Season 7:09 Chelsea's first hill repeats and a new use for Body Glide

Chelsea has been assigned some legit hill repeats and Coach Ellie Greenwood shares the exact set that you can try too!  Also, a new use for Body Glide for the ladies. Enjoy the show!

Be Ultra: 14 Be Happy

The documentary, Expedition Happiness, was the inspiration for today's podcast.  It made me really reflect on things I can do to focus more on living life to the fullest.  We can all start by focusing on "all things positive".  Make sure that you are c...

BAC: Kathryn misses her Boston Qualifier by 2 minutes.

Kathryn is a dynamic athlete and runner with HUGE goals. Qualifying for Boston before she turns 30 is on the top of the list.  She also has a big Spartan Ultra before she can settle into training for her next marathon and the 100k in October. Enjoy the...

BAC: Ginger ran 100 miles and shares her experience.

Ginger ran the Umstead 100 as her first and it did not disappoint! From a fast 100k start to an "experience" for the last 25 miles she had it all.  Not to mention some interesting visions after the race.  Listen to hear all about it!