Becoming Ultra

Becoming Ultra is following the journey's of two runners who are being coached by two of the best ultra runners in the world to finish a 50k in Aspen Colorado. The catch is that neither runner has ever run more than a half marathon. Along the way will be coaching tips, race directors perspective, and the stories of elite and everyday runners on their first Ultra run!

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The Becoming Ultra is all about that first Ultra. We follow other runners training for their first Ultra, interview race directors of Ultra's, talk training tips, and just about anything for that next, very long, step.
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Season 7:05 Heather and migraines, and core work, back strength.

Heather is early in her training with Liza but we still have a great conversation about core strength, back strength, and how she deals with her migraines.  All things we know many runners could be going through.   Want to support the show!  We'd love ...

Be Ultra: 05 Beast Mode

Beast Mode Challenge Pick one of the three challenges to complete this week to push yourself outside your comfort zone and feel amazed with what you CAN do! #1 Stair Challenge- Run up 10 flights (more or less but 10 if you have 10) and when you get to ...

BU Weekly: The Dawn Wall and running, muddy shoes, and more.

Scott and Steph sit down to talk about the week that was from comparing The Dawn Wall, a movie about rock climbing in Yosemite, to running to what to do when your shoes are crazy muddy.  We get to talking about other running things as well.  Also, our ...

Kathryn [Cloudsplitter 100k] from Boston is looking for a challenge beyond her crazy schedule!

Kathryn already has our utmost respect.  As a special needs teacher that works as a server on the weekends she knows how to get the most out of her days.  Today, we get to know her and her goals. Enjoy!

Ginger [Umstead 100] has a chance to ask the course record holder about her race.

We bring on Liza Howard to answer questions our very own Ginger Gutting has about her upcoming Umstead 100 miler.  Being that Liza holds the course record, we thought it would be pretty cool for them to connect.  Enjoy the show!

Be Ultra: 04 Believe

I believe with 100% conviction that every person has the ability and potential to be their best self.  This is not smoke and mirrors...I truly believe, because I've seen people defy the odds and I've been there myself pushing through struggles and clim...

Be Ultra: 03 Balance

What are your big goals? What are your barriers? Have you taken an honest look at your life and assessed where you are and where you want to be. Assessing and finding balance in these areas is a good start: Family, Social, Intellectual, Physical/Health...

BU Weekly:01 Spring challenge with your GPS app, half training, and ask the coach.

Scott and Steph hop on to talk about current running events, challenges, and more on this newest installment with Becoming Ultra!  It's a weekly show!

Be Ultra:02 Feel the fear and do it anyway.

This is the first Be Ultra podcast by Shanna Sears.  She talks about how Becoming Ultra isn't only about running your first ultra marathon is also about becoming your ultra self.  She addressesinst how fear can create barriers to your dreams ...

Season 7: Meet Chelsea and her coach, Ellie!

Chelsea and Ellie get to meet for the first time and Scott and Ellie get to learn as much about Chelsea as they can on this first call. If this one is any indication of the season to come, it's gonna be a fun one!  Enjoy.

Ileana:01 [Transrockies] Introducing our newest BAC runner from Raleigh, NC.

Ileana reached out because she has a big goal of running the 3 day stage race in Colorado called the Transrockies Run.  We go over basic training needs as well as some of the course overview on this first call.  Enjoy!

Meet Jackie: Lives in Boston and works in D.C. and training for an ultra!

Jackie has a crazy schedule that most because of it would never try to train for something big.  But, she is driven and ready to train for some big epic goals.  This is her first coaching call.  We hope you learn something and as always, thanks for lis...

Be Ultra:01 Introducing Shanna Sears

The idea of being ultra when we aren't running is something we dive into as coaches and runners every day. We wanted to bring a resource that covers just that.  Listen to learn more about our newest installment!

Season 7: Introducing Heather and her coach, Liza!

Meet Heather Ficke.  We wanted to follow her journey this year even though she has run an ultra before.   She is in the same place so many runner are.  Ok, I've run an ultra but I don't want to be chasing cutoffs all day, what do I do next?  Her profes...

Caleb Simpson and why he founded Hempdaddy's.

On this episode we dive into the newest of ultra runner Caleb Simpson's businesses and all the details around it.  Why CBD oil?  What are the facts?  Why is it trending so hard these days and more of the science.  Listen and decide for yourself!

From Bearded Brothers Bars to Hempdaddy's: Caleb Simpson

Meet Caleb Simpson. He has spent the last ten years starting companies he believes in that revolve around the running community.  First, a bar company, and now, a CBD oil business.  On this first installment we just get to know Caleb and his background...

Introducing Trevor: 20 year old Montana runner going for first ultra.

Trevor applied for Season 7 and is going to be coached by Becoming Ultra coaches to train for the Cloudsplitter 50k.  Listen to his story.    Links:  Cloudsplitter

Season 7 Selection Show! Meet the runners.

The coaches of Sharman Ultra and Becoming Ultra sat down to select the runners for Season 7.  They were a passionate and interesting group of runners and we can't wait to share their journey for most of 2019!  Enjoy the show!  Want to be a part of this...

Pre Season 7 Selection Show

Scott and Steph hop on a call to talk about the differences they are seeing the applicants for season 7 as well as how Becoming Ultra is committing to get more beginners further along in their dreams to run an ultra!  Enjoy

Steph and Andi have their first Coaching Call!

Andi has a bunch of races and goals in store for 2019 and is one of our back athletes for Becoming Ultra. Right now, Andi is in her base building phase and getting ready to ramp up for the Flying Pig Marathon. What's going well? What's not? Let's dig d...

Rob Steger from Training 4 Ultra and Scott from Becoming Ultra interview each other on upcoming projects!

Rob Steger of Training 4 Ultra has had a heck of a couple years since he changed his life and started running ultra distances.  He has recently written a book about his experiences. On the other hand, Season 7 for Becoming Ultra is launching right now....

Ginger runs for 8 hours, deals with crazy schedule of a pharmacy.

As much as any running information, time management for our runners is one of the biggest ways we can bring value to their coaching. Ginger has a crazy and stressful job and schedule which you will hear about a bit on the show today. She also just comp...

Payton Loves Ultras, Her First Podcast

Today we dive into the background and future of Miss Payton who has been on Team BU since Zion. What has she done, and where is she going? She has big epic plans this year and discusses her most recent two ultras: Bandera 100k and the former Sean O'Bri...

Monica, the 200km race, and Sushi

Monica from Team BU headed out to conquer the Franklins 200km race this past week and had great success and many stories. It's always best to get our athletes fresh from the event to relive the moments and have a look back at what happened. Here all ab...

Introducing Ellie Greenwood for Season 7

On the show we introduce the newest coach for the Season 7 of Becoming Ultra.  Her history, philosophy, and personality all in a quick interview to get to know what she is about.  Can't wait to see which runner is getting coached by Ellie!

Runner shout outs, indoor training sets, Dirty 30, and Rocky Raccoon recap.

Scott and Steph get to chat about Steph's recent Rocky Raccoon 100k effort and what she learned.  Her husband Rich signed up for his first ultra, a brutally beautiful one in Colorado that we actually just recorded a podcast with the RD of the other day...

The Dirty 30 and Silverton Ultra Marathons Race Director, Megan Finnesy

We are pumped to have the race director for two of our favorite Colorado ultras on the show today.  As you know, The Dirty 30 was chosen as a part of the Season 7 2019 schedule and is run on June 1, 2019.  Silverton is the sister race in the beautiful ...

Andrea's 2019 Goals, Superior lottery!

Today we brought Andrea from Team BU on the show. Andrea is a loving mom to three little girls who are full of energy. Andrea  shares her love for running trails and her goals for 2019 while juggling kids and work and training. Hope you enjoy the show ...

Kevin's First Ultra - Dirty Thirty 50k

Today we interview Kevin from Team BU about his first Ultra, the Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 50k out in Colorado. This is special because this will be one of our mini featured races this year in 2019 and we get an inside view and sneak peek on what's to c...

Season 7 and the full 2019 schedule!

Bandera has wrapped and Season 7 is on the horizon.  Bringing on a new coach from Sharman Ultra in 2019 is one fo the most exciting parts of this newest launch.  Also, Steph is on the docket to coach her first live Season athlete.  We added 2 months fo...

Meet the RD: Lyle Anderson on Bryce, Antelope, and Zion Ultras.

Lyle Anderson has been with Vacation Races day one and has a wealth of knowledge and information for their signature ultra runs.  We talk a bit about his background and give a quick preview on the ultras.  We also have a code for listeners to get a dis...

Caroline finishes her first 50k in dramatic fashion.

Caroline had some legitimate bumps along the way in her training for her first 50k.  Well, race day was no walk in the park.  Broken bones, infected bee stings, and a long crazy night were just some of her adventure in Texas.  Enjoy the call!

Sara runs her life changing first 50k!

Sara stayed amped up for most of the whole 30+ miles in Texas for her first 50k and she describes it as life changing.  Enjoy her recap and the thoughts and actions from the day on the trails!

Candy finishes Bandera!

Candy put the time in and got to experience her first 50k in the Texas hill country. What did she like, learn, and what is next?  All that and more on today's call.

Rebecca's First 100k and Steph's First Pacing Job

On this episode of Becoming Ultra, Steph takes control interviewing Rebecca on her first 100k experience down in Camp Eagle for the Bandera race. From a look back at Rebecca's training, to toeing the starting line, and through pacing and looking forwar...

Red and the Bandera 100k.

Red dives in to her second attempt at a 100k finish.  Were the trails in Texas nicer than the ones in Zion?  Listen to find out her experience and what the future holds regardless!

Bandera quick peak. The weekend that was.

Bandera 50k and 100k was a grand experience. From the last minute venue change to the last minute finish from one of our runners, it had everything. Enjoy the show.

Candy is ready for her first 50k, but a few questions first.

Candy has been working so hard for the last 6 months for this very day, her first 50k.  She has a few last minute questions and we talk about mental toughness, some visualization, and logistics before she flies out for Texas. Enjoy the show and this am...

Bandera Changes with the RD

Race Directing, like running, throws curveballs all the time.  Bandera had to change their venue last minute and we had a chance to talk with Chris, the race director, to make it easier on everyone.  It's still going to be an amazing day!

Looking at 2019 and the runners of Bandera

Looking to more crazy adventures in 2019 and showcasing a few of the runners heading to Texas for Bandera!

Highlights of the year that was.

A look back to the exciting year of 2018. From Zion to the Grand Canyon and everywhere between, Scott and Steph talk about the epic year and set up for 2019.

The pain that helps us.

Not all pain is created equally.  There isn't an injury at the end of everything that hurts.  Some pain is there to remind we are still here, and we have no idea where can go.  

Things I have Learned as a Coach this year

If you aren't learning as a coach, then you aren't growing as a coach. So this leads me to discuss what are some of the things I have learned as a coach this year, especially some things I am able to pass along to help others. I'm sure Scott has his si...

Running Baselines and The Off Season

What is a baseline in running? When you start running over a longer period of time, you end up being able to run a certain number of miles without an issue, whether that is 0 miles, 5k, or half marathons and on. What does this mean for the off season, ...

Running at Night

Whether you have to run in the dark because that is the only time you have to run, or you need to practice running in the night time, this podcast will hopefully help give you some guidance. Thanks for listening and enjoy your holidays!

The 2/3's rule in training and racing.

It seems a wall is hit in training and racing right around the two thirds point.  We talk about why and how to get through this without crashing and burning.

Team BU Stories from the Trail

Today I have collected a few stories to share from our Team BU members. Anything from obstacle course racing to my first ultra, to just a time in the woods! A little bit of everything is shared. What stories do you have to tell? Funny, inspiring, drama...

The hip set every runner should do.

As a coach, Scott Jones has been putting every client in the last 12-15 years through a version of the hip set he is sharing on the show today.  Runners, they need it more than everyone.  Enjoy the show!

Trail Goals - Run Roads, Run Trails

Long title, let's expand here... Do you have trail running goals? What are the advantages and disadvantages of doing road miles or running on pavement? This episode we go over some of these things and things to consider with your own goals in mind. Ult...

Red is getting nervous but we have the numbers to calm her down!

It's a proven fact. Every runner thinks they need another 5 months to train for their event. And, it makes sense. We all want to be completely ready for these big efforts. But, sometimes, we have put the work in and it's ready to just trust the trainin...