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Around the Track is a bi-weekly podcast featuring personalities and stories from the world of Thoroughbred racing. Jockeys, trainers, owners, and others in the business talk about how they got their start, share funny and poignant tales from their careers and discuss issues important to the industry. Host Scott Jagow is editor-in-chief of the Paulick Report, an award-winning online publication that covers the sport and business of horse racing.

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Around the Track 23 – Dr. Bill Rood, CEO Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital

Bill Rood didn't grow up around horses but once he came in contact with "God's kindest creatures," he knew he wanted to care for them as a veterinarian. Along with partner Thomas Riddle, he eventually he turned a "box" on a farm into Rood & Riddle ...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 22 – Trainer Dale Romans

Dale Romans doesn't know what he would've done without horses. Growing up with dyslexia and difficulty learning in a traditional environment made school painful for Romans. After school, though, he could go "home" to the horses in his father's barn at ...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 21 – Voices and Stories From 2017

Looking back on the voices and stories we heard this year on Around the Track, it’s a satisfying and well-rounded mosaic of racing history and moments, joy and heartbreak, laughter and tears, determination and courage. We heard from jockeys, trainers,...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 20 – Hall of Fame Jockey Ramon Dominguez

At the top of his game, Ramon Dominguez was among the best who ever sat on a horse in a starting gate. His Hall of Fame career, cut short by a devastating spill, began in his native Venezuela and flourished when he came to the U.S. In this episode of A...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 19 – New Vocations Thoroughbred Program Director Anna Ford

Having grown up with a fifth generation Standardbred training father and a mother who ran the family's breeding farm, Anna Ford has been around horses since the first day of her life. In her role at New Vocations, a celebrated Thoroughbred retraining a...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 18 – Jockey Agent Ron Ebanks, the β€œLove Man”

Ron Ebanks has led quite the adventurous life. The former jockey and longtime jockey agent has seen it all, from near-death experiences to run-ins with the mafia, to chickens riding racehorses. In this edition of Around the Track, Ebanks tells stories ...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 17 – TVG Host, Former Trainer Simon Bray

Simon Bray grew up in Britain with a father who owned racehorses, so he had the good fortune of connections to the Thoroughbred industry. Bray has also had some tough luck through the years, both in his professional life and with his diagnosis of a rar...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 16 – Hall of Fame Jockey Julie Krone

Julie Krone's earliest memories contain horses, and her devotion to understanding the breed helped her become one of the greatest jockeys of all time, not to mention a pioneering athlete who was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame. In this ...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 15 – Entrepreneur, Racehorse Owner Mike Repole

Despite his humble roots, Mike Repole's goals have always been lofty, and to his credit, he's achieved many of them. The kid from Queens who was the first person in his family to attend college turned a small beverage company into a $4 billion giant. H...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 14 – Racing Historian, President of Equine Research Foundation Ed Bowen

Having written 20 books on Thoroughbred racing, Ed Bowen has an almost unparalleled memory of the sport, its renowned horses and their connections. In recent years, he's also had a strong influence on raising money for equine health research that benef...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 13 – Thoroughbred Owner Sol Kumin

It's hard to envision a racehorse owner with a better start in Thoroughbred racing than Sol Kumin. In a three-year span, Kumin, a 42-year-old Wall Street hedge fund manager, has circled the globe winning races at top-class events, including Royal Ascot...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 12 – Thoroughbred Consultant Ric Waldman, Former Manager of Famous Sire Storm Cat

Ric Waldman knows horses. He's devoted his life to understanding their bloodlines and what it takes to make a great racehorse -- and a great sire. Waldman had the privilege of being connected to two of the most popular sires in history, Northern Dancer...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 11 – Former Jockey Richard Migliore

There's no question Richard Migliore laid it all on the line when he rode racehorses. Nicknamed "The Mig" after the Russian fighter jet for his tenacity on the track, Migliore came within millimeters of being paralyzed or killed more than once. But The...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 10 – Vic Stauffer – Announcer, Steward, Jockey’s Agent

If there's a job in horse racing Vic Stauffer hasn't done, let us know. Enthralled by the sport at an early age, Stauffer skipped high school so he could make the racetrack life his own. From hotwalker to chart caller to jockey's agent, Vic tried every...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 9 – New York Racing Paddock Analyst Maggie Wolfendale

Maggie Wolfendale first sat on a horse when she was two years old. Yes, two. Instead of being sent to a day care center, she played in a racetrack barn, where her mother and father (also the progeny of horsemen) trained Thoroughbreds. These days, Wolfe...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 8 – Paulick Report Founder Ray Paulick

Both growing up on a farm in rural Illinois and his early work as a ghostwriter for Jimmy the Greek helped inform Ray Paulick's career path. Horse racing would eventually take him around the world as a journalist, and his most important contribution to...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 7 – Racing Journalist, Handicapper Andrew Beyer

In his 50-year career, Andrew Beyer created a new category of horse racing journalist, a writer outspoken about the sport and a voice for horseplayers. He also changed handicapping forever with his invention of the Beyer Speed Figure. In this edition o...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 6 – Trainer of California Chrome, Art Sherman

Art Sherman's life is bookended with the remarkable story of two Kentucky Derby winners that have him in common. First, Swaps in 1955 when Sherman was just a teenager literally sleeping next to the horse on a cross-country train ride, then California C...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 5 – Former Track Announcer Tom Durkin

During his 43-year career, announcer Tom Durkin's electric race calls thrilled fans and stamped historic moments with unforgettable words. He could make you laugh, too. In this episode of Around the Track, Durkin tells stories about his humble beginnin...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 4 – NBC Sports Broadcaster, Former Jockey Donna Barton Brothers

For nearly two decades, Donna Barton Brothers has played an integral role in NBC Sports' coverage of the Kentucky Derby and other important races. Her interviews on horseback have captured some of the most dramatic moments horse racing has to offer. In...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 3 – Sportswriter Bill Nack

Few writers have captured the brilliance and majesty of the Thoroughbred as well as Bill Nack. His prized Sports Illustrated features and books on racing legends Secretariat and Ruffian are infused with a voice that hovers "somewhere between that of Ye...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 2 – Hall of Fame Jockey Chris McCarron

Chris McCarron has been on the backs of some of the greatest racehorses ever, and his career ranks him among the all-time great jockeys in wins, earnings, and victories in Thoroughbred racing's biggest events. Hear how Chris went from sneaking into the...
Horse Radio Network author

Around the Track 1 – Michael Blowen of Old Friends Equine

From lunches with famous actors to tales of renowned horses, Michael Blowen has plenty of stories to tell. The one-time movie critic now spends his days taking care of former Kentucky Derby winners and other racehorses of the past at his Old Friends Th...
Horse Radio Network author