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Diving a little deeper into the fascinating world of our pets
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Episode 18: Can Your Pet See Colors, and the Owner Gender Difference

So often we want to describe the way our pets see as simply a black and white version of what we see, but that simply is not true. Pets do not see all the colors we do, but dogs can seeĀ basically two colors, a blue-violet and a yellow-green, while cats... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 17: Drug Reactions, The News, and It May NOT be Hip Dysplasia

Dr. Rumore gets interviewed, and blatantly taken out of context, when interviewed by his local news station. The issueĀ involvedĀ dru reactions and Trifexis, and just goes to show how what you read online, or see on television, may not be the whole truth... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 16: The 8 Things You Need to Do for Your Pet This Summer

1. WarmerĀ temperaturesĀ can lead to scary weather. Be ready if you must evacuate or hunker down for a storm. Have food, water and a way to contain your pets handy if needed. And please, please, please REGISTER YOUR FREAKIN' MICROCHIP! 2. Please get the... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 15: The Reality of Food Allergies and the Big Pet Food Scare

Food allergies do exist, and can cause significant discomfort for some pets. Pet foods have vastly oversimplified pet itchiness, often making everything related to grains in foods. Grain allergies do exist, but are much less common than allergies to me... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 13: Why Your Pet Likes Eating Grass

for those of you who missed it the first time (yes iTunes, I'm talking to you.) If you're a person, just look down for the actual post. with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 14: Why, and How, Cats Purr and Cold Wet Noses

John and Dr. Rumore jump into how and why cats purr, and whether they could be using their purr to heal themselves, and possible others. They also discuss cold wet noses, what they really mean, and better ways to see if your pet is sick. They discuss c... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 13: Why Your Pet Is Eating Grass

Some dogs and cats seem almostĀ obsessiveĀ about eating grass. John and Dr, Rumore discuss why, whether you need to worry about it, and how to slow them down if your pets love of lawn salad is getting too excessive. If you are trying to add some fiber t... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 12: Goopy Eyes, and Why Half of All Microchips are Useless

What it means when your pet has goopy eyes, and what you can do at home, and when you need to get to veterinarian as soon as possible. Things never to use- contact lens cleaner, Visine, ClearEyes or similar in your pet's eyes. We talk about entropion a... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 11: Itchy Allergies, Benadryl Doses, and Protein Levels in Pet Food

Many of our pets are itchy, and often it can be related to allergies to pollens and things in the environment. These environmental allergies, called atopy, can sometimes be managed at home with washing and antihistamines. If your pets allergies seem to... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 10: Cloning Your Pet, Stem Cells, and the future of Copy-Cats

We all love our pets- wouldn't it be great if they could live forever? Cloning seems to offer this- exact duplicates that can be virtually xeroxed over and over as long we want. The reality does not live up the dream, and cloning seems not quite ready ... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 9: Skinny Cats and Fat Dogs: Thyroid Disease and Your Petā€™s Real Age

A cat eats a bunch but still loses weight, starts yowling in the middle of the night, and then goes blind. A dog eats very little, but keeps gaining weight, drinking way too much, with a poor hair coat and weakness in their hind end. It's the Jack Spra... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 8: Terrible Food Labels, Knee Replacements and 3-D Printers

Dr. Rumore and John talk about how completely pathetic pet food labels are, and how you can be easily fooled into paying extra money for empty words. Some of useless words include:"Premium,""Holistic,""Human-Grade": These have no actual meaning, and ca... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 7: The Skinny on Rawhides, Catnip, Isaac Hayes and How Much Space Your Dog May Need

Rawhides can be controversial; pet owners, and even veterinarians, are divided on whether they are awesome or horrible. We jump in to what exactly is a rawhide? How it may be a great treat for most dogs, but which ones should avoid it, and what you sho... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 6: Babies, Puppies, Kittens and Itā€™s (probably) Not Ear Mites

Doctor Rumore has a new baby, Mia Rosabella, and his young whiteĀ deaf boxer Coconut has an unexpectedly good reaction. We discuss how adult dogs and cats are supposed to treat puppies, kittens and babies, and why sometimes they do not always get along ... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 5: Pet Alzheimerā€™s and Shedding

John and Michael discuss the symptoms of Senior Cognitive Dysfunction, also called Dog Alzheimer's or Cat Senility, and how supplements, antioxidants or medications may help, as well as how your pet's brain is protected from their own blood. We also di... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 4: Horror Movies, Fleas and Feeding Big Puppies

No one can argue that the 1979 movieĀ AlienĀ is a true classic. One of the creepiest scenes is recreated on a smaller scale in people's homes everyday Ā We learn this week how you can recreate a scene from the iconic science fiction/horror movie in your o... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 3: Jealousy , Dominance, and Telling Time

Everyone talks about their pets being jealous, but can they really be"jealous?" The answer will be surprising, and may change the way you give out treats to your own pack. We also discuss how dominance between pets is more complicated than you think, a... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 2: Litter Box Mysteries and The Joy of Toys

A cat can be mysterious about many things, but few mysteries are more frustrating than why the darn cat has stopped using the litter box. We dive a little deeper into what cats really want in a bathroom (for example, not feeling like they are trapped i... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author

Episode 1: Alien Invaders from Planet Earth

Sometimes danger comes in small packages. Sometimes those small packages grow up to be giant freakin' toads that eat everything and squirt poison! No, it's not a grade-b late night movie; it is real life for southern states. If you have pets, you need ... with Dr. Michael Rumore and John Sipos author