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Being Wise with Permaculture

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Being Wise with Permaculture
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Episode 10: Becoming Sustainable

In today’s episode we talk about what sustainability is and how to become sustainable.The post Episode 10: Becoming Sustainable appeared first on Permasapien Podcast - Wisely Employing Permaculture.
Permasapien author

Episode 9: Homesteading: Beyond Food Production

Homesteading is not just about producing food, and producing food is not the only source of income for a homestead. I see people ask how do others go about “affording” the homestead life. They know how much they currently spend to pay their bills and c...
Permasapien author

Episode 8: The Perfect Homestead Site

This episode is about how you can find that perfect property to buy and start a homestead on. It seems pretty clear to me that not many people get the opportunity to start from scratch. We might all dream of it… A paid-for parcel of land that has all t...
Permasapien author

Episode 7: Rethinking Food– The Anti Food-Nazi Consumer

This is an episode about food waste. It is about what’s left behind – what is food, but is never eaten. It is about how the general public cannot continue to reject the ugly food. I want to talk about how this is impacted by: What you do in your home W...
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Episode 6: Steady Determination

I want to share a story with you. It is our story, that of me and my family and our little patch of soil. I found a picture the other day of the very first attempt to grow food on our property. Seeing the photo didn’t really strike me – seeing the date...
Permasapien author

Episode 5: The Last Seed

The case for saving seed. There are so many triggers that might cause you to decide that now is the time for you to start saving seed, but perhaps they all fall under the umbrella of self-sustainability and self-reliance. Saving your own seed means tha...
Permasapien author

Episode 4: Invasive Plants and Animals

Invasive. What does that word mean to you? Does it conjure up images of a large invading force using power by numbers to overwhelm some other group? Does it represent and abundance that needs to find a use? Perhaps a bit of both? Personally, I feel tha...
Permasapien author

Episode 3: The Missing Link Podcast

Before you get any bright ideas – this is entitled “Missing Link” because I have been, well, missing for several weeks. In this podcast I explain why I have been missing, what is currently going on and what is coming up. Technology Troubles I stopped m...
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Episode 2: Critical Thinking with Permaculture

Today I want to share a few articles I read online and offer some thoughts about how permaculture can affect the outcome of articles such as these. Not just in an agriculture sense, but how the critical thinking we use to develop permaculture designs c...
Permasapien author

Episode 1: Introducing The Permasapien Podcast

Hey everybody, this is Jared Stanley and welcome to the Permasapien Podcast. As you are no doubt aware, this is my first podcast. If you have come over to join us from J&J Acres I would like to thank you for doing so. If you have not heard of J&amp...
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