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An Abundant Future with Matt Powers is a podcast focused on ushering in a syntropic future of abundance and regeneration. Hear from experts from all over the world who are actively working to reverse the damage we've done to our ecosystems and ourselves. Learn how to apply these lessons to your own life and help bring about the abundant future we all desire.
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Episode 103 Taproot Fibre Lab with Patricia Bishop

Taproot Fibre Lab: Taproot Farms CSA:
Matt Powers author

Episode 102 AMA Sea Beauty & Thalassotherapy with Antoinette Marquez

In this episode, Adriana and Matt Powers interview inventor and entrepreneur, Antoinette Marquez of Santa Barbara, CA. Ancient wisdom, modern science, and best practices in health coincide in this amazing podcast interview!! AMA Sea Beauty's Homepage:...
Matt Powers author

Do We Need GMOs? with Matt Powers

DNA is not Destiny | the New Science of Epigenetics - the original Epigenetics publication from 2006: How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind | Dr. Joe Dispenza on Impact Theory:
Matt Powers author

The Habits | Unlocking Your Enthusiasm pt 3

Learn More & Check out The KICKSTARTER:
Matt Powers author

The Roots of Enthusiasm | Unlocking Your Enthusiasm pt 2

If we want to taste the best fruit off the tree of life, we need to nourish the roots of our enthusiasm and stay deeply connected. -Matt Powers Unstoppable Enthusiasm
Matt Powers author

The Benefits of Enthusiasm with Matt Powers | Part 1 of Unlocking Your Enthusiasm

Thank you so much for listening! Please feel free to watch the entire MiniCourse here for FREE:
Matt Powers author

Episode 102 | Protecting the Sacred with Michael Cundick of SLC Air Protectors

SLC Air Protectors Facebook Page:
Matt Powers author

Episode 101 Ugandan Permaculture with Charles Mugarura

Charles Mugarura of Broadfield Enterprises Uganda - Permaculture Group shares his thoughts on African Permaculture especially in terms of Ugandan education and the future of governance and economy in Africa. Learn More: http://www.broadfieldpermacultu...
Matt Powers author

Episode 100 Raskal Turbeville on Extreme Mycoremediation

Watch the Full Video: Crude, the documentary, on Youtube:
Matt Powers author

Episode 99 | Better Than BRIX with Dan Kittredge of

What if there was a better way than BRIX? Join us in deep-dive conversation into soil life, minerals, and more! Visit Dan's Site, Get Your Meter, & Join the Network:
Matt Powers author

Episode 98 | Growth and Enthusiasm with Phil Peck of Holderness School

Matt Powers interviews Phil Peck, former US Nordic ski team coach and current headmaster of Holderness school with a focus on Growth, Enthusiasm, & Life Learning. Opening up about their lives, Matt and Phil share and discuss what enthusiasm means t...
Matt Powers author

Episode 97 | SoilMakers are the 1st Step with's Josh Whiton

While it may feel overwhelming to think about all we have to do to reverse climate change and heal the earth, makes it easy to take the most important first step: making soil. Their program is simple, unique, and powerful. Listen in & ...
Matt Powers author

Episode 96 - Anthony Paglino of on Universal Basic Water Income

Anthony Paglino of is on a mission to shift our economy into the regenerative era! He believes there should be a universal basic water income and that we should all be harvesting rainwater and participating in a digital currency based aroun...
Matt Powers author

Episode 95 - Charles Eisenstein on Changing our Approach to the Climate Conversation

Author and philosopher, Charles Eisenstein, joins Matt Powers on the podcast to discuss his new book Climate, a New Story as well as how to apply the lessons found within its pages. Climate, a New Story, can be found on Audible:
Matt Powers author

Episode 94 - Your Invitation to the Regenerative Economy

SignUp Today - CLICK HERE: We have a payment plan, lifetime access, & INCREDIBLE BONUSES!! Don't Wait - The Future Needs Your Holistic Success!!
Matt Powers author

Episode 92 - Why Entrepreneurism is the KEY to the Regenerative Economy

Matt Powers author

Episode 93 - How to Find Balance in your Regenerative Business

FIND YOUR PATH!! Watch the Video & Download The Regenerative Career Guide for FREE here:
Matt Powers author

Episode 91 - How to Start You Regenerative Business

Want to see the video? Download the FREE EBOOK & Watch the 3 FREE TRAINING VIDEOS:
Matt Powers author

Episode 90 - Become A Force Of Nature

Are you searching for a way out of the rat race? Are you feeling like time is running out? I’m sure you’ve seen…. EXPERTS PREDICT:
Only 8 Years Left of Wild Animals Only 12 Years Left to Stop Climate Death Almost Every Industry Currently On Top WILL C...
Matt Powers author

5 Steps to a Regenerative Lifestyle - the Audiobook

Thank you for listening & choosing to live regeneratively!! You can download the ebook & check out those checklists here: This book is a conversation and conversation starter - it's up to you now to k...
Matt Powers author

Episode 89 Chapter 21 Permaculture In Action - Audiobook Excerpt

This episode features an excerpt from The Permaculture Student 2 - Chapter 21 Permaculture in Action. DownloadThe Permaculture Student 2 FREE. My Gift To You: Check out The Advanced Permaculture...
Matt Powers author

Episode 88 What's Better than Organic? The NEW Regenerative Organic Certification

Learn about the NEW Regenerative Organic Certification wth Jeff Moyer of the Rodale Institute. Learn more about the Rodale Institute here: More on the Standards:
Matt Powers author

Episode 87 Visiting The Amazon Spheres + The Urban Permaculture Chapter

See Inside the Amazon Spheres: PreOrder the 5 Steps to a Regenerative Lifestyle: Join The Advanced Permaculture Student Online Fall 2018 Class...
Matt Powers author

Episode 85 My Morning Routine + Permaculture Frameworks And Processes Audiobook Chapter

In this episode I discuss my morning routine - I've been asked about it repeatedly for the past year as I coach, consult, and through friends and students. I also delve into WHY my processes and frameworks is different than anything else available - wh...
Matt Powers author

Episode 84 The Fungi Chapter From The Permaculture Student 2 & Student Reviews

Download The Permaculture Student 2 FREE here: Get All 4 Books for only $90: $300 Off Early...
Matt Powers author

What Will You Learn In The Advanced Permaculture Student Online?

Join The Advanced Permaculture Student Online Before It's Too Late!!
Matt Powers author

What is Pattern Literacy? with Matt Powers - a preview for The Advanced Permaculture Student Online

Learn more about this epic course!!!
Matt Powers author

Episode 84 Exclusive Selections from The Advanced Permaculture Student Online

Featured Teachers: Dr. Elaine Ingham of Soil Food Web Inc Darren Doherty of Regrarians Ltd Hilary Kearney of Girl Next Door Honey Erik Ohlsen of The Permaculture Skills Center & Permaculture Artisans John D. Liu of Ecosystem Restoration Camps Joy B...
Matt Powers author

How Will The Advanced Permaculture Certification Work?

Show Notes: How will the Advanced Permaculture Certification work? It won’t work like a PDC. It’s not about # of hours you watch a video or listen to lecture or if you can demonstrate learning in a backyard or homestead design on paper. All the in...
Matt Powers author

Episode 83 Bruce Lanphear MD of Non-Toxic Irvine on Common Toxins

How is it that 100% of children tested have lead, PCBs, and more toxic substances in their blood? What can we do to cleanse or protect ourselves? Bruce Lanphear MD of NonToxic Irvine takes us through the history of lead detection, lead poisoning rule...
Matt Powers author

Episode 82 Erik Ohlsen on Building Businesses & Community

Erik Ohlsen co-founder of Permaculture Artisans and the Permaculture Skills Center has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he shares with us in an incredible podcast on building businesses and community to spread regeneration. Check out the Ecol...
Matt Powers author

Permaculture = Freedom

Permaculture = Freedom Off the Grid - DIY Energy, Water, Food, Fiber & Medicine Save $, Spend Less, & Get Taxed Less Work less for $, Work more for Holistic Worth Independence => Freedom: US Independence led to Revolution & Freedom Perm...
Matt Powers author

Episode 82 Bruce Blumberg Of UC Irvine On Toxins & Prof Rattan Lal On Carbon Sequestration

Get some critical insights from university professors Bruce Blumberg of UC Irvine & NonToxic Irvine and Dr. Rattan Lal of OSU. With Bruce Blumberg learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones while keeping a keen eye out for distractions ...
Matt Powers author

Why Bother Gardening? (or The Top 6 Reasons to Garden This Year)

Why Bother Gardening?

Isn’t it going to be hard to even approach the cost efficiency and quality of store bought products? How can amateurs even compete? Actually, Amateurs lead in terms of growing. Those farmers have to tend acres and acres of food ...
Matt Powers author

Do Patterns Even Matter?

Why do Patterns even Matter? Why is Permaculture Focused on Pattern Literacy? What is a Pattern? Patterns are things that repeat in a predictable way. My Story: Pattern literacy is both basic and foundational, so if you don’t recognize it readily, ...
Matt Powers author

Think Gardening Is Expensive

Think Gardening is Too Expensive? Seed Save, Swap, & Forage - You can take 1 packet and turn it into a gallon of seeds in only a few seasons. Use Free Resources - Craigslist, FreeCycle, NextDoor, etc. Pallets, Fencing, Firewood, Manure, Old/Wet ...
Matt Powers author

10 Keys To A Regenerative 2018 Pt 1

10 Keys To A Regenerative 2018 Pt 1 by Matt Powers
Matt Powers author

10 Keys To A Regenerative 2018 Pt 2

10 Keys To A Regenerative 2018 Pt 2 by Matt Powers
Matt Powers author

The 6 Keys To Winter Gardening

The 6 Keys to Winter Gardening Are you intimidated by Winter Gardening? I was, and it held my gardening in the spring and summer back for years. I let the weeds take over every winter thinking I couldn’t garden despite their abundance and growth, an...
Matt Powers author

The 6 Keys To Time - Wise Gardening

The 6 Keys to Time-Wise Gardening Don’t have time to garden? 9-5 Job + Family + Staying Fit? Can’t be Consistent: Things always come up? Don’t want to spend all that time only to see it all go to waste? My Story: 2 acres mostly managed with a knife M...
Matt Powers author

Too Many Weeds In Your Garden?

Too Many Weeds? Do weeds crowd out your food before you know it? My Story - Weeds took over my garden!!! Test your Soils pH in Multiple Areas Alkaline Soils = Nitrates = Weeds & Annuals = Vegetative Growth Acidic Soils = Ammonium = Perennials =...
Matt Powers author

Are Poor Soils Holding You Back

Are Poor Soils Holding You BACK? My Story - DCG to Rich Soil in Months Clay = High in Minerals, Excellent at Bonding, Retains Water Sandy = Well Draining, Easy to Inoculate, Accepts Water Readily Silty = Easy to Work, Makes Rich & Fertile Soil...
Matt Powers author

The Top 5 Reasons To Grow Perennials Over Annuals

Top 5 Reasons to Grow Perennials, not Annuals 1. Soil Building = Carbon Sequestration 2. Longterm & Stable 3. Low Maintenance yet High Yields 4. Supports Biodiversity 5. Easy to Start The only reason annuals are more prevalent in our diet and gard...
Matt Powers author

The 3 Most Important Steps To Working With Nature

Are you an experienced gardener but still looking for a way to grow the way Nature does? Without constant costly inputs? How to Grow with Nature - a cyclical pattern 1. Observe & Study (experience + book knowledge) 2. Alignment (Climate, Site Ener...
Matt Powers author

Episode 81 Kai Sawyer Meditation & the Inner Zone

Learn how to take more control of your inner zone and thus more control over your entire life, relationships, and business. Dive deep with Kai & Matt in this deep People Care episode! Learn more about Kai Sawyer's work at Tokyo Urban Permaculture:...
Matt Powers author

Episode 80 Dan Marquez On Healing The Oceans

Signup for this Thursday's Webinar with Dan Marquez on Sustainable Design Masterclass, an incredible webinar series that is FREE: Learn more about Dan's mission at the Pharmersea Homepage: http:...
Matt Powers author

Episode 79 Gregory Landua And The Regenerative Economy

Happy Kickoff to the Holiday Season! I hope it is one of gratitude for you! - Matt Powers Terra Genesis International: Regenerative Enterprise: All Books on Sale: http://www.thepermaculturest...
Matt Powers author

"Choose Today" - Matt Powers

Don't Wait - Seize the Day, Plant those Trees, Save those Seeds! Don't have Money? Gather Wild Seeds. It only takes a shovel and determination to start a garden. Want to start that business? Scale up your life and the abundance will follow. An abund...
Matt Powers author

Episode 77 Kevin Muno Of Ecology Artisans On Regenerative Entrepreneurship

Kevin Muno of Ecology Artisans joins us for an incredible look at regenerative business from someone who's really doing it, loving it, supporting families, and installing regenerative solutions in the landscape regularly in the San Diego, California ar...
Matt Powers author

Episode 77 Jamie Owens Of Earthship Seattle

Learn about Earthships from Earthship Seattle's Jamie Owens in this interview with Matt Powers who is stewarding a site Earthship Seattle is developing with a team of organizations and individuals. Learn more about this project in the Advanced Permacul...
Matt Powers author