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Two Cousins, @WrestleWatcher (Mike) and @WrestleBrand (Brandon) talk WWE on a monthly basis.

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We talk about WWE. And we are the only podcast that does. Trust Us. Don't Look it Up.
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6.10.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 67: WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

To be fair, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) sent in his audio days ago. This time it was Mike (@WrestleWatcher) who waited until the last second. Mike talks about the week that was in wrestling leading up to tonight's Hell in a Cell. We have no idea what Brand...
15.09.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 66: Mike & "Brandon" Talk WWE Clash of Champions

This is what happens when Brandon (@WrestleBrand) only texts Mike (@WrestleWatcher) his PPV picks and sends no audio. This is what happens.
21.08.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania Special Report: NXT Moving To the USA Network

It's been rumored. It's been talked about. It was said WWE would announce it this past Monday on RAW. Then it came out via an email and a tweet. WWE is moving it's NXT brand to the USA Network as a new live 2 hour weekly show. Why? Let's be honest - to...
10.08.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 65 : NXT Takeover: Toronto & Summerslam 2019

Garys worldwide rejoice! The sexiest podasting duo in the known universe, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand), are back to talk SUMMERSLAM and NXT Takeover. Brandon talks for an entire 7 F'n minutes. You get what you pay for.
13.07.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 63 : WWE Extreme Rules 2019

Your favorite crime-fighting duo of pure sizzling male sexuality, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand), are back to talk into their phones about a WWE PPV that is happening this Sunday. Gary gets it.
21.06.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 63 : Where The Hell Did WWE Stomping Grounds Come From??

Seriously? This PPV seemed to pop up out of nowhere - and yet, do we actually hear Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) talking about to TO EACH OTHER!? It's True! There was some audio recording trouble - and a lack of overall passion - b...
18.05.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 62 : Shortest WWE Money in the Bank Podcast Ever?

Brandon (TWITTER REDACTED) put as little effort into this episode as possible. Mike's (@WrestleWatcher) contribution isn't much longer - but it at least took some effort. Anyway, Money in the Bank is tomorrow night - so better later than never? Send ...
5.04.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 61 : WrestleMania 35 & NXT Takeover: New York

Brandon is dead. Mike (@WrestleWatcher) decided that rather than just ignoring the fact that Brandon (@WrestleBrand) didn't have time to record because he's SO BUSY before going IN PERSON to see NXT Takeover AND WrestleMania - his character should just...
10.03.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 60 : WWE Fastlane

Welcome back smart listeners. Are you ready for some smart and thoughtful podcasting? Well we sure as shit hope not, because we don't want to set any expectations. In that way, we can always make sure we deliver what we promise - and in this case it's ...
16.02.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 59 : WWE Elimination Chamber

In this episode featuring the most handsome podcasters in America, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) pours his heart and soul out to Gary and anyone else who might be listening. He talks for almost 30 minutes. Then Brandon (@WrestleBrand) talked for less than 10 ...
26.01.2019 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 58 : Royal Rumble 2019 and NXT Takeover Phoenix

Our handsome hosts had every intention of recording this episode together - but something went horribly wrong when they were recording another show and time got the best of them. That something that went wrong is named Mike (@WrestleWatcher). He basica...
15.12.2018 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 57 : Brandon And Mike Will Probably Watch WWE TLC

Hello Loyal Garys! We are back with an episode of WWE TLC featuring the heel (@WrestleBrand) and the hunk (@WrestleWatcher). WWE television hasn't been all that great, but that won't stop these jerks from watching TLC tomorrow night. Probably.
17.11.2018 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 56 : Talking WWE NXT Takeover: Wargames AND Survivor Series

Hark the Herald Asshole Sings! Brandon (@WrestleBrand) returns to the show after we almost luckily were rid of him for good. Listen to him and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talk about tonight's NXT Takeover Wargames and tomorrow's Survivor Series! Or don't, i...
1.11.2018 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 55 : WWE Crown Jewel Is Happening If You Like It Or Not

Mike is back with another episode of WrestleFania! Two in one week??? Yes WWE is going ahead with Crown Jewel whether you like it or not. I'll have it on in the background whilst I am working....brutha. Again, no Brandon this time around. Gary he jus...
28.10.2018 https://i.imgur.com/Bk9FZp8.png

WrestleFania 54 : Mike Talks About WWE Evolution

Hello Loyal Garys! I have to be honest, I almost forgot to do an episode for WWE Evolution, the first all female PPV from WWE! I've been busy with work and more busy with my Red Sox. Also, I didn't even bother to ask Brandon to record - he's too good ...

WrestleFania 53 : Mike Talks A Little About WWE Super Show-Down

In this episode are more handsome host talks a little bit about the Australian Super Show happening tomorrow.

WrestleFania 52 : WWE Hell In A Cell 2018

The boys are back in town. Not in the same town. Not even talking at the same time. But they are both in fact in this episode. Together...Separately. Oh and they talk about WWE Hell in a Cell 2018DOWNLOAD: MP3SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | RSSFOLLOW: @...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 51 : WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn 4 & Summerslam 2018

Wait what is this? A podcast about wrestling where both the hosts are talking? To each other? And Mike had a camera where???DOWNLOAD: MP3SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | RSSFOLLOW: @WrestleFaniaPod | @WrestleBrand | @WrestleWatcher
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 50 : WWE Extreme Rules 2018

Hello again Gary! Hope you're having a good summer. Here, listen to Brandon and Mike talk about tomorrow night's WWE Extreme Rules PPV. And don't forget to always wear sunscreen when you're out in that summer sun!DOWNLOAD: MP3SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitch...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 49: NXT Takeover & Money in the Bank 2018

In an embarrassing turn of events, Mike is talking into his phone this time around - and Brandon is basically whispering into a microphone. Oh and they talk Money in the Bank and NXT Takeover. Hi Gary!DOWNLOAD: MP3SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | RSSFOLL...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 48: Brandon Forgot About WWE Backlash. Mike Didn't.

The term "Better Late Than Never" is put to the test as Mike attempts to preview tomorrow night's WWE Backlash show. Oh and #WheresBrandon?DOWNLOAD: MP3SUBSCRIBE: iTunes | Stitcher | RSSFOLLOW: @WrestleFaniaPod | @WrestleBrand | @WrestleWatcher
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 47: Mike Finally Uploaded the WrestleMania 34 Show

Mike finally put up the show. Hoorah.Download MP3 | iTunes | Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS | Follow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 46: Mike Makes All The Right WWE Fastlane Predictions

The real host of WrestleFania is back and he brought all his amazing predictions with him. Won't you stick around and listen to the great @WrestleWatcher perfectly tell you what WILL happen at WWE Fastlane this Sunday?Download MP3 | iTunes | Stitcher |...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 45: Brandon Discusses WWE Elimination Chamber For Almost 11 Minutes!

In this award winning episode Brandon (@WrestleBrand) dicusses WWE's Elimination Chamber that takes place this Sunday night on the WWE Network!Download MP3 | iTunes | Stitcher | Subscribe via RSS | Follow @WrestleFaniaPod on Twitter
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 44: Royal Rumble 2018, RAW 25, NXT Takeover, and some Enzo Talk...

In this episode Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) talk about the 2018 WWE Royal Rumble, NXT Takeover, RAW 25, XFL, and Enzo....Well, at least that was the goal.Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleF...
FansNotExperts.com author

The WrestleBrand Christmas Spectacular

The actual real Brandon (@WrestleBrand) hosts his very own Christmas Special. If you haven't lost all respect for us yet, give it a listen! And Merry Christmas from WrestleFania!Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the Wrestle...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 43: Mike Makes His WWE Clash of Champions Picks With Style

Got 5 minutes to spare? Then do I have the podcast for YOU! There's singing! There's laughter! There's magic in the air when Mike (@WrestleWatcher) goes solo and "talks" about his WWE Clash of Champions predictions. And no, you won't have to hear Brand...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 42: Together Again For NXT Takeover and Survivor Series

What in the world is this? Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) together again! The audio quality is awful and the wrestling talk is kept to a minimum, but hey as long as Gary's happy, right?Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on Stitc...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 41: Brandon Predicts WWE TLC A Bit Too Early

About 48 hours ago, Mediocre Brandon (@WrestleBrand) mailed Handsome Mike (@WrestleWatcher) a cassette tape of his WWE TLC Predictions. By the time Mike was able to convert the cassette into a digital format, TLC's big matches all changed due to illnes...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 40: Handsome Mike Discusses WWE Hell in a Cell

Not gonna lie - for two PPV's in a row, WWE has gotten us excited about their show! Hell in a Cell is this Sunday and on this most recent episode of Wrestlefania, Handsome Mike (@WrestleWatcher) is talking about ALL of the matches!And he takes a moment...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 39 : Brandon Talks WWE No Mercy

Who would've thought that a random RAW branded PPV in September could have such big matches!? That's right, this Sunday is WWE No Mercy and in the latest episode of WrestleFania, the real deal heel himself - Brandon (@WrestleBrand) talks all about Sund...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 38 : Handsome Men Talking WWE Summerslam

It's time for SUMMERSLAM! So because it's the 2nd biggest WWE show of the year - Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) obviously got together to talk about the show. Right?Wrong.They both talk about it - but not together. Schedules and lac...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania Goes To Slayer

Tuesday night, Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) missed Smackdown because they were too busy going to see SLAYER in concert. And then they turned on their recorder on the drive home.Of course WrestleFania and SLAYER are forever connect...
FansNotExperts.com author

Wrestlefania 37: Mike Eats A Salad And Talks WWE Battleground

Salads are delicious.I thought that you should know.I even ate one while I madeThis podcast show!I saw Brandon (@WrestleBrand) last night.I'll see him again next weekBut you get me (@WrestleWatcher) for SmackdownSo he can suck my deek.God bless you - a...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 36 : Goodness Gracious, Brandon Talks About WWE Great Balls of Fire

As a child, if you were to tell young Brandon (@WrestleBrand) that one day he would be doing a talk show about BALLS, well he would've thought you were NUTS! This has been a dream of his for as long as he can remember, and probably longer, though that ...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 35 : Mike Remembered WWE Money In the Bank Is This Sunday!

Sunday is WWE Money in the Bank, and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) was kind enough to remind Mike (@WrestleWatcher) that he had to do a podcast on it, or he wouldn't get paid this month.He meant to say - AND he wouldn't get paid this month.Download MP3Subscr...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 34: Brandon Talks For A Couple Minutes About WWE Extreme Rules, Extremely Late. So Extreme!

Tomorrow is WWE Extreme Rules, So Brandon (@WrestleBrand) decided to play it REALLY Extreme and wait until the last possible minute to get up a (very short) podcast talking about it. Of course Mike (@WrestleWatcher) had to remind him this morning. Luck...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 33: Mike Walks In The Wind, Talks NXT Takeover: Chicago & WWE Backlash....And #MoneyMahal

Mike (@WrestleWatcher) took his dog for a walk in some very windy weather - so the audio is kind've shit - to talk NXT Takeover: Chicago AND Sunday Night's WWE Backlash. Brandin (@WrestleBrand) will be back for the next RAW Brand PPV.Download MP3Subscr...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 32: Brandon Mails In His WWE Payback Predictions. Literally.

Mike (@WrestleWatcher)got a disturbing letter in the mail today from Brandon (@WrestleBrand). Legally we can't go into any more detail than that.Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on StitcherSubscribe to the WrestleFania RSS FeedFollow @WrestleFani...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania Presents: The Worst Excuse For A WrestleMania 33 After-Show Ever!

We promised you an instant reaction show - but the show is just too damn long for Mike to edit all the instant reactions - that he forgot to record anyway. So instead, Mike (@WrestleWatcher) turned on his recorder while they walked out of his brother's...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania Week: NXT Takeover Orlando

It's the Saturday night before WrestleMania and it's NXT Takeover Orlando. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) is joined by his brother Joe(@NHPunk) to talk about the show. But to get to that, you have to listen to Mike (@WrestleWatcher) first.AND LOOK FOR ALL THR...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania Week: WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2017

Happy Friday everybody - or I guess technically Saturday. Tonight was the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, headlined by Kurt Angle. Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) each talk about the new Hall of Famers. Brandon gives his th...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania 31: Brandon & Mike Talking WrestleMania 33 - Together Again!

Can you believe it? Brandon (@WrestleBrand) and Mike (@WrestleWatcher) are together again for the first time in a log time?? Be careful what you wish for GARY! This shit show goes on for over an hour - and Brandon really needs a better microphone or Mi...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania Week: NXT

WrestleFania Week is back for night three. Join Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) every night this week. Tonight - a recap of the NXT Takeover "go home" show of NXT. And is Brandon okay?Download MP3Subscribe via iTunesListen on Stitche...
FansNotExperts.com author

WrestleFania Week: Smackdown & 205 Live

WrestleFania Week is back for night two. Join Mike (@WrestleWatcher) and Brandon (@WrestleBrand) every night this week. Tonight - a recap of the WrestleMania "go home" show of Smackdown & 205 Live. Please don't get your hopes up.Download MP3Subscri...
FansNotExperts.com author