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Conservation Conversations Podcast and Radio show about the past, present, and future of conservation science. See photos of our episodes on our website, Facebook and instagram
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Conserva Perú- Life in the Amazon

In this episode we talk to locals from the Madre De Dios area of the Peruvian Amazon about engaging the community in conserving the biodiversity hotspot they live in. We also talk to Peruvian ecologist, now teaching out of the University of Washington,...
Pelecanus Radio author

Our Underground Neighbors - Burrowing Owls in San Diego

We talk to San Diego Zoo Global Institute for Conservation Research biologists Colleen Wisinski and Susanne Marzcak about the burrowing owl populations of San Diego County
Pelecanus Radio author

S2E5 - Knee Deep in Mud - Wetland Ecologist Dr. Christine Whitcraft

Dr. Christine Whitcraft of California State University Long Beach tells us about the disappearing southern California coastal wetlands she studies, how to restore them back to their prime condition, and what that means for coastal southern California c...
Pelecanus Radio author

Conservation Technology Profile Report #1 - Smartphone Apps

This episode is a little different than our normal episodes. Instead of interviewing a conservation scientist, I am going to do a short report on some newer technologies that have impacted the conservation field. I focus on wildlife and nature identif...
Pelecanus Radio author

S2E4 - Snakes on a Shelf - Reptile and Amphibian Conservation

Bradford Hollingsworth of the San Diego Natural History Museum talks about his work managing the wet collections of Reptiles and Amphibians and how his work will help save biodiversity in San Diego and beyond using citizen science and new technology. ...
Pelecanus Radio author

S2E3 - Ingenious Resiliency or: How to Save Plant Communities of Crater Lake

We talk to Jennifer Beck from Crater Lake National Park about her work conserving the rare plant communities of the southern Cascades. She and her team use incredible methods to save White Bark Pine from a multitude of threats. Climate change has also ...
Pelecanus Radio author

S2E2 - Shifting Baselines - Olympic National Park

In this episode we talk to scientists from Olympic National Park in Washington state about studying the coastal habitats of N. Washington, climate change, ocean acidification and what we can do as citizens to support long term research like what Steve ...
Pelecanus Radio author

S2E1 - Bioblitz! at Cabrillo National Monument

Season 2 is here! In this episode we talk to scientists at Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, California about their Bioblitz! The ultimate citizen science event using cutting edge technology, iNaturalist. See photos of the event at pelecanus....
Pelecanus Radio author

S1E6 - Listening for Tortoises - Conservation at Joshua Tree National Park

Desert Tortoise Conservation efforts at Joshua Tree National Park with Michael Vamstad and Kristen Lalumiere. Check our website and social media for photos of our time at the park and these awesome animals. or @pelecanusradio Host, inte...
Pelecanus Radio author

S1E5 - Big Birds and Tall Rocks - California Condors at Pinnacles National Park

California Condor recovery and conservation efforts at Pinnacles National Park and beyond. Check out our website at for photos of Condors and our time at the park. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram @pelecanusradio Host, Inte...
Pelecanus Radio author

S1E4 - Rising Tides - Restoring Wetlands in San Francisco Bay with Hayley Zemel

We talk with Hayley Zemel, staff scientist with Save the Bay in San Francisco bay, about wetland restoration and how they're planning for sea level rise.
Pelecanus Radio author

S1E3 - We Can't Afford to Relax - Conservation in New Zealand

In this episode we talk to scientists in New Zealand that are exploring new strategies and technology to restore habitat as well as save a species from disappearing, again.
Pelecanus Radio author

S1E2 - Bats! of Southern California with Drew Stokes

Wildlife Biologist Drew Stokes talks to us about the Bats of Southern California and his nearly 20 years of experience researching them. Just in time for halloween, listen to Drew tell us about the incredible diversity of bats on San Diego County and h...
Pelecanus Radio author

S1E1 - Cactus Wrens of San Diego County with Suellen Lynn

This episode is about Coastal Cactus Wrens of San Diego and a Biologist named Suellen Lynn with the USGS. Coastal Cactus Wrens are at the brink and Suellen and her team are working hard to keep them from going the way of the Dodo.
Pelecanus Radio author