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Who is Kristaps Porzingis? Everything You Need to Know

Scroll down for original podcast. How good is Kristaps Porzinzgis? Well, they say the sky is the limit with him. Seriously though, there is no real limit with this guy. There is a reason why he is called a unicorn. At 7’3, he can block shots, defend...
Full Send NBA author

Pod 38: Real GM NBA Headlines 12-16-2016

  The Rockets have renounced their rights to Donatas Motiejunas and he'll become an unrestricted free agent and will probably go to the Brooklyn Nets. Craig Sager has died at the age of 65 after getting cancer. Mike Conley Jr. will return 3 weeks e...
Full Send NBA author

Pod 37: Why the Minnesota Timberwolves Suck

  Why do the Minnesota Timberwolves suck this year? Every pundit and their mother predicted a 50 win team and the playoffs for this young team. But we knew better, as we pointed out on our season predictions a few weeks ago. Eveyrone said that Tom T...
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Pod 36: RealGM.com NBA Headlines 11-4-2016

  The Russell Westbook and Kevin Durant feud took a funny twist, with Westbrook showing up to the his recent game against Golden State wearing a ridiculous "OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER" shirt! Durant loves photography BTW. More topics covered in this episo...
Full Send NBA author

Pod 35: NBA Over/Under Betting Odds Season Preview 2016-2017

All files and audio are original and exclusive copyright of fullsendnba.com   We Da Best is back! We've got a season preview of all NBA teams' win totals with overs and unders. Golden State Warriors 66.5 Cleveland Cavaliers 56.5 San Antonio Spu...
Full Send NBA author

Pod 34: NBA News Roundup April 8, 2016

  Sam Hinkie quits the 76ers, which is something we all saw coming. I talk about Jerry and Bryan Colangelo, and why they have such an easy job ahead of them, as well as measuring how successful they can be. Kevin Garnett is coming back for another se...
Full Send NBA author

Pod 33: Nick Young VS D’Angelo Russell

  What a week for the Lakers! We discuss the beef between Nick Young and D'Angelo Russell, and what went down. I reveal who leaked the tape, why Russell messed up with his phone, and what this means for the Lakers franchise. I also discuss Kobe Bryan...
Full Send NBA author

Pod 32: Revisiting the 2009 NBA Draft

  The 2009 NBA Draft is turning out to be one of the most historic and fascinating drafts, due to great and terrible players. Aside from Steph Curry, perhaps on his way to becoming the greatest shooter ever, being slipping to #7, there was more intri...
Full Send NBA author

Pod 31: NBA News Roundup – February 26, 2016

 This week in NBA news: Joe Johnson has been bought out by the Brooklyn Nets, and he left $3 million on the table. I talk about his decision to leave money on the table (not hard), and teams he might play for. If he wants to be playing in the NBA Fina...
Full Send NBA author

Pod 30: Analyzing the 2016 NBA Trade Deadline

  What a dissapointing NBA trade deadline...for Doc Rivers! In this episode, we break down the 5 big trades that were made: Randy Foye to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Jeff Green to the Los Angeles Clippers, Markieff Morris to the Wizards, Channing Frye...
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