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This is the official Paranormal Inc Podcast. Listen to Rich Newman, Mike Uelsmann, and Brandon Delrosa discuss and dissect some of the most infamous paranormal cases ever documented.

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A logical look at famous paranormal cases.
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PIP Episode Four: Our Favorite Cases

Episode four of the Paranormal Inc Podcast is about our favorite cases from over the years.  We will be talking about investigations at the Devil's Backbone, Talbott Tavern, and the infamous Magnolia Manor--and discussing what we did right, and (most ...
Paranormal Inc author

PIP Episode Three: Famous Poltergeists

Episode three of the Paranormal Inc Podcast is about famous poltergeist cases from over the years.  Starting with cases in the 1700's, like the famousEpworth Poltergeist, Rich and Mike talk about some of the most iconic poltergeists--including theBell ...
Paranormal Inc author

PIP Episode Two: Ghost Hunting 101

This podcast focuses on Rich's new book, "Devil in the Delta," and the basics of ghost hunting.  We will discuss your team, gear that is needed, gear that is not needed, and the typical things that new investigators can expect to encounter while workin...
Paranormal Inc author

PIP Episode One: The Amityville Horror Case

This podcast focuses on the famous Amityville Horror case that involves the murders of the DeFeo family, the haunting of the Lutz family (made famous by the book and movies), and the investigations/evidence gathered at the actual house once the Lutz fa...
Paranormal Inc author