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On Your Mind is a weekly podcast about neuroscience. Hosts Liam Crapper, Adel Farah and Kathryn Vaillancourt discuss the latest research on the causes of neurological and psychiatric disorders, and the workings of a normal brain.

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An in depth look at cutting edge neuroscience.
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OYM97: Gradvice

This week (or month) on the On Your Mind Podcast:Sorry for the wait! Here is a real, honest to God, episode. It's got updates on Liam's Thesis and Kat's paper, some fun science news and lots of advice for graduate students, henceforth known as gradvice...
On Your Mind author

OYM96: Gold-engram Retriever

We are super stoked to announce that the OYM team will be at the Canadian Neuroscience meeting in Toronto this year, hosting an exciting newsatellite symposium on science communication!  Come talk about the importance of communication in neuroscience w...
On Your Mind author

OYM95: TCF4 is the Pitt (Hopkin)s

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:The hosts are taking the time to look at their respective big pictures this week, with Kat organizing and analyzing her onslaught of data and Liam working on an outline for his thesis. Fortunately, all...
On Your Mind author

OYM94: C4 Blows the Lid off Schizophrenia

We’ve got an explosive episode this week: we’re talking about the schizophrenia genetics paper whose press release has got a lot ofinternet attention recently.But first, it’s grant deadline crunch time for Liam and Kat and they’re sharing their very di...
On Your Mind author

OYM93: Oxytocin V-Day Special

It’s that time of year again, when you’ve got the urge to get close to that special someone, light some candles, and put on the latest OYM episode for a night of sweet, sweet neuroscience.  And this year, we’re delighted to welcome our official valenti...
On Your Mind author

OYM 92: SHANKs for the Reference Letter

It’s the first episode of 2016 and we’re catching up with our co-hosts and all that’s been on their minds.  Kat’s pre-winter break plan to get everything finished has backfired bigtime, but she’s learned a valuable lesson in deadline realism.  While sh...
On Your Mind author

OYM91: Make-Work

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:It’s back to our regularly scheduled programming! With the winter holidays looming, our beloved hosts are desperately trying to squeeze the last bit of productivity out of the season.  Kat’s wrestling ...
On Your Mind author

OYM90: The Kat Came Back

We’re starting to get back into the swing of things this week, with Kat finally returning from her travelling adventures with stories to share!  She’s discovered an unexpected excitement about bioinformatics while she was away, and so she’s been thinki...
On Your Mind author

OYM89b: Lonely Liam

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience PodcastKat's still in Europe (she'll be back soon) and Liam is all alone. He first takes the opportunity to talk more aboutScience funding and Canadian Politics and then follows a though train exploring how we...
On Your Mind author

OYM89: Gutsy Microglia With Aadil Bharwani and Shawna Thompson

This week on the On Your Mind Neuoscience Podcast:Liam is joined by McMaster graduate students Shawna Thompson (@mostlymicroglia) and Aadil Bharwani (@brainymicrobes), to debrief on SFN15, talk about the reproducibility project, recentsuccessesandtroub...
On Your Mind author

OYM87: NRFing SKITCHy NDP with Brad Dieter

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:We're joined by special guest Dr. Brad Dieter who tells us about his journey from running people on treadmills to running proteins on a gel.  Then we discuss the challenges of preparing for conferences...
On Your Mind author

OYM86: Totally T-Shaped

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:Kathryn has been so busy getting ready for conferences she hasn’t prepared for her committee meeting, and Liam’s been so busy not thinking about it he hasn’t gotten ready for conferences! Maybe he shou...
On Your Mind author

OYM85: Auto-pilot

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:Kat has had a dramatic change in problems, and now has so much data she can’t stop working on it (literally), while Liam has realized that maybe it was a mistake to sign up for so many extracurricular ...
On Your Mind author

OYM84: Shrinkage

We're Back!!This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:We celebrate our triumphant return, and realize that somewhere during our break we became senior PhD students in our labs. A lot has happened since we spoke last,so Kat catches us up on Tom...
On Your Mind author

OYM 83: Open Science and Closed Data

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:We’re back! If only for a moment. In this week’s dumpling powered episode Liam and Kathryn discuss working in groups, the Tim Hunt scandal, open science and closed off data.This will be our last episod...
On Your Mind author

OYM 80: Rett-y for Replication

This week on the on Your Mind neuroscience podcast:It's a double whammy! We’re talking about two papers looking at using bone marrow transplants and microglia to treat Rett syndrome in mice. After a 2012 paper showed some very promising results some ho...
On Your Mind author

OYM79: Egr for Cocaine

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast:We've got a lot peer review on our minds this week. Liam brings the story of fabricated data about canvasing for gay marriage, and Kats excited about ORCIDs integration of crediting peer review.Then in...
On Your Mind author

OYM78: The Brain of a Man

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast:Kathryn talks shares some advice for young scientists, and explains why we should embrace the flawed nature of science and Liam tries to untangle the unsolved problems of neuroscience.Then in this week...
On Your Mind author

OYM77: Eating for Two

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast:Liam and Kathryn discuss the joys of working with undergrads, and budget writing. Meanwhile Kat's been distressed by differences in reference letters written for nice women who get their work done desp...
On Your Mind author

OYM76: Health for the Homeless with Sophia Rinaldis

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast.We're joined by social worker Sophia Rinaldis to talk about the #addmaleauthorgate, whya teratoma is not an evil twin, and how to be more inclusive of other cultures in research. Sophia's interests are...
On Your Mind author

OYM75: Flies are the Shi-TS with Ian Blum and Robin Keeley

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast,We're joined by neuroscience power couple Ian Blum and Robin Keeley for a discussion on the difficulties of being in a relationship where both people want academic positions, or the two body problem, a...
On Your Mind author

OYM74: MOR Pain MOR Gain

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:Kat's away, and Liam is reunited with Adel Farah. Long time listeners will remember that a year ago Adel left academia for medschool, and Liam has recently decided that he will be leaving academia for....
On Your Mind author

OYM73: Klingon Repo Men

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast:Liam and Kat talk about whether or not the current post-doc system is broken (it is) and how to fix it, then what lesson can universities learn from businesses?This week’s paper is about the long term ...
On Your Mind author

OYM72: Get Cognitively Enhanced with Dr Veljko Dubljevic

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast:We're joined by Neuroethicist Dr Veljko Dubljevic  ! He tells us what it's like to be an ethicists, and lends his perspective to our conversations about peer review and the Human Brian Project. Then we...
On Your Mind author

OYM71: SAD for SORLosers

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast:Another week has gone by, and Kat and Liam are back to catch up over some science.  Liam’s got the proof of his review back from the journal and is reveling in seeing his (many) months of work in a for...
On Your Mind author

Bonus episode: Streaming Sun with Dan Wilson

This week on the on your mind neuroscience podcast:We’re super excited to announce that we will be live-streaming the2015 Sunposium: Neural Circuits and Sunshine, put on by the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience onMonday March 30 and Tuesday...
On Your Mind author

OYM70: Hyperaroused with Allison Brager

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast we're joined by sleep specialist Dr. Allison Brager (@beastlyvaulter). She joins us for a conversation about how to conceptualize your project as a paper, scientific vigilante justice, and how to write...
On Your Mind author

OYM69: Lets Talk About Bats with Maya Sapiurka

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast we're joined by Maya Sapiurka (@ppyajunebug), a UCSD studnet who studies how the brain represents space, and blogs atneuWrite SD.She joins us for conversations about the Junk DNA debate and why people ...
On Your Mind author

OYM68: Breaking the Blood Brain Barrier

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:We welcome back founding OYMer Adel Farah! We talk about How to make science a better place for women, transcranial electronic stimulation, and The scientist Magazine. This weeks paper examines the rol...
On Your Mind author

OYM67: Such a CRYBBY

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:Liam and Kathryn talk about the challenges of workign weekends, the implosibilty of head transplants, banning P-values, and 10 rules for better figures.This weeks paper is about the involvment of Gomaf...
On Your Mind author

OYM66: Life of PI with Dr Michael Nestor

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast we're joined by Dr Michael Nestor of theHussman Institue for Autism. He's got some great advice for maintaining a work/life balance while still landing a sweet PI gig. We talk about the ups and downs o...
On Your Mind author

OYM65: FISHing spot

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:Founding OYMer Adel Farrah joins us from Ireland to talk about publishing case studies, or fairry tales as he calls them, and the importance of antibody validation. Liam's publised his first review, an...
On Your Mind author

OYM64: Macho Estrogen with Ian Mahar

This week on the On Your mind neuroscience podcast:Kathryn may have abandoned Liam, but she left him in the capable hands of birthday boy and returning guest Ian Mahar(@ianmahar). Ian is in one of the most exciting phases of a PhD, the endzone, where l...
On Your Mind author

OYM63: Huntin' Frankenslices with Kimberly Girling

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:PhD student and Huntington's researcher Kimberly Girly joins us for conversations aboutconsciousness in a coma, planning your mental healthtreatments with your partner, and how academic fraudster Diede...
On Your Mind author

OYM62: Sexy Single Cells

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast:Kat's thinking about why some fields ahve more female PhDs than others while Liam wants to digitize his labbook. In this weeks paper somatic mutations are used to trace the liniage of single neurons in...
On Your Mind author

OYM61: Mind control Lasers with Huy-Binh Nguyen

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience podcast:We're welcoming Huy-Binh Nguyen, our new ephys expert, to the OYM studio!  He's here to chat about organizational skills, the use of consumer genetic data for profit, and the risks of neuroprofiling cr...
On Your Mind author

OYM60: High Resolution New Years

Happy New Year from OYM!  This week we're talking about our science/student resolutions, the impact of modern technology on our brain and about the way we diagnose and study neuro-developmental disorders.For links to everything we talked about this wee...
On Your Mind author

OYM59: Non-denominational Winter Holiday 2014

Coming to you from our respective hometowns, Liam and Kat have alot on their minds to discuss before the holidays.  Instead of a typical article review, we're talking about the role of psychiatry in the recent CIA interrogation scandal, the misundersta...
On Your Mind author

OYM58: Ain't no REST for Nipun Chopra

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:We welcome our special guest and fellow podcaster, Nipun Chopra!  He brings discussion on the philosophy of science, what we can and should do about scientific misinterpretation, and the value of a goo...
On Your Mind author

OYM57: ERKquake!

This week On Your Mind:In the spirit of the season, we’re talking about what Santa Clause might have to do with mental illness.  We’re also discussing the idea of read-only article sharing, the beauty of infographics, and the role of ERK in myelin main...
On Your Mind author

OYM56: KATs resist dypression, KYNA

This week On Your Mind:Adel’s back this week to talk about the platinum genome project, the seedy underbelly of peer review and the issues with using inbred rodents for science.  Also, our article this week looks at the relationship between exercise ph...
On Your Mind author

OYM55: SFN Good!

On Your Mind this week:We’re back with a special SfN 2014 feature episode!  This year's this year’s Society for neuroscience conference was amazing. We met and talked to so many interesting and exciting people!So we're taking this episode to recap the ...
On Your Mind author

OYM54: Clarifying Brain Training with Claire Champigny

This week On Your Mind:We talk about media representations of Schizophrenia, GMOs, science communication and Brain Training with cognitive neuroscientist Claire Champigny.For links to all the things we talked about, full show notes and more head to www...
On Your Mind author

OYM 53: Everyone's doing mTOR

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcast:We're talking about spooky science, gene patents and science idols! Then we break down the relationship between mTOR and the Huntington protein.For links to what we talked about, full show notes and mo...
On Your Mind author

OYM52: SKA2 Sucks

We’re excited to be talking with Ian Mahar this week, about Brazilian neuroscience, the nine circles of academic hell, and the consensus on brain training games.  We’ve also got academic writing on our minds and will end this week talking about a paper...
On Your Mind author

OYM51: Pruning and Postdocs

This week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast: Adel’s back for his second episode in a row, and we’re talking education and science this week -from the changing role of universities, to pervasive neuroscience myths and the over-abundance of post d...
On Your Mind author

OYM 50(ish): Still NFty at 50!

This week on the On Your Mind neuroscience podcastIt's a 50th episode OYM reunion! Adel's back with lessons from medschool and talk of understudied patient groups. Liam and Kathryn have been applying for funding, and the stress drove Liam to vacation.T...
On Your Mind author

Still not an episode :(

sadly, Kathryn F-ed up epidose 50, so we'll be back next week with OYM 51 or real 50 or something.
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OYM 49b: Neuroscience Retreats

We’ve got a special IPN Retreat wrap-up episode this week, complete with poster etiquette, brushes with scientific fame and on-site interviews.
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OYM 49: Then the next one's still 50

The computer ate the podcast. Again. So this is just a minute of Liam rabling about how frustrated he is about it. Back next week with real episodes, until then check out all our past episode atwww.OnYourMind.ca
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