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Topps Talk is a show that aims to entertain card collectors and general sports fans alike, allowing them to listen to an enlightening and fun podcast about sports, cards, and more.
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Episode 36 - Bob Costas and the traveling baseball card

Baseball aficionado and multi-award winning broadcaster Bob Costas talks with host Alex Birsh about his love of baseball cards, the one card he still carries around with him to this day, Vin Scully's impact on him (and the sports world), the state of b...
Topps Talk author

Episode 35 - FiveThirtyEight visits Topps has been right in the middle of this crazy and unpredictable election season, yet Harry Enten and Neil Paine were both kind enough to stop by during their busy schedules to open up a few boxes of baseball cards and discuss the intri...
Topps Talk author

Episode 34 - Tim Busfield gets The Call (and a card)

In this episode, actor Timothy Busfield talks about his career as an actor (Field of Dreams, The West Wing, Little Big League, Revenge of the Nerds), a baseball player, and as someone who acts like a baseball player. Listen in to also hear about an unp...
Topps Talk author

Episode 33 - The NFL returns (and so does Topps HUDDLE)

In this episode, we celebrate the start of the NFL season by playing interviews of 11 NFL rookies who stopped by the Topps tent at the NFL Rookie Premiere. Also on the podcast is Chris Vaccaro, director of app production, who discussed the impact of To...
Topps Talk author

Episode 32 - Brian Kenny talks stats in baseball

In this episode, host Alex Birsh talks with MLB Network broadcaster Brian Kenny on collecting cards and the evolution of statistics in baseball. Kenny recently published his first book, "Ahead of the Curve," which is in stores now. Also in stores is th...
Topps Talk author

Episode 31 - The Art of Collecting

In honor of August 13th being National Baseball Card Day, this episode is all about you, the collector. Host Alex Birsh talks with a handful of baseball card fans to hear about their history with collecting cards, and why they do what they do.
Topps Talk author

Episode 30 - A visit to Cooperstown

For our 30th episode, host Alex Birsh traveled to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum to talk with three influential members of the staff: researcher and writer Bruce Markusen, curator John Odell, and president Jeff Idelson. Listen in to hear...
Topps Talk author

Episode 29 - Sunny San Diego for ASG and Comic Con

Topps is in San Diego for the second straight week, thanks to MLB's All-Star festivities being right on the heels of this week's San Diego Comic Con. Host Alex Birsh shares interviews at the Topps booth at All-Star FanFest with Mets All-Star Noah Synde...
Topps Talk author

Episode 28 - Tim Lynch, UFC KNOCKOUT, and Stadium Club

On this week's episode, collector-turned-draft pick Tim Lynch talks about his love for collecting cards and autographs, and his journey to getting drafted by the New York Yankees. Director of app production Chris Vaccaro joins to talk about Topps' new ...
Topps Talk author

Episode 27 - Joe Block, the smell of Bazooka and Topps Series 2

Pittsburgh Pirates broadcaster Joe Block visited the Topps offices recently and sat down with host Alex Birsh to talk about collecting cards throughout his life. Also on the program is vice president of product development Clay Luraschi to talk about T...
Topps Talk author

Episode 26 - Lee Jenkins, Card Collector (and Writer)

In this week's episode, celebrated writer Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated joins the show to talk about his love of collecting cards, his career as a writer, and much more. Brand manager Kevin Eger discusses his newest product, Tier One Baseball, whic...
Topps Talk author

Episode 25 - The Evolution of Star Wars and Stephen Stanton

In this episode, host Alex Birsh brings on voice actor Stephen Stanton, who has been a part of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels television shows. He has used his talent in voice matching to bring legendary Star Wars characters to life...
Topps Talk author

Episode 24 - Only the Finest Broadcasters and Baseball

In this episode, host Alex Birsh talks with broadcaster, MLB official scorer, and writer Howie Karpin about his latest book, "Down on the Korner: Ralph Kiner and Kiner's Korner." He also discusses scoring his 1000th career MLB game, primarily for both ...
Topps Talk author

Episode 23 - The Walking Dead: Card Trader is alive!

In this mini-episode, host Alex Birsh brings on The Walking Dead: Card Trader team to talk about the new app that launched on May 12th!
Topps Talk author

Episode 22 - What does Star Wars mean to you?

In this episode, we ask the question "What does Star Wars mean to you?" Along with asking Topps employees, host Alex Birsh brings the question to Matthew Wood, LucasFilm sound editor and voice of General Grievous in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of th...
Topps Talk author

Episode 21 - Bowman is back, Alex Bregman talks baseball & chess

Bowman Baseball is back in stores, and brand manager Zvee Geffen joins host Alex Birsh to talk about the exciting content in the product. Birsh then brought on the 2nd overall pick of the 2015 MLB Draft, Houston Astros prospect Alex Bregman, to talk ab...
Topps Talk author

Episode 20 - Jackie Robinson Day, Tyrone Brooks

In this episode, we celebrate Jackie Robinson and the day that celebrates his achievements, which is celebrated throughout baseball on April 15th. Listen in to how we are commemorating the American hero through the Topps BUNT app and the new Topps Now ...
Topps Talk author

Episod 19 - Topps BUNT Day, Carlos Correa, and Topps Now

It's Topps BUNT Day on April 9th! To honor the day, host Alex Birsh interviewed budding MLB superstar Carlos Correa of the Houston Astros to discuss his role as the cover athlete of the app. Web content and marketing strategist Andrew Diamond leads off...
Topps Talk author

Episode 18 - Buster Posey, Legacies, and Champions (League)

Baseball is right around the corner...and what better way to celebrate than by talking with Topps' ambassador to MLB, Buster Posey. Host Alex Birsh speaks with the All-Star and MVP about his thoughts on Topps, spring training, and the season ahead. Top...
Topps Talk author

Episode 17 - Topps BUNT returns, and ToppCollector Matt S.

Topps BUNT returns for its 5th season, with exciting new features and designs that will make new and old fans very pleased. App producers Mike Salerno and Jon Hanford stopped by to discuss the 2016 version. Host Alex Birsh then brings on Matt Sammon as...
Topps Talk author

Episode 16 - Star Wars Card Trader Day

In this episode, host Alex Birsh brings on associate app producers Jeremy Lipsey and Keith Cuenca to talk about the Star Wars Card Trader App in honor of Star Wars Card Trader Day (March 12th), marking the one-year anniversary of the app. Listen in to ...
Topps Talk author

Episode 15 - Let's get Wacky...with Major League Baseball

Time to get wacky...with Major League Baseball. Host Alex Birsh takes you through the newest product from Topps: Major League Baseball Wacky Packages! Wacky and Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko joins the show, along with the product's assistant brand...
Topps Talk author

Episode 14 - Baseball begins (with Topps Baseball Series One)

When Topps Baseball Series One is released, it means one thing: baseball is officially back. Celebrate the start of the 2016 baseball season by hearing about how the product came together. Listen to interviews with the VP of product development, art di...
Topps Talk author

Episode 13 - Russell Tovey, and what's in stores for Star Wars

Actor Russell Tovey stops by (with his French bulldog, Rocky) to talk about his career and involvement in Doctor Who. Mark Von Ohlen discusses what Star Wars products are currently in stores, and gives a sneak peak into an upcoming product. Also, liste...
Topps Talk author

Episode 12 - In honor of Sy Berger

To start Topps Talk's second season, we honor the icon that helped turn Topps into what it is today. Sy Berger joined the company in 1947, and helped transform it into a staple of American culture. Hosted by Alex Birsh.
Topps Talk author

Episode 11 - Two rebels walk into a conference room...

In this episode, actors John Morton (Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back) and Taylor Gray (Star Wars Rebels) sit down to discuss their roles in the Star Wars galaxy, stories from the set, and much more. Hosted by Alex Birsh.
Topps Talk author

Episode 10 - The Doctor (and Murr) will see you now

In this week's episode, Impractical Joker James Murray discusses his career and the Jokers' appearance in Allen and Ginter Baseball. Brand Manager Mark Von Ohlen leads off the episode with the unveiling of the Doctor Who Trading Card Set, which hits th...
Topps Talk author

Episode 9 - Chuck Todd, and the AFL All-Star Game

In this episode, NBC's Chuck Todd calls in to talk about how card collecting continues to connect him with his past (11:00), and Bowman assistant brand manager Matt Bleiberg stops by to discuss the Arizona Fall League All-Star Game's most intriguing pr...
Topps Talk author

Episode 8 - Olbermann talks Topps, Part 2

In Episode 8, we play Part 2 of our two-part interview with Keith Olbermann. Keith discusses his admiration for Jackie Robinson and Mickey Mantle, and he waxes poetic on the way a baseball card can capture a moment in time. Hosted by Alex Birsh.
Topps Talk author

Episode 7 - Olbermann talks Topps, Part 1

In Part 1 of the two-part interview, Keith Olbermann sat down with host Alex Birsh and opened 2015 Topps Archives Baseball while discussing how collecting baseball cards have impacted his career and life.
Topps Talk author

Episode 6 - BUNT in October, and life in Minor League Baseball

In this episode, Mike Salerno (TOPPSMike) talks about features and prizes to look for during the postseason in BUNT, and we welcome three minor leaguers (Paul Dejong, Todd Hankins, and Aaron Wilkerson) to talk about their life in the Minor Leagues whil...
Topps Talk author

Episode 5 - Tyrone Brooks, Topps HUDDLE, and Star Wars excitment

In this week's episode, we have something for everyone: a look into this year's version of the Topps HUDDLE app, an interview with director of player personnel for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Tyrone Brooks (10:35), and a breakdown of the exciting new Star ...
Topps Talk author

Episode 4 - ESPN's Mark Simon, Force Friday, and September Call-Ups

In Episode 4, we break down September call-ups to keep your eye on, ESPN researcher and writer Mark Simon explains his history with collecting (12:35), we look into Force Friday's impact on the Star Wars Card Trader App (29:00), and we choose a winner ...
Topps Talk author

Episode 3 - Fútball, Football, and the NFL Rookies

In this episode, associate app producer Chari Bayanker discusses the release of Topps KICK 2016 (:51), football brand manager Kevin Eger and assistant brand manager Colin Butler unveil details of the flagship product 2015 Topps Football (7:21), and we ...
Topps Talk author

Episode 2 - Star Wars, Topps Chrome, and the App team

In Episode 2, we break down Topps Chrome Baseball, the impactful MLB trade deadline (7:20), the Topps App team's presence (15:45), and the soon-to-be-released Star Wars Revenge of the Sith 3D and Star Wars Chrome Perspectives (23:05). Hosted by Alex Bi...
Topps Talk author

Episode 1 - Byron Buxton, Allen and Ginter, and the National Collectors Convention

The inaugural episode includes the "Bowman Breakdown" with Bowman assistant brand manager Andrew Diamond, an interview with Twins outfielder Byron Buxton, and a look inside the new release of the 2015 Allen and Ginter Baseball Set. Hosted by Alex Birsh...
Topps Talk author