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NPK Hydroponics Live: An honest, informal and passionate podcast about growing crops hydroponically.

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NPK Hydroponics Live: An honest, informal and passionate podcast about growing crops hydroponically
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A LED Lined Podcast: Podcast 178 - NPK Hydroponics live

A LED Lined Podcast Its summer and temperatures are rising, seems like a great time to talk about all things LED and how to get the most from them. We dispel some common LED myths, tell you about some new knowledge and discuss what we need to learn mor...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Top Ten in 10 - A hydroponic shoot out: Podcast 177 - NPK Hydroponics live

A Wild West Shoot out Ten Top Tip in 10 minutes Stephen and Barry go head to head in a hydro shoot out! 10 questions - 10 Minutes We try to give as much information in 1-minute as possible on random subjects chosen by Stephen and Barry... You're listen...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Vpd goes into the mix. Podcast 176 - NPK Hydroponics live

NPK Hydroponics Live author

Winter is not coming...: Podcast 175 - NPK Hydroponics live

Winter is not coming...   The cold days and freezing nights are now behind us The next 2 months are probably the hardest to grow because of the daily temperature and humidity changes. The most important thing to do is to check the 10-day weather app on...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Innovate vs Imitate Part III: Podcast 174 - NPK Hydroponics live

Innovate vs Imitate part III Who are the innovators and who are the imitators? Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery or unimaginative copying? Do we need imitation of great products to further our industry? All this and more in today's podcast wi...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Living Soil: A Garden Culture review - Podcast 173 - NPK Hydroponics Live

Living Soil A Garden culture review This week we review the articles in the latest garden culture magazine. Great articles throughout looking at the benefits of working with living soil and increasing the microbiology of your media. We also chat about ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

PGR's, the good, the bad and the ugly - Podcast 172 - NPK Hydroponics Live

Plant Growth Regulators What are PGR's? How do they affect plant growth? What effect do they have on human health? How can we identify the products that contain PGR's? All of these questions answered and more on podcast 172 PGR's... We're coming for yo...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The best of British - Podcast 171 - NPK Hydroponics Live

Best of British It's the best of British hydroponics product week Last week was doom and gloom with Brexit, so this week we decided to see what Britain has to offer with the best of the products podcast. It's also competition time, go to @npk_hydroponi...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Spannabis and Brexit - Podcast 170 - NPK Hydroponics Live

Podcast 170 Spannabis and Brexit Welcome back to another podcast with NPK Live This week we recap Spannabis and talk about what Brexit might mean for UK Hydroponics shops, customers and whole salers. Thank you to the partners CANNA San-Light Can Filter...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

To Flush or to Finish? - Podcast 169 - NPK Hydroponics Live

To flush or to finish... That is the question! Podcast 169 we take a look at the end of a plants life cycle, what happens during the flush, why do we flush, does it work? It's brought a lot of questions to be discussed as it's not a well-researched sub...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Balance in the garden - A Garden Culture review: Podcast 168 - NPK Hydroponics live

Podcast 168 Balance in the garden A Garden Culture Review This week we start our bi-monthly Garden culture review. What articles have been written and what do we make of them?  This edition was all about balance in the garden and how to get the best fr...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Flower Power - Podcast 167 - NPK Hydroponics Live

Podcast 167 Flower Power Stephen and Barry are back for an industry news announcement Talking about the power of the flower and drop those knowledge bombs.   Thank you to the partners Canna AutoPot San-Light Can Filters Revolution Microelectronics NPK ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The transition mission: Podcast 166 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Podcast 166 We're back for the transition mission What do the plants require during the transition period? Switching photosensitive plants from 18 hrs of light to 12 hours of light and what you need to do the get the most from your plants. Hope you enj...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The state of the industry: Podcast 165 - NPK Hydroponics Live

State of the industry Back into the swing of things at NPK HQ, Stephen and Barry discuss the state of the UK hydroponics industry.  What do you think of our chat? Did you agree or disagree? Let us know!   Thank you to our partners Canna, AutoPot, San-l...
NPK Live author

The Circle of Life: Podcast 164 - NPK Hydroponics live

The Circle of Life Seeds, cuttings, clones and young plants This week Barry becomes emotional over the Lion King and Stephen keeps it on track talking about the circle of life with seeds and cuttings. The best ways to get them to sprout and how to look...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The return of Barry and Ste: Podcast 163 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

NPK Live is back! The return of Barry and Ste for podcast 163 We talk about where we've been, what we've been doing and what's happening over the next year.   Follow us on Instagram @NPK_Hydroponics to send us DM's and talk about the show or suggest wh...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

NPK Live best bits part IV: Podcast 162 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

The final instalment from NPK Live's best bits - 2017 to our latest podcasts. We hope you've enjoyed these last few podcasts looking back over the last 4 years and we can't wait to bring the next set of podcasts over the coming years. Have a great day,...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

NPK Live best bits part III (Howard Marks special): Podcast 161 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Hi again growers,   We're back and for this episode, we've got part III of the NPK Live best bits from 2016-2017. The majority of this podcast is the best bits from my personal favourite podcast with Howard Marks, the international drug smuggler. Next ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

An interview with Revolution DEva: Podcast 160 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Live at the Autopot Summer Social Stephen chats with Greg and Marissa of Revolution DEva to discuss Gregs’ achievement as an engineer, he built an aeroplane and flew its maiden flight, as well as building a hydroelectric dam and has now turned his eye ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The best of NPK Live Part II: Podcast 159 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

  Welcome back listeners, how’s the summer so far? This week is part 2 of NPK Live best bits with tips, tricks and funny bits from 2015 and 2016. We had started to get a little better at this podcast madness so it started to become a lot easier to list...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Summer break part 1: Podcast 158 - NPK Hydroponics Live

We’re back… and going at the same time. For the next 4 weeks, we’ll be revisiting some past episodes of NPK Live and listening to the best bits, tips and interviews we’ve had over the years. Hope you enjoy and we look forward to being back in September...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Medicinal Cannabis in the UK: Podcast 157 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Medicinal Cannabis in the UK? This week Stephen is joined by Liam from WHG as they talk about medicinal cannabis in the UK and the politics, legislation and science behind the compound of CBD. Interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on this subje...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Pointless percentages: Podcast 156 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Welcome back to another episode of NPK Hydroponics Live This week it’s problem percentages. Stephen an Barry talk about the percentages on bottles and how they increase yields by X, Y and Z amounts… So if we add 10 bottles that increase yields by 20%, ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Billionaire Beef: Podcast 155 - NPK Hydroponics live

We’ve got beef with the billionaires A particular group of billionaires, who sack 194 people because their books don’t balance. 194 people who helped to build this industry and have families or people that rely on them. I want the UK industry to start ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Managing your media: Podcast 154 - NPK Hydroponics live

Welcome back to episode 154 of NPK Hydroponics live, it’s all about the media today, your growing media! Coco, soil, pebbles, perlite, water and more… How to use, choose and not lose with the media that’s right for you. Enjoy and let us know any questi...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The importance of water: Podcast 153 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

How important is water to plants? You know it’s important, but why? Why is water temperature, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, and pH all so important to optimal plant growth? Today’s episode, Stephen and Barry talk through the key points of ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Always take the weather (App) with you: Podcast 152 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Everywhere you go, always take the weather with you! Today’s podcast is about the weather changing and getting hotter if you’re in the northern hemisphere. What can you do to stay cool? What can you give your plants to help? Sit back, have a cuppa and ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The drama has gone: Podcast 151 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

Welcome back to another episode of NPK Live, 151 is a review of what happened on 150 and we discuss everyone’s thoughts and opinions from the previous week. Don’t forget to share, like and subscribe to the podcast, we love seeing where everyone is list...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The Hydro awards: Podcast 150 - NPK HYDROPONICS LIVE

It’s finally here, podcast 150 and the hydro awards with Stephen, Thomas, Slim, Jay, Aiden, Reg and special guest James from Mills who collected his award. It’s a long one, it always is when we all get together to chat hydro industry news. Things get h...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

On the road-Podcast 149

NPK Hydroponics Live author

The ‘Quest’ for the perfect environment: Podcast 148 - NPK Hydroponics live

For podcast 148 we were joined by Colman of Quest de-humidifiers… A pretty boring podcast if we were just talking about de-humidifiers, so you’re lucky that Colman really knows his stuff on all aspects of environment and just happens to sell one of the...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Greenhouse powder feeding: Podcast 147 - NPK Hydroponics live

Welcome back to NPK Live and episode 147 with Greenhouse Powder feeding.  We were joined by Dani and Jan to talk about their company, why Greenhouse believe they have the purest and cleanest powder feed with a mineral and organic range and also what it...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Mammoth P Part III (Cannabis around the world): Podcast 146 - NPK Hydroponics live

We’re back with Colin from Mammoth P but this time, we’ll be talking about the Cannabis industry as Colin see’s it.  Colin, one of the owners of Growcentia (The makers of Mammoth P) is quite literally one of the most hardworking people you’ll meet. Ove...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Birmingham CBD Club presents: Podcast 145 - NPK Hydroponics Live

This week NPK Live is on the road at the Cherry Reds in Birmingham with the Birmingham CBD club. They had Colin Bell (Mammoth P), Callie Blackwell the author of ‘Boy in 7 Billion’ and Jeff Ditchfield the founder of Bud Buddies. The video will be up on ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Plant Success’ Great White with Jim: Podcast 144 - NPK Hydroponics Live

This week NPK Live had the pleasure of Jim from Plant success, the company behind the very successful ‘Great White’ powdered mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria product. If Microbes and a very interesting American doesn’t get you listening, then Andy’s...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Spannabis 2018: Podcast 143 - NPK Hydroponics live

We’re back from Barcelona and the biggest Cannabis convention in Europe, Spannabis! We spoke to people at the show to see what they thought and to give you an insight into what goes on in Spannabis. The atmosphere was electric and the cannabis was top ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

James (DNA) Mills: Podcast 142 - NPK Hydroponics live

Today we had the pleasure of James from Mills in to talk about the range of nutrients making a huge impact in the UK market and also everything about the bottle colour change to why the products are doing so well in the UK Kick back, enjoy and thanks f...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The History of Cannabis - Part II: Podcast 141 - NPK Hydroponics live

In part II of ‘A history of Cannabis’ Stephen and Thomas look at the modern history since 1935 to modern day (2018).  What caused Cannabis to be known as, amongst other titles ‘The devil’s lettuce’? What were the reasons for making it illegal? Who were...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The History of Cannabis - Part I: Podcast 140 - NPK Hydroponics Live

This week, Stephen and Thomas travel back 12,000 years to the beginning of the recorded history of Cannabis and look at the what happened until 1935 when prohibition really started. Who first made use of Cannabis? Where did it originate? What was it us...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Winter top tips and an NPK Update: Podcast 139 - NPK Hydroponics Live

Apologies, there’s no Thomas this week. A very busy week at NPK and we just managed to sneak in a 40-minute podcast for you, top winter tips and an update on what NPK has been up to over the last few weeks. Hope you enjoy, History of Hemp next week! NP...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

An interview with Canna’s Pieter Klaassen: Podcast 138 - NPK Hydroponics Live

Stephen speaks to Pieter Klaassen from Canna. Pieter is an industry legend and full of grow knowledge, it was great to re-visit Cana’s products with him and talk a little about the depths you can go to when tuning your room to achieve its full potentia...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Medical Cannabis and its legality around the world: Podcast 137 - NPK Hydroponics Live

Medical cannabis is a very interesting subject and a powerful medicine for a lot of people. On this podcast, Stephen and Thomas talk about medicinal cannabis, what it is, how it works and the legality around the world. Really hope you enjoy this, it’s ...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

VegBloom+ talks powdered nutrients and Cannabis: Podcast 136 - NPK Hydroponics Live

We told you we were bringing it in 2018 and our first guests of the year are the VegBloom+ crew all the way from California. We talked about their history in the industry, the powdered nutrient range they produce and the Cannabis situation in Californi...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Welcome to 2018: Podcast 135 - NPK Hydroponics Live

It’s 2018, Stephen and Thomas are back and they discuss what they’ve got in store for you over the next year, events they’ll be attending and topics they’ll be discussing. A little clue? Cannabis politics around the world is going to prevalent on NPK L...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

Barry builds part 2: Podcast 134 - NPK Hydroponics Live

This week Thomas and Barry kick Stephen out of the booth to have some non-science talk. Barry’s back and he’s giving more pearls of wisdom on building grow rooms and a general chat about growing plants. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @npk_hydro...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

The NPK Interview - Podcast 133: NPK Hydroponics Live

This week, Stephen interviews Thomas about building a business and the ups/downs of the NPK Technology journey.    Hope you enjoy this insight into how NPK Technology has grown over the last 5 years and what the next 5 years have in store.   Thanks for...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

NPK Hydroponics live: Podcast 133 - The NPK Interview

This week, Stephen interviews Thomas about building a business and the ups/downs of the NPK Technology journey.    Hope you enjoy this insight into how NPK Technology has grown over the last 5 years and what the next 5 years have in store.   Thanks for...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

NPK Hydroponics Live: Podcast 132 - Foliar feeding with Optic Foliar

On today’s episode, we are joined by Dinesh from Optic Foliar, who talks about the benefits of foliar feeding and how Optic Foliar has taken foliar feedign to the next level by being able to spray with the LIGHTS ON!   Thank you for listening and we ho...
NPK Hydroponics Live author

NPK Hydroponics Live: Podcast 131 - Top 10 Top Tips in 10 minutes

Ten top tips in under a minute, Stephen and Thomas challenge themselves to give ten top tips in under a minute each.  What’re your top tips? Send us anything you think we should have included. NPK Live
NPK Hydroponics Live author

NPK Hydroponics Live: Podcast 131 - Top 10 Top Tips in 10 minutes

Ten top tips in under a minute, Stephen and Thomas challenge themselves to give ten top tips in under a minute each.  What’re your top tips? Send us anything you think we should have included. NPK Live
NPK Hydroponics Live author