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Episode 156 – #ChorskeForColor

Join 3 In The Box as we take a look back at the Wild week that saw the home success streak come to an end, but still pushing the Wild closer to securing a playoff spot.  We also get you ready for the important games upcoming and give you our prediction...
3 In The Box author

Episode 155 – One Buck Chuck

Another week in the books and the MN Wild build on their home success.  We chat about the shots for and shots against this Minnesota Wild team and their play to this point in the season.  Lots of rumors and speculation on possible moves.  Will there ac...
3 In The Box author

Episode 154 – Kenneyroke

The ups and downs continue for the Wild, but one thing is for sure. Your in for another great episode of the 3 In The Box.  We leave it all on the table here as we talk about topping the West and going back in time.  Sing us a song your the Wild man.  ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 153 – Grower Not A Shower

The Wild only had one game and an All-Star break, but that doesn’t mean we’re on break.  Join us as we break down the road woes and the All-Star game.  We also answer your Twitter questions [YOU CAN’T DO THAT] that you all submitted.  You didn’t put in...
3 In The Box author

Episode 152 – Bye Week and a Blizzard

This week take a break from the weather and join 3 In The Box for some Minnesota Wild talk.  The Wild come off of their bye week for Hockey Day Minnesota and fresh legs.  Take a look ahead to the All Star break and join us in the search for light in th...
3 In The Box author

Episode 151 – Two Johnson’s and a Kuba

Another year, another podcast, another overtime loss (or two), and another injury.  The Wild may have started their bye week, but 3 In The Box didn’t take tonight off.  We’ve got you covered on the happenings with the Minnesota Wild and for any of your...
3 In The Box author

Episode 150 – Zachks Change

Welcome to our first episode of the new year.  Good things come in threes, just like this podcast.  This week we discuss 3 wins, 3 losses, and 3 goals.  With the new year it is only right that we mention resolutions for the Wild, our thoughts and your ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 149 – Kross Kriss Will Make You Sit Sit

The Wild continue their OT streak and come off a successful home stand.  This week 3 In The Box bring you their unique thoughts and opinions on everything from stadiums to solar energy.  As we ramp up to the new year we mention some more faces returnin...
3 In The Box author

Episode 148 – Cam Cuckoo

Join 3 In The Box as we break down the Wild week.  Get the low down on the Pacific Coast swing and a look ahead.  We break down the teams and the names.  We also get to all of your Twitter questions.  Want to hear your question on the next episode of 3...
3 In The Box author

Episode 147 – Zambonis in Space

This weeks episode of 3 in the Box is out of this world.  We go into the Wild week that saw the team walk away with 2 wins as they prepare to head out on a West Coast road trip.  Lot’s of waving and waivers as we welcome home one of Minnesota’s own.  H...
3 In The Box author

Episode 146 – Radical!

3 in the Box break down the Wild week where the roller coaster season continues against some key divisional opponents.  Looking for answers to the current defensive woes of the Wild.  We also discuss the slap shot or the lack there of.  We answer your ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 145 – Your Women Will Melt in Front of Nino

This week 3 in the Box have you covered as we see the end of Dubnyk’s shutout streak and the return of Coyle.  We look into some questionably uneven officiating against the dirty Devils in our own house.  We also get to your Twitter questions and give ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 144 – 3 Non Blondes

This week 3 in the Box get’s behind the Zucker Dubnyk train as the Wild ride their coattails to a couple of much needed victories to finish out the eastern road trip.  We discuss the week that was and the week coming as we break down the ups and downs ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 143 – Slyder Casket

Welcome to the one-hundred forty-third installment of 3 in the Box.  This week the boys from 3ITB chat your ear off about the Wild home stand and the east and the west.  Try to figure out the blame for the failing Wild squad this season with us.  Asses...
3 In The Box author

Episode 142 – Back in 2 and 2

This week 3 in the Box chats your ear off about the Wild injury situation.  Get into the Halloween spirit and get your tricks or treats as we find the 3ITB Love Connection.  The week of highs and lows as well as what is to come as the Wild continue the...
3 In The Box author

Episode 141 – Send Them to the Glue Factory

This weeks episode is chalked full of injury talk.  How can the Wild deal with two thirds of their top lines out of commission?  Looking at overtime, we have you covered in this extended episode where we cover the pressing listener questions in the Twi...
3 In The Box author

Episode 140 – Juicy and Joyous

This week we talk about pulling the goalie with 4 minutes to go.  We also discuss delaying games with offside challenges and more injuries than games.  Don’t forget to send in your Minnesota Wild questions to get them answered live on the next episode ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 139 – Lemieux Hoo

This week 3 in the Box breaks down the Wild week that saw the Wild come away on the short side of the scoreboard.  We take a look at how the team has started off the season and discuss challenges that some new rules might be posing to the game.  We ans...
3 In The Box author

Episode 138 – I’m So Hydrated

Here we are set to start another season.  We wrap up our 3 in the Box preseason coverage and look forward to the regular season.  Hear our picks for the 3ITB Powerplay fantasy hockey league.  We answer listener’s Twitter questions and break some bad ne...
3 In The Box author

Episode 137 – OOgamon

We’re back! 3 in the Box is back from the off season.  Join us as we shake off the cobwebs and get up to speed with the Wild for the 2017-2018 season.  In this episode we discuss the preseason, wrapping up and the bible.
3 In The Box author

Episode 136 – I’m A Big Man

Drafts, acquisitions, trades, and loses. We got em all from pre-expansion draft to now. The Wild have made 21 moves in the last 2 weeks and we touch on them all. Plus, lot’s of questions from you, our fans.
3 In The Box author

Episode 135 – Curly Jo Bourque

The golden sun is shining and so are 3 in the Box’s picks for our fantasy expansion draft special.  Any surprise who will go from the Wild after the protected lists have been released?  Hear our predictions and much more on this off season podcast from...
3 In The Box author

Episode 134 – Smoking Cigarettes Between Periods

The Wild season may be over, but we’re not done.  Catch up on the latest with the Wild off season and get our modified playoff predictions.  Become a long time listener and maybe we’ll retire your jersey.
3 In The Box author

Episode 133 – 3 in the Chowdah

Welcome to the final episode of the Wild’s 2016-2017 season.  Sad but true, it is all over.  After a great season and a not so great post season we look to the off season.  What will change?  What needs to change?  What will remain the same? Yeo, yeo, ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 132 – My Coach is OK Yeo

Round 1 of the playoffs is here and it may be gone.  Join 3 in the Box as we discuss the Wild’s playoff performance, from the greatest to the goat.  Be sure to follow us on twitter @3inthebox and tweet your questions for our next, and hopefully not las...
3 In The Box author

Episode 131 – Canada Built a Tunnel

The Wild wrap up the regular season with a win and so do we.  This week we are joined by the first guest of 3 in the Box, Tony Dean.  We break down our predictions for the Wild in the post season.  The Wild set several records and milestones and we cov...
3 In The Box author

Episode 130 – …or 3 in the Hole

The regular season is winding down.  The NHL refuses international play unless it is theirs.  The Wild might be turning it around.  3 in the Box might be covering golf soon.  This and a whole lot more on this weeks episode of 3 in the Box.  
3 In The Box author

Episode 129 – Boo-ter

This week 3 in the Box try to break out of the slump as we gather momentum and excitement for the playoffs as the Wild have clinched.  Not completely on their own doing, but they made it.  Who are the best broadcasters?  Who is the greatest Ninja Turtl...
3 In The Box author

Episode 128 – Which Way Do We Flush

This week 3 in the Box welcomes friend of the show Chris Frost to spread a little cheer on the bleak outcome of the last couple of weeks in Wild hockey.  3 in the Box answering the hard questions.  Are the Wild flushing the season down the toilet?  Whi...
3 In The Box author

Episode 127 – Captain My Captain

This week we discuss the grind coming down the stretch to the playoffs.  The Wild recover from the mumps to triumph over the Sharks.  Super villains and strung out from the road.  Top 3 hair of the Wild?  Find out here.  3  2 in the Box (3 – 1 still co...
3 In The Box author

Episode 126 – I’m So Buca’d Up Right Now

In this weeks episode we talk about a new found love for Sundays and decide what to do when you have a bye week.  There is also this trade deadline thing and supposedly there have been some movements.  The world has gone to hell in a Hanzal basket and ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 125 – Ice Cream with Grandpa

Join 3 in the Box as we try to find something to complain about as the Wild continue there winning ways.  Guest @Timnado joins us for great discussion as we look forward to the playoffs.  Trying not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but it would take ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 124 – Jim Jones

In the episode 3 in the Box welcomes David Berding, a freelance sports photographer in the Twin Cities.  Find out what takes to chase the perfect shot in the fast paced game of hockey.  Sticking it to them and sticks to the face.  We cover it all.  Are...
3 In The Box author

Episode 123 – Dirty Birds

Another installment of 3 in the Box.  This week we take a look toward Canada, hat tricks and former head coaches.  The Wild’s history making road point streak may have come to an end, but the show must go on and we’re here to bring it to you. Right now...
3 In The Box author

Episode 122 – Everybody Loves Toes

Welcome to the latest installment of 3 in the Box.  Follow the leader and Bieber fever.  The Wild are the best in the west as we take a look at the future after the All-Star break.  Tweeters tweeted and we’ve responded.  What kind of skills competition...
3 In The Box author

Episode 121 – Breck Like Face

Join the guys from 3 in the Box as we prepare for the All Star break and answer your questions from Twitter.  Be sure to send your tweets with #3ITB to get your questions answered.  Also a very special Happy Birthday to Mr. Felska from the Crease and A...
3 In The Box author

Episode 120 – Speaking of Weiners

All they do is win.  When can the roll that the Wild are on end?  Playoff odds and All-Stars.  It’s all hear in this weeks episode of 3 in the Box.  Be sure to keep the Twitter questions coming in to get your questions answered in the next episode.  Tw...
3 In The Box author

Episode 119 – Pierre’d Off

The latest installment of 3 in the Box we discuss the end to the longest winning streak in Wild history and take a look at the Wild future through the eye’s of the World Juniors.  Hard to argue with the results for the Wild to this point in the season,...
3 In The Box author

Episode 118 – AIDS of Candy

WWWWWWWWWWWild WWWWWWWWWWin! “Winning” Winnersville Streaks!
3 In The Box author

Episode 117 – 3 Frostys and a Blizzard

Cultured dairy, flaming in the Staals, Haula at your lower body.  There is no shortage on Wild talk or laughs this week.  But in all seriousness, how could it be a bad show with the streak that the Wild are on.  Let’s just say we’re “winning”.
3 In The Box author

Episode 116 – Profiled Over a Toilet

Snow flies and so do we.  3 in the Box has you covered on the week that was for the Minnesota Wild.  Streaks and roles and gifts for the season.  What do you get for the hockey fan that has everything?
3 In The Box author

Episode 115 – Coming in Helen Keller

May have been a quiet week for Wild hockey, but that won’t shut us up.  Listen in for the 3ITB take on the Canadian tour.  Is it too early to think about the next Winter Olympics?  Not if there is money on the line or your 3 in the Box.
3 In The Box author

Episode 114 – Make the NHL Great Again

What are you thankful for? We ain’t no jive turkeys.  We ain’t no hams.  We got 99 problems and Bettman is one of them.  Is the NHL looking to please the fans or push an agenda.  Have a listen to the latest episode of 3 in the Box and find out.  Don’t ...
3 In The Box author

Episode 113 – Treading Water, Cement Flippers

3 in the Box. 3 Game home stands.  Do they equate? Kind of, sort of, maybe not.  Are we witnessing the decline of the Wild or the continuation of the Minnesota norm.  Maybe we are just fair weather and the weather has turned.  Hear us wine, hear us roa...
3 In The Box author

Episode 112 – Dr. Boudreau

Moving through the ups and downs of the season, the Wild continue to search and find themselves.  The new sheriff in town has his own laws.  Here at 3 in the Box we try to crack the code of Dr. Boudreau and find out what makes the Wild successful.  Wha...
3 In The Box author

Episode 111 – Welcome to iLavender

Welcome to November and another episode of 3 in the Box.  This week we discuss the missing link.  I’ll give you a hint, it begins with O and ends fence.  How tough is the Central Division?  Will the Wild end up on top.  Find out this and so much more f...
3 In The Box author

Episode 110 – I Have the Power

Get your costumes out and join 3 in the Box on this spooky Halloween podcast where we talk about donuts and childhood memories and of course some Minnesota Wild hockey.  Nothing to be scared about yet with the way the team is playing, but could there b...
3 In The Box author

Episode 109 – #ClownLivesMatter

Finnish Wild Mafia, come on and raise up.  3 in the Box discuss the start to another season and the new addition of right winger Teemu Pulkkinen.
3 In The Box author

Episode 107 – FOMOH FO SO

3 in the Box opens up the 2016-2017 season discussing the Wild and the upcoming season.  Testing out the new live setup where you can now tune in live every week for the 3 in the Box show and even join in the chat live.  Who made the cut?  Who’s time i...
3 In The Box author

Episode 107 – Top 33

We wrap up the Top 33 Wild players of all time with a podcast where we break down how we voted, criticize each other for the way we voted, and try to not upset the hockey gods by speaking ill of Jason Pominville.
3 In The Box author