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Catch up on the latest news from the Energy and Renewable sector in the North-east and beyond in the Northsound Energy Week podcast, updated weekly by the Northsound News Team.

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Catch up on the latest news from the Energy and Renewable sector in the North-east and beyond in the Northsound Energy Week podcast, updated weekly by the Northsound News Team.
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Northsound Energy with GE Oil& Gas: Day 4 at Offshore Europe

We look back at the big stories from across the four days of Offshore Europe 2015 in our special #OE15 podcast.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Special with GE Oil& Gas: Day 3 at Offshore Europe

We look back at a busy day at Offshore Europe. All the big stories and latest news from a day of conflicting opinions on the North Sea.
Northsound author

Listen: Task Force leader John Pearson on the shape of the oil industry going forward

The group president of AMEC Foster Wheeler and leader of the new Efficiency Task force set up by Oil and Gas UK, comments on the shape of the oil industry going forward.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Special with GE Oil& Gas: Day 2 at Offshore Europe

Today included two new announcements by Aberdeen's Universities.RGU announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Mexican Government - which allows a bigger and better oil and gas collaboration between the two.Aberdeen University als...
Northsound author

Listen: RGU announces collaboration with the Mexican Government on Oil and Gas

Robert Gordon University has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Mexican government which will see collaboration in areas concerning oil and gas.Professor Paul De Leeuw told Northsound about the benefits of the agreement for the North East an...
Northsound author

Listen: Oil& Gas UK Economic Director Mike Tholen on North Sea Operating Costs

Economic Director for Oil& Gas UK, Mike Tholen, discusses their report which suggests that North Sea operating costs could fall by up to £2.1 billion by 2016.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Special with GE Oil& Gas: Day 1 at Offshore Europe

The headlines and stories from the first day at Offshore Europe 2015. Proceedings kicked off this morning with Professor Brian Cox talking about inspiring the next generation. We caught up with him after his keynote speech.
Northsound author

We preview Offshore Europe 2015

We preview Offshore Europe 2015 with takes place 8th - 11th September at the GE Oil and Gas Arena, Aberdeen.
Northsound author

General Secretary Of BALPA Discusses Possibility of Strike Action

Our reporter Hope Webb sat down with General Secretary of BALPA, Jim McAuslan, about the likelihood of strike action.
Northsound author

BP Regional Manger Says £670m Investment Can Extend Life Of North Sea

Our reporter Hope Webb sat down with BP Regional Manager Trevor Garlick, to discuss the major investment and what impact it will have on the North Sea.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 13.02.15

Our reporter Phil McDonald discusses all the latest news from the North Sea oil industry, from the Oil and Gas Summit to atrracting Investment in Saudi Arabia, in this episode of Northsound's Energy Podcast.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Podcast 16/01/15

How do we save the North Sea?Join Northsound News' Hope Webb and guests including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Labour Leader Jim Murphy, as they try to answer that question on the latest episode of Northsound's Energy podcast.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Podcast 16/01/15

How do we save the North Sea? Join Northsound News' Hope Webb and guests including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Labour Leader Jim Murphy, as they try to answer that question on the latest episode of Northsound's Energy podcast.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Podcast 19/12/14

We discuss the all important Autumn Statement, what was announced that affected the oil industry, and whether the sector got what it wanted. We discuss Wood Group's announcement that they'll be cutting contractors' pay by 10% in the new year. And final...
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Podcast 14/11/14

This week we talk to the man in charge of the Oil and Gas Authority talks to us about his vision for the future of the industry. We discuss further calls for incentives from the UK Government to drill new wells in the North Sea.We look at the offical l...
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Podcast 3/10/14

This week we hear from Oil and Gas UK's Malcolm Webb on the need for cost cutting in the North Sea - and what items of clothing are banned from offshore helicopters?
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 12/09/12

This week we talk to experts about just how much Oil and Gas there is left in the North Sea....
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 15.8.14

This week, major oil developments in Aberdeen reach milestones, warnings overweight offshore workers could get more protection under EU law and job cuts announced at Shell.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 1.8.14

This week, the chancellor tells us they're committed to making the most of the North Sea's remaining resources, we get the SNP's response and a controversial substation for a major wind project's given the go ahead.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 18.7.14

This week, the UK Government wants to hear from industry on the future of North Sea oil and gas, big job cuts announced at Chevron and further warnings about drilling activity.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 11.7.14

This week, recommendations the oil and gas tax and regulation regime needs to be overhauled, MPs call for a full public inquiry into North Sea helicopter safety, and a new emergency breathing system for aircraft is approved.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 4.7.14

This week, a new skills week's to be set up to boost the oil and gas sector, the North-East's hydrogen revolution continues and an Aberdeen energy firm put its name to a national football competition.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 20.6.14

This week, hydrocarbon releases into the North Sea are down, calls for the North-East to become an All Energy Hub and a deal's signed for offshore transport to a new North Sea field.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 13.6.14

This week we're back after a summer break with the inaugural Oil and Gas UK conference and news on a new energy regulator, a new work experience programme for school pupils thinking of entering the energy industry and fresh recommendations from the AAI...
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 23.5.14

This week, the Financial Secretary to the Treasury meets energy bosses over a tax review for the industry, there's a row over a major energy event's move from Aberdeen to Glasgow and Aberdeen's new fleet of hydrogen buses go on show.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 16.5.14

This week, Holyrood's energy minister on the Subsea industry's future, Donald Trump returns to the North-East with windfarms on his mind and a report claims North Sea oil and gas would run out in 5 years if we stopped imports.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 9.5.14

This week, the world's biggest energy event takes place in the US, Scottish exports of oil and gas technology rise and the CAA changes its timetable for new helicopter regulations.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 2.5.14

This week, a row over a summit on new CAA regulations, a helicopter operator welcomes new apprentices and warnings for the year ahead in the North Sea.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 25.4.14

This week, we're back after the Easter break with Airbus announcing a redesign of its EC225 helicopter gearboxes, a report says oil and gas is worth billions to the UK economy and Holyrood's energy minister says their renewables plan is on target.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 11.4.14

This week concerns raised over new helicopter regulations timetable, political fights over energy bills in the indepedence debate and inspectors issue an improvement notice to a North Sea rig.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 28.3.14

This week a new app to help offshore workers organise their onshore leave, Sir Ian Wood tells oil and gas bosses about his review of the industry and the 'Big 6' energy companies are to be investigated.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 21.3.14

This week, the Chancellor's budget is centre stage for the oil and gas industry, we hear from key players about the outcome and buses help Aberdeen lead the Hydrogen Energy revolution.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 14.3.14

This week two issues dominate the industry, oil revenues are the centre of discussion on Scotland and the UK's finances and the findings of an inquiry into a North Sea helicopter crash are released.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 7.3.14

This week, the impact of human risk in the oil and gas industry is discussed, technology developers given the opportunity to showcase new projects and another oil boss joins the independence debate.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 21.2.14

This week, profits are up at the Wood Group, the CAA makes recommendations into offshore helicopter safety and surprising results from the owners of Scottish Gas.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 14.2.14

This week, more action urged in the event of any environmental issues in the North Sea and elsewhere in the EU, Donald Trump loses his legal challenge to an offshore windfarm and a fatal accident inquiry into a North Sea helicopter crash draws to a clo...
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 7.2.14

This week., warnings from an oil boss over Scottish independence, safety improvements hailed in new offshore weather forecasting service and debate over the effects of energy wages.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 31.1.14

This week, MPs visit Aberdeen to hear evidence on helicopter safety, a report warns about the future of exploration drilling and Shell's profits take a hit.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 24.1.14

This week, Westminster's Transport Select Committee plans a visit to Aberdeen to hear evidence on helicopter safety, the AAIB release their latest update on their investigation into August's SuperPuma crash off Shetland and talks between unions and man...
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 17/1/14

This week a rise in the number of people working in renewable energy, researchers using drones to help map out the remaining resources in the North Sea and the Scottish Government urged to overturn a major decision for a proposed Aberdeenshire wind pro...
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 10/1/14

This week, we're back after the Christmas and New Year break with a fatal accident inquiry getting under way into a Super Puma crash in 2009, a major deal signed in the North Sea and Shell begin public exhibitions for carbon capture proposals in Peterh...
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 29/11/13

This week, Europe's largest floating windfarm off the Aberdeenshire coast gets the greenlight, MPs discuss helicopter safety and an oil report says a skills shortage is holding back growth.
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 22/11/13

After a few weeks break, Northsound Energy Week is back - this week, industry backing for a major new oil field, Northsound gets first-hand access to the North Sea's three main helicopter operators and oil bosses asked for their thoughts on the indepen...
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 18/10/13

This week....Events were dominated not in the North-East, but in the dispute at Grangemouth oil refinery on the Firth of Forth....A leading expert warns the UK Government to properly assess the risks of Carbon Capture and Storage technology....And air ...
Northsound author

Northsound Energy Week 20/09/13

This week, we marked one year to go until the referendum on Scottish independence and hear from both sides on the possible impact on the energy industry, a leading recruiter says oil and gas wages are set to rise by 15% on average this year and an Aber...
Northsound author