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A not-so-serious discussion of the week's NBA news. Special guests, and voted best NBA Podcast Intro Song by every set of ears that listened to it.
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168 - East Preview/China

The Hoopers preview the East by breaking down why each team sucks. Then they give their East playoff predicted order before weighing in on the China situation. - Why each team sucks (0:00-40:30) - East predicted order (40:30-46:10) - Get @me Dawg (Beal...
An NBA Podcast author

167 - Trivia 2

Brian Lee comes by to quiz the Hoopers on NBA trivia. Who will reign supreme in the second annual trivia smackdown - Trivia - Get @me Dawg (Eric Gordon) - Shout out and Beefs (succession, SI)
An NBA Podcast author

Super Hoopers - Pop is Washed and Racism is Bad

We go over how washed Pop is for failing at FIBA. Matt and Dave admit Jon was right the entire time. We also discuss Carmelo and Taco Tuesday, plus let everyone know that racism is indeed bad.
An NBA Podcast author

166 - Mail Sack/NBA comps for the Presidential Candidates

RUNDOWN The Hoopers are back for another mail sack. Topics include: who is the best NBA player with the least tattoos, the player most likely to fail a drug test, and NBA comps for all the presidential candidates • Mail sack • Get @me, Dawg (Jared Du...
An NBA Podcast author

Super Hoopers 165 - After Dark

The Super Hoopers go full on After Dark this week. Talking NBA sex scandals, bathroom stories, and not much else.
An NBA Podcast author

164 - Super Beefs

The off season rolls on, and the Super Hoopers pass the time by listing their biggest beefs in life. The hoopers do their best to get #cancelled by tackling issues they are no way qualified to discuss like: homelessness, the stock market, gentrificatio...
An NBA Podcast author

163 - Super Shout Outs

Slow news week in the NBA, so the Hoopers take time to shout out 5 things that have changed their life for the better. Lifes are altered and memories are shared. Follow us on the Gram-- Like us on facebook: w...
An NBA Podcast author

162 - Hot Boy Summer

The Hoopers dig into the mail sack and answer such imponderables as: who is on the All NBA round face team, who is on the All NBA smart guy team, do we love or hate Westbrook, and should we talk about the Suns more? Then Dave gives us a timely Game of ...
An NBA Podcast author

161 - Westbrook trade/ Win totals / Knicks

The Hoopers review the Westbrook trade, then delve into the early NBA Vegas win totals. #Knicksforclicks - Westbrook trade (0:00- 15:30) - Jeff Fox-Daryl Morey-Worthy (15:30-17:00) - Early win totals (17:00-32:30) - Get @me Dawg (Tyler Herro) (32:30-3...
An NBA Podcast author

160 - Summer League/Free agency Reactions

The Hoopers return to hiatus to find an entirely new NBA. The answer questions like: Who will win the title? Which super duo will miss the playoffs? Where will Westbrook go? And which NBA player spent all of summer league in the DJ booth with Diplo? ...
An NBA Podcast author

159 - Free Agency Inside Scoops

The Hoopers dish all their inside info on where all the big free agents will go. - Free Agents - Get @me Dawg (Jamal Crawford) - Shout Outs and Beefs (Goga, First Man) Follow us on the Gram-- Like us on face...
An NBA Podcast author

158 - MegaPod - Raps, AD, and Draft breakdown

The Hoopers react to the Raptors title and then rant about the AD trade. Dave does a special draft preview Get@Me, Dawg, then at around the 50 minute mark Javier Pesquera from the Stepien joins the pod to do an in depth breakdown of the top ten prospec...
An NBA Podcast author

157 - Blame, Karma, and Sublime

The Hoopers definitely place BLAME for the Durant injury, then they decide who has worse karma: Raps Fans or the Warriors organization. The Kawhi trade is re-litigated and free agency is pondered - Game 5 reactions - Who is to be blamed? - Raps fans c...
An NBA Podcast author

156 - G3 Reactions/ Free Agency Predictions/ Davis Trade Packages

The crew reacts to Game 3. Will they stand by their Warriors pick or will they back down? Then we predict where all the free agents will go and assess Anthony Davis trade packages. - Game 3 - Early free agency predictions - Davis trades - Get @me Daw...
An NBA Podcast author

155 - Game 1, Lakers/Rox drama

The Hoopers react to Game 1 of the Finals before reveling in Rockets and Lakers dysfunction. Then in shout and outs and beefs they reflect fondly on the Colangelo saga of yester year. - Game 1 - Lakers Drama - Houston Drama - Get @me Dawg (John Henson...
An NBA Podcast author

Keanu Reeves + Durant Beef + Laker Dummies: Ep 154

This week, Matt's a LilPartyBoi and talks about hanging with the G.O.A.T Keanu Reeves at a Hollywood afterparty, we give insight on the Kevin Durant beef, talk about Magic destroying the Lakers, and then Shout Out and Beef whether Ben Simmons is the ul...
An NBA Podcast author

153 - Celtics/Sixers Funeral and Live Lottery Reaction

The Hoopers give their initial reactions to lottery and then bury the Sixers and Celtics before previewing the conference finals. Stay tuned after shout outs and beefs to listen to the lottery live recording as Dave finds out the fate of his Knicks. ...
An NBA Podcast author

152 - Trade Simmons, Bury the Celtics

The Hoopers run through the fabulous second round series. Then in the shout outs and beefs, Matt rants about the Lakers and Jon about Game of Thrones • Sixers/Raps (Trade Simmons? Trade Embiid?) • Portland/Denver: Jokic Arms • Dancing on the Celtics g...
An NBA Podcast author

151 - Max Butler and Game of Thrones

The Hoopers run through the second round series. Then in the shout outs and beefs, the Hoopers talk way too long about wine and Game of Thrones. • Is Jon happy with his beloved Sixers? • Portland/Denver: the second place boyz • Refs vs. Everyone • Ple...
An NBA Podcast author

150 - Obama hired, Westbrook fired

Jon was so hyped from Dame’s shot he drove to Portland, so Matt and Dave run through the series without him • Obama should run the Lakers • Dame tha legend • Westbrook trade? • Get @me, Dawg • Shout Outs (Game of Zones, Crazy Rich Asians) Follow us o...
An NBA Podcast author

Super Hoopers - Why Ben Simmons Sucked + Jon's New Bestie Kobe

We discuss the NBA Playoffs and why all Lakers fans need to become Clippers fans. Then we discuss why Ben Simmons sucked in his first game in this week's Hilluminaty. We also talk Jon meeting his new best friend, Kobe Bean Bryant. Get @me Dawg (Larry...
An NBA Podcast author

148 - Mechanical Failure

The Hoopers persevere through severe technical and mechanical difficulties to deliver their takes on the Lakers, Kings, and the Sixers chances. • Lakers disaster • Kangz fire Joeger • Sixers playoff chances • Would you rather • What comes first Follo...
An NBA Podcast author

147 - The Playoff Draft

The Hoopers draft the teams they think will do best in the playoffs and then hold themselves accountable by looking at some pre-season predictions. - The Grun man is gone - Playoff draft - Early season predictions - Get @me Dawg (Bruno) - Shout Outs ...
An NBA Podcast author

146 - Candles and Porn

Jon and Matt run through the news of the day: Lonzo dumps BBB, Jordan Bell feuds with Mike Brown, then the duo try to decide which lottery teams have the brightest futures - Lonzo v. BBB - Candles and Porn with Jordan Bell - Lottery Teams - Get @me Da...
An NBA Podcast author

145 - Zion fits and Doc is better than Brad

The Hoopers (plus Joe Spellz) debate where they want to see Zion next year, then Matt unveils a series of wild takes that Jon must guess if Matt actually believes. Will the Warriors lose this year? Is Doc Rivers a better coach than Brad Stevens? - Zio...
An NBA Podcast author

144 - Mouthing off with Westbrook, Dolan, Kerr and Jeannie

Everyone in the league is mouthing off and the Hoopers take sides for each war of the words. Then in shout and beefs the Hoopers review High Flying Bird and discuss the college cheating scandal. - Dolan vs. a fan - Westbrook vs. a fan - Kerr vs. Draym...
An NBA Podcast author

143 - LeBron passes Jordan, Durant passes on the Knicks?

Dave is back to dump on the Lakers and dream Durant dreams. - Obligatory Lakers clowning - Suns goats - Durant waffling on the Knicks - Hilluminati: Celtics - Get @me Dawg (Spencer Dinwiddie) - Headlines - Shout Outs and Beefs (Chicago Tribune, Morris...
An NBA Podcast author

142 - Lakers, Small Market Successes, and Family Secrets

Nick Hurley and Steve Gossett join the pod to discuss their favorite teams: the Kings and Pacers. But first the gang tackles the Lakers implosion. Be sure to stay tuned until the end when Matt reveals a shocking family secret. - Lakers Mess - Kings - ...
An NBA Podcast author

141 - Charlotte Stories

Jon is back from All Star and he regales us with stories from Charlotte. Whose entourage consists solely of Detroit uber drivers? Who is the fattest ex-NBA player? Who’s mom seems nice? - Charlotte stories - Dolan selling the Knicks - Get @me Dawg (T...
An NBA Podcast author

140 - Mail Sack (Lakers core v. Boston core, LeBron Washed?, best young team)

The Hoopers preview All star weekend before opening the mail sack to examine Boston’s young core v. the Lakers young busts, LeBron’s washedness, the best young team and the worst unis in the game. • All star preview • Mail Sack (Boston young core v. L...
An NBA Podcast author

139 - Trade Deadline Madness

Matt's angry, Jon's happy, and Dave has given up. Trade deadline reaction pod. Sixers going for it! Lakers idiocy! Dave’s son disowns him. • Trade deadline • Get @me, Dog (John Collins) • Shout Out and Beefs (Durant, Wall) Follow us on the Gram-- htt...
An NBA Podcast author

138 - Anthony Davis-palooza with Joe Borelli

Jon is at the Super Bowl, so Joe Borelli from the Super Flight hosts our Anthony Davis pod. We break the situation down from all the angles. What is tampering? What should the Pelicans ask for? What should the Lakers offer? What other teams should get ...
An NBA Podcast author

137 - Everyone vs. the Warriors, All Star Starters

Jon hosts again! We take listener questions: could a team all stars beat the Warriors, what team is the most boring, and the Hoopers then draft the all star teams for Giannis and LeBron. Also Jon has multiple surprises some planned and unplanned • Mai...
An NBA Podcast author

Everyone Hates Jimmy Butler + The "Who's Getting Traded" Draft

SOURCES: Everyone hates Jimmy Butler. Plus a soon to be stolen bit where Matt and Jon draft which players will be traded soon. Get @ Alfonzo McKinnie Matt: Jon:
An NBA Podcast author

135 - Thibodeau, Butler, Davis trade

The Hoopers are back to break down all the happenings: the worst coach was fired, Jimmy Butler stays grumpy, Anthony Davis is not on the move. All that plus Get@me Dawg and a couple of Hilluminatis. Be sure to stop listening the 52 minute mark if you’r...
An NBA Podcast author

134 - Brookses and Kawhi v. Durant

Jon and Matt break down the Brooks debacle and then ask the tough question: what if both Durant and Kawhi want to sign with your team. Then in shout outs and beefs Jon and Matt can’t help but argue about Fultz and Ball again. • Brooks, Brooks • Gradin...
An NBA Podcast author

133 - Surprises and the Momentum Generation

The gang runs down their early season surprises and then Matt asks Jon and Dave some tough questions about their teams • Chicago drama • Surprises (Rockets, Utah, Western Conference) • Get @me, Dog (Rodion Kurucs) • Shout Out and Beefs (Greta, Ben Sim...
An NBA Podcast author

Super Hoopers - Jon Back! + RIP Tumblr

Finally, Jon has returned!!!! The whole gang is back and it's a wild one. Matt get roasted for his Lakers only pod, we catch up on all the things Jon missed, and shoutout some wack shows on Netflix. Another epic pod!
An NBA Podcast author

Bonus - Lakers Only with Tom Zayas and Andrew Johnson

Jon is still gone, so Matt indulges his Lakers love and does a Lakers only podcast with Tom Zayas and Andrew Johnson. • Early Season reactions • When LeBron decided to come to LA • Ranking the young core • Potential trades • Potential 2019 signings (K...
An NBA Podcast author

130 - Dubs, Wiz, and Fultz Drama with Joe Borelli

Joe Borelli from the Superflight podcast fills in for Jon on a rollicking episode. The gang debates Durant future, revels in Wizards dysfunction, and marvels at the latest twist in the Fultz tragedy. • Warriors drama, Durant future • Jeff Foxworthy (J...
An NBA Podcast author

129 - Butler gone, Futey Back

Futey is back to help Jon process the Fultz trade. Then, the gang eulogizes Carmelo’s Rockets stint and Dave tells us about his degenerate event: Chain crawl. • Butler Trade • Jeff Foxworthy (Rockets) • Get @me, Dog (Donovan Mitchell) • Shout Out and ...
An NBA Podcast author

128 - Who is the NBA's version of Obama, Ted Cruz and Beto?

It’s a politics ep of the Hoopers. Jon and Matt figure out the political equivalents for NBA figures. Then in shout outs and beefs, Jon unveils his worst take yet: it’s about climate change. Then stay tuned after the end song to hear Matt and Jon fight...
An NBA Podcast author

127 - Flailing Contenders with Dave DuFour

Dave DuFour joins the pod to trash the Lakers and look at the flailing teams in the West. Then we discuss the Ty Lue firing and GSW greatness before giving Dave’s career a boost with a new segment called “Takedown.” • Lakers • Thunder, Rockets flailin...
An NBA Podcast author

126 - Slamming Up the NBA

Jon and Matt adjudicate the Rondo fight briefly and Matt unveils a new segment: future nicknames. Then, in a special segment Brett Slamson and Randy LeDoux join the pod to share their more analytical perspective on the NBA. • Rondo fight • Future Nic...
An NBA Podcast author

125 - Predictions and Surprises

Jon takes over hosting duties as the gang review opening night in the league and make predictions for the season. Jon also talks about how he became real life best friends with an NBA player. • Opening night reactions • Prediction game • Jon’s BFF • S...
An NBA Podcast author

Super Hoopers - Western Conference Preview

The Hoopers preview the Western Conference as only they can. Which of these teams can f**k off and which teams will the Hoopers f**k with? Get @me, Dog (Allonzo Trier @ISO_ZO) Shout Out and Beefs (Open Floor Podcast) Get@me,Dawg tweets-- htt...
An NBA Podcast author

123 - Eastern Conference Preview

Joe Borelli joins the Hoopers to preview the Eastern Conference as only they can. Which of these teams can f**k off and which teams will the Hoopers f**k with. • Eastern Conference Preview: Off or With? • Get @me, Dog (Miles Bridges) • Shout Out and B...
An NBA Podcast author

122 - Butler Trade reaction and Special Guest

The Hoopers break down the Jimmy Butler situation. Who looks the worst: Wiggins, KAT, Butler or Thibs? Then Matt offers some unsolicited dating advice to women before welcoming a very special guest. • Jimmy Butler • Dating advice • Special Guest • Get...
An NBA Podcast author

121 - Durant to Lakers, Butler to who knows, and Kanter to the Supreme Court

The Hoopers open the mail sack and answer listener queries. What’s up with Jimmy Butler? Who will the Lakers sign next, Bynum or Durant? And which NBA player should serve on the Supreme Court • Mail sack • Get @me, Dog (Swaggy P) • Shout Out and Beefs...
An NBA Podcast author

120 - NBA Conspiracy theories with Wade Randolph

Former Rick and Morty writer and conspiracy theory expert Wade Randolph joins the show to examine famous NBA conspiracies: did Pop sabotage the AC in game 1 of the 2014 finals, did Nike push KD to the Warriors and what really happened to LeBron in the ...
An NBA Podcast author