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Steve Thomson and Eric Nelson have sports news and more every weekend afternoon on WCCO Radio!

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Steve Thomson and Eric Nelson have sports news and more every weekend afternoon on WCCO Radio!
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06-23-19 - 5 PM - Sports Sunday (Includes Final Pitch)

Steve Thomson reviews Sunday's loss in Kansas City.  Is it time for Twins fans to panic?  After that, Steve Carney updates the bite on area lakes as we officially hit the Summer season. author

06-22-19 - 5 PM - Sports Saturday (Includes Final Pitch)

Steve & Eric take your calls after the Twins' extra-inning victory over Kansas City.  After that, they update the day's sports headlines.  And should the Tampa Bay Rays really try to play some of their future home schedule North of the Border? author

06-16-19 - Final Pitch

Steve Thomson provides a recap of Sunday's loss to the Royals.  Plus, who will the Twins play next week? author

06-15-19 - 5-530 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve & Eric wrap up their time at Target Field by remembering the career of Joe Mauer and, then, turning the focus to Saturday night's game between the Twins and Royals. author

06-15-19 - 4 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve & Eric continue to preview Saturday night's game and festivities over at Target Field.  This hour, they welcome Pioneer Press writer Charley Walters by the WCCO Radio set up.  Our hosts also wrap up the Stanley Cup Final and the NBA Finals. author

06-15-19 - 3 PM - Sports Saturday

The show heads out to Target Field.  Ahead of Saturday night's ceremony to retire Joe Mauer's #7 jersey, Steve & Eric go on the field to discuss Mauer's career and this year's club.  They're joined by Twins Communication Manager Matt Hodson and Fri... author

06-15-19 - 2 PM - Ask the Expert

Mike Hanson from the state's Department of Public Safety returns to discuss the upcoming implementation of new Hands-Free law.  He also answers some of your questions on the rules of the road. author

06-09-19 - 5 PM - Sports Sunday

Twins Week in Review wraps up the teams long road trip after stops in Cleveland and Detroit.  Then, Steve Thomson chats about the Stanley Cup Finals, the NBA Finals, and preparations for next week's U.S. Open. author

06-09-19 - 415-445 PM - Final Pitch

It was another big day for the Twins' bats.  Steve Thomson recaps Sunday's victory in Detroit. author

06-08-19 - 130-230 PM - Twins Magazine

Steve & Eric review Friday's win in Detroit and the inability to add one of the two pitching veterans on the open market (Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel).  Matt Hodson explains a new policy revolving around getting into Target Field.  We also hea... author

06-08-19 - 1-130 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve & Eric look at how the Toronto Raptors and St. Louis Blues are on the precipice of winning their first ever titles in their respective sports.  Listen in to an in-depth analysis of the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Final. author

06-02-19 - 5 PM - Sports Sunday

We hear all of the highlights during another edition of Twins Week in Review.  Steve Thomson recaps the day in sports.  Steve Carney explains the week out on the lake. author

06-02-19 - 4 PM - Sports Sunday (Includes Final Pitch)

Steve Thomson goes through all the highlights from the Twins' Sunday win in Tampa.  He also lets you weigh in on another successful series. author

06-01-19 - 430-5 PM - Final Pitch

Eric Nelson takes your calls and reviews another Twins victory.  We hear the highlights from their 6-2 victory at Tampa Bay. author

05-26-19 - 530-6 PM - Sports Sunday

Steve takes us through another successful Twins Week in Review.  Then, Steve Carney explains what's going on in the fishing world. author

05-26-19 - 5-530 PM - Final Pitch

Steve Thomson reviews the highlights and takes your calls after the Twins secured another sweep on Sunday. author

05-25-19 - 5 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve Thomson & Eric Nelson review another Twins win on Saturday's edition of Final Pitch.  They also discuss Gopher baseball, Gopher softball, the Stanley Cup Final, and the NBA Playoffs. author

5-18-19 - 8pm - Twins Magazine

Seattle Mariners television play-by-play commentator Dave Sims starts the hour with Eric to preview the Twins/Mariners game and talk about the scorching hot Twins and the ice cold Mariners. Eric gives scores from around the league and talks Twins up to... author

5-18-19 - 7PM - Sports Saturday

Al Newman joins Eric to talk Twins baseball. Phil Miller from the Star Tribune adds he thoughts about the scorching hot Twins. Steve Thompson sits down with Rochester Red Wings broadcaster John Whetzel to talk about what's going on with the Twins AAA t... author

5-18-19 - 6PM - Sports Saturday

Kevin Calabro, Portland Trailblazers sportscaster starts off the hour to talk NBA postseason. Later in the hour Eric talks NBA & NHL playoffs and Minnesota sports. author

05-18-19 - 5 PM - Sports Saturday

The Loons return to the pitch on Saturday.  The Twins continue their series in Seattle.  The third round of the PGA Championship finishes out.  The Gopher softball team continues in their NCAA Regional.  Steve & Eric cover these stories and more in... author

05-18-19 - 4 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve & Eric delve into the NHL's conference finals, the use (or overuse) of replay, whether NFL players should fight for guaranteed contracts, the allure of West Coast ballgames, and more. author

05-18-19 - 3 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve Carney talks about how the fish are biting one week after the annual opener.  Steve & Eric dive into the Twins' continued success, Brooks Koepka's place among golf's elite, and the NBA's conference finals. author

05-18-19 - 2 PM - Ask the Expert

Last month, the state's Hands-Free Cell Phone Bill was signed into law.  But what should we know about it before it goes into effect?  Mike Hanson, director of the MN DPS Office of Traffic Safety, answers your questions on this new law. author

05-12-19 - 5-530PM - Final Pitch

Eric Nelson gives us a rundown of Sunday's loss to Detroit.  Is it a sign of bad news to come for the Twins? author

05-12-19 - 530-6PM - Sports Sunday

Eric provides the highlights from Twins Week in Review.  Plus, we hear about other sports news happening on this Mother's Day. author

05-11-19 - 545-630PM - Sports Saturday

Steve Carney gives us an up-close look at this year's Governor's Fishing Opener.  Then, on a rare off-day for the NBA Playoffs, Eric Nelson dives into the Conference Semifinal round. author

05-11-19 - 515-545PM - Final Pitch

Eric Nelson reviews the first game of Saturday's double-header between the Twins and the Tigers. author

05-04-19 - 4 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve & Eric look back on the Twins' victory over the Yankees on Saturday.  Plus, we hear about the NBA Playoffs, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and Vikings' rookie minicamp. author

04-28-19 5P Sports Sunday

Steve recaps highlights from the Twins win and what the team needs to do to beat the Astros in their upcoming series against the Houston team. author

04-27-19 - Final Pitch

Steve Thomson and Eric Nelson recap another victory for the Twins.  The Home 9 used a home run barrage to beat Baltimore, 9-2. author

04-21-19 5P Sports Sunday

Steve breaks down the big Twins win and what they need to do to beat the Astros. Later in the show, Steve Carney talks outdoor sports. author

04-20-19 - 130-230 PM - Sports Saturday

Ahead of a doubleheader in Baltimore, Steve & Eric recap the Twins' home series against Toronto.  We hear from Stephanie Johnson (executive director of the Twins Community Fund) about a new event geared towards the younger fans of baseball. author

04-07-19 5P Sports Sunday

Steve talks NCAA tournament games and his prediction for the big championship game author

04-07-19 - 4 PM - Sports Sunday

Steve talks NCAA tournament games and his prediction for the big championship game. author

04-06-19 - 5 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve & Eric review the Wolves' and Wild's seasons that come to an end this week.  Plus, they get back into the Twins' good start. author

04-06-19 - 430-5 PM - Twins Postgame

The team got back on the winning track with their Saturday win in Philadelphia.  Steve Thomson and Eric Nelson recap the 6-2 victory. author

03-31-19 - 5 PM - Sports Sunday

Steve gets us updated on the NCAA basketball tournaments, the WGC Match Play, and the week that was for the Timberwolves.  Steve Carney tells us about his first open water fishing trip of the year. author

03-31-19 - 430-5 PM - Twins Postgame

Steve Thomson recaps Sunday's win over Cleveland.  He also gets you in on the conversation. author

03-30-19 - 445-6 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve & Eric recap the Twins' 2-1 loss to Cleveland during Saturday's Final Pitch.  They also get into the Timberwolves' big win over Golden State, a bad showing for the state in the first round of the NCAA Men's Hockey Tournament, and the Wild cli... author

03-24-19 5PM Sports Sunday

It's Timberwolves Week in Review and John Focke interviews Tyus Jones. Later in the show Doh  Young Park talks Twins baseball for author

03-24-19 4PM Sports Sunday

Steve chats with Andy Greder from the Pioneer Press about Gopher men's and women's basketball for next season.  Nate Wells closes out the show to talk about the Women's National Championship game between Minnesota and Wisconsin for the Star Tribune. author

03-23-19 - 5 PM - Sports Saturday

Former Gopher hoopster Richard Coffey is playing the role of proud dad Saturday.  He talks about this year's Gopher team (featuring son Amir) as they get ready to play for a spot in the Sweet 16.  Eric gives us his predictions for the 2019 MLB season. author

03-23-19 - 4 PM - Sports Saturday

Steve & Eric dig deeper into the Gopher-Spartan tilt in Des Moines, how the Vikings are handling the offseason, and what they'd like to see from the Timberwolves after the team was eliminated from playoff contention. author

03-23-19 - 3 PM - Sports Saturday

Mike Max is headed back to Des Moines to cover the Gophers' 2nd round NCAA matchup with Michigan State.  He joins us from the road.  With the season opener less than a week away, Steve & Eric dive into the Twins. author

03-23-19 - 2 PM - Sports Saturday

Did Michigan State coach Tom Izzo cross the line by yelling at one of his players?  Where do the Wild stand in the race for a berth in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?  Was the Gopher men's hockey program effected poorly after moving to the Big Ten Hockey Con... author

03-17-19 - 7-730 PM - Sports Sunday

During this episode of Timberwolves Week is Review, Steve Thomson goes through all of the highlights ahead of the team's Sunday night tilt in Houston.  Plus, John Focke catches up with Robert Covington. author

03-17-19 - 5 PM - Sports Sunday

We hear from Brian Cosgriff, head coach of the Class 4A champion Hopkins girls' basketball team.  Star Tribune reporter Jim Paulsen wraps up the State Gymnastics tournament and previews the upcoming Wrestling tournament.  Throughout the hour, producer ... author

03-17-19 - 4 PM - Sports Sunday

Steve Carney explains the Domicile Law and the Carry Law.  Gopher women's hockey coach Brad Frost describes how his squad worked their way to another Frozen Four.  Phil Miller updates what's happening with the Twins at Spring Training.  Dane Mizutani c... author

03-17-19 - 3 PM - Sports Sunday

Park Center boys' basketball coach James Ware talks about his team being the #1 seed in next week's Class 4A State Tournament.  Pioneer Press writer Andy Greder looks at the Big Ten tourney run for the Gopher men's hoops team, as well as the early star... author