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Brought to you by the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW), Nevada Wild is a weekly, audio program designed to take an in-depth look at issues impacting wildlife. The program features news, information and comprehensive interviews with staff and guests about matters related to hunting, fishing, boating, wildlife watching, species management, outdoor safety and a host of other topics. The program is hosted by Edwin Lyngar and Teresa Malloy.

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Get Involved with Wildlife Through Bird Watching

One of the easiest ways people can get involved with wi […]

A Promising Year for Ice Fishing In Nevada

With the onset of winter, many people in Nevada begin to think about Ice Fishing. A wet 2017 should make for some the good ice fishing this year. Unlike fishing in the spring or fall, anglers need to take some extra equipment and safety precautions bef...

NDOW fisheries biologist salvage fish in Willow Creek Reservoir

People who fish in Nevada know many of the more remote spots that are some of the most special places to catch fish anywhere in America. Willow Creek, near Midas, is one such place. It's a man-made reservoir where you can catch crappie alongside Nevada...

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Enthusiast

If you have a sportsman in your life, Christmas is a great opportunity to help them get the gear they need to pursue their outdoor passions. This week on Nevada Wild, Edwin sits down with biologist Chris Crookshanks, and outdoor educators Aaron Keller ...

Nevada’s Success Managing the Columbia Spotted Frog

Regular listeners to the show know that in addition to game species, NDOW is also tasked with management of every other species in Nevada, including animals as diverse as bats and frogs. On today's show, learn about one of Nevada’s big successes with a...

Southern Nevada’s Late Fall and Winter Recreation Opportunities

Most people think about boating and fishing during the warmer months of the year, but Nevada has great opportunities year around, especially in Southern Nevada. If you are going to go out fishing or boating in November or December, you can have a great...

Oxbow Nature Study Area Features Raptors

NDOW's Wildlife Education program conducts monthly community events at the Oxbow Nature Study Area just outside of downtown Reno on the Truckee River. This month it will feature raptors, including owls, hawks and other birds of prey. This week, Edwin s...

The Benefits of Consuming Wild Game

A short time ago, we covered big game cooking classes on Nevada Wild. This week, we again talk about the benefits of consuming wild game and how you can learn how to do it. This week, Edwin sits down with Kristy Crabtree from Nevada Foodies, NDOW emplo...

Nothing To It! Wild Game Cooking Class

A great many people love to hunt and fish, but some spo […]

Waterfowl Hunting

As the weather grows cold, many people start thinking about hunting, especially waterfowl hunting. NDOW has many resources for would-be waterfowl hunters, from waterfowl seminars to a new Small Game Guide to eminently knowledgeable biologists. This wee...

Reptile Collection

Nevada is home to many species of reptile, some of which are both rare and valuable. For many years, state law allowed for unlimited commercial harvest of reptiles for resale, but the law recently changed due to shrinking numbers of some of these speci...

Fall Fishing

After a wet winter and hot summer, some of the best fishing of the year is now happening in Nevada. Many people equate fishing with spring, but if you only fish springtime, you’ll miss the great opportunities to get out right now. This week, Edwin sits...

A Conversation with Director Wasley – Part 2: Wildlife Management

This week, Edwin sits down for the second of two discussions with NDOW Director Tony Wasley to talk about the bigger picture of Wildlife Management. This week we dig deeper into the philosophy of wildlife management which is the undercurrent for everyt...
Nevada Wild author

NDOW’s New License System

Technology has touched every aspect of commerce and the interactions between people, government, and business. And the wildlife, boating and outdoor recreation business is no different. This year, NDOW has embarked on an ambitious program to simplify i...
Nevada Wild author

2017 Chukar Forcast is Here!

Chukar season is just around the corner, and with the season comes a new chukkar forecast. This week, Edwin sits down with Game Biologist Shawn Espinosa for a preview of chukar season.
Nevada Wild author

Operation Game Thief

The Operation Game Thief (OGT) Program is a critical component to stopping wildlife crime. The program seeks out donations to pay rewards for information on wildlife crime, but OGT doesn’t do it alone. This past spring, the OGT program held a raffle, a...
Nevada Wild author

Northern Pike – Comins Lake

Just a few months ago, Nevada Wild talked about the great success NDOW had eliminating Northern Pike from Comins Lake. Yet, just last month, biologists discovered new Northern Pike illegally introduced back into the lake. These invasive fish could very...
Nevada Wild author

Life Jacket Loaner Stations

The water flows on the Truckee and other rivers in Nevada have finally slowed, bringing boaters and swimmers out in force. Even with low flows, moving water can still be very dangerous. To help promote water safety, The Nevada Department of Wildlife, t...
Nevada Wild author

Living with Coyotes

Coyotes are a part of life in the high and low desert alike. As a fundamental part of life in Nevada, it’s important to learn to live with these often misunderstood animals. To help the public, NDOW has scheduled two workshops to teach the public about...
Nevada Wild author


Northern Nevada and California are ablaze with wildfire, a hangover from record winter precipitation. The first priority is always to save lives and property, but what happens to the wildlife and habitat that make up these remote locations both during ...
Nevada Wild author

Living With Wildlife

One of the best parts of living in Northern Nevada is the abundant open spaces and the opportunity we have to see wildlife. July is Bear Logic month which is a great reminder for people to act responsibly around bears and other wildlife. This week Ed...
Nevada Wild author

Cold Water Boating Dangers

Even in July, cold water can be a serious danger to boaters and swimmers. Cold water can kill whether you fall overboard or jump in the water for a swim. In fact, one of the most common dangers of boating is an accidental fall overboard that too often ...
Nevada Wild author

Operation Dry Water

Game wardens in Nevada, along with boating law enforcement officers across the country, will be on the lookout for drunken and “stoned” boaters during the annual Operation Dry Water program this weekend, June 30-July 2. Many people are not aware that o...
Nevada Wild author

Wildlife Photography

We talk about hunting and fishing a lot on Nevada Wild, but what if you prefer to bag your game through the lens of a camera? This week, Edwin covers wildlife photography and videography with two professionals in the field. The first is Jake Willers, a...
Nevada Wild author

Aquatic Invasive Species

Boating is still the most likely way aquatic invasive species (AIS), like quagga mussels, spread from one water body to another. Recently, Nevada passed a law requiring boaters to remove their drain plugs before taking towing boats over Nevada roadways...
Nevada Wild author

Fishing Season is Here!

While Free Fishing Day (Saturday, June 10, 2017) is the one day of the year when you can fish in any public water without a fishing license, it is also often the unofficial start of fishing season in Nevada. After several years of drought, record preci...
Nevada Wild author

Free Fishing Day

Free fishing day is Saturday, June 10, the one day a year when anyone can fish in any public fishing water in the state without a fishing license or trout stamp. Along with free fishing, NDOW conducts a number of events across the state to introduce, m...
Nevada Wild author

Living with Wildlife

With spring upon us, you may notice a lot more wildlife activity in your area. As humans encroach further into traditional areas of wildlife habitat, human/wildlife interaction becomes even more harrowing. This week Edwin sits down with Jessica Heitt, ...
Nevada Wild author

Safe Boating Week

Memorial Day Weekend is the traditional kickoff to boating season, which also coincides with National Safe Boating Week. The week before Memorial Day, across the country, boating officials remind people of the often avoidable dangers that await boaters...
Nevada Wild author

The Citizen Scientist

When people think of the Nevada Department of Wildlife, they often associate it with hunting and fishing, but recreation is only one piece to a complex and important resource protection mission. NDOW manages more than 890 species, including amphibians...
Nevada Wild author

Migrating Bats

Many people aren’t aware of how some bats live in Nevada and the great lengths Nevada biologists take to understand and protect these sometimes vulnerable species. NDOW is participating in a project to track and better understand the Mexican Freetail B...
Nevada Wild author

Nevada Dream Tag Raffle

With the close of the tag application period, some peop […]
Nevada Wild author

A Chat with NDOW Director Tony Wasley

We are just past the halfway point in the current legis […]
Nevada Wild author

The Silver State Tag

Many sportsmen and women are unaware of an amazing oppo […]
Nevada Wild author

Get Outside This Spring, Nevada

Springtime offers many ways to get out into the wild, b […]
Nevada Wild author

Interactive Outdoor Summer Camp

For the past 30 years there has been a steady decline i […]
Nevada Wild author

Expert Tips to Increase Your Nevada Big Game Tag Draw Odds

The 2017-18 tag application process opened on Monday an […]
Nevada Wild author

Boating Safety in Nevada Waters

March 19-25 is the national Spring Aboard campaign, a y […]
Nevada Wild author

Family Friendly Outdoor Opportunities in Nevada

Spring break is just around the corner for students acr […]
Nevada Wild author

Operation Game Thief in Nevada

Operation Game Thief (OGT) is a state-run program that […]
Nevada Wild author

Outdoor Opportunities for Nevada’s Youth

For the past 30 years there has been a steady decline i […]
Nevada Wild author

Shed Hunting Opportunities in Nevada

Shed antler hunting is a great hobby that gets families […]
Nevada Wild author

State of Nevada’s Waterfowl

Waterfowl season closed in Southern Nevada at the end o […]
Nevada Wild author

Get a Nevada Fishing License be Entered to Win

In the age of ever-present mobile apps, fishing is one […]
Nevada Wild author