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From interviews with CrossFit Games coaches, CrossFit Games athletes, underground musicians, and start-up CEOs to discussions on best practices in training for elite athletes, high school sports stars, and every day people hoping to look good and feel good, we're sharing everything we know. We're learning a lot, and we hope you will, too.

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From interviews with CrossFit Games coaches, CrossFit Games athletes, underground musicians, and start-up CEOs to discussions on best practices in training for elite athletes, high school sports stars, and every day people hoping to look good and feel good, we're sharing everything we know. We're learning a lot, and we hope you will, too.
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We’ve Moved!

That’s right, the SLSC podcast is now Todd Nief’s Show (how arrogant). Go ahead and point your browsers to or point your podcasting apps to one of these locations to stay current with what we’ve got going on: iTunes Overcast Google Pla...
Todd Nief author

SLSC Podcast #21: Stephan Guyenet, PhD – Author of The Hungry Brain

There’s been a culture war raging for decades – high carbohydrate diets vs high fat diets, paleo diets vs vegan diets, people tracking all of their food in apps while others shout that “calories don’t matter,” and a bunch of people off in the corner si...
Todd Nief author

SLSC Podcast #20: Mark Macqueen – #1 Ranked Scottish Powerlifter

Mark is from Glasgow, Scotland. Mark is the current Scottish and British champion in the 120kg class. He was the IPF European silver medalist last year and is currently the #1 ranked powerlifter in Scotland. Mark has personal bests of a 700lb squat, 40...
Todd Nief author

SLSC Podcast #19: Stefanie Rulla – State Champion Powerlifter and Neuroscientist

High schools across America have been pitting nerds against jocks for decades. I’m not sure if the same dichotomy exists in Germany, or if it’s merely the outgrowth of paragons of American culture like Archie, The Breakfast Club, and Friday Night Light...
Todd Nief author

South Loop Podcast #18: Peter Rahal, Founder and CEO of RXBAR

I remember Peter Rahal approaching me by the whiteboard at River North CrossFit. If you’ve ever met Peter, he’s kind of a quiet but intense guy. He has a sense of humor, but is also a weird guy with weird ideas, so sometimes you’re not sure if he’s jok...
Todd Nief author

South Loop Podcast #17: Dr. Shawn Allen of The Gait Guys

Anyone who has ever been to a physical therapist has inevitably been told that they have “weak glutes” and been given Jane Fondas or some other form of band exercise. Does every human being actually have weak glutes? Is the contractile potential of the...
Todd Nief author

Cutting Through the Hype: Brandon Heavey & Nicole Latimer of Evidence Based Athlete

If you have any interest in the fitness industry – for health, performance, weight loss, or otherwise – you’ve seen some sensational headlines. “I tried the ketogenic diet and lost 15 pounds in three weeks – all while adding 30 pounds to my one rep max...
Todd Nief author

Group Classes vs Training Templates vs Individualized Programming

Everyone has an opinion on programming and training for CrossFit. Quibbles over the best ways to train are nothing new in any sport. Let’s see how many different ways that people can argue over intensity vs volume in training protocols with a few Googl...
Todd Nief author

Ricky Hirsch: The Jerky King of Chicago

  You’d think that having the most successful food-based Kickstarter campaign of all time would be a great start. But, Ricky Hirsch was disappointed in having raised only $57,000. He thought his product was so good that he was going to get millions. No...
Todd Nief author

Dr. Ben Fergus on How Being a Giant Baby Will Improve Your Performance

I've snuck into a lot of physical therapy continuing education courses that I don't belong in over the last few years. I've enjoyed putting myself in situations where I'm the least knowledgable person in the room, and trying to learn in a field periphe...
Todd Nief author

James FitzGerald on Quitting Coaching

I first started coaching in CrossFit back in 2010, and at some point in 2011, I transitioned into the role of writing programming for the gym that I was working at. In typical information hoarder practice, I began to search out as much as I could find ...
Todd Nief author

Greg Anderson from Southern Lord Records and Sunn O))) on How to Build a Tribe

I've always been kind of a music freak. My first foray into "non-mainstream music" came in seventh grade. I was in some sort of special math program where I was bumped up a grade into the eighth grade advanced math class. At the time, bands like The Of...
Todd Nief author

Interview with Joe Heiler of

As a strength & conditioning coach, I've received some of the best continuing education by playing around in areas that I don't belong in. Courses geared more towards physical therapists like DNS, the SFMA, and Sahrmann's courses on Movement System...
Todd Nief author

Interview with Todd on

I was on Joe Heiler's site Sports Rehab Expert last year for an interview, which was really cool since the site is focused predominantly on the rehabilitation of athletes looking to maximize their sport performance. Believe it or not, CrossFit has a re...
Todd Nief author

Michael FitzGerald on What Metrics Actually Matter for Performance in CrossFit

Michael Jordan had Phil Jackson and Tim Grover. Muhammad Ali had Angelo Dundee. Michael Jackson worked with Seth Riggs. Many of the greatest performers of all time in sports, business and entertainment got where they are not only from talent and work e...
Todd Nief author

Elisabeth Akinwale on Mental Toughness in Competition and How to Coach like a Social Worker

In addition to being a five times CrossFit Games competitor (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) with two top ten finishes, Elisabeth Akinwale is a mother and a former social worker. Elisabeth is very self-aware and articulate about her experiences competing...
Todd Nief author

Interview with Mike Kesthely of Dynamic Nutrition

Back in 2013, Mike Kesthely effectively closed Dynamic Nutrition down. He had consulted with several CrossFit Games level athletes on their nutrition and had lead nutrition seminars for OPEX (formerly OPT). However, his full-time job as a firefighter a...
Todd Nief author

Interview with Ben Crookston, CEO of Train Heroic

Starting a business from nothing is brutal. Getting anyone to pay attention to you in the first place, then to part with cash for some product they've never heard of, then to deliver on that product is crushingly difficult. Also, getting anyone to beli...
Todd Nief author

Why are you training?

In this episode, Todd & Paul discuss the five "whys" of training. At SLSC, we see a lot of people with a lot of different goals. Some are motivated primarily by aesthetics – they want to look good with their shirt off. Others are motivated by long-...
Todd Nief author

Liz Yerly of Chicago Recovery Room on Injury Prevention and Recovery for Athletes

This is the first interview that we've done for the South Loop Strength & Conditioning podcast, and our guest is Liz Yerly of The Chicago Recovery Room. Liz has a plethora of letters after her name: MPT (Master of Physical Therapy), ATC (Certified ...
Todd Nief author

Nutrition and Lifesytle for Maximum Energy and Focus – New SLSC Podcast

I recently gave a lecture on eating for improved energy and mental focus at Kent Law School. I put a crappy handheld voice recorder on the desk and figured I'd maybe share the lecture with some folks who had wanted to come but couldn't make it and with...
Todd Nief author