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Soccer Ref Talk is the podcast all about soccer referees, but it's also for players, coaches, and fans of the world's Beautiful Game. We discuss and cover soccer news; referee experiences and insights; game gear; referee product and service reviews/updates; and everything relating to the world of officiating soccer! Soccer Ref Talk covers all levels and systems of play, from amateur youth to international professional competitions. Through in-depth interviews and discussions with referees, coaches, and others associated with the greater soccer community, we cover every angle. Topics include interpretation & explanation of game rules/laws; professional development; instruction, training, and assessment; fitness and nutrition; assignor roles and challenges; referee products, tools, and services; reference material and resources; game management skills; player and coach interaction; referee team collaboration & communication; competitions and tournaments; and much more!

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The podcast for soccer fans, players, and referees - We're all about Soccer, from a different angle ...
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SRT005 – Randy Vogt: Preventive Officiating

In this episode SRT features Randy Vogt, a long-time soccer referee and author of the book, "Preventive Officiating". Randy was kind enough to offer insights into his perspectives on refereeing soccer. In addition to the premise of his book, Randy di...
Athar Pirzada - GlobeLink Media author

SRT 004: Jimmy Brooks, National Referee on Assistant Referee Track

Due apologies for the delay in getting this episode published. My aim is to be more consistent and regular in my episodes. I also want to significantly enhance and improve the site... it is likewise coming slowly but surely... Thanks for being patien...
Athar Pirzada - GlobeLink Media author

Pete Stenner of CSOA and the Weekly Wrap with Ali Khademian

Pete Stenner is an experienced referee at both the high school and collegiate level. He is also the long-time Commissioner of the Commonwealth Soccer Officials Association ( This week's episode features a great discussion with...
Athar Pirzada - GlobeLink Media author

SRT 002 – Sharon and Jack Deplitch

For nearly thirty years, Sharon and Jack Deplitch have served the needs of the greater soccer community, particularly referees. Having started with little more than pencils, paper, some game schedules and their home phone, Sharon now serves as the Ass...
Athar Pirzada - GlobeLink Media author

SRT Episode 001 – Tim Ehrsam, Soccer Referee and Assessor

For Soccer Ref Talk's Episode 001, the inaugural episode, I had the distinct pleasure of having a great conversation with Tim Ehrsam. Tim was generous in sharing his time, extensive experience, and his perspectives as a long-time assessor and referee....
Athar Pirzada - GlobeLink Media author