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Nature Reports: Climate Change is an online resource from Nature providing in-depth reporting, comment and analysis on climate science and its wider implications for policy, society and the economy.

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The Climate Podcast highlights the most interesting news, features, commentary and analysis from Nature Reports Climate Change, as well as the hottest topics on the Climate Feedback blog. The show includes interviews with the people behind the science, insights from journalists covering the research and opinions from climate experts. Listen to the Climate Podcast to keep up to date on the latest in climate research as well as its implications for policy, the economy and society.
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Climate Change Podcast

In this extract form the Nature Podcast,Werner Kurz talks about his latest paper in Nature, showing that Canadas beetle infestation is turning its boreal forests into carbon sources
Nature Publishing Group author

Climate Change Podcast

In episode three, we find out how the US government tried to silence climate scientist James Hansen, whats behind the recent backlash against biofuels, and how the Antarctic is losing ice at an unprecedented rate, and author Gabrielle Walker tells us w...
Nature Publishing Group author

Climate Change Podcast

In episode two we report from the UNFCCC conference in Bali, Indonesia, where we've been talking to residents of Tuvalu and the Carteret Islands, whose livelihoods are already threatened by climate change, finding out how to fund climate adaptation mea...
Nature Publishing Group author

Climate Change Podcast

In the first episode, Olive Heffernan discovers the elements that could tip us over into dangerous climate change, asks what the future looks like for the IPCC, learns how the escalator effect is killing off species and gets the lowdown on the son of K...
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