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with Brenton and James, two baseball nerds, based in Philly and DC. Brenton is a lover of 311, hot wings, and raging against phone service. James is an aspiring academic who likes his dog and books.

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with Brenton and James, two baseball nerds, based in Philly and DC. Brenton is a lover of 311, hot wings, and raging against phone service. James is an aspiring academic who likes his dog and books.
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Episode 36: Corn-on-the-cob

Join your baseball nerd friends Brent and James as we discuss the early 2016 MLB season, especially our favorite surprise team, the Phillies. We also talk about the National League have's and have-nots. We review the NFL draft and the Eagles trade-up a...

Episode 35: Nuclear Weapons and Baseball

Brent and James are joined by guest Francisco Ilabaca, representing Los Angeles bringing an Angels fan's perspective, living near the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes. He then uses his expertise as an economics phd student to explain to us how PECOTA prediction...

Episode 34: In with Vinny, Out with Hinkie

James talks about his research and finding about Mahlon Duckett's, of the Philadelphia Stars, firing as a Phillies usher in 1958. We talk about Vinny Velasquez. Bryce Harper as a half a billion dollar man (Nats, Phils, Yanks?). Brent talks about his tr...

Episode 33: Designated Hater

Harjit joins the guys again, from California, for an explanation of his - now - Golden State Warriors-allegiance. Next, the guys delve into a serious topic that has plagued American dinner-table conversation the last decade-plus; should Major League Ba...

Episode 32: 311 is the Greatest Group Ever

Mets tap Harvey over deGrom for Opening Day. The lads disagree on who she be starting. Brent trolls James with 311. Is this a sign of things to come? Fantasy baseball season is in the air. Major League Baseball played a game in Cuba. James breaks down ...

Episode 31: Spring Training for Podcasters

James and Brenton are back for Season 2 of the Sliding Into First podcast. The guys catch up on their travels around the country the last three months. SPORTS! The guys briefly touch on the last three months in baseball, talk March Madness for a bit, a...

Episode 29: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Close to a billion dollars have been spent, so far, this offseason. James and Brent break down the notable contracts, trades, and MLB rumors. Jahlil Okafor - a chink in "the process" or just a young, rich idiot? Does Jerry Colangelo's hiring neuter San...

Episode 28: Let's Try Something New

James and Brent preview the week 11 matchup of the Eagles vs Buccaneers and then get back together to record immediately after the game. What did they get right and wrong? Are the Eagles doomed under Chip Kelly's guidance? Baseball conversation picks u...

Episode 27: Low Disk Space

The first off-season podcast (better late than never)! James and Brent discuss two-week-old hot stove action, including some trades, Zack Greinke predictions, and Ken Giles trade rumors. Hall of Fame nominations were announced - which first-timers woul...

Episode 26: Winter is Coming

TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES ARE HORRIBLE BEASTS. James and Brent recap games 3 – 5 of the World Series. Would the Mets have played better if DeGrom pitched Game 1? Did Cespedes pull a Jay Cutler? Are all baseball players in it for the love of the game? Is ...

Episode 25: Royal Blue Empire

Listen to us talk about baseball, the first two games of the WHIRRRRRRRLD Series. A quick episode, we break it down how the Royals beat the Mets in the opening games. We jinxed the Cubs and Blue Jays. Can the Metropolitans come back, or do the Monarchs...

Episode 24: WORLD [of baseball] SERIES!

James and Brent talking about baseball! Also we open with a review of All Dogs Go To Heaven for some reason. A special behind the scenes banter! Then we do some of our World Series 2008 memories on the eve of the 2015 World Series between the Mets and ...

Episode 23: Of Hard Slides and Busted Calls

Listen to James and Brent talk about the Dodgers' Chase Utley's hard slide against the Mets' Ruben Tejada. We talk about the Cubs run at changing history. Then onto the fall of the Astros against the vaunted Royals. And finally, the ultra weird riotous...

Episode 22: The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Join another amazing episode of Brent and James balooging about baseball. We talk about the ins and outs of the Wild Card Game as a concept, the review of Stros over Yanks, and Cubbies over Buccos. We give our predictions for the Divisional Series Roun...

Episode 21: Harpin' and Chokin'

Join Brenton and James for more baseball banter. We talk about Brenton's boycott of direct money to the Phillies over the Mackanin rehire, the Harper-Papelbon Royal Dugout Rumble, and we preview the MLB playoffs. We like the Cubbies over the Royals or ...

Episode 20: Terrible Texas Tumble (AL West)

Slighted dated episode, but still relevant, since we're hitting up the AL West! Brent threatens to withdraw all his money from the Phillies directly if they re-hire Pete Mackanin (which happened later that day.) AL West Crown comes down to a terrible ...

Episode 19: Kansas City Royalist Riot

Join Brent and James as we chatter about baseball. This week is AL Central roundup! The Angry Angry Royals, the resurgent Twins, the curious Cleveland "C's", the disappointing White Sox, and the unlucky Tigers. Cespedes vs Harper!!! We talk about the ...

Episode 18: AL East- Jedi Blue Jays vs Evil Empire

Brenton and James talk this week about Bryce Harper ripping the DC fan base, before going to reviewing the AL East teams' seasons. The season boils down to a battle between the hot ripping and rolling Toronto Blue Jays and the suddenly resurgent New Yo...

Episode 17: Money Is Dodger Blue

Some life updates from Brent and James and talking about getting people to pay up in fantasy sports before talking about the new generation of baseball players. We get into the NL West review: Dodgers have purchased the NL West Title, the Giants are ne...

Episode 16: NL Central- Cardinals Are Reptilian Overlords

We talk about MLB brawls, falls guys, Larry Bowa throwback before we get to the NL Central race. We breakdown the Cardinals, Pirates, and Cubs as they race to the playoffs. Cardinals as the unlikeable goody-two-shoes who dominate all and make everyone ...

Episode 15: Meet the Mets, Say Goodbye to Chase

Back to our latest episode, when Brent's friend Matt joins us, as the Mets fan who lives in Philly. We get his prospective on the rise of the 2015 Mets. We say goodbye to Chase Utley's days with the Phillies, then dive into topics floating around baseb...

Episode 14: Cole Hamels Rides Off Into the Sunset

We talk about the massive Cole Hamels trade from the Phils to the Texas Rangers. Brenton makes another incorrect trade prediction, this one about Ben Revere and Dom Brown. Papelbon gone to DC. Tom Brady suspension aftermath. Both James and Brent embark...

Episode 13: I have seen the future and it is no frills

We do mid-season reviews of the MLB 2015 Season. Brenton makes an incorrect prediction about Cole Hamels. James correctly predicts how Papelbon's deal would go down. We talk All-Star Break summer heat, Soccer and the World Cup's horrible labor practice...

Episode 12: Blame NYC For All Our Problems.

Recorded on July 1st, 2015. We talk about the shakeups in the Phillies organization. Sandberg gone, MacPhail in, Middleton emerges. Brent catches a foul ball. NBA Draft and Hinkie wizardachery. Confederate Flag backlash. Brenton likes Ballers, new show...

Episode 11: Read Books, Get Brain

Frequent Guest Alyssa is back on! We banter about some baseball history, Alyssa talks about Chagos struggle and her radical nothingness, dealing with upset tummies, some more on Confederate Flags and the Charleston shooting. Chagos Return Campaign: ht...

Episode 10B: White Towel Blues

Phillies total meltdown of a season, No Yankees No Cowboys bar, Bryce Harper and jerk athletics, Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 10 reaction, Cardinals Hacking the Stros. Song: The Green "Power in the Words"

Episode 10A: The Lost Episode/Echos B Gone

Here is an episode we recorded two weeks back, but Brent thought was lost forever because of leaving on the speakers and screwing up the sound. He found a fancy echo-remover device today, and poof! Episode saved. Episode is raw and unedited. MLB Draf...

Episode 9: Medieval Zombies At Your Door

Terrible diets of young men, Amazon's sweatshops of incense, Medieval Zombie Attack and other blather about the last Game of Thrones episode, future baseball prospects ahead of the draft, Ruben Amaro as Nicolae Ceaușescu (

Episode 8: FIFA Flash Mob

Recorded live in Brenton's apartment in Silver Spring, MD, with James in town to present at the Fighting Inequality conference. We talk about the smackdown arrests of FIFA, Phillies rumors, Brent's favorite movie Point Break, and chitter-chatter. Jame...

Episode 7: Armside Liberty Bell

Join Brenton and James for another hazy morning, talking about weekend in Ommegang 19th century ballplaying, sitting in the sweet seats, Liberty Bell Tattoo, rents complaints, planning a trip to DC, why the rash of Tommy John surgeries, Philadelphia Ma...

Episode 6: Sailboats and Tanks

Our guest this week is Billy Schaeffer, who we talk about fantasy jams, being the lonely optimistic Temple University Football fan, the Sixers Sherman Tank, baseball haircut win probability, drinking on boats, and the fall of the (Western) Roman Empire...

Episode 5: Baltimore Rebellion and Barry Bonds

Recorded last week, but uploaded this week. We react to the Baltimore Rebellion, with some special eyewitness reporting from Alyssa. This week, we have guest Harjit Singh Gill from Oakland California on to give us a plea for Barry Bonds being in the Ha...

Episode 4: East Coast Love

This week in baseball, life, and other sports! Top 10 sports podcasts, Phillies complaints, WIP Downfall, East Coast Love. Follow Brent on twitter @bwalcoff and James @jgeneric James's Top 10 Sports Podcasts (mostly baseball) 1. Effectively Wild 2. ...

Episode 3- Canton and $3 Beers and Manatees

19th Century Baseball, Brent's trip to Cleveland and being ripped off by the football hall of fame, Michael Brantley, and James's 2011 epic southern baseball roadtrip. Athletic of Philadelphia Base Ball Club- He...

Episode 2: Life Altering Decisions

Cleveland rumblings, conference hopping in Arizona and New Orleans, burning tire fires in Philadelphia, fantasy life, and some thoughts on Opening Day.

Sliding Into First- Pilot Episode

James and Brent are joined by Bloomsburg Press Enterprise Sports Writer, Dan, and Black Cat Revolution blogger, Alyssa, as they ramble about communist baseball, civil war reenacting baseball league, the Cubs winning the World Series, netflix, beer, whi...