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Sports and everything else you should care about, brought to you weekly by Sean Salisbury and Son, Dylan Salisbury. Twitter: @SalisburyAndSon @SeanUnfiltered @dylansalisbury1 @jonyewest4

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Sports and everything else you should care about, brought to you weekly by Sean Salisbury and Son, Dylan Salisbury. Twitter: @SalisburyAndSon @SeanUnfiltered @dylansalisbury1 @jonyewest4
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Halloween with Salisbury and Son

On this episode, the guys jump into Halloween and talk about candy for probably too long. Segments include Mt Rushmore and It's Over Johnny.

Help I Can't Stop Gambling Episode 3

We finally released a podcast before the weekend starts. So fade away.  @SalisburyAndSon @PoolGronk @TheRealPaMack    

Help I Can't Stop Gambling Episode 2

The Original Dirty Salz and Papa Mack are back and worse at gambling then ever. They pick this weeks games and share some horribly degenerate bets they placed early in the week.   @SalisburyAndSon @PoolGronk @TheRealPaMack

The People's Producer vs La Croix vs Full Bodied Red

On this episode, they guys do a quick recap of playoff baseball and then get into the good stuff: Mrs. Goodell's fake twitter accounts and Harrison Ford. Segments include Full Bodied News, Weekly Poll, Mt Rushmore, and It's Over Johnny.

Help I Can't Stop Gambling Ep 1

Introducing our podcast inside a podcast, "Help I Can't Stop Gambling" showcases our gambling picks for the week. Brought to you by the Original Dirty Salz and Papa Mack.

Summer Is Dead

On this episode, the guys recap NFL and talk way too much about the season changing. Segments include Mt Rushmore, It's Over Johnny, and Full Bodied News.

Kevy Thin Skin

On this episode, the guys give a recap of the NFL games and talk Kevin Durant's twitter escapade. Segments include Full Bodied News, Weekly Poll, It's Over Johnny, and Mt Rushmore.

Seanny Football

On this episode, the boys come back strong with a breakdown of the first NFL games of the season. Segments include, Full Bodied News, Weekly Poll, Mt Rushmore, and It's Over Johnny.

Golf Guys

On this episode, the guys give a recap of the weekend in Austin at the Greenish Jacket Golf Tournament. Segments include Poll of the Week, Full Bodied News, Mt Rushmore, and It's Over Johnny.

Red Tie Optional

On this episode, the guys talk Zeke suspension, ban on Kaepernick talk, and Dante Jones comments on Steph Curry. Segments include Full Bodied News, Weekly Poll, Mt Rushmore, and It's Over Johnny.

Pool Gronk Takes No Prisoners

On this episode, the guys talk preseason football and debate NFL vs College. Segments include Poll Review, Who's Fresh, and Final Thoughts.

Professor Seanold Takes Everyone to School

On this episode, the guys talk Jay Cutler, MLB and Master P's new mixed gender basketball league. Segments include Full Bodied News, Mt Rushmore of things you've always heard but never understood, and It's Over Johnny.

The Worst Guys

On this episode, Dylan is battling some toilet stuff and has to record from the bathroom. #fullbodied takeover is addressed and the guys iron out contract talks with Jon. Segments include Who's Fresh and Final Thoughts.

Contract Talks with Full Bodied Jon

On this episode, the guys talk baseball HOF, Adrian Beltre 3000, and Rob Ninkovich retirement. Segments include Mt Rushmore of last week of summer/first week of school and It's Over Johnny.

Discovery of Fire, Invention of the Submarine, and the 2nd Podcast of the Week

On this episode, the guys cover Kyrie, D Rose, and other NBA offseason story lines. New segments are debuted including Who's Fresh of the Week and Final Thoughts.

At the Ballpark with Salisbury and Son

On this episode, the guys recap their weekend at Fenway followed by multiple Mt Rushmores about the ballpark. Other segments include It's Over Johnny and a News-related segment is debuted by Jon.

Let's Get Quirky

On this episode, the guys cover the home run derby and front runners for the Cy Young halfway through the season. Segments include Mount Rushmore of weird quirks and It's Over Johnny.

4th of July Special

On this episode, the guys throw sports to the wayside in favor of breaking down their 4th of July celebrations. Get ready for some 4th of July Mt Rushmores, there's a lot of them.

No Jonye No Problem

The People's Producer took the week off and that means only one thing, a poorly produced podcast episode from your boy Dylan Salisbury. Day one listeners get a flashback when Salisbury and Son go solo and talk in circles about the NBA and free agency. ...

Locker Room Talk

The guys are back to do a quick recap of the NBA Playoffs, Bob Stoops' retirement, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs (kind of). Segments include Mount Rushmore and It's Over Johnny.

Post Gambling Blues

Salisbury And Son went out to gamble and now might be homeless. The guy recap a night in Shreveport and cover why Seanold is probably the least fun person to gamble with on planet earth. Segments include some sport stuff, It's Over Johnny, and Mt Rushm...

Melk, Pellows, and Nyqwell

The guys are back on the airwaves after a mini hiatus to cover the NFL Draft and NBA playoffs. Segments include It's Over Johnny, Mt Rushmore, and an impromptu segment called Pronunciations.

#RomoWatch is Over

On this episode, the guys rant about the top NBA players of all time and where Dirk fits into the discussion. Segments include #RomoWatch, Mount Rushmore, and It's Over Johnny.

Wrath of the Son

On this episode the guys discuss the fallout from #WhataburgerGate, Final Four games, and give preview the national championship. Dylan is on a rampage and targets a certain women's NCAA basketball coach from UConn. Segments include Jury's Out and That...

Whataburger Patty Meltdown

On this episode, the guys talk Final Four, Raiders to Vegas, and another Romo Watch from the Masters. Once again, a Mount Rushmore of food sparks a heated debate over fast food chains.

Do You Freeze Your Cookies?

On this episode, the guys breakdown the NCAA tournament games leading up to the Sweet 16 and give predictions for the rest of March Madness. Also, a Mount Rushmore of favorite snacks ignites a heated debate. 

March Madness Madness

On this episode, the guys break down favorites, sleepers, and underachievers for the NCAA tournament. Lots of segments this week including That's What He Said, It's Over Johnny, and Kyrie Irving's Dumb Quotes.

Opposable Thumbs Lives Matter

On this episode, Salisbury and Son talk NFL Combine, trades, and Arian Foster vs. Wolf. They also breakdown a potential royal rumble of animals and how long you could survive. Segments include Mt. Rushmore and It's Over Johnny.

The Knicks are Terrible

On this episode, the crew discusses NBA trades, Melo, and potential destinations for AP and Jamaal Charles. Segments include It's Over Johnny and Mt. Rushmore of people we despise.

The World Is Flat

The guys talk NBA All Star weekend, trades, and Kyrie's planetary theory. Segments include It's Over Johnny and That's What He said. WARNING: This podcast was recorded with little to no preparation.

Dirty Salz Back In The Producer Lab

Salisbury and Son (and Jon) are back at it again. Jon's computer is RIP in Peace so your boy hopped back on the producer sticks. That means anything could happen. The crew talks basketball (wtf?) and Seanold gets all political with his "It's Over Johnn...

The One Where We Break Down the Super Bowl

On this episode, the guys talk Super Bowl, prop bets, and NFL offseason action. Dylan impersonates a celebrity and the Seanold reveals the only word in the dictionary he refuses to say. Segments include It's Over Johnny and New Year New You.

Superbowl, Subway, and Chipotle

Salisbury and Son fight through poor internet connection to discuss Super Bowl prop bets and predictions. Segments include a "That's What He Said" from media week and an impromptu "It's Over Johnny".


Salisbury And Son are still in "it's almost Super Bowl talking time" limbo so this episode is all over the place. They talk John Lynch, the NBA All Star selections, and some college basketball. Also Jon throws out some Digiorno hot takes. Finally they ...


Salisbury And Son are talking about the newest Baylor football scandal and what it means going forward for the program and the individuals involved. Then the group talks Teddy Bridgewater and what the hell is going on with Lebron. The show finishes wit...

Salisbury And Son 1/24/17

It's Conference Championship week at Salisbury And Son Headquarters. We break down the AFC and NFC Championships and why the Pats and Falcons were as successful as they were. We play some "That's What He Said" and the Seanold goes on an all time rant d...


Salisbury And Son go live for the third episode of the new show. Seanold immediately gets hot over Stephen A Smith, Skip Bayless, and every other sports talk show douche that gives hot takes from their coach. We get an explicit rating earlier than ever...

Salisbury And Son 1/15/16

The second episode of Season 2 is here and its all football. The crew talks playoffs and coaching changes. Does Seanold care about the Chargers moving? Jon lays down his A1 Locksmith "Lock of the Week" and they play the most unorganized "It's Over John...

Salisbury And Son 1/10/17

Seanold and Dylan and back in the podcast game and have finally decided to dedicate their lives to producing more than one show a week. They have a new producer on the squad now @jonyewest. The crew plays New Year Same You and previews the Natty Title....

Salisbury And Son Episode 43 10/22/16

Salisbury and Son go to war this week over the NFL and NCAA. Dylan thinks Matt Stafford is the best QB in the NFL and that Aaron Rodgers is done. Seanold hangs low on Rodgers nuts and continues to blow at picking games.   @SalisburyAndSon @DylanSalisbu...

Salisbury And Son Unfiltered Episode 42

Salisbury And Son talk about the two biggest College Football games of the week. Alabama vs Tennessee and Ohio State vs Wisconsin go head to head. Then they break down the NFL and why so many teams blow. Seanold continues to let Houston hang low from h...

Alien vs. The Glee Club

Salisbury And Son are all in on the MLB playoffs already. They break down what we've seen so far and how the Divisional Series will play out. Then they move on to College Football and talk about this weeks biggest games. Seanold turns back the clock on...

Salisbury And Son The Birthday

Today is Dylan's birthday and Seanold can't stop going crazy over it. Besides a diabolical rendition of Happy Birthday the guys talk about the biggest stories in College and NFL this last weekend.   @SalisburyAndSon @SeanUnfiltered @DylanSalisbury1  

The Son Is Back From The Dead

After a week in bed Dylan is back with vengeance, talking all things football. What is going on with all the upsets and crazy games in college? Can Baker Mayfield stop looking like a walk on and when will Les Miles get fired? Also Seanold talks about J...

Salisbury And Son NFL Season Preview

NFL is back and the crew can't hardly wait. Seanold and Dylan talk in detail about everything there is to know about the NFL season. Who will win each division, how your team will do, and who Seanold thinks wins it all are all hit on this week.    @Sal...

Seanold vs Les Miles

Another podcast episode, another victim of the Seanolds wrath. Les Miles gets murdered for his handling of Quarterbacks and his out dated style of play. The squad recaps the wild College Football weekend and mourn the passing of USC Football.   @Salisb...

College Football Preview Show

The boys are talking College Football all day today. They cover everything from the Top 10, to the playoffs, to Heisman winners. They also go game by game this weekend and break down who wins and who covers. Last but not least, Seanold tries to have an...

Welcome Back

Salisbury And Son are back and actually back. After 6 weeks off they are fired up about the NFL Season returning, MLB Pennant race, and can Tim Tebow make it in the MLB. Also they preview their new Monday Morning NFL show and Thursday Morning College F...

Son And Scott Carter

Sports 1 Marketings VP, Scott Carter joins the Original Dirty Salz to dish on free agency. Scott walks us through what this all looks like from an Agent's perspective. Seanold sits at an Airport waiting for Spirit, and of course we talk about what Satu...

Thor Becomes A Salisbury

The boys are back for like the 20th time. They talk Tim Duncan, HR Derby, and Free Agency. Also Seanold talks about yet another vacation and plans on adopting an MLB pitcher.   @SalisburyAndSon @SeanUnfiltered @DylanSalisbury1