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Naked Genetics takes a look at the science of genes. With in-depth interviews, the latest news from the world of genetics, answers to your questions, and our gene of the month, tune in for a look inside your genes...

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From plants to pathogens, fruit flies to fungi and hamsters to humans, Naked Genetics takes a look at the science of genes. With in-depth interviews, the latest news from the world of genetics, answers to your questions, and our gene of the month, tune in for a look inside your genes...
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Decoding a Mammoth with George Church - Naked Genetics 19.03.24

Join Harvard DNA pioneer George Church and Chris Smith in conversation as they discuss gene cloning, DNA sequencing, decoding the mammoth genome, the risks posed by fossil viruses lurking in extinct genomes, the prospects of xenotransplantation and saf...
Kat Arney author

The CRISPR baby controversy - Naked Genetics 18.12.21

In November, He Jiankui claimed that two genetically engineered children have been born. Did he really do it? And if so, what are the ramifications for the babies and for the field? Georgia Mills explores the controversy in a special edition of Nake...
Kat Arney author

The future of forensic genetics - Naked Genetics 18.04.14

We're returning to the scene of the crime with another look at the latest techniques in the world of forensic genetics - can we really predict physical features or even ethnicity from your DNA, and what does this mean for our criminal justice system? P...
Kat Arney author

A Festival of Genomics - Naked Genetics 18.03.14

We're off to a festival - but before you worry about where your tent and wellies are, it's the Festival of Genomics, held at a clean and dry conference centre in London rather than a muddy field full of rock bands and dodgy burgers. Plus, what does the...
Kat Arney author

Crime scene genes - Naked Genetics 18.02.14

It's CSI Naked Genetics, as we find out how genetic technology is used to solve crimes.
Kat Arney author

Back to the womb - Naked Genetics 18.01.14

We take a trip back to the womb and before, to find out about early development. Plus, the importance of placentas, why the age of your womb rather than your eggs matters, and a video game-inspired gene of the month.
Kat Arney author

The future of genomic medicine - Naked Genetics 17.12.14

This month we're finding out how genetic advances are shaping the future of healthcare at the Genetics Society autumn meeting. Plus, signposts for bees and an operatic gene of the month.
Kat Arney author

Matchmaking at the zoo - Naked Genetics 17.11.14

This month we're off to the zoo to meet some lovelorn laughing thrushes, endangered snails, and the Cilla Black of Sumatran Tigers. Plus, a sneak preview of this year's Genetics Society JBS Haldane lecture, and a gene of the month that likes a tipple.
Kat Arney author

Evolution's luxury item - Naked Genetics 17.10.14

You're a mammal. I'm a mammal. Your pet cat or dog is a mammal, as are whales, lemurs, pandas and polar bears. But what exactly is a mammal, and what can our genes tell us about our evolution? Plus, school students take on the whipworm genome, the surp...
Kat Arney author

Exposing the contents of your genes - Naked Genetics 17.09.14

Would you ever consider donating your genome to research? We meet a man who has, and find out why. Plus, we get our hands dirty in the search for new antibiotics, take a look at the ethics of human gene editing, and our gene of the month is getting ahe...
Kat Arney author

Store, write, edit - Naked Genetics 17.08.14

As scientists announce that they have used CRISPR technology to fix a faulty gene in a human embryo - not for the first time, but more accurately than ever before - we take a look at storing, writing and editing in DNA. Plus, our gene of the month is a...
Kat Arney author

Genes and dementia - Naked Genetics 17.07.14

This month we're taking a look at the role that genes play in dementia, and finding out how researchers are using this knowledge to develop urgently-needed treatments. Plus, a big release of big data from the UK Biobank, and our gene of the month is an...
Kat Arney author

Bees, trees and 3-D genes - Naked Genetics 17.06.14

This month we're literally getting inside our genes, as we explore chromosomes through a 3-dimensional virtual reality art, music and science project. Plus, researchers are turning to bees, trees and more in search of new genetic systems, and our gene ...
Kat Arney author

Tackling tumours, curing cancer - Naked Genetics 17.05.14

This month we're zooming in on cancer, finding out how researchers are tackling tumours in unprecedented detail. Plus, our gene of the month is the guardian of your genome, rather than the galaxy.
Kat Arney author

Battle of the sexes - Naked Genetics 17.04.14

We might joke about the battle of the sexes, but it turns out that this is actually true - at least for a hundred or so imprinted genes. Plus, what opossums can teach us about sex, reporting back from a very special scientific meeting, and a superhero-...
Kat Arney author

Putting genomics to work - Naked Genetics 17.03.15

The DNA sequencing revolution is providing ever more data about genomes from all kinds of species, from humans to bacteria. But how do we make sense of it all? Who gets their hands on it? And how do we use it to benefit patients? We meet the scientists...
Kat Arney author

Science and the single cell - Naked Genetics 17.02.14

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells - but these aren't mere biological building blocks, as inert as bricks. They're constantly communicating and changing. So how do scientists measure this? Plus, you can now take part in an international surv...
Kat Arney author

Genes, laws and Brexit - Naked Genetics 17.01.14

We hear a lot about genetic modification and how it's being used to improve agriculture. But who decides whether modified crops can be grown? Do new gene editing techniques like CRISPR count as GM? And what happens to these regulations when the UK leav...
Kat Arney author

All human life is here - Naked Genetics 16.12.14

The story of human evolution is long and complicated, but the simple truth is - you're only here because your ancestors got lucky. Plus, we wind the clock back to the very start of human life, and discover how new research is pushing back the frontiers...
Kat Arney author

Searching for switches - Naked Genetics 16.11.14

This month we're delving into the junk in the genome - or, to put it more correctly - our non-coding DNA. Less than 2 per cent of the human genome contains protein-coding genes, so what does all the rest do?
Kat Arney author

Testing, testing - Naked Genetics 16.10.14

We hear more than ever about the secrets hidden in our genes, from our risk of diseases to traits such as intelligence or even sporting ability. But can we really test for them? And just because we can, does that mean we should? Plus, an extremely popu...
Kat Arney author

Hello Dolly - Naked Genetics 16.09.14

This month we've got a special bonus-length podcast commemorating twenty years since the birth of Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. Her birth changed the scientific world, and led to the development of other transformative te...
Kat Arney author

40 years of selfishness - Naked Genetics 16.08.14

40 years ago Richard Dawkins' The Selfish Gene hit the shelves. We look back on how it changed the way many people think about genetics. Plus, linking nurture to nature, and a gigantic gene of the month.
Kat Arney author

Signal to noise - Naked Genetics 16.07.14

Building a baby is a complicated business, with millions of cells needing to work together. So how does it happen? Plus, how big data is making big strides in big genes, and our gene of the month is going round and round in circles.
Kat Arney author

Genes for all - Naked Genetics 16.06.14

Genes, genomes and genetic technology are playing increasingly important parts in our lives, industries, food and healthcare, and at a point in the not-too-distant future we're probably going to have to grapple with at least some of the contents of our...
Kat Arney author

Check your compatibility - Naked Genetics 16.05.14

You may not realise it, but your health, immune system and even love-life are governed by the particular set of so-called compatibility genes that you inherit. There are thousands of different variations in these genes, but why do we have such diversit...
Kat Arney author

What's in your genes? - Naked Genetics 16.04.14

As the costs of DNA analysis come down, we've seen the rise of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, allowing anyone to spit in a tube, pop it in the post and get a personalised readout direct to their inbox. But what do these tests actually reveal? Plus...
Kat Arney author

Designer genes - Naked Genetics 16.03.14

The recent invention of powerful precision tools for editing the human genome - known as CRISPR, has opened up new worlds of possibilities for researchers seeking to understand how our genes work - and also those who want to permanently change the huma...
Kat Arney author

Crazy for CRISPR - Naked Genetics 16.02.14

It's the hottest new biotechnology technique to hit the headlines since well, since ever. CRISPR is a precision set of genome editing tools enabling scientists to cut and paste together DNA in any organism, exactly how they want - and the implications ...
Kat Arney author

Naked Genetics 47 - Naked Genetics 16.01.14

This month we bring you a bumper edition, packed full of all our favourite bits from the past four years.
Kat Arney author

Naked Genetics 46 - Naked Genetics 15.12.14

Synthetic biology - engineering life - is set to revolutionise the world, but how? We'll be hearing about some of the most exciting applications for synthetic biology, and how it's being commercialised. Plus, our gene of the month has got itself all in...
Kat Arney author

Why don't elephants get cancer? - Naked Genetics 15.11.14

Animals like elephants and whales are made up of many more cells than a human, or a mouse, and they live far longer. Yet they hardly ever get cancer - and the big question is why? Plus, revolutions in genetics, and a magical gene of the month.
Kat Arney author

Engineering life - Naked Genetics 15.10.14

Imagine designing bacteria that can do whatever you want - from cleaning up oil spills to churning out the latest cancer treatments - ordering the biological parts online and building it in a couple of weeks. This is no longer the stuff of dreams, but ...
Kat Arney author

Hundreds and Thousands - Naked Genetics 15.09.14

When it comes to figuring out which genes and genetic variations are linked to particular traits and diseases, there's only one way to do it, and that's to go large, with cohort studies involving hundreds or even thousands of volunteers. We meet the Bo...
Kat Arney author

Mysterious methylation - Naked Genetics 15.08.14

There's more to life than the four letters of DNA, and our cells use a chemical tag known as DNA methylation to mark out certain parts of the genome, helping cells to remember what they're doing. And, as you might expect, it's pretty important. Plus, h...
Kat Arney author

The wonderful world of epigenetics - Naked Genetics 15.07.14

Genes are the instructions that tell our cells what to do, but how do different types of cells know which genes to switch on or off at the right time? The solution lies in epigenetics - the molecular bells and whistles that act on top of our DNA to con...
Kat Arney author

Breeding a better cow - Naked Genetics 15.06.14

For centuries, breeders have been selecting plants and animals with desirable genetic traits. So how have some of these changes come about, and where will new genetic technologies take our food in the future?
Kat Arney author

The story of maize - Naked Genetics 15.05.14

You may not realise it, but all the food you eat has been genetically altered over time by plant and animal breeders, capturing advantageous traits to grow more nutritious and easy-to-farm foods as efficiently and healthily as possible. Maize, or corn ...
Kat Arney author

Patenting and preserving genes - Naked Genetics 15.04.14

There are few things in life as important as the food we eat, but making sure that we guard the genes in our crops for the future is just as important. Plus, we take a look at some of the intellectual property issues surrounding our food, learn squid's...
Kat Arney author

A hundred thousand genomes - Naked Genetics 15.03.14

Over the past year the Government has unveiled an audacious programme under the banner of Genomics England, aiming to sequence the genomes of 100,000 people affected by cancer and rare genetic diseases. We take a look at some of the practical and ethic...
Kat Arney author

Genetically Modified plants - Naked Genetics 15.02.14

Genetically modified, or GM, crops are a hot topic. Some people are deeply suspicious of the technology while others see it as an effective and efficient way of generating bountiful, healthier harvests. Plus, purple tomatoes, a giant of a gene involved...
Kat Arney author

Clever mice and drunken flies - Naked Genetics 15.01.14

How do we learn complex tasks like playing the piano? Why can we remember things better after a good night's sleep? And why do people - and fruit flies - drink again after the hangover from hell? The answers are all in your genes. Plus, why large-scale...
Kat Arney author

Searching for the engram - Naked Genetics 14.12.14

For many years scientists have been searching for the mysterious engram - the place in the brain where memories are kept. And thanks to advances in genetics and neurobiology, it looks like they're now getting close to finding it. Plus, contagious cance...
Kat Arney author

Targeting cancer genes - Naked Genetics 14.11.14

Every year in the UK more than 330,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. The good news is that more and more are surviving, and there's hope that the new generation of genetic research and targeted therapies will bring more cures in the future. But is ...
Kat Arney author

Genes, ageing and metabolism - Naked Genetics 14.10.14

Could we one day be popping pills that tweak our metabolism and make us live longer? It's not as far off as you might think. Plus, the cow genome goes large, bat flu flies into focus, and an untidy gene of the month.
Kat Arney author

Long live our genes - Naked Genetics 14.09.14

Every day we get older, and whether you're desperately resisting the march of time, or embracing the ageing process, most of us would agree we want to live as long, healthy lives as possible. We'll be finding out how genetics research can help. Plus, m...
Kat Arney author

Genes for sore eyes - Naked Genetics 14.08.14

From the beauty of a sunset or the ugliness of war to the smile on a loved one's face, our eyes bring us all kinds of information about the world around us. now researchers are working to develop new therapies for people who have lost this precious sen...
Kat Arney author

Issues for genetic testing - Naked Genetics 14.07.14

Whether we like it or not, we're heading further along the road of genetic testing, not just for single genes but for complex diseases and even ancestry. But can the results of gene tests change our behaviour? Plus colouring crows, electric eels, gluin...
Kat Arney author

Gene therapy - Cystic fibrosis, blindness and more - Naked Genetics 14.06.14

Twenty years ago, gene therapy was a great hope for the future of medicine - directly tinkering with faulty genes to cure diseases, but progress has been slow. Now, things seem to be changing. Plus, silencing crickets, evolving brain and brawn, and a f...
Kat Arney author

Nature, nurture and wiring the brain - Naked Genetics 14.05.14

The more we understand about the genetic variations that affect our brains, the more questions are raised - for example, are we a product of nature or nurture, and what should we test for? Plus, why Y loss is bad for men, the usefulness of junk DNA, an...
Kat Arney author