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Andrew Porter takes the pulse of Philly sports.

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Andrew Porter takes the pulse of Philly sports.
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15.05.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

It's all part of the process

The Sixers' season is over on a ridiculous shot, but that's OK. It's part of their story. Andrew Porter discusses with Scott Kret. 
Radio.com author
3.05.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

All of the sudden, everything is right with the 76ers

Andrew Porter and Scott Kret talk about the Sixers' 2-1 Eastern Conference semifinals series lead over the Raptors. 
Radio.com author
24.04.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Sixers in Six

Andrew Porter and Scott Kret discuss the current state of the Philadelphia 76ers and their massive upcoming semifinals series against the Toronto Raptors. 
Radio.com author
4.04.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Sixers poised for big second round series vs. Raptors

Andrew Porter talks about the state of the Sixers and looks ahead to an important postseason. 
Radio.com author
4.04.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Game Of Thrones: One Week Away

Andrew Porter, Tom Kelly, Dave Breitmaier, and Bill Kornfeld get ready for episode 1 of the final season of Game Of Thrones, which airs on Sunday, April 14th, 2019. 
Radio.com author
11.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Simmons wants to work with Magic, so what?

Andrew Porter thinks Ben Simmons is self-aware for wanting to work out with Magic Johnson, loves Tobias Harris' game, is intrigued by Jimmy Butler's future, and questions the Sixers' mental toughness. 
Radio.com author
1.02.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Can 76ers get the 2 seed in the East?

Andrew Porter swoons over Ben Simmons, Scott Kret hates Wilson Chandler, the NBA is wild right, and can the Sixers get the 2 seed?
Radio.com author
23.01.2019 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Game Of Thrones: Look Ahead to S8

With season 8 of Game of Thrones set to begin on April 14th, 2019, 94WIP's Andrew Porter, Tom Kelly, Dave Breitmaier, and Bill Kornfeld look ahead to the final season. 
Radio.com author
7.12.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Joel Embiid Resting, Ben Simmons, 15th Roster Spot, and Why The Process Is More Fun Than Winning

Andrew Porter and Scott Kret give their thoughts on Joel Embiid resting at Detroit on Friday, the polarity of Ben Simmons, who the Sixers should add, and why the process is more fun than the results. 
Radio.com author
13.11.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Jimmy Butler is on the Sixers

Andrew Porter and Scott Kret give their thoughts on the Jimmy Butler trade, plus they go through some possible players the Sixers could add in the future. 
Radio.com author
7.11.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Sixers start 6-5: Grading each player

Andrew Porter and Scotty Woods grade each Sixers player from 1-10 and talk about the team's performance through 11 games. 
Radio.com author
1.11.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

I'm not worried about the 76ers

The Sixers are 4-4 through eight games and rhetoric sorrunding the team has turned negative. Andrew Porter explains why he's not worried and predicts the team goes 13-4 over their next 17. 
Radio.com author
29.10.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Full Show: Relax on 76ers, Luck in NFL

Andrew Porter's full show on Saturday, October 27th into Sunday, October 28th (10pm-2am).  Not worried about the Sixers Luck in the NFL Corey Clement overrated Why DeSean Jackson makes sense for Eagles Mike O'Connor at 11:20pm on Sixers Scotty Woods f...
Radio.com author
27.08.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Eagles' Outlook, Podfather, and NFL Preview

Andrew Porter gets ready for the 2018 NFL season (and sprinkles some Sixers talk in) on SportsRadio 94WIP from 10pm-2am on August 25th and 26th, 2018.  38:52 - Matt Kelley (@Fantasy_Mansion) talks Fantasy Football 1:18:26 - Eric Sidewater (@SixersScie...
Radio.com author
9.07.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Andrew Porter Show (July 7, 2018)

Andrew Porter asks, are championships all that matter to you as a sports fan? Brian Jacobs (sixersfrontoffice.net) joins to talk Sixers and Tim Kelly (Phillies Nation) joins to talk Phillies.  Hours 1 and 2 (10pm-12am). 
Radio.com author
22.06.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Sixers Crazy Draft Day

Andrew Porter and Scott Kret discuss a wild draft night for the Sixers, what their summer looks like, Zhaire Smith vs. Mikal Bridges, Markelle Fultz, Ben Simmons, and their love for Dario Saric. 
Radio.com author
18.06.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Andrew Porter's Full Show on 94WIP (June 17th, 2018)

Andrew Porter makes his case for why Mikal Bridges is the perfect fit for the Sixers.  24:30 - Derek Bodner talks Sixers 45:00 - Elan Vinokurov - President/Owner of EV Hoops & Scout U  102:58 - Physician assistant Stan Boro on Michael Porter Jr. 
Radio.com author
10.06.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Andrew Porter's Full Show on 94WIP (June 9th, 2018)

Andrew Porter won't accept that the Celtics are better than the Sixers. He also doesn't believe the Sixers need LeBron James. He's buying all of the Markelle Fultz stock and are we really doubting Ben Simmons, again? Brian Jacobs (@BrianMikeJacobs): 5...
Radio.com author
11.05.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

The Process Is The Best

Andrew Porter and @Scotty_Woods talk about their love for The Process and the Sixers' offseason up ahead. 
Radio.com author
13.04.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

The Sixers are back in the playoffs!

Andrew Porter gets ready for Sixers playoff basketball with his buddy and old podcast host Scotty Woods. 
Radio.com author
27.03.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large


Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz discuss the return of Markelle Fultz and the Sixers' ridiculous month of March. 
Radio.com author
26.03.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Dare To Dream: How Far Can the Sixers Go?

Andrew Porter's full show on 94WIP early on Sunday, March 25th following the Sixers' 120-108 win over the Timberwolves.
Radio.com author
23.03.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Why Can't The Sixers Win The East?

Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz discuss the Sixers' looming playoff run and their uncapped potential. 
Radio.com author
9.03.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Don't Panic, 76ers May Win 7 In A Row

Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz talk about Joel Embiid's fatigue, Robert Covington's offensive struggles, and the state of the Sixers after their loss on Thursday in Miami. 
Radio.com author
2.03.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Sixers Get Biggest Win Since May of 2012

Andrew Porter on the Sixers' massive win in Cleveland, Brett Brown for coach of the year, and why he doesn't want LeBron. 
Radio.com author
26.02.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Easy To Understand Why Some Do NOT Want LeBron

Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz discuss the surging Sixers and why it's understandable to not want LeBron James to change the course of The Process. 
Radio.com author
24.02.2018 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Andrew Porter Full Show On 94WIP

Andrew Porter talks about Philadelphia being the country's best sports town, explains why some people do not want LeBron James to join the 76ers, praises Claude Giroux, and gives his Nick Foles take. Charlie O'Connor on the Flyers (45:00)Kyle Neubeck o...
Radio.com author
26.12.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Nick Foles Being Bad Is Not Surprising

Andrew Porter is confused: Why are we surprised the Eagles got worse with Nick Foles and that the Sixers were losing without Joel Embiid? 
Radio.com author
20.12.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Worried About the 76ers?

The Sixers have lost 7 of 8 games and it's really frustrating. But it's not because of the coach. Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz discuss. 
Radio.com author
13.12.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Ben, Dario, And Jo In The Clutch FTW!

Sixers get a big comeback, overtime win over the Timberwolves on national TV to improve to 14-13. Also, Andrew Porter on why the Eagles aren't done with Nick Foles. 
Radio.com author
30.11.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large


Andrew Porter's thoughts on the Wizards fouling Ben Simmons a zillion straight times and that weird, weird game. 
Radio.com author
28.11.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

The Crazy Sixers Fans Have Calmed Down, For Now

Andrew Porter, Jack Fritz, and special guest Tom Kelly talk 76ers, Eagles, and argue about Chip Kelly. 
Radio.com author
16.11.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

The GOAT Performance By Joel Embiid

Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz discuss Joel Embiid's historic 46, 15, 7, and 7 performance -- and another Sixers win. 
Radio.com author
14.11.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Oh, Now Everyone Wants To Trust The Process, Huh?

Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz discuss the Sixers' win over the Clippers and their 7-6 start against the NBA's toughest schedule thus far. 
Radio.com author
3.11.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

3 To Go For Projected Sixers' 6-Game Win Streak

Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz talk Sixers, who are .500 for the first time since November 15th, 2013. 
Radio.com author
31.10.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Swooning Over the Sixers' 3-4 Start

The Sixers got a huge win in Houston on Tuesday night. 
Radio.com author
26.10.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

'Do Not Get Brett Brown Fired, You Imbeciles'

Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz defend Brett Brown and the Sixers, after their heartbreaking buzzer-beating loss to the Rockets. 
Radio.com author
24.10.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

The 2017-18 Sixers Are On The Board!

Ben Simmons records a triple double in his 4th NBA game and Joel Embiid is back. 
Radio.com author
19.10.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

76ers Open With Impressive Loss At Washington

Andrew Porter rants about Ben Simmons' incredible debut then calls Jack Fritz, who rants about Robert Covington's greatness. 
Radio.com author
12.10.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Sixers: Just Stay Healthy

Andrew Porter and Jack Fritz talk about Wednesday night's peak Process Sixers preseason game. 
Radio.com author
5.10.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Watering The 76ers' Hot Takes

Andrew Porter, with new Sixers co-host Jack Fritz, breakdown the first preseason game. 
Radio.com author
8.09.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Ben Simmons' Mental Health Coach: Graham Betchart

Graham Betchard of GetLucid.com talks about Ben Simmons, his mental state, and the importance of mental health in professional athletes with Andrew Porter. 
Radio.com author
25.08.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Howard Eskin's 31 Year WIP Anniversary

Howard Eskin hosted the first ever WIP sports talk show on August 25th, 1986. 
Radio.com author
16.08.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Was Jordan Matthews Under Appreciated by the Eagles and the Fans?

Andrew Porter explains why he understands, but doesn't love, the Eagles' decision in trading Jordan Matthews for Ronald Darby.
Radio.com author
1.08.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Game Of Thrones: Episode 3

Andrew Porter, Bill Kornfeld, Tom Kelly, and Dave Breitmaier break down episode 3, "The Queen's Justice," of Game Of Thrones. 
Radio.com author
24.07.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Fantasy Football Talk With Matt Kelley

Matt Kelley (@Fantasy_Mansion) of playerprofiler.com joins Andrew Porter live on 94WIP Sunday, July 23rd at 9pm E.T. 
Radio.com author
19.06.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

76ers To Get No. 1 Pick, Take Markelle Fultz

Andrew Porter on Markelle Fultz joining a loaded Sixers roster. 
Radio.com author
10.06.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

Results Based Sports Rant

Andrew Porter goes on a rant about established players and results based opinions in sports. 
Radio.com author
26.05.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

LeBron James

Andrew Porter is Mr. LeBron. 
Radio.com author
18.05.2017 https://www.omnycontent.com/d/programs/4b5f9d6d-9214-48cb-8455-a73200038129/c3431063-127a-4e80-9d84-a78e00b5acd9/image.jpg?t=1522088277&size=Large

On The Sixers Should Take Jayson Tatum Island

Andrew Porter says the Sixers should take Jayson Tatum over Josh Jackson. 
Radio.com author