Minutes at the Edge

5-Minute pieces from the edge of science with some weirdness sprinkled in for flavour. General focus on astronomy and astrophysics. The occasional piece of squishy science and maths can also be found.
Don't take this podcast too seriously, but the provided info is good!

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The Podcast every mad scientist can enjoy
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Minutes at the Edge #13– Your Body spawns a Zombie Baby

Science is great and sometimes science discovers things, noone really expected. Case in point: Every single one of us carries some „zombie genes“. Yes, you read that correctly, and they want to do a few things after you passed on.   Podcast Transcript:...
Marcus Rauchfuss author

Minutes at the Edge #12– The Culture of Whales

Turns out, humans are no unique in the way they create cultures. Research into whales has now conclusively shown they are not only highly social and intelligent animals, but they also create their own culture and their culture has already impacted thei...
Marcus Rauchfuss author

Minutes at the Edge #11– Sagittarius B2, the biggest bar in the Milky Way

It has been too long, but now Minutes at the Edge is back and I offer some wild speculations concerning Fermi’s Paradox and how Sagittarius B2 could be a possible solution to it. This is mainly because Sagittarius B2 is made up of highly-pure alcohol, ...
Marcus Rauchfuss author

Minutes at the Edge #10– The Geeks Shall Inherit the Solar System

Today’s episode of Minutes at the Edge is a very happy one. I talk about the New Horizon mission to Pluto, the discoveries made and the geek fest the people at NASA had naming the geological structures they found on Pluto and Charon. Please enjoy this ...
Marcus Rauchfuss author

Minutes at the Edge #9– Airships and Cloud Cities for Venus

There is a NASA study out, which proposes using airships and cloud cities, habitats in the upper atmosphere of Venus, to explore the planet. The whole idea is far less freaky than it sounds, believe me! Here’s my podcast introducing the whole thing:   ...
Marcus Rauchfuss author