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Miltenyi Biotec is one of the largest and most successful biotechnology companies in Germany, with more than 1,200 employees worldwide who develop, produce and sell products and services for biomedical research and clinical applications. The Miltenyi Biotec Videocast provides up-to-date information on special topics of the integrated product portfolio for cell research.

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Miltenyi Biotec is one of the largest and most successful biotechnology companies in Germany, with more than 1,200 employees worldwide who develop, produce and sell products and services for biomedical research and clinical applications. The Miltenyi Biotec Videocast provides up-to-date information on special topics of the integrated product portfolio for cell research.
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Welcome to new Miltenyi Biotec website


MACS Academy: Tools for myeloid cell research

Join Dr Emiliano Melandri and his webinar on myeloid cell research tools.

Working at Miltenyi Biotec

Everyone at Miltenyi Biotec is committed to make cancer history. Watch the video and see how this feels for our scientists, engineers, IT professionals, and marketers. Learn why they like working at Miltenyi Biotec.

gentleMACS™ Technology – 10 years of automated tissue dissociation

For over a decade, gentleMACS™ Technology has been pioneering the field of automated tissue dissociation. The graffiti artist Lars Kesseler designed a limited anniversary edition of our gentleMACS Octo Dissociator with Heaters. Get inspired by the art ...

MACSDays 2018


MACSQuant Tyto – Easy to use


High-throughput magnetic separation of CD11c+ DC with the MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator

Work with multiple samples in parallel with the MultiMACS Cell24 Separator.

Isolation of CD11c+ dendritic cells from mouse spleen

Watch how easy it is to manually separate DCs from mouse tissue using MACS Technology.

Dissociation of mouse spleen tissue with the gentleMACS™ Dissociator

Watch how simple it is to dissociate mouse spleen tissue with the gentleMACS Dissociator.

MACSQuant Tyto: Microchip-based cell sorting in a fully closed cartridge system

Find out more about cell sorting on the MACSQuant Tyto: It’s simple, it’s gentle, it’s sterile. This video explains step by step how the unique sorting mechanism within the MACSQuant Tyto Cartridge works.

MACS Academy: Chimeric antigen receptors

Join Dina Schneider, PhD, and her webinar on chimeric antigen receptors, where she describes the route from proof of concept to widely applicable clinical solutions.

MACS Academy: Gold standards and innovative processes for DC research in immunoncology

Dr Emiliano Melandri gives an overview on the role of DCs in immunotherapy against cancer and explains hukman DC subsets and challenges in cell product processing, as well as optimized processes for DC cellular products processing.

MACS Academy: Isolation of immune cells from mouse tissue

Start smart with your sample preparation! In this webinar, Yi-Ju Huang we will introduce you to the application of the gentleMACS technology in immunology research, focusing on the preparation of immune cells from mouse lung, intestine and central nerv...



MACS Academy: The CliniMACS Prodigy Customized Application Service

Join Dr. Peter Jähn and his webinar on the customized application service for the CliniMACS Prodigy, including features, workflow,benefits, and examples. To learn more about the instrument, visit

Miltenyi Biotec’s apprenticeship program

Currently, Miltenyi Biotec has 45 apprentices in Germany who are training to be biology technicians, mechatronics specialists, industrial clerks, media designers, warehousing specialists and studying for a degree in business informatics.

CD Immunotherapy Day 2017 Welcome

Thanks everyone for joining our first #Dendritic Cell #Immunotherapy Day at our global campus in Germany this week!

MACSQuant Tyto – Launch Event China 2017


Preparation of viable single cell suspensions from mouse lung tissue

Watch how the gentleMACS Octo Dissociator with Heaters can improve your workflow of single cell suspension preparation.

MACS Cell Separation – Select the best

Cap'n T Cell explains what makes MACS® Technology unique and superior and why it is the best choice for isolating your cells. For more information visit

MACS Academy: Integrated solutions for neuroscience research

Join Hui Zhang, PhD, and her webinar on the latest options and integrated solutions for neuroscience research, and the use of MACS Technology for adult brain dissociation and neural cell isolation.

MACS Day Benelux 2017


MACS Academy: A revolutionary workflow for isolating pure cell populations from primary tumor tissue

Join Dr. Carsten Studte and his webinar on the isolation of cells from tumor tissues, including the optimized and automated dissociation of solid tissues.

High throughput magnetic separation of TILs with the MultiMACS™ Cell24 Separator

Watch how the MultiMACS Cell24 Separator and the MultiMACS X can enhance your workflow of isolating CD45-positive tumor-infiltrating leukocytes.

Listen to the experts: The TCRα/β Haplo-2010 Study

Prof. Dr. Rupert Handgretinger explains details and results of the study.

MACS Academy: Generation of highly enriched cardiomyocytes

Join Todd Herron, PhD, of the University of Michigan and his webinar on the generation of highly enriched hiPSC-CMs for high throughput cardiotoxicity screens using clinically relevant workflows.

Recombinant antibodies for flow cytometry

REAfinity™ Antibodies are recombinant antibodies that provide superior lot-to-lot consistency and purity compared to mouse or rat monoclonal antibodies. They've been recombinantly engineered to produce highly specific antibodies that require no FcR blo...

Dissociation of tumor tissue (mouse) with the gentleMACS Dissociator

Watch how the gentleMACS™ DIssociator can help speed up your workflow of dissociating tumor tissue.

Magnetic separation of TILs with LS Columns

Watch how easy it is to separate tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes using MACS Technology.

Surface Protein Characterization of Exosome Nanoparticles using a Multiplexing Approach

Join John W. Ludlow, Ph.D., Executie Director of ZenBio Inc., and his talk at the AACR annual meeting 2017.

MACS Academy: Multicolor flow cytometry – understand the basics

Join Dr Guerric Epron and his webinar on the basics of flow cytometry, including fluorescence, compensation, data-spread effect, and panel design.

MACS Academy: Translating your research into cellular therapy

Join Dr Thorsten Decker and his webinar on the ongoing improvement of translational research and cellular therapy. Dr Decker discusses the state of the art and addresses the challenges in manufacturing of cellular products.

Something's going on in a lab far, far away...

All the best and good luck to all of you! May the 4th be with you!

Apoptotic sperm cell removal with MACS ART Annexin V

Apoptotic spermatozoa may decrease success rates in assisted reproductive technology (ART). Apoptotic sperm cells cannot be distinguished from fertile ones based on morphology. Therefore, it is crucial to specifically deplete the apoptotic cells to imp...

MultiMACS™ X – designed to speed up automated cell separation

Watch the workflow of this versatile high-throughput instrument for automated cell separation.

MACS Academy: Recombinant antibodies for improved flow cytometry

Join Dr. Kalpana Singh and her webinar on the advantages of recombinantly generated REAfinity antibodies that can enhance the reproducibility of your results and improve flow cytometry analysis.

Isolation and analysis of tumor-infiltrating immune cell populations

Listen to the lecture delivered by Dr. Cesar Evaristo during Tri-Con 2017 at the Moscone North Conference Center, San Francisco, CA, and learn more about complete workflows for isolation and analysis of immune cells.

How to prepare lamina propria from mouse small intestine

Sample preparation is everything. The results of your experiments depend on the quality of your starting material. Perfectly prepared single-cell suspensions with high cell viability and minimum unwanted material generate excellent results in cell sepa...

Making smoothies with the gentleMACS™ Dissociator

Getting viable single-cell suspensions from tissue is easy as your morning smoothie. Learn more at

MACSQuant Tyto – Come and join the flow revolution!

The MACSQuant® Tyto™ is revolutionizing cell sorting. Our patented microchip-based technology opens up new possibilities in basic research and medical applications with high-speed multi-parameter flow sorting in the safety of a fully enclosed cartridge...

IgE-selektive Immunadsorption bei der Behandlung von Neurodermitis

Professor Dr. Kristian Reich vom Dermatologikum in Hamburg erläutert den Stand der Dinge bei der Behandlung atopischer Dermatitis und beschreibt eine viel versprechende neue Methode zur Reduktion von IgE.

Webinar: Data analysis with Flowlogic


FL7: Remote license control

Learn how to remotely manage your license.

FL7: Proliferation analysis

Learn about automated proliferation analysis functions.

FL7: Preference options

Learn how to customize the software settings to your needs.

FL7: Adding statistics into DocLogic

Learn how to import statistic tables into the report using DocLogic.

FL7: Import into GraphLogic

Learn how to automatically import plate data into GraphLogic.

FL7: Adding new keywords

Easily manage your files by assigning new keywords using the CSV format.

FL7: File replacement

Learn how to use advanced file replacement to re-perform a complete previous analysis on a whole set of new files.

FL7: Flexible gate display

Customize your data display and choose whether or not to present gate and statistic names.