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A regular interview show with today's most prominent Skeptics and critical thinkers.

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Come meet the world's most prominent and interesting Skeptics and Critical Thinkers!
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MTS: Meet –ö–ł—Ä–ł–Ľ–Ľ –ź–Ľ—Ą—Ď—Ä–ĺ–≤! (Kirill Alferov)

Its easy to forget that Skepticism is needed all around the world to some degree. While we may be battling the likes of John Edward and Alt Med pushers in the US, there are still witch hunts going on in some African nations. Check out my interview last...

MTS: Meet Massimo Pigliucci

Since I first started paying attention to the Skeptical movement, one of my favorite podcasts has been Rationally Speaking. While many of the available shows cover a wealth of scientific topics, few really delve into the Philosophical side of things. F...

MTS: Meet Bob Blaskiewicz

College Instructor by day, Quack Buster by night (and weekends), Bob Blaskiewicz has been on the front lines of the fight to expose the truth behind notorious "Doctor" Stanislaw Burzynski. To learn more about the controversy behind this clinic, check o...

MTS: Meet Paul Offit

I was really excited to sit down with Dr. Offit at NECSS 2014. I've heard so much about him over the years and was glad to have a chance to meet the man in person and record our conversation. I hope you enjoy it too!Check out Dr. Offit's website at: ww...

MTS: Meet Deborah Berebichez

Today's guest is Physicist, TV Host, Activist, Presenter and all around Inspiration, Dr. Deborah Berebichez. Twitter: @DebbiebereYouTube: is a talk that Deborah gave at NECSS 2013. 

MTS: Meet Elise Andrew

At NECSS 2014, I had the chance to sit down and talk with some amazing people, not the least of whom was Elise Andrew, creator of the "I Fucking Love Science" Facebook page and Website. Her page splashed onto the internet with an impact that nobody cou...

MTS: Meet Bryan and Baxter

Also known as the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, Bryan Bonner and Matthew Baxter have broken the mold of what paranormal research is all about. From talking to kids at schools and libraries to finding more earthly explanations for strange ...

MTS: Meet Leo Igwe

One of the things I love about conferences like TAM and NECSS is the sheer variety of fascinating people I have the opportunity to meet. At TAM 2013, an Australian friend came up to me to ask if I'd ever interviewed Leo Igwe. I had to confess that I wa...

MTS: Meet Heather Henderson

Heather Henderson is the co-host of Ardent Atheist and Skeptically Yours podcasts. During TAM 2013 in Las Vegas, she took a few minutes to sit down with me and tell me her life story! This was special because she was literally on the move through the e...

MTS: Meet Matt Donnelly

Matt Donnelly co-hosts Penn's Sunday School, a weekly podcast along with Penn Jillette and Michael Goudeau.Matt and I got a chance to talk about his life, how he became a part of Penn's Sunday School and the mysterious line of text that was deleted fro...

MTS: Meet Jim Underdown

I had a great time chatting with Jim Underdown at TAM 2013 in Las Vegas last summer. WOW! Talk about someone with a colerful past...At one point, we talked about Jim's experiences wrestling a live bear. Seriously. While I unfortunately could not find v...

MTS: Meet Todd Robbins

I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with Todd Robbins at TAM 2013. I had first seen him when he performed the Emcee duties at NECSS 2011 and again at a Monday Night Magic show in New York city in 2013, but we hadn't yet met in person. ...

MTS: Meet John Allen Paulos

Mathematics is often referred to as the Queen of Sciences, and for good reason. There is very little room for debate within Mathematics community as to whether or not a specific answer is correct or not. If the mathematics are sound, the answer will be...

MTS: Meet Karen Strachan

Karen Strachan is the director of The Center for Inquiry's Camp Inquiry, a weeklong, overnight summer camp for young Skeptics ages 8 - 16. She comes to the position after a decade of leadership experience in education, science, and art.Karen and I chat...

MTS: Meet Simon Singh

Simon Singh is a rockstar. It's pretty much that simple. Never afraid to point out that the emperor has no clothes, he has rattled quite a few cages over the years. The truth is quite simple though. He is a lover of Science and isn't afraid to follow t...

MTS: Meet Steve Shives

Steve Shives is a YouTuber extraordanaire. While his videos are certainly not exlusively Skeptic related, they certainly touch on a wide variety of Skeptic topics, especially with his "Five Stupid Things" series. Just beware, if you start watching, pla...

MTS: Meet Julia Galef

Julia Galef has been on my "Must Interview" list for a while now. Not only is she the co-host of the Rationally Speaking podcast and a writer on Measure of Doubt Blog, but she is also the President and Co-founder of CFAR, the Center For Applied Rationa...

MTS: Meet Brian Wecht

I met Brian in 2012 at NECSS in New York City. He had co-hosted a special "Story Collider" event that ran in conjunction with the NECSS conference. I have been an ardent fan of Story Collider ever since. When I heard that Brian was also participating i...

MTS: Meet Jarrett and Wendy!

I have always been a numbers guy and I have always enjoyed learning about how seemingly impossible coincidences probably happen all the time, often never being noticed. Jarrett Lennon Kaufman and Wendy Hughes have picked up on this aspect of critical t...

MTS: Meet Trent Brusky

Trent Brusky is a young man who recently reached out to me with an offer to help out with music on my show. I was intrigued that he was doing exactly what I have tried to recommend for years. He is putting his talents to use to help with critical think...

MTS: Meet Evan Bernstein

Evan Bernstein is 1/5 of the Skeptics Guide to the Universe team. He's best known for preparing and hosting several different segments on the show as well as writing the Official Blog for The Skeptics Guide to the Universe, "The Rogues Gallery." Evan i...

MTS: Meet Jamie Bernstein

I first heard about Jamie Bernstein on an episode of The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe. She had been recently kicked out of an Autism One conference for simply attending. Nice, huh? I was impressed by the fact that she was willing to get out there an...

MTS: Meet Michael De Dora

Michael De Dora is director of the Center for Inquiry's Office of Public Policy and the organization's representative to the United Nations. We had a chance to chat via Google Hangout (which can be watched below) a few months ago and I was surprised to...

MTS: Meet Susan Gerbic

I met Susan Gerbic at TAM (The Amazing Meeting) 2011. She immediately impressed me as someone who likes to "get things done." Susan devotes a lot of time to various projects that help make this world more rational. Probably the largest impact (my own f...

MTS: Meet John Rael

John Rael is a Skeptical Comedian who has been producing a series of videos for several years now. The Skeptically Pwned series takes on all types of woo via a less traditional debate approach..... Moving beyond "Skeptically Pwnd," John has also gained...

MTS: Meet Sean Carroll

Sean Carroll is a theoretical cosmologist specializing in dark energy and general relativity. In other word, this dude is smart. I had been watching his Dark Matter, Dark Energy course from The Great Courses when I happened to also hear him interviewed...

MTS: Meet Jonny Zavant

Jonny Zavant is a Mentalist who got his start working for James Randi himself. He travels the country doing Corporate and College shows, proving that miracles can happen, but only when the performer is in full control of the situation.We talked about h...

MTS: Meet Matt and Hai Ting

I met Matt Schickele and Hai Ting Chinn at NECSS 2012, where Hai Ting performed a musical ode to logical fallacies along with George Hrab. During the conference I got to know the two of them, and really grew to enjoy their approach of merging a love fo...

MTS: Meet Rachael Dunlop (Dr. Rachie)

This is another of the "Live From TAM 2012" interviews & it's one I have been looking forward to for quite a long time. I have always admired the successes of the Australian Skeptics and Dr. Rachie is one of the key people fighting the good fight d...

MTS: Meet Guy P. Harrison

Guy P. Harrison is a journalist and author of 3 very important books in the Skeptical Literary genre. 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a GodRace and Reality: What Everyone Should Know About Our Biological Diversity50 Popular Beliefs That People ...

MTS: Meet Kitty Mervine

I have crossed paths with Kitty Mervine on several occasions over the past few years and she is always ready with a cheery smile and a fun story. We both attended College of Curiosity and NH Skepticamp as well as TAM 9 and TAM 2012. Kitty is a blogger ...

MTS: Meet Chris Stedman

The first of the "Live From TAM 2012" interviews!I had heard about Chris Stedman a while back when he was scheduled to speak for the Granite State Skeptics in New Hampshire. I was invited to attend, but wasn't able to fit it into my schedule. When I re...

MTS: Meet JT Eberhard

JT Eberhard crashed onto the Atheist scene with an undercover operation when he infiltrated the Vatican as a janitor. As bishops and priests passed him in the hallway, he would whisper in their ears and gradually deconvert them one by one. Eventually t...

MTS: Meet Michael Goudeau

Michael Goudeau is a juggler, unicyclist, stage performer, writer, pancake artist, barbecue grill cover creator and former clown with the Barnum & Bailey Circus. He was the lead writer on  Penn & Teller's "Bullshit," and co-hosts the podcast "P...

MTS: Meet Seth Shostak

Seth Shostak is the lead Astronomer for SETI, The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. I have to admit that I was a bit giddy about this interview, as the movie Contact is one of my favorites. In the movie, Jodie Foster plays an astronomer who fin...

MTS: Meet Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is best known for his work as the blogger "The Friendly Atheist." He began his public activism career with a curious and creative Ebay auction that eventually became the inspiration for his book I Sold My Soul on eBay: Viewing Faith throug...

MTS: Meet Steven Novella

We've hit the big 5-0! I'm really excited an happy to be able to offer this interview with Dr. Steven Novella. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe was one of my earliest, favorite podcasts and was my primary introduction to the whole world of active Ske...

MTS: Meet Michael Diaz

Michael Diaz is a college student better known as "Chattiestspike2" on YouTube. He has made some extremely clever videos, one of which caught my eye and encouraged me to check out the others. He hit it big with his "Question Gravity" video as seen belo...

MTS: Meet Dezrah Blinn (Dezrah the Strange)

Dezrah Blinn is a professional Magician who uses his skills to spread a message of scientific skepticism and curiosity. I first met him at Skepticamp New Hampshire, where he had a friend break a large concrete block with a sledgehammer as he held the b...

MTS: Meet Michael Shermer

What can I say about Michael Shermer that hasn't already been said? Author, Magazine Publisher, College Professor, Consistent debate opponent to Deepak Chopra, and on, and on. In our interview I got to ask about his early days as an author, his partici...

MTS: Meet Carrie Poppy

Carrie is 1/2 of the duo "Ross and Carrie." A few episodes back we interviewed Ross. Now, here's Carrie!Carrie seems to infuse an upbeat energy into everything she does & it's no surprise that they seem to be having so much fun while recording the ...

MTS: Meet Blake Smith

Blake Smith is the co-host (along with Ben Radford and Karen Stollznow) of the Monster Talk podcast. During this discussion, we talked about religion, community, monsters and an alternate career path that could have had Blake working with a large banda...

MTS: Meet Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney is one of the hosts of the Point of Inquiry Podcast, writes The Intersection With Chris Mooney, and is a published author with several books under his belt and more on the way. Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatens our ...

MTS: Meet Gary Stockdale

Gary Stockdale is a Musician first, Skeptic/Atheist second. I met Gary at TAM 9 and had a really nice time chatting with him and getting to know him a bit. He has worked for many years as the musical director for Penn & Teller and is the man respon...

MTS: Meet Brian Trent

Brian Trent is an "Aristotelian humanist non-partisan freethinking aggressive rationalist bibliophile." He also is an author of two books (for now), many articles and short stories and has been published in over 100 venues.America's Addiction to Belief...

MTS: Meet Donna Mugavero (Ms. Information)

I originally met and interviewed Donna Mugavero during a road trip that took me past Bethlehem, PA where she and George Hrab reside and continuously crank out episode after episode of the Geologic Podcast. I stopped by and we hung out and chatted for a...

MTS: Meet Ross Blocher

Ross Blocher is a mild mannered Disney artist by day, woo woo hunter by night. He is the co-host of "Oh No, Ross and Carrie! The Podcast." The tagline is "We show up, so you don't have to."Along with his co-host Carrie Poppy, Ross investigates various ...

MTS: Meet Brian Keith Dalton (Mr. Deity)

Brian Keith Dalton is far better known as Mr. Deity, regularly depicting his own take on the stories and circumstances depicted throughout the bible in a humorous web series that has become a "must see" for anyone serious about biblical criticism. Whil...

MTS: Meet Derek Bartholomaus

Derek Bartholomaus is best known as the creator and publisher of the Jenny McCarthy Body Count website. Since 2007 he has been compiling statistics to demonstrate that the anti-vaccine movement in the United States (with its figurehead Jenny McCarthy) ...

MTS: Meet Jeff Wagg

Jeff Wagg has been a recognizable name in the Skeptics community for quite some time. He worked at the JREF for several years, managing the Million Dollar Prize. He started and ran a website; before handing it over to Andrew Gould.Mos...