A subculture show that covers various topics such as music, movies, sports, and food. Host's Charlie Lovesoul, Joe O, Villa and rotating guest Mc's have a unique take and perspective that will change your outlook.

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A cultural commentary podcast on news & sports. Our host's are in their 20's, 30's and 40's, adding perspective to your thought and bridging the Generational gap through conversation. Click on the social medial links for our Audio and Video projects.
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Eleven Games, Injuries & those damn PeLaker Fans

An evaluation of the Lakers first 11 games, Injuries to KCP and Avery Bradley, and what to do with those regretful Brandom Ingram and D' Angelo Russell cry babies.
PlugOneTwo author

Enjoy, But

Charlie talks about why you don't need to relax when choosing the entertainment endeavor and choosing pockets fresh air. Enjoy
PlugOneTwo author

Wrong Knock, Opportunity

Charlie talks about Jo Koy's latest pod on passing on opportunities that will derail you from your main goal. Even though the opportunity might be presented parallel to your end game. Listen on!
PlugOneTwo author

Ad's thumb, Trolls and the Pre Season

Charlie and Joel talk about the Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma injuries, Facebook page trolls, the preseason line ups and where Andre Iguodala should sign if bought out.
PlugOneTwo author

NBA vs China

Charlie talks about the ending relationship between the NBA and China, due to Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl More's tweet, in support for the freedom movement of HongKong.
PlugOneTwo author

BeerJitsu 002

A quick pod where the fellas talk about Rousimar Palhares and him being banned from the UFC and still competing in Jiujitsu competitions. Charlie also asks who's responsible when it comes to submissions, the submitter or the about to be submitted.
PlugOneTwo author

Charlie on the Beat Junkies: 002

We talk about the types of Dj's that read the crowd and Dj's that look for their crowd playing to their own playlist. Charlie also change his mind about a hiphop groups trying to make it back to a creative sound after going commercial. Take flight!
PlugOneTwo author

BeerJitsu 001

Introducing a new show on PlugOneTwo and Beat Junkie Radio powered by Dash Radio! It's a Jiujitsu White Belt (Charles Yao, Purple Belt (Sam Sekiguchi) and Black Belt (Chris Ariola) talking tales of their Martial Arts journey. For this episode, we intr...
PlugOneTwo author

Taco Tuesday, Watermelon Wednesday

There's saying "Taco Tuesday" in a Mexican accent by a non Mexican, and then there's trademarking the saying. Lot's to peel from this topical Onion. Indulge!
PlugOneTwo author

Steroid Caruso, Sour Hart 7 a 3rd Center

We talk about getting another back up center, former youth players and prejudice from other team. Indulge!
PlugOneTwo author

Caramel City 1

The first sho of Caramel City. Where Older Hiphop heads share life experience and new music to connect to like minded people. On this episode, we talk about De La Soul breaking ties, the Black Eye Peas attempting a comeback and life career paths.
PlugOneTwo author

Kevin Hart Says Don't Stop

Kevin Hart was a guest on Sway's Universe and had a message for a caller that wanted to give up on becoming a Stand Up Comic. Listen to some really sound advice by the successful entertainer. Peep it!
PlugOneTwo author

The Lakers Starting Five and 2nd Unit

I have Dj Deens and Dj Jorel who are Laker Fans and talk about the free agency, their choice stating and back up units and tons of Lakers based topics for the summer.
PlugOneTwo author

Dina Hashem's Joke

I talk about the context of Dina Hashem's joke, riding on the event of rapper XXXTentacion's passing. Take a listen!
PlugOneTwo author

The Entertainment Road

Conan O' Brien talks to Stephen Colbert why it was a good thing that he didn't hire him. I share why it's good for you to hear if you're still finding your career path.
PlugOneTwo author

In The End We Know

An interesting lesson for me and real time moment of enlightenment. Perry Ferrell was a guest on the Marc Maron Podcast and he talks about people who try to hustle, but don't have any hustle in them.
PlugOneTwo author

I Learned from a Self Loather

I was listening to an interview Dr. Drew was giving to Tia Carrere and almost skipped the whole podcast due to her culture loathing. Thankfully, I kept listening because it turned to a big life lesson.
PlugOneTwo author

The Lakers sign Anthony Davis

I talk about the Anthony Davis signing, if we should pursue a third star and who else we should sign to fill out the roster.
PlugOneTwo author

The Laker Shit Show

Host Charlie talks about the Baxter Holmes article, relates to Magic Johnson and thinks Rob Pelinka should be fired.
PlugOneTwo author

Understanding Millennials

Here's my take on understanding Millennials and how it really is about un-earned privilege.
PlugOneTwo author

Fake it till you Take IT

Jane Fonda was on Marc Maron talking about insecurities and faking it till you make it. I redirect her message and give it a new perspective.
PlugOneTwo author

RIP John Singleton

Here's a segment of me talking about John Singleton, his significance and how ahead of his time he was on social issues.
PlugOneTwo author

Magic's Email, Linda love and Bron's branding

I talk about the Rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss emails about Magic Johnson, Linda and Kurt Rambis' involvement and a plan for 2020 free agency completion.
PlugOneTwo author

Medical Ignorance

Back from doing a Facebook Live show for the Lakers Nation Philippines, Charlie talks about how a medical term is softened and made comprehensible for the regular folk, and often marginalizes the condition of the patient.
PlugOneTwo author

A summary of the 2018-2019 Lakers Season

I discuss the left over topics of lakers season such as fake news, Lebron's therapist roster replacements.
PlugOneTwo author

Hi Ashley This is David

Charlie talks about a viral voicemail of David, asking out a woman named Ashley.
PlugOneTwo author

Fuck You Bloody: Two Indians Arguing

Charlie plays the infamous "Two Indians Arguing" video and laughs at the matter, then goes in on the aspect of culpability.
PlugOneTwo author

It's Only How He Feels

Charlie talks about Chris Distefano guesting on Doctor Drew's podcast and how he made a statement for his love of New York and Italian food can be misconstrued for racism.
PlugOneTwo author

A Handy, Two Lies and a Rich Depressant

Charlie talks about actor Jussie Smollett, Patriots owner Robert Kraft, Citizen of the year Nikki Joly and the story of Eileen Fisher becoming a success and still depressed.
PlugOneTwo author

A passionate rant on the Lakers season

For this episode, I examine the whole scope of the LAkers mistakes in a rant.
PlugOneTwo author

Less money equals less spoiled kids?

Malcom Gladwell talks about another theory where children not born into wealth will be better off because they won't be spoiled. I discuss.
PlugOneTwo author

Do you capitalize on your ethnic opportunity?

I learned a concept of James Robert Flynn called Ethnic Capitalization Rate. Malcolm Gladwell talks about it on on of his public forums. I share this real time in the moment for your thought.
PlugOneTwo author

Who is at fault for the Lakers team chemistry?

I talk about the disarray of the Lakers and cover who is accountable for what: Magic/Pelinka, Lebron and Klutch Mob and Luke Walton.
PlugOneTwo author

Old Angry Rappers

Nathan Quinton Sebakijje stops by the studio and we chat about when should rappers retire, a good alternative the rap afterlife and much more!
PlugOneTwo author

The Arc of the Character

I talk about the Film Term: Character Arc and how it applies to you daily musings on getting things done. Enjoy!
PlugOneTwo author

Figuring It Out

Charlie shares a good segment of a podcast from "How I Built This" featuring Joe Gebbia on how he kept the Air BNB business going in the beginning stages.
PlugOneTwo author

Lebron, Luke and the Free Agents

Lakers Nation Philippines host Charles talks about Le Bron's groin strain, Luke's coaching, current young players and the potential trade deadline.
PlugOneTwo author

Born on Third Base

Charlie talks about the saying "born on third base, thinks he hit a triple" and how it applies to not only the monetarily privileged, but the non-self aware dolt. Happy new year and enjoy!
PlugOneTwo author

No Pay Radio

For the last show of the year, I share a story where another on air talent to a number of years to get paid a few hundred dollars as an on air talent.
PlugOneTwo author

Robin Hood Rides Economy

Sometimes, we are just not self aware and we just don't listen. Charlie tells his flight back to manila story, where he unwillingly helps two elder filipinos who don't care about his injury.
PlugOneTwo author

Outed and Faux Boxing

Charlie talks about Michael B. Jordans comments on Boxing Roy Jones Jr. is a practiced lie and Dwight Howard's outing is not about being gay.
PlugOneTwo author

Samoans, Strippers and LA Hiphop

I interview Ryan aka MC Ryzen. This is a complete interview where he talks about all things Samoan such as history, careers limits and protocol on how to act when you come as a Samoan American to the islands. Also, tales of being a 14 year old body gua...
PlugOneTwo author

Jimmy the Immigrant

I wrap the Filipino American Heritage month by talking about Jimmy O Yang and his experience on making it in Movies and TV. There's a lot of Jimmy's story that Filipino immigrants and US born people can relate to. The failure and struggle will sure ins...
PlugOneTwo author

Hospitality & Helicopter Parents

Russ and Charlie talk about the Hospitable Filipino mentality and the good that it reputes. Then they get into a hearty conversation of enabling parents and the spoiled adults that can't help themselves.
PlugOneTwo author

Dating in the 90s

For the third installment of Filipino American Heritage Month, we talk about about courting and dating was like in the 90's, how RnB music backs up or point and dating self loathing is still alive in the Asian Community.
PlugOneTwo author

Crabs In a Barrel

For the second episode for Filipino American Month, Charlie has his guest co host Russell and they chat about the Crabs in a Barrel mentality in the Filipino Culture. They share their experience and Charlie reveals a great mindset to change and feel go...
PlugOneTwo author

Crazy Rich Asians

Charlie and his friend Russell comments on the Crazy Rich Asians movie and talks about the significance of the project. They also introduce themselves and share their immigrant story and introduces a podcast to be released.
PlugOneTwo author

Gay Bingo & Lemonade Laxatives

Charlie's lap top has been infected and his audio editing system is the last to be installed. He then goes to a Gay Bingo spot in West Hollywood and recants the fun time. Finally for niche news, a commentary on Netflix American Scandal's episode called...
PlugOneTwo author

Deng, Butler and the Precamp Nerves

Charlie talks about the Jimmy Butler option, Kevin Durant to LA rumors and pre camp line up for the 1st and 2nd unit.
PlugOneTwo author

Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka's Grand Slam win gets outshined due to fandom of Serena Williams. Charlie talks on how ridiculously bratty Serena was in defeat, and then turns things around and honors Naomi's earned win. Cover Art by Bee Johnson.
PlugOneTwo author