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Philadelphia-devoted sports program covering the city's sports scene and other related debauchery.

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Philadelphia-devoted sports program covering the city's sports scene and other related debauchery.
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Bowling For Bryce?

We are a week away from the Super Bowl and lord knows how long until we know about the prospects of Bryce Harper. We take some time to talk some baseball on this Football Thursday, and of course we can expect our resident “Patriots fans” to gloat. It...
Philly Podcast Network author

REFerendum on the NFL

A contentious Championship Sunday in the NFL has set up a Super Bowl that nobody saw coming and that few people may be wanting to watch. Ticket sales are reportedly sagging, Saints fans are still crying and the Kansas City Chiefs defense is still tryin...
Philly Podcast Network author

Bleeding Green … And Red?

The Philadelphia Eagles finally ran out of magic in the NFC Divisional Round in New Orleans, but they certainly kept it interesting up until almost the last minute. We break down the most recent of gut-churning games for the Birds, make our peace with ...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Saint No Stopping Us Now

Yes, the Eagles are Super Bowl champions. Yes, they beat the scumbag Patriots last year for the city’s first bowl title in a game that will be emotionally impossible to duplicate let alone surpass. And then last week’s game in Chicago happened. We reli...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Grin And Bear It

The Philadelphia Eagles have done the (almost) unthinkable. They have officially earned the right to defend their Super Bowl title with some Week 17 magic, and a little help from their “friends” in Minnesota. Or were the friends in Chicago? Either way,...
Philly Podcast Network author

Season’s Not Over Greetings

It’s the NFL’s version of the spirit of giving - a winners take (almost) all Week 17. The Eagles and Vikings will try to win their respective games Sunday afternoon for a ticket to the NFL playoffs. For the Birds, it’s a chance to defend a Super Bowl t...
Philly Podcast Network author

Nickfoleon Dynamite & Money Machado

The legend of Nick Foles is back with a vengeance in Philadelphia, and the Eagles continue to have a pulse in the NFC wild card race. We are here to make sense of what is another fascinating football situation in Philadelphia and prognosticate what is ...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: “Back”ed Against The Wall

Quite the hectic week in Philly, eh? The Eagles lose, only to see their season “survive” with the Minnesota loss. And just as we brace for Los Angeles, we learn that Carson Wentz is hurt. Out again for the duration, it seems. And that’s only the half o...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Eagles Are in the “Hunt” ... Too Soon?

By virtue of their win over the Redskins on Monday night, the Philadelphia Eagles get to play a truly meaningful game in Dallas this coming Sunday. The season will (almost) assuredly come down to this matchup. How do the Jabronis feel about the Birds’ ...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Next of Skins

Ron Hextall is out of Philadelphia, but the Philadelphia Eagles are in the NFL playoff race prior to Monday’s game with Washington. For real. This weekend could make or break the Birds, and the Jabronis are here to talk about it. The Cowboys are litera...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: On Fultz & What Used to be Football

The 2018 season barely has a pulse for the Birds as we head into Thanksgiving, so it looks like we have to pin our holiday hopes on a limp to the NFC East championship. And then there are the helter skelter 76ers, a team that is cruising somewhat with ...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Jimmy Butler and the Bottoming Out Birds

The Philadelphia Eagles have dug themselves a 2-game hole in the NFC East, but it really feels like they’re 6 feet under with the dirt just waiting to be thrown over them. We assesses if there’s any way to conjure up life for this season and preview th...
Philly Podcast Network author

Games Not To Bet Week 10 2018

Where can you save your money this week? Listen here.
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Dem Boyz Will Be Cowgirls

The bye week is over and Dallas is coming to town – which means the 2018 NFL season really starts now for our Birds. Howie is at it again with acquiring wide receiver Golden Tate in a surprising trade with the Lions, and the Eagles enter Week 10 are ju...
Philly Podcast Network author

Games Not To Bet Week 8 2018

There are some tempting games to bet on this week - don't do it! Listen to our Games Not To Bet here.
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: London Balling

Eagles couldn’t have picked a better time to leave the U.S., as they are headed to England on the heels of a scary loss to the Panthers. It all of a sudden feels like a make-or-break week for the Birds and a Jaguars team that is similarly not quite up ...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Roughing The Podcaster

The state of the NFL is making life easier on quarterbacks (again) and a bit rough on everyone else who appreciates the intensity of football – and of course those who discuss it on podcasts and such. We share our take and consider whether or not the E...
Philly Podcast Network author

Survivor Football Suggestions: Week 6

Joe D runs down the NFL Schedule for Week 6 to make suggestions for Survivor Football participants.
Philly Podcast Network author

Games Not To Bet Week 6

Get the scoop on the NFL Games Not To Bet in Week 6. Save your money here!
Philly Podcast Network author

Games Not To Bet: Week 5

Rob Senior shares his games that will help you save money this week.
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Secondary To None

The NFL season is (roughly) 25% of the way through and we are still (roughly) trying to make sense of a 2-2 Eagles squad. With a rematch (roughly) scheduled for Week 5 against Minnesota, are we already at a pivotal point of the season? We discuss, plus...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Philly Gets Gritty

The Philadelphia Eagles are now at two hard-fought wins on the season, and with Carson Wentz back we can only hope the wins will get “easier” than this. Until then, they are playing pretty, um, can we say “gritty” without thinking about a googly-eyed o...
Philly Podcast Network author

Games Not To Bet Week 3

Before making your NFL wagers, check out Week 3 Games Not To Bet!
Philly Podcast Network author

The Wentz Wait is Over

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is ready for his comeback, and his timing couldn’t be more perfect – medical status notwithstanding. Nick Foles’ heroic effort has come to a serendipitous close. The Birds have suffered their first loss for ...
Philly Podcast Network author

Games Not To Bet Week 2

Before you make your Week 2 wagers, listen to Rob Senior's take on which games to avoid. Jabronis!
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursday: Confidence & The Defense

All talk of the potential Super Bowl hangover appear to be over, for now, for your Philadelphia Eagles. While the offense may still leave a little bit to be desired, but the Birds are brandishing a championship-level defense for sure. We discuss our ta...
Philly Podcast Network author

NFL Games Not To Bet (Week 1 2018)

The Jabronis help you to avoid bad wagers on NFL games in this weekly segment.
Philly Podcast Network author

In The Nick (Foles) of Time

The first Super Bowl championship defense is about to commence for the Philadelphia Eagles, sans “starting” quarterback Carson Wentz. Biggie Nick is pulling the strings as we head into 2018. How does that play into the Birds’ title chances? Is there a ...
Philly Podcast Network author

Does “Boring” Baseball Need to be Fixed?

It’s the All-Star Break, but there’s no break for the Jabronis. The Phillies are in first place and we are about to assess their progress (sans any dreams of Manny Machado). We will also touch on all the latest rage on the “boredom” that baseball bring...
Philly Podcast Network author

Trust The Podcast: Sixers Chasing Ghosts

Lebron is off to La La Land, Paul George is staying put, Kawhi Leonard is in no-man’s land, Houston is practically status quo … and so are the 76ers, sort of. The heart of NBA free agency has come and gone, with a fair share of surprises and “I told yo...
Philly Podcast Network author

Trust The Podcast: NBA Draft 2018 Chatter

We’re casting live during the NBA Draft … just a few picks in. The Sixers are already off the clock, but they are on our agenda to kick things off. We talk about their selection of the “local” guy and try to predict how the rest of their evening may pl...
Philly Podcast Network author

Bryan Bounced & The Bron Bron Bus

It’s been a sobering week in Philadelphia for some (ahem, fired) general managers, those expecting a certain football team to attend the white house and, while we’re being honest, for the Phillies. But we’re here to mostly look toward a promising futur...
Philly Podcast Network author

The Royalty We

We are live at the Beer Fest at CBP and we are here to review are beer travels and talk about Philly's young royalty, which may or may not be a play on the nuptuials that occured
Philly Podcast Network author

Live at Citizens Bank Park Beer Fest

We’re live on location at the All Star Craft Beer & Wine Festival at Citizens Bank Park! Today we’ll be discussing the upstart Fighting Phillies and, of course, our all star alcohol selections. We will also catch up on the NBA and NHL playoffs (may...
Philly Podcast Network author

Sports Betting Reigns Supreme

All gamblers are rejoicing the same tune this week across the sports landscape with the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow states decide what is and is not allowed regarding sports books in their territories … and the Jabronis want in on the acti...
Philly Podcast Network author

Gabe, Parades & The Playoffs

It's apparently still parade season in Philadelphia, or at least the Philadelphia "region." Villanova has won another title and Philly has hosted 2 parades in 2018 in as many tries. The Sixers and the Flyers are about to try to prove their mettle in a ...
Philly Podcast Network author

Arrieta and the Arms Race

We are on the brink of the MLB season and the Philadelphia Phillies have opened their wallets! Ace pitcher Jake Arrieta is in the fold and the Phightins are primed to compete for the postseason for the first time in years, at least on paper, at least t...
Philly Podcast Network author

Selection Sunday Showdown

We’re springing forward toward March Madness, Jabronis style. Let us take you through the slate of the 2018 NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament with everything from our predictions, grievances and downright guesses of how we think (and perhaps hop...
Philly Podcast Network author

Trust The Podcast: Would LeBron Complete Process … Or Ruin It?

There is still a lingering Super Bowl hangover in Philly, but the Sixers and Flyers (maybe Phillies) are doing everything they can to steal back our attention. New billboards are being built and rumors are swirling about a possible addition of LeBron J...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: The Parade & The Purging

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks, and we’re here to get into it. The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl champions, having knocked the Pats off their perch. The parade of all parades has come and gone, and we’ll share our stories from Broad Street...
Philly Podcast Network author

Who’s Your Cousin’s Keeper?

As we continue our Super Bowl 52 series of podcasts, we take a quick look at the most recent stroke of luck that the Birds have going for them in terms of the future and one less franchise QB in the division. Plus, we take a look at the betting side of...
Philly Podcast Network author

On The Brink Of The Bowl

We are just days away from the Eagles Super Bowl rematch with the stinking Patriots. How do we feel about the Birds’ chances as the game approaches? How are we (and Philly fans) handling Super Bowl Week this time around? How does this team and all of i...
Philly Podcast Network author

Hail The Eagles, Hate The Patriots

It’s Pre-Super Bowl week for the Jabronis, but in our minds we’re already in Minnesota stealing Uber cars and getting silly. Our Birds are poised to do battle with the dirtbags, and we’re here to give our early prognoses and expectations. Can we realis...
Philly Podcast Network author

Every Underdog Has Its Day

It’s finally (almost) the week we have been waiting for all season – and then some. The Philadelphia Eagles are on the cusp of the NFC championship game as top-seeded underdogs to the Minnesota Vikings. But which team has truly earned the “us against t...
Philly Podcast Network author

Home Field & Disadvantaged?

It’s a rarity for the Jabronis – a Football Tuesday, but here we are ready to spin some yarns on the Eagles-Falcons Playoff game as well as the remaining NFL postseason tree. Will it be an underdog or favorite kind of weekend – and how might the top-se...
Philly Podcast Network author

NFL Postseason Party

It’s a Football Friday for the Jabronis this week, and we are here to contemplate and prognosticate how we see this bracket going down. Is there a mutt in the group? Is it the Birds? Who are we rooting for to face the Eagles? Are we rooting for any oth...
Philly Podcast Network author

College Foot Bowl Conundrum

It’s a Football Friday for the Jabronis this week – a college football Friday to be exact. Will anyone agree with Joe D’s “fix” for the college football postseason? How do we see the national championship playing out? We’ll also get into the NFL, speci...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: In Defense of the Defense

Nick Foles has gracefully settled into the QB position once again in Philly, but will the fans find any room for grace if the defense continues to allow points? We continue to discuss our transition into football life without Wentz, debate whether or n...
Philly Podcast Network author

Without Wentz, Will We go?

We’re almost a week removed from Carson Wentz’s ACL injury. How does this leave us feeling and what kind of state do we think this leaves the Birds? Can Nick Foles save a season truly in need of a save? Or does the onus fall more on the defense and coa...
Philly Podcast Network author

Football Thursdays: Yakety Yak, Don’t Panic Attack

The Philadelphia Eagles have (finally) lost another game, and with it has come some concern in Philadelphia. We’re here to alleviate those concerns – maybe. We peel the onion on Carson and Doug’s stature, get ready for Wentz/Goff Bowl I, plus our typic...
Philly Podcast Network author