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Pension Plan Puppets (PPP) is an independent blog run for and by fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Pension Plan Puppets (PPP) is an independent blog run for and by fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs.
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PPP Podcast 21: Better Late than Never

We're back! And maybe someday even on a consistent and regular basis! We're so damn enigmatic but hopefully when we do show up, we do bring our best. Today's podcast, while old, still holds up on the topics that we discussed which are (in no particular...

PPP Podcast 20: Twenty Podcasts and We're Not Broke (Yet)

Things mf37 would be happy to talk about: Carlysle and TOI Cox as Burke's mouthpiece - trading of kessel, Halak, draft plans (he tweeted about the draft today) We always shit on the media - who do we actually like to read? Ask Forbes what the musi...

PPP Podcast 19: Positivity, Questions, Answers

In this week's PPP Podcast we tried really hard to be positive. Naturally that involved not talking about the Leafs. Tune in for: Chemmy reads Laffy Taffy jokes The gang groans audibly The team gives up on the podcast and answers questions on twitter ...

PPP Podcast 18: The Maple Leafs "Play to 8!"

It's PPPPodcast 18 where Chemmy, PPP, and I discuss: Trashing the Leafs playoff hopes Burke, goalies and the future Flux Capacitors* Luke Schenn's contract You can listen here (Chemmy will post to iTunes later). Music: Everyday People, Sly and the F...

PPP Podcast 17: We're Suddenly on Schedule

We're trying really hard to do this weekly, so to facilitate that we're shortening the podcast. We're trying to do about 20-25 minutes of interesting fresh content so that you can mainline it. Bet you didn't think you'd see another one of these so soon...

PPP Podcast 16: Ron Wilson Got Canned

Podcast episode 16 is alive just in time for Ron Wilson to get fired! We talked about canning him in the podcast and at the time (two weeks ago...) I still felt like Wilson didn't have a lot of talent around him. Two weeks and no points later I think I...

PPP Podcast 15: Leafs Trades, UFAs and Miracles

Kaberle wins a Cup! Tim Connolly, Cody Franson and John-Michael Liles arrive! Vancouver loses! NO MORE LEBDA

PPP Podcast 6: We're Experts

This is the sixth installment of the Pension Plan Puppets podcast. PPP is a Toronto Maple Leafs blog dedicated to amusing even non-Leafs fans. In this edition be sure to check out: - The Origins of "Throw the Snake" - A reading of Billo's email live -...

PPP Podcast 5

Our predictions for Saturday night's Montreal game, talk about prospect Nazem Kadri, make a McDonald's joke and look at the Leafs' strong post Olympic break play.

PPP Podcast 4: Wherein We Run Out of Things To Say

In this episode of our moderately well received podcast I tried to let PPP and MF37 talk more. They didn't disappoint and offered up plenty of awkward silences. This week we cover: * Being classy and drinking cocktails instead of beer while podcas...

PPP Podcast 3

It's here! It's fresh off the editing table! It's a podcast! This week we talk about our first trip to an NHL game (spoiler: two visits to Maple Leaf Gardens and one somewhere else), we talk about third line players and what they should contribute and...

PPP Podcast 2

This week's podcast is late and it's all my dog's fault. In this episode we talk about who the Leafs' next whipping boy will be, the notion of players fitting in or not re: Lee Stempniak, Tomas Kaberle, the NHL's ratings on NBC after the Olympics and...

PPP Podcast 1

Pension Plan Puppets Podcast Episode 1: In the Beginning There Was Poor Editing The PPP Podcast is a Toronto Maple Leafs podcast with your hosts Jason, Julian and Michael. Episode one covers corporate clients at the ACC, the Leafs' recent play and mor...

PPP Podcast 9: Recorded Before Lebda

We talk about: * The Kris Versteeg acquisition * The Colby Armstrong signing * Rumors of Zherdev and why we hate goal scorers * 2012 cap space * Keith Sweatt's chicken mcnuggets song * Nikolai Kulemin and John Mitchell's RFA co...

PPP Podcast 8: Brayden Irwin Can't Skate

Should Burke make a run at Kovalchuk? What players should you draft with an empty cupboard? Why didn't Roenick punch Mike Milbury? Those topics and more are yours free in the PPP Podcast Podcast Podcast!

PPP Podcast 7: Hit by a Car

In this week's episode of our critically acclaimed* Leafs' podcast we discuss: 1. Moneyball and improbable cup runs 2. Teams with cheap goaltending 3. Jonas Gustavsson at the world championships 4. Why mc79 should probably run the Oilers * no

PPP Podcast 14: Technical Difficulties

We are back with more aural goodness! Ryan (puckurgently/@ryantologist) did a spectacular job on the audio since MF37 and our special guest had the world's worst connections. We crammed so much hockey talk into 23 minutes that we couldn't even fit a co...

PPP Podcast 13

Yes it's PPP Podcast 13, our first episode since October, 2010. This was actually recorded on Thursday January 6th so we're offering it to you at a deep discount in case some of the contents might have gone a bit stale. Be sure to vote for who is the...

PPP Podcast 12: Double Entendres

This was recorded before the Leafs looked rather crummy on Saturday night but a podcast is a podcast. You can listen to PPP sound like he's going to a funeral. Topics! Managing expectations, predicting the rest of the month of October, playing a "good...

PPP Podcast 11: We're Back

Game one is tonight on Hockey Night in Canada and I'm at work wearing my Kessel tshirt under my work clothes. This is exciting and a little bit sexy. Our sound guy is wearing Habs boxers on Twitter today but no worry because the Podcast is here! We ta...

PPP Podcast 10: Legalese

While PPP is on vacation we decided to replace him on the podcast with someone much smarter: mc79 of He's a lawyer and gave us his interpretation of the upcoming string of litigation surrounding the Kovalchuk contract. We also talked a...