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Pulse of the Pack: Self Scouting

The Packers got a walk-off win against the 49ers on Monday night and now get their bye week.  Was it still a quality win or was the struggle to win against a beat up opponent that isn't as good a sign of further trouble in Green Bay?  How will the Pack...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy Episode 324: Livin' On a Prayer

The Packers proved to be Bad Medicine for the 49ers, winning 33-30, but it was no Bed of Roses. Chris and Dave note that this game was anything but a Runaway. San Francisco proved to be slippery (even when not wet) and almost came away with a win. Our ...
Packers Talk author

Cheesehead Radio: Three...Two...One....Bye!

After a roller coaster start to the season, Packer fans are just as ready for this bye week as the team itself. After a last-second comeback win over the lowly San Francisco 49ers, Mike McCarthy and the Pack take a week off to contemplate their life ch...
Packers Talk author

Titletown Sound Off Episode 85: Ice Cream

The guys talk about the Packers struggling offense, a terrible day for Mason Crosby and just how bad was that call on the punt that Kevin King "touched". Al Sacco of 49ers Webzone joins to break things down from the 49ers point of view before the guys ...
Packers Talk author

Pulse of the Pack: Trouble at 1265

The Packers put up another rough showing on the road, leaving more questions than answers about where this team stands.  Are they still a contender in the NFC?  Does having an identity matter?  With a tough stretch of games coming up after the bye week...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy -- Episode 323 -- Bridge Over Troubled Waters

The Packers loss to the Lions has Old Friends Chris and Dave more melancholy than a Simon and Garfunkel classic. Our guys -- not Paul and Art, the other two -- fill the Sounds of Silence discussing the puzzling performance, specifically the apparent tr...
Packers Talk author

The Sweep Episode 56: On The Hot Seat

Join Fred Thurston, Cameron Gilbert, & Coach Chris Kellett as they break down the Debacle in Detroit, the Monday Night Matchup at Lambeau, and if McCarthy's seat is too hot to handle? This show is brought to you by Pride & Glory Clothing Co. |...
Packers Talk author

Cheesehead Radio: Just a Kick in the Gut

Sure, you can get out a calculator and figure out that enough points went wide left or wide right off Mason Crosby's foot to win the game. But on Sunday, Crosby was just exhibit A in a long line of ill-prepared and poorly-executed plays that led to a d...
Packers Talk author

Pack to the Future Episode 84: Slam Poetry

The guys celebrate a win, debate Jimmy Graham vs Jordy Nelson, a potential rift between Rodgers and McCarthy, and who's the most dangerous team in the NFC North. Ryan Matthews of Pride of Detroit joins to talk Lions before the guys break down the match...
Packers Talk author

Cheesehead Radio: Every Silver Cloud Has A Dark Lining

Most fans would be elated over a 22-0 win over another NFL team, but the Packers win over the Bills left everyone with a disconcerted feeling about our offense, including Aaron Rodgers. While the defense finally came to play, shutting down a quarterbac...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy -- Episode 322 -- Every Rose Has Its Thorn

The Packers most certainly won, but Chris and Dave make pointed comments about Green Bay's performance. The seven sacks were poison for the Bills, but the guys aren't sure what to take away from the game. Chris and Dave aren't certain the defense is as...
Packers Talk author

Pulse of the Pack: Bills Zeroed Out

The Packers pitched as shutout and got back in the win column with a 22-0 win over the Buffalo Bills.  The defense took advantage of a young Josh Allen-led Bills offense and kept the Bills off the scoreboard.  7 sacks on the day and two interceptions w...
Packers Talk author

Pack to the Future #83: Roughing the Podcaster

The guys vent their frustrations from last week's loss, and flip a coin to debate hypothetical trade scenarios, resting Rodger's knee, and moving Tramon Williams to Safety. Dylan Zadonowicz of Buffalo Rumblings joins to preview the game ahead and the g...
Packers Talk author

Episode 83: Roughing the Podcaster

The guys vent their frustrations from last week's loss and flip a coin to debate hypothetical trade scenarios, resting Rodger's knee, and moving Tramon Williams to Safety. Dylan Zadonowicz of Buffalo Rumblings joins to preview the game ahead. Please g...
Packers Talk author

Cheesehead Radio: We Have The Same Record As The Browns

"Well, let's....analyze....what we're doing RIGHT out there today......NOT A [explicative} THING!!" This line from the classic football movie, and the tantrum that follows, easily sums up the Green Bay Packers adventures in Washington on Sunday, losin...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy -- Episode 321 -- Packers Trumped in DC

Chris and Dave were clear: This one wasn't on the refs. The Packers had their chances to beat Washington but (like their receivers) let the game slip through their hands. Nonetheless, the NFL needs to get its act together when it comes to tackling the ...
Packers Talk author

Pulse of the Pack: Capital Punishment

The Packers were outplayed, outcoached and outdone again by some of the officiating.  Jacob and Jason break down an ugly day for the Packers on and off the field.  How good is this Packers team?  Can they still be what many thought they were before the...
Packers Talk author

Pack to the Future #82: Fingertips

The guys talk defense, our talented group of running backs, and compare this roughing the passer call to the Fail Mary. Ian Cummings of Riggos Rag joins to break things down from the Nation's Capital. Then Jon, Dusty, and Brian do some previewing of th...
Packers Talk author

Cheesehead Radio: We Don’t WANT To Kiss Those Cousins

Fiesty One-Legged Quarterback Aaron Rodgers stood in the pocket and probably should have come away with a home victory against the hated Minnesota Vikings, but a comedy of errors led to a late comeback by the Vikes and a game forced into overtime, endi...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy -- Episode 320 -- A Tie is Like Kissing Cousins

Chris and Dave are frosted, irked about the officiating that cost the Packers a home victory over their rival to the west, the Minnesota Vikings. The fellas don't often use the refs as whipping boys, but this time it seemed merited. But Chris and Dave ...
Packers Talk author

Pulse of the Pack: Getting Used to the New NFL

The Packers and Vikings ended in a tie after a crazy game of back-and-forth.  The officiating played a major role and was a major headline.  Jacob and Jason discuss the game that was and how this might help or hurt the Packers later this season.  Also,...
Packers Talk author

The Sweep #53: Kings Over Queens

Back after an unbelievable win over the rival Chicago Bears, Cameron Gilbert joins the Sweep to discuss the game and the upcoming matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Eric Thompson from the Daily Norseman on SB Nation will be joining us as well. Th...
Packers Talk author

Pack to the Future #81: Unforgotten

They guys say a farewell before talking Clay Matthews, Jimmy Graham and the game that was in this week's Coin Toss segment. Eric Thompson of The Daily Norseman joins to break down the game ahead, and they preview a certain victory over the Vikings. Pa...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy -- Episode 319 -- Gob-S"Mack"ed!

Maybe you were like Chris and Dave and thought that the Packers season was over when Aaron Rodgers left Lambeau Field on a cart before halftime of the season opener. Maybe you were like our guys -- gobsmacked -- when you saw AR12's Lazarus-like resurre...
Packers Talk author

Pulse of the Pack: He Did WHAT?!?!

Jacob and Jason try to make sense of the most incredible comeback victory in Packers history.  A history that spans 100 years.  Aaron Rodgers returned from an earlier knee injury to lead the Packers on three touchdown drives.  The final ended on a grea...
Packers Talk author

Cheesehead Radio: The Cardiac Pack Is Back

Well, if that isn't a way to start out the 100th season for the Green Bay Packers! A come-from-behind win led by Aaron Rodgers doing his best Daniel-san impersonation from the Karate Kid, over the hated rivals Chicago Bears AND Khalil Mack???  You ...
Packers Talk author

Pack to the Future #80: The Looks

Episode 80: The LooksThe guys return to break down the upcoming season opener against the Chicago Bears. They're joined by Tyler Yoder, who breaks things down from the Bears viewpoint, then they take your twitter questions before predicting the outcome...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy -- Episode 318 -- Thank God That's Over!

Chris and Dave toast the end of the practice schedule by talking about the Bears landing Khalil Mack, Aaron Rodgers signing a new deal, take a look at the Packers roster decisions, and predict how the Packers win/loss record will shake out this season....
Packers Talk author

Pulse of the Pack: 2018 Season Preview

It's the annual tradition: the season preview show!  Jacob and Jason go game by game and predict the Packers 2018 results and playoff fate.  Will it be a Super Bowl season for the Green & Gold?  A glance around the rest of the NFL and a recap of th...
Packers Talk author

Pack to the Future #79: Misdemeanor

Brian and Dusty break down and preview the NFC North and everything that happened in the off season. They also predict who finishes where and talk about the Pipkins-Morrison trade. Brian also announces Pack to the Future's newest sponsor. Check out ww...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy #317: Packers Raided in Oakland

If you thought Green Bay's preseason loss to the Raiders was a tough watch, Chris and Dave were right there with you. The fellas endured that mess and offer their observations about how the roster is shaping up with one practice game left to play. ---...
Packers Talk author

Cheesehead Radio: Homecoming

Welcome back to Cheesehead Radio, a homecoming of sorts as we celebrate our ninth season of podcasting about the best team in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers. On our kickoff show, we preview tonight's game against the Raiders (yes, only preseason) and t...
Packers Talk author

Pulse of the Pack: Defense Wins Games

The Packers dropped 51 points on the Steelers and their defense had two scores.  With a stellar offense already in place, is this Packers team headed for greatness this season?  Did Green Bay get a huge steal in this past draft with Josh Jackson?  Jaco...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy -- Episode 316 -- Packers Steel One from Pittsburgh

Two pick sixs covered up any defensive troubles the Packers might have had in beating the Steelers in Practice Game Two. Chris and Dave lead with that before spending time discussing the logjam at WR and the pros and cons of going hard for Khalil Mack....
Packers Talk author

Pulse of Pack: Bright Future

The guys break down the Packers 31-17 win over the Tennessee Titans and talk about who stood out, both good and bad.  Was there enough on film to start forming solid opinions of the rookies?  A preview of this week's preseason game between the Pittsbur...
Packers Talk author

Packers Therapy #315: Chris & Dave Return for Season 14

It was nice that the Packers beat the Titans, but it's hard to know what to take away from a preseason game, especially the first one. Chris and Dave explore that ambiguity, touching on the NFL rule changes, the Packers rookie WRs, the backup QBs, and ...
Packers Talk author

Pack to the Future #78: NFC Minus

Dusty and Jon preview the NFC (except for the Packers - you'll have to wait for that!). Please give Pack to the Future a review on iTunes and follow  Brian, Dusty, Jordan and Jon on Twitter. Check for other Packers podcasts and follow...
Packers Talk author

Pulse of the Pack: New Rules & The War Of Attrition

Jacob and Jason break down training camp week 2 and the various topics: Jake Ryan's season-ending injury and the fallout at ILB.  Are the Packers too thin at safety after the discussion from Brice's injury scare?  What would it take for the Packers to ...
Packers Talk author

Pulse of the Pack: Let The Games Begin

Jacob and Jason reconvene for the 2018 season and kick off with a preview of next week's training camp.  With a new GM, Offensive & Defensive Coordinator and a motivated Aaron Rodgers back, what can this year's Packers team accomplish?  Which playe...
Packers Talk author

Pack To The Future #77: Beautiful Individual

The guys sit down and preview the AFC as training camp approaches. Jordan disappears halfway through, but Jon and Dusty finish strong! Please give Pack to the Future a review on iTunes and follow  Brian, Dusty, Jordan and Jon on Twitter. Check Packer...
Packers Talk author

The Sweep Episode 50: The Future of the NFL

Hard to believe this is our 50th episode! In this historic episode we discuss which major sport (NBA/NFL/MLB/NHL) has the best product on the field and answer some fan questions that were sent in! This show is brought to you by Pride & Glory Cloth...
Packers Talk author

Pack to the Future Episode 76: Scholastic

The guys spent Jordan's birthday discussing the Aaron Rodgers contract situation and what impact Matt Ryan's deal may have. Then, they break down last month's draft and talk Alexander, Jackson, the receivers and special teams guys, and their favorite s...
Packers Talk author

The Packers War Room: Wrapping It All Up

We have a LOADED show for the Packers War Room's final edition of the 2018 offseason. The guys discuss all the picks, how they happened, and the impact (and value) Brian Gutekunst acquired in his first draft as General Manager.   Want to meet one of ...
Packers Talk author

The Packers War Room: Draft Eve Mock Draft

The final episode of War Room is here! The guys assume the roles of the Green Bay Packers front office and take you inside a mock war room of what the Packers' draft might look like.  Smile everyone. It's DRAFT DAY!!!  New from Cheesehead TV and the...
Packers Talk author

The Packers War Room: Cornerbacks and Safeties

The boys begin the show by discussing the news and how excited they are about the return of Davon House. A discussion breaks out with the return of YouTube sensation Voch Lombardi as to whether it’s worth taking a nickel/slot player at 14th overall On...
Packers Talk author

The Sweep #48: 1 on 1 with Glenn Derby

Join Fred Thurston as he sits down with former Wisconsin Badger & Green Bay Packer Offensive Lineman Glenn Derby to discuss the trials and tribulations of his life a through addiction and his journey in football, family, and faith. Please visit Tr...
Packers Talk author

The Sweep #46: OL & WR Draft Preview

Welcome back Packer Nation to NOT just another episode of the Sweep but the beginning of the Draft Preview Specials where hosts Fred Thurston & Blaine Hornes II will break down two position groups and give you our Locks & Jocks for each positio...
Packers Talk author

The Packers War Room: Edge Rushers and Off-Ball Linebackers

The Packers War Room is back with positions of big need for the Packers; EDGE rushers and off-ball linebackers.  The boys begin the show by discussing the news and how excited they are about the 100-year anniversary of the franchise. They even go as f...
Packers Talk author

The Sweep Episode 45: Offseason Arguments

The guys are back and ready to rock! Join hosts Fred Thurston & Blaine Hornes II as they breakdown the happenings off the NFL offseason. How the LA Rams are cleaning up with big name Free Agents and if its the right way to do it! What the Green Bay...
Packers Talk author

The Packers War Room: Defensive Line

Packers War Room is back attempting to conquer the doldrums of the offseason. The news is light, but the content is not. Ross is able to interview Kent Lee Platte creator of RAS.  Following the interview the guys open up for questions from their liste...
Packers Talk author